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LOL Welcome to Mexic-hau

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  • 4 Nov '18


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  • 3 Nov '18


  • The animation comparisons were recorded locally and the feints and morphs were performed using macros. This means that every morph and feint you see on screen are done as late into the window as possible.

Video too long and don’t want to watch it? I got you covered. Here are some resources that I quickly whipped up:

Changes that weren’t mentioned that I probably should have:

  • Camp has subtle fog effects throughout the battlefield now.
  • Dodge perk reduced to 6 points
  • Flesh Wound perk reduced to 2 points
  • Tenacious perk reduced to 1 point
  • You can now bind attack angles to your movement keys. Similar to Jedi Knight academy.
  • Ranged weapons have a slower switch time when switching away from them. This makes it easier to squeeze a hit in as melee when an archer is attempting to shoot from point-blank range. I did some comparisons in Patch 17 and the difference in speed is negligible with smaller 1 point weapons. I only tested with a shortsword so I admit it’s a fairly small sample size to make any sort of meaningful comparison. I’d imagine the larger the weapon the more obvious this change is.
  • Horse footsteps have been slightly improved. This is hard to compare in video because most of the audio improvements come out fairly subtle. It seems like it’s the same sound as Patch 17, just a bit more base.
  • Ragdolls have more weight behind them now. Much less flippity floppity.
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  • 15 Oct '18

Days since Crush said he was working on fixing the animations: 365+

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@Jax said:
Sometimes this means that instead of focusing on "fix stabbie" we have to focus on the long-term goals for release


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  • 7 Oct '18

CONOR MCTAPPER omegalul emote.jpg

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Close duel. was exciting to watch

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  • 4 Oct '18

I got the same bug for only one of my friends and only at certain distance, pretty funny looking when riding a horse

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  • 3 Oct '18

The real question is why did it take months to ban a retard dedicated to constant harassment and trolling.

I would hope devs learn from this situation and react much faster in similar cases in future.

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  • 3 Oct '18
 marox — Project Lead

This was an extreme measure due to an extreme individual. This wasn't just because he "badmouthed staff", although he sure loved spamming us with insults even in private on Steam. Some of us had him on our Steam friends list, because he actually used to be a reasonable person once. I honestly have no idea what his problem is. This is a long list of offenses over what seems an eternity. In the end, I was the one that pushed the button after deciding that enough is enough, and he can play with bots which, realistically, are the only pseudo-people on Earth that won't mind his behavior.

You would expect us to ban cheaters, this was about up there in terms of ruining the fun of others. It's one thing to call someone something, but quite another when you make it the purpose of your life to spam the chat over and over, for days, months, years. He is way too much work for us to deal with, and there's way too many screenshots of his abusive behavior on my hard drive than I have space for.

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  • 17 Sep '18
 Jax — Community Manager


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  • 16 Sep '18
 marox — Project Lead

@Frise said:
speak about lockouts, is the attack lockout after getting chambered getting looked at? You know, how you can throw an attack almost instantly after getting chambered and it even happens on accident?

Can confirm it broke with the window change to chambers and is being looked at

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  • 10 Sep '18

@Jax said:
Devblog is going to be out really soon, finishing touches are in the works.

I'm super hyped Jax. Can't wait to see it.

The game is really awesome and it deserves to be polished 100% before its release. Good things take time.
People won't mind. I'm sure that when they'll see the result they'll immediately forget any delays.
Patch 17 is incredible. I believe it raised a lot of hype for the game and it's not even advertised yet.
Devblog will get them crazy tbh

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  • 7 Sep '18

Horses are meant to be op against infantry, thats what thy are suppost to be.

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  • 1 Sep '18
 Jax — Community Manager

There's no ineptitude on this dev team, I can assure you that. We can release an unfinished game or we can release one that's polished - we're going with the latter. When the game is ready we will release it.

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  • 29 Aug '18

Jax, can we get at least a hotfix to remove shields until they're fixed, so we're not going to end up stuck with it for 4 months as with kick stun?