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  • 8 Jun '18

I can see 240 being superior for duelists because the angles can be deceptive sometimes, input delay isn't really an issue in 1v1s

I said from the start 240 will always be inferior unless it has it's own merits (such as deceptive angles) but the input delay is not enough to justify that, as well as the extra mouse movement you have to "waste" which should be used for swing manipulation

I personally think the default layout should just be Chiv controls + 160(slashes and undercuts). 240 always felt like shit to me and i'd hate to use it, just makes the game clunky and ontop of that, 240 players look way too spasticated with janky camera movements flying their mouse all around the show trying to input the correct attacks. Can instantly identify a 240 spaz compared to some disciplined bind-titan

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  • 4 Jun '18

you can find juste below, a little montage that I've made on the closed alpha of the game.

-- --

Feel free to give me some feedback.


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Now do a stayin alive one

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  • 2 Jun '18

Gosh I have the exact same exageration when I try to describe how I find wzdrags.

I think what Jason is trying to explain is that you could just need to randomly shake your camera to get that mechanic.

It may be hard to master completely but you can get a decent wzdrag pretty easily.

I think they definitely need a little rework (the mechanic is interesting but atm it’s not far from being the meta)

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  • 2 Jun '18

Currently kick feels like this weird gimmick-move that doesn't add anything to gameplay.
It DOESN'T punish face-hugging, despite that supposedly being its primary purpose.
It DOES encourage gambling and cancerous play-styles that revolve around landing kicks.

Is kickstun into maul headshot really something the developers see being fine in the game's ideal state?

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  • 31 May '18

@Mittsies said:

@Vondulun said:
how bad is the constant sway

Hopefully it's absolutely fucking miserable, so that nobody will use it or any ranged weapon ever.



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  • 1 Jun '18

These aren't the worst offenders, but there are seriously broken attacks in general.
Chambering them is literally impossible, and even parrying is a lottery.

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  • 31 May '18

What is the point of this mechanic?

Morphs are still superior to feints in every way: they're harder to read, counter chambers, cost less stam, easier to follow up after raising a parry and are unpunishable. They make sense as a post chamber option but as a stand alone attack they're like feints on steroids.

Not only do they bait chambers but they also bait traditional punish attempts which consequently drives players towards the sit back, read everything and play for stam "caveman" playstyle instead of taking the initiative via punishing. Sitting back and reading is actually very viable due to the high quality of the animations but it makes the game feel much more boring compared to punish orientated chiv duels. You have these high skill options (chambering/punishing) that aren't really worthwhile attempting when stand alone morphs exist.

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  • 28 May '18
 Grator — Art


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  • 21 May '18
Mercenary 1897 7067
  • 21 May '18

@JasonBourne said:

That was oddly satisfying

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  • 18 May '18

The maul is the savior of all. In the eyes of maul we are all equal, all but one swing away from death. The maul unites the rats and the tin men. We should seek to embrace it, not destroy it.

EDIT: On this day a great blow has been struck against the usurpers. Through cowardly and underhanded tactics Izil was struck in the head from behind and killed. I can only hope that the rat and maul gods are pleased with this sacrifice.

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  • 18 May '18

@JasonBourne said:

@Huggles said:
The whole point of riposte is that it has faster windups. I saw the windup animation clear as day tho.

yea, but I dont see any windup, show me where.

Looks more like the start of the riposte windup could be mistaken for a return to idle position animation in these 2 examples, particularly the bardiche.

Do you have as much trouble with this issue if they riposte on the opposite side? Both videos have the riposte coming from the same side where the weapon would end up in idle after parry which is why I ask.

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  • 18 May '18

@JasonBourne said:

@Zexis said:
I'm hoping frontline will make the game more fun. To do so however, it will need to be more than Battlefield with swords. What I liked about Chivalry TO was the variety of objectives: hold a moving point (cart/ram), destroy X (with swords, map tools like ballistas, or torches), hold a static point, destroy multiple X (free the slaves), etc.

yea me too, besides burning libraries.

Burning the libraries xD Just send wave after wave of men into the meat grinder.

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  • 17 May '18


I wasted so much time with 240 and now I'm wasting even more time trying to break that habit and get used to binds, shit is hell. I should get a refund for this tbh imo.

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  • 17 May '18
Kick Stun
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  • 17 May '18

@Hadeus said:
An example of current hand hits with kick.

Kick either needs to have its range reduced or slowed down a bit.

If you want kick to be slower just remove it from the game tbh. Cus it's only good for gambles rn. Has no real role. It is only reliable for punishing facehug feints with really slow weapons like maul or evening star. Even then you can backpedal half the time.

It needs to be a reliable mechanic that is useful in a specific circumstance against almost all weapons. Not a gambly bs mechanic that doesn't accomplish much tbh.

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  • 16 May '18

Kick does not fulfill the role most people think it does anymore. It does not act as a punishment to facehug. It's a gambly psuedo counter to people aggressively feint/morphing or heavily telegraphing drags while moving towards you really. But it doesn't actually counter this either. Most will run towards you, feint or whatever, and then backpedal reactively to punish your kick. Most successful kicks are usually due to hand hits and feel bullshit on the receiver who feels cheated as he backpedaled as he was supposed to because he could see the kick from a mile away. They're gambles really.

And feint to kick atm is bullshit with this gambly nature and long range.

The only thing kick ACTUALLY counters is stupidity. People playing extremely passively while face hugging and going for wide swings really.

I think kick should be faster and shorter ranged with the bubble being reduced. This would also make jump kicks not cancer if those ever get officially supported. As currently jump kick is pretty cancer with the range it covers.

Now as for specifics about how much shorter and faster kick should be? And how reduced bubble should be? Not sure. But I think a good rule of thumb is kick should be fast enough that you cannot reactively backpedal it if you are within its range, but slow enough that you can reactively parry it. Short enough that it is basically useless offensively on a feint to kick unless your opponent runs into it. Bubble should be reduced to the point where you can reach any part of the body with any weapon if you are in facehug range.

Also I do not think this would invalidate a potential pommel bash, shield bash, elbow bash, or polearm bash added in the future. Those would be longer range and do more to sort of maintain distance without much consequence in the way of damage or stamina. Less risk and less reward basically. More of a neutral reset.

Meanwhile, kick is there to hard counter extreme cases of facehugging. Big risk big reward. Risky enough and not viable enough outside of very specific scenarios that people are not fishing for it but it has a set role that it accels at.