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  • 29 Sep '19
 Anal Error

Chivalry 2 is coming, i hope they will not be so ignorant about community suggestions.
Add double KO chance ffs, i just can't enjoy this game without this logic, fun and realistic feature !
I don't know how the fak irefrained from cursing you until now...
And add flail ffs,

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  • 22 Aug '19

Your stam gets raped if you keep spamming cftp. If someone has to cftp they end up with a significant stamina disadvantage.

I used to think it was a bad mechanic but I'm not retarded anymore.

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  • 21 Jul '19

@esturias said:
Desperately wanting the attention of the devs but being too lazy to write like a normal human being. Kids learn that at the age of seven.

You wanted the community to be less toxic, yet you behave like this.

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  • 11 Jul '19

I like Crossroads.

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  • 14 Jun '19

@afiNity said:
Stalin didn't purge enough and this thread is the proof.


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  • 14 Jun '19
 crushed — Art

This thread isn't wrong, if Archery takes over your melee game it will indeed be bye bye for your melee players

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  • 19 May '19

I've seen allot of players in-game complaining about the 240 control system and, more importantly, FPS problems. I spent some time putting a guide together to make a Chivalry-style control scheme (all attacks bound as opposed to attack type being dictated by mouse movement) and figured I'd include as much info as I could about improving FPS while I was at it.

Who am I? Well, I played chiv for 4k hours (wew) over half of which was at comp level. I wasn't an Alpha backer for mordhau but have followed the game since 2015 when it was simply called Slasher. If anyone has any suggestions or corrections please don't hesitate to reply and I can update the guide accordingly.

The guide on steam - more likely to keep this one updated.

Keybinds & Controls

Mordhau's default control scheme aka "240 system" isn't great coming from chiv imo. Most players use key binds as follows:

In order to disable the 240 control scheme:

  • Go to "controls" - > uncheck all tickboxes

Under keybinds change the following:

  • Feint - Q
  • Right mouse button - Parry
  • Right strike - left mouse button
  • Fire - Left mouse button (make sure this is bound or you cant spawn - don't overwrite above)
  • Right Stab - scroll up
  • Upper right strike / overhead - scroll down
  • Left upper strike - Thumb mouse button if you have one / easily reachable key
  • Left lower strike - Thumb mouse button if you have one / easily reachable key
  • Flip attack side - Left Alt

Pictures of keybinds incase confused.jpg

Binding console key

  • Go to Mordhau's client location: <unit>:\SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\Mordhau\Engine\Config\ and open the BaseInput.ini
  • Cntrl + F and look for +ConsoleKeys=Tilde
  • Change "Tilde" to a different key, for example "J" or otherwise unbound key, and save the file.
  • Restart Mordhau.


Depending on FPS you may want to tweak you graphics settings. Personally, I play on mostly low settings to achieve maximum FPS - especially in Frontlines.

Under the "Game" tab:

  • Head bob - 0
  • Ragdoll limit - Lower is better. I use 3
  • Ragdoll stay time - Lower is better. I use 3

Under the "Video" tab:

Anything with IMPORTANT has a big impact on FPS or visibility. Before starting it's worth making sure you have the most up-to-date drivers!

DISABLE V-SYNC - Even if you have a 60Hz Monitor you should always be aiming for 120fps

  • Resolution Scale - Adjust this based on FPS. If you are getting enough FPS you can turn this up to 1.1 or 1.2 for a sharper picture. Leave on 1 if not getting consistant frames or on Frontlines

Frame rate limit - 120 if on a 60Hz monitor, 143 on a 144hz monitor. Lower based on framerate (if you're getting 54 FPS max then make it 50 for example)

Field of View - 101

  • Anti-aliasing - Off (especially if using higher than 1 screenscale)

  • Texture quality - Adjust based on GPU VRAM size (6gb+ = Ultra) (4gb = High) etc.

  • Effects - Low

  • Shadow Quality - Low (Medium is fine, again I use for FPS)

  • Indirect Shadows - Off

  • View Distance - Low

  • Post process - Low [IMPORTANT]

  • Foliage Density - Low [IMPORTANT]

  • Character Qaulity - Low

  • Character Cloth - No Cloth [IMPORTANT]

  • Ragdoll Qaulity - Low [IMPORTANT]

  • Screenspace Reflections - Off [IMPORTANT]

  • Motion Blur - Off [IMPORTANT]

  • Bloom - Off [IMPORTANT]

  • Ambient Occlusion - Off [IMPORTANT]

  • Lens Flares - Off [IMPORTANT]

Still Getting Low FPS


  • Under manage 3d settings -> program settings -> add mordhau
  • Preferred graphics processor - High performance nvidia processor is selected (may want to do this in "Global" tab)
  • Set virtually pre-rendered frames to 2 or 3 (higher = more FPS but also more input lag)
  • Power management mode - Prefer maximum performance
  • Texture Quality - Performance
  • V-Sync - Off
  • Anti-Aliasing - Off
  • Set Multi-Display/Mixed GPU Acceleration to Single display performance mode
  • Enable Threaded Optimisation
  • Make sure drivers are up to date

Set Mordhau to higher CPU priority

This can be done via Task Manager, however the change is not permanent and will revert on restarting PC. Instead you can make a shortcut and assign that high priority, use this to launch Mordhau and it will assign high priority every-time .

  • Right click desktop, create shortcut
  • Paste cmd.exe /c start "Process Monitor" /High "{Drive letter}\Program > Files(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Mordhau\Mordhau.exe" or wherever your Mordhau.exe is located.

Disable Steam overlay

  • Go to Settings -> Steam Overlay -> In-game -> Disable Steam Overlay.
  • Alternatively go to Libary -> Right click Mordhau -> Disable Steam Overlay.

Use old SteamUI

If you don't want to disable the in-game overlay but don't like the new UI you can enable the old steam UI.

  • Honestly not sure if this will result in an FPS gain (likely not) but I know I'm not the only one who hates the new UI, mostly because it doesn't work properly in-game. GUIDE HERE.


Bellow settings change texture rendering, higher the number = more Runescape looking textures.

  • Open Console - type r.MipMapLodBias 4 (0-10, 10 being worst looking but best FPS)
  • Open Console type r.skeletalmeshlodbias 100 (0-100, 100 being worst looking but best FPS)

Make sure you have followed the above graphics settings to your liking before doing the bellow as you cannot update graphics setting in-game after this.

  • press windows key + R -> type %appdata% -> press OK

  • Exit /Roaming then into /AppData -> go to Local/Mordhau/Saved/Config/WindowsClient/ open GameUserSettings.ini

  • CNTRL + F and look for sg.ShadowQuality=1 change to sg.ShadowQuality=0

  • Save, go to .ini file -> right click -> properties -> set to "Read Only"

Using this method will not work with Mordhau open, make sure it is closed with the desired graphics settings already saved.

If you found it useful please give me a thumbs up on steam - the guide on steam

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  • 16 May '19

Stabs have needed a nerf or change for a long time. Alpha players (including me) will tell you this too. You had to chamber stabs before, because attempting to read them was not possible. Just because they're easy to chamber doesn't mean you should be forced to chamber them, it's just hiding the root problem.

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All the players who have actually been playing for a ridiculous amount of time say the Eveningstar is one of the best weapons in the game, and I'm inclined to believe them. It two-shots literally anything and drains the stamina of your opponent super quickly, which is one of the key aspects of a good weapon at a higher level. As much as I personally struggle to use it because at a level where you just get hit by dumb shit it's not that great, you shouldn't buff weapons that you need to get good for in order for the weapon to be good.

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  • 6 May '19
 elwebbaro — Art

It's been one hell of a ride thus far, and it's only been 7 days. None of us would've expected this reception in our wildest dreams.
As of today MORDHAU has sold just shy of 500.000 copies and we have reached a peak of 60.000 concurrent players yesterday. These are just mindblowing numbers to us, and we still haven't fully realized that MORDHAU is currently among the top played games on Steam.

Unfortunately the launch wasn't as smooth as we had hoped. Server performance was abysmal and reward drops such as Gold and XP, as well as unlocks were not functioning properly. We are still in the process of seting up new servers in regions that need them and as a result the Matchmaking can still be spotty. There's also some other Matchmaking related bugs that prevent parties from joining the same game, or BR lobbies to populate very slowly, but we're on top of that. All things considered, the majority of launch issues have been resolved. As for compensation of the lost Gold and XP. We have not forgotten about it and will be shipping it via the next patch.

Right now we are addressing some of the more frequent and critical issues, like the "Ghost Bug" among others, as well as some map exploits. These past few days had been very hectic for us, but things are starting to somewhat get back in order.

Looking ahead for future updates, we've got a couple new maps in mid-production: Castello and Feitoria. Here's a few impressions on the latter.

On top of that we will start looking into Ranked/Competitive modes, starting with duels. However we cannot give an exact timeframe on when you can expect these updates to be rolled out yet. We are terrible when it comes to estimating things, I'm sure our alpha players can attest to that.

Additionally we will keep adding new armor pieces and weapon skins here and there, as well as some new character customization options.
Goals further down the line would be to release Modding Tools, as a lot of you seem to be very eager to create some custom content.

We've got lots of ideas for improvements to the maps and gamemodes. There's also been some amazing feedback and suggestions coming from you guys. When it comes to balancing and tweaking of mechanics, we are pretty happy with how things are looking right now, but we will start tweaking some things soon.

In closing we'll take this opportunity to give some shout-outs.

Thank you

  • to all the Kickstarter backers and alpha testers. Without your constant feedback, suggestions and nitpicking the game would not be where it is now.
  • to G-Portal/zeuz and their amazing support. You guys were super helpful and assisted us a bunch to keep up with our launch woes.
  • to all community server hosts. You really saved our asses to provide servers for all these players while we were struggling to spin up our own.
  • to our promotional launch re-stream: You guys knocked it out of the park and delivered some sweet first impressions right on the storefront.
  • to all the content creators out there creating videos and streaming. MORDHAU spread like a wildfire, which wouldn't have been possible without you.
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What 80 ping means basically

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  • 3 May '19

you don't even have to react in a game about reactions. just attack and then turtle. and I can't even drag my sword around the side, or top of the shield so wtf am i supposed to do? In chiv there were jump kicks AND you could drag around them and it was fine. Now they are just impenetrable fortresses with 1 way to solve them. wtf

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  • 30 Apr '19

Haven't you read the patch notes? :P

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  • 6 Apr '19

The thing about ANAL GRINDER is that, especially as ANAL ERROR, he was persistent but ultimately harmless, inoffensively requesting the same thing over and over again without a hint of malice.

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  • 7 Apr '19

Triternion has literally done the same thing Tornbanner did to attempt to balance shields. Literally tornbanner-tier development.

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  • 6 Apr '19

We should make 2nd person and make it mandatory

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  • 2 Apr '19

Its always the 2h elitists! Damn them!!

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  • 1 Apr '19

Double KO

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I think the way shields worked a few patches ago was very well made, dont know exactly which patch it was, maybe 14? 15?

You had to block very close to the point of impact, which made it possible and pretty easy actually to hit legs for example when a guy was holding shield up midair to block a swing to the body. Im sure you guys remember.

Back then it was a bit too much though, cause with Targe, you could hold the shield all the way down and still couldnt block some swings to the legs. And that was pretty crappy actually. But at that time, some people had a very nice playstyle with overhead drags to the legs.

Right now, its actually exactly the opposite. Even with Targe, as long as you block at least a bit in the right direction, no blade can pierce. Id prefer something in between there, that would fix a lot of problems people seem to have fighting shielders.

At the same time, shields should be able to be played actively with. Right now, my left arm feels like the one of fucking Ephialtes in 300.

With shields, you should be able to bash forwards or swing backwards, as long as something like that is not implemented, you wont have a goodlooking shieldfight. And when you play with a 1h, you should be able to throw punches with your left arm.

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  • 26 Mar '19

Or me, ft10 me, fellow shieldy?