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  • 16 Sep '17

What are your arguments for this bold statement

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  • 20 Sep '17
 Sir Zombie

@UnderPepeGrillosControlΦ said:
I like tons of features of those 3 games, like:

  • Keep your attack ready from wherever you want, directional atack (Mount&Blade, KingdomCome, OfKingsAndMen).

Directional is in and better than ever. Holding your attack is weird and would ruin combat.

  • Block from wherever you want when you want with no recovery time (Mount&Blade, KingdomCome, OfKingsAndMen).

You don't want mistakes to be punishable?

  • Weapon clashing (Mount&Blade, KingdomCome, OfKingsAndMen).

Is in.

  • Breacking shields (Mount&Blade, KingdomCome, OfKingsAndMen).

You can lose your shield already.

  • Horse fight (Mount&Blade, KingdomCome, OfKingsAndMen-Development).

Will come later. This is only alpha.

  • Ship fight (Mount&Blade).

It is only alpha right now. There might be a ship map later.

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  • 20 Sep '17

Mordhau has never promised to be anything more than chivalry on steroids. That's what the chivalry veterans wanted and that's what the devs are. Timed blocks are more fun (and more realistic to be honest because they are parries not blocks) and more skillful. Mount and Blade\kingdom come\chivalry were never meant to be competitive on the level mordhau is aspiring to be. The combat needs to be solid and skillful. Easy to learn, hard to master. No gimmicky shit like breaking shields and held swings.

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  • 20 Sep '17

If you learn to position yourself well in team fights, you can still get lots of kills by striking when your opponent is dealing with someone else. Positioning and footwork is probably the most important skill you'll need besides basic parrying.

Don't fret about incorporating fancy drags and chambers into your play until you've practiced some of these in an empty server. For instance, I spent hours practicing reverse overheads on trees in empty chivalry servers before actually building enough muscle memory to use them on players. Right now I'm doing the same with bots and chambering.

Don't get discouraged. Even with nearly 700 hours in chiv I still get rekt constantly in mordhau. Believe it or not, getting rekt can be valuable. It means there are plenty of things to learn.