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also bonus boy


you are like baby


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also bonus boy


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Damn, and I thought I hate myself.

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Can confirm.

I mean, those are separate problems - ghosts on strikes popped up on patch 18 (there are also ghosts on stabs after stab drags got stomped, but this is animation issue), while ghosts on returning to idle have been in game forever.

But yeah, can confirm both.

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These ghost swings have been a problem since at least patch 16

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They need a better windup animation.

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They seem the least readable, most hideable and ugliest looking, both accelerated or dragged. I'm pretty sure that between the basic attacks, the success rate of getting people to just "forget to parry" by simply throwing a strike out there is by far the best on uppercuts. Other attacks have had their share of problems, but they are being constantly tinkered with, while uppercuts remain more or less untouched and feel pretty cheese.


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Update: new patch has largely fixed the issue

No offense intended to Crush or the devs, if I didn't believe the game had huge potential or wasn't already in a superb state I wouldn't bother giving detailed criticisms

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  • 14 May '16
 Vesanus — Level Design

Really cool stuff, bookmarking it for later.

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This would actually be really fun! Awesome idea :D
A few games have great co-op experiences on multiplayer maps, a big one being Rainbow Six Vegas 2 and to a lesser extent Siege - they just repurpose the map for SP/co-op and it works great.

Ascending duels - beat a multitude of bots with every weapon in the game(or maybe just one per type). They'd have the same armor and weapon as you.

Village Raid - hop off a boat, murder everyone including combatants and civilians within a time limit. Rape the churches and burn the women!

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 marox — Project Lead

Cool stuff! I like how they're bite-sized and independent, so that it's easy to build upon the content over time as well, and would make good tutorial material.

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What do I mean by situations?

Situations would be an option in the main menu that you can choose. If you played Rainbow Six Siege, you'd know what I basically mean by these. It'd be singleplayer stuff that'd basically at first act as a form of extended tutorials, but eventually would be single player missions you can do to earn a reward or bonus. You could even extend this to include some co-op aspects.

What would be good about this?
It'd make people that are asking for some form of singleplayer happy, and at the same time pvpers\generally everybody, because by completing situations you could earn a specific award, like a cosmetic piece or more experience points to get to the next rank, which is used in multiplayer. Also; we've seen how capable the bots are in Mordhau so far, they shouldn't let that go to waste; with situations they'd make good use of the bots.

What would the situations be like?
Each situation is basically it's own level and has its own tasks that you must complete. Some of these could be like....

Win the duel against the dangerous outlaw
Clear the village of brigands
Win the duel against Seymour
Clear the castle of enemies
Massacre all the villagers of the village

Each situation would be a separate level, with its own task and parameters. Think of it like choosing a mission to complete.
Each situation would also have its own reward, and cosmetics earned can always be used in multiplayer.

What more could come out of a feature like this?

A lot of cool stuff. People could use situations feature as a base for making more complex, amazing community content.

Additional stuff

Your loadout is not chosen by yourself unless the situation specifies that you can; it's determined by the situation, and you could start off with no weapons and have to find them yourself in the situation (A good example of a situation like this would be a prison escape one)

Each situation could have it's own specific parameters; so each one's probably gonna be quite different from the other.

Co-Op Situations could also come out of this, and would be implemented in the hardest missions I imagine, for example, holding off an army of A.I.

High-Risk High-Reward Missions. These could be singleplayer or Co-op, and will literally be the hardest situations of them all, but with a very good reward at the end, like a badass helmet.

Each page of situations to choose from could be a "Situations Series", so instead of calling them pages you could call them "Series", and the "next page" in my example could be replaced with "next series". Basically this means you must complete the first situation to in a series to access the next situation in that same series, complete the next situation you just got to access the next, etc. And you can only earn the reward once per situation; but you can still re-play that situation.

In-depth Examples(feel free to post some in a reply)

Assassinate The Vassal
Difficulty: 8/10
Co-Op Possible: True
Task: A vassal is being escorted across a field to his destination by a wagon surrounded by guards. Kill him and get away unharmed ("getting away" is triggered when you cross a specific boundary)
Prison Escape
Difficulty: 7/10
Co-Op Possible: True
Task: You're being held captive in a castle. Escape and make it out alive.
Win Duel against Outlaw
Difficulty: 4/10
Co-Op Possible: false
Task: A pesky outlaw has challenged you to a duel. Win it.

I don't see any reason how this could have a negative effect on the game, it'd be completely positive. It'd please some people asking for some sort of singleplayer like I said, and overall I think these "missions" would be fun to do and complete, and could also get new players use to the game by completing a few situations before getting into multiplayer. Some community stuff could also come out of this, by having a contest for community-created situations.

What do you guys think?


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 Anal Error

… I am one with Satan, cast beyond the night
In his flame of hatred, I provoke the light

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Why not both?