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  • 21 Sep '17
 crushed — Art

@Kaiowa said:
I was hoping they would fix everything that was wrong with Chivalry, that's probably the expectation most people had when backing this, but you can still basically face your opponent backwards and start an attack hiding your hands movements completely and still hit him. That's exactly what was wrong with Chivalry.

Reverse hits (someone hitting you while he's facing you backwards) aren't possible in Mordhau, unless there is a new bug we are not aware of in which case footage would be greatly appreciated. They do no damage and you can parry them. There was a bug which let you still do them in some cases which was fixed in Build 2.

I guess what you probably mean is the edge cases where people can still spin, do a full turnaround and hit with the end of the swing. They are not anywhere near as bad as actual reverse hits, but still bad, as they are annoying/unfun to fight against and look dumb. Currently thinking of a solution to get rid of them without destroying some other aspects of the game, but we will sort them out.

As for noobs, you have to keep in mind that this alpha is the worst possible entry point for them, as there is no matchmaking, and no rating system, no ingame tutorial and things are currently unbalanced/with some possible cheese existing. On top of this the vast majority of players ingame are melee veterans. Mordhau is most fun when played against equally skilled opponents, like any other skill based game that uses matchmaking.

As for feints, the game is definitely not balanced yet and in the future it will be a bit easier to defend against feints (currently thinking about possible backpedal changes and chambers being more consistent). As for feints being OP in lower skill levels, keep in mind the noob fights youre describing arent actual noob fights, in actual noob fights, there are no feints. And if there are, they are usually very badly executed.

What you are describing is someone figuring out how to do good feints against people who have no idea how to defend against them or even do them themselves. This is a common thing in skill based games, someone figures out a strategy which works against players of a certain skill level, and they use it to win games, climbing up the rating. But eventually they will hit a cap with this strategy where they are fighting people who can deal with it or do it themselves, where it balances out again.

Except that currently there is no "climbing up" and and its very rough, you have to fight the same people over and over and its an uphill battle right from the start, instead of a natural skill progression as it should be

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  • 11 Sep '17
 marox — Project Lead

It's almost here folks, and yes, that's 2017, we're not delaying it by another year. We will unlock Steam keys tomorrow by the specified time, which will then appear in your forum account, and you'll then be able to activate them on Steam. If you haven't activated your purchase on our forums yet, go ahead and do that (we've sent out emails with the activation link some time ago!)

We can't wait to have you guys get your hands on what we've been working on (and what you've been waiting) for so long. See you guys tomorrow!

PS: regarding the recent outbursts on the forums.

The situation on the forums has been, well, rather tense the past few days. We made some decisions that clearly riled parts of the community up. If we were to do it again, we'd have handled it differently for sure. We've been working day and night to make sure everything in the alpha is working correctly, and that it has as much content as we can reasonably put into it at this point.

If you've been following us for a while, you know we tend to obsess over details and nothing is ever good enough. This remains true even for an alpha, and will remain true in the future. It's simply how we operate as a team. Unfortunately, everything has its downsides, and it sometimes costs us foresight when it comes to other aspects, like keeping you informed of our on-the-spot decisions, or being able to stay true to deadlines. That said, we think you'll love it. And ultimately, that's really why I think we're all here. Thanks for your patience and support, we'd never have made it without you.

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Knight 830 1764
  • 9 Sep '17

more stuff from FannyBandit.

Capture #9.PNG

Capture #10.PNG

Capture #11.PNG

Capture #12.PNG

Capture #13.PNG

Capture #14.PNG

Capture #15.PNG

Capture #16.PNG

Capture #17.PNG

Capture #18.PNG

Capture # 19.PNG

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  • 9 Sep '17

More bullshit from FannyBandit, he thinks I'm Jake Lily, the politician that in his dream world supposedly "Owns Torn Banner and Triternion"

The guy's actually fucking crazy Lmao.

FannyBandit is crazy #1.PNG

Capture #2.PNG

Capture #3.PNG

Capture #4.PNG

Capture #5.PNG

Capture #6.PNG

Capture #7.PNG

Capture #8.PNG

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Thank you kindly for the update!
Remember lads; Good things come to those who wait.

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  • 28 Aug '17
 marox — Project Lead

@Lincs said:

@marox said:
one to a maximum of two weeks into September

One question @marox - I noticed in the promo pictures that all the map pickup weapon racks are empty. In the game will the weapons on them be randomized or pre set to be the same weapons every time?

We're still playing around with it, so not entirely sure yet. One approach is having random spawns be activated in each game, so that you have to go out and explore a little.

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  • 28 Aug '17
 marox — Project Lead

With September just around the corner, we unfortunately have to announce a short delay in getting the alpha out to you all. This one's not going to be long, it's one to a maximum of two weeks into September. We simply couldn't get everything done in time to hit August. These weeks before launch are incredibly hectic and sometimes there's just not enough hours in a day (or week, or month). Given that there's over 3000 of you (both scary and exciting), we want to make sure things work properly.

At Alpha launch, you'll be able to play on these 4 maps: Camp, Grad, Pit and Ruins. There are more maps that will be added during the Alpha period, but these were our most polished, so we decided to include them first. Check them out below:

More weapons and armors are being added to the game constantly, check out these two-handed maces that you'll be able to wield soon:


Stay tuned, won't be long now!

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  • 18 Aug '17

You wake up to a bright morning, the sun shines down, it's a nice temperature outside, you hear birds chirping - you remember, it's the 31st of August, Mordhau is coming out! You rush into your computer, firing up the forums and logging in at a speed which would make even SONIC jealous.

You go to the announcement tab. And you spot it...

"Mordhau delayed lmao"

You kill yourself.

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@Ulkenstride said:

@marox said:
As the alpha goes on over the following months, we will start including more content such as ranged combat, vehicles (including horses)

By Vehicles he means this thing.

I fucking love this one

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  • 1 Aug '17
 Jax — Community Manager

Look, I'm right there with you guys - I'm completely fucking over Chivalry and I want something to play super badly; I haven't played a single game for more than a handful of hours since about January, but the devs aren't the type of people to half-ass anything. They're going to release the alpha when it's ready, and they're going to work their asses off to get it shipped by the end of August. If they can't make that deadline, it's not because they don't have a good game to play, but because they're perfectionists, and they want to blow all of us away with the content.

The devs are betting their futures and careers on this game; I know for a fact that Elwebbaro and Crushed quit their jobs, and I'd assume Marox did too, among others - if this game doesn't succeed like we all want it to, they won't be able to develop the game full time. I'm confident it will do well, but I can absolutely understand that they want to get every little detail right before they let people play, and so if there's a delay, it's not out of laziness or incompetence, but out of a passion and dedication to making Mordhau the best game it could possibly be.

The alpha is closed, sure, but Kickstarter backers and the ones who backed through the web shop aren't the only ones who'll be able to play, and more importantly, won't be the only people who see or hear about Mordhau. Big streamers, youtubers, and the press are going to hop into a server, and these first impressions are critical; a handful of influential people will convince thousands of potential players on whether to buy the game or not, whether Mordhau and Triternion are just 'another bunch of indie devs with an alpha game', or that Mordhau could be the best title of 2017/2018. It's super important they make the right first impression.


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  • 31 Jul '17
 marox — Project Lead

August is fast approaching and with it, the alpha testing for Mordhau is getting ever closer. In this month's update, we'll show off some recent additions to the gear, as well as an idea of what to expect from the alpha, and when to expect it.

Check out the album of this update's in-game shots here!

An alternate skin set for the greatsword that is themed on the Scottish claymore has been added. More armor pieces, including gloves, pauldrons, and a set of lamellar armor has made its way into the game. With each added piece, the combinations possible become more and more varied. We have over 150 different pieces of wearable gear in the game already!

The alpha will begin with a focus purely on smaller scale melee combat, with modes such as Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Last Team Standing, and will also include expansive character customization. As the alpha goes on over the following months, we will start including more content such as ranged combat, vehicles (including horses) and bigger modes. We decided this was the way to go for several reasons, one being that it focuses players on testing what we feel we can use feedback on. The second being that it allows us to polish up remaining content before it is added for testing.

So, when? We're aiming for end of August, if all goes according to plan. Sometimes delays are inevitable because things can break spectacularly at the last minute, but hopefully that won't be the case. We'll keep you updated should the situation change.


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  • 29 Jun '17
 marox — Project Lead

We've removed the option to prepurchase Mordhau (Alpha/Beta/Release) on our shop. Originally, our plans were to keep prepurchase options available as development went along as an extra source of funding and as a way to keep the alpha/beta populated, but this is no longer possible. Our options as far as selling additional Steam keys right now are to either wait until release, or put the game up on Early Access on Steam, and we feel Early Access on Steam would be opening the floodgates prematurely.

Just to be clear, everyone who already prepurchased the game or backed it on Kickstarter will get their Steam key, we're just not selling any more Steam keys.

PS: June update is still coming, we're just a little late!

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  • 5 Jun '17
 Humble Staff

mfw i just notice Marox's post is about to reach 100 likes.

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  • 5 Jun '17
 Sir Zombie

Faffy pls

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  • 31 May '17

Holy fuck devs, that last photo is looking amazing! The map and art guys are doing a excellent job so far imho, it's been very nice to see how this project is evolving.

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  • 31 May '17
 Sir Boring

I was always too poor for a gf....

But on the bright side, this is looking very nice.

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  • 31 May '17


What about a snowy forest map, though?