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  • 21 Mar '18

I can't wait to rain death (and frustration/cancer) on my enemies!

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  • 21 Mar '18


Love the "Voice acting" Picture Guy Dude, lovely

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  • 21 Mar '18
 elwebbaro — Art

It's been a while! In fact more than two months.

A lot has happened in this draught of updates and there were various reasons why we couldn't release some of the new features right away in smaller patches.
Mordhau is a game that consists of many different small systems and they all need to run in sync like a well oiled machine. If just one of its "gears" changes a little bit, all of the others have to be tweaked as well, resulting in a lot of headaches for us.
Couple that with some deeper refactoring of some old code, this can become a lenghty but very needed process.

That said we're very happy with the current state of the melee combat, and thus will finally shift more of our focus towards content creation. Granted we will still tweak things here and there as needed, especially since there's been a lot of drastic changes in this patch.

We've also heard your pleas for more transparency and will try to adhere to it, thus we're releasing a small roadmap to give you a rough idea on where the game is headed in the next few weeks and months until beta and release. We'll also shift more of our communication back to the forums so all info can be gathered and archived in one place instead of having to catch glimpses and little tidbits on Discord or Reddit.

To sum things up, here's a list of the biggest changes and improvements in Patch #14:

  • Upgraded the engine, bringing a vast array of improvements in visual quality as well as optimization and significantly improved load times.

  • Fixed long running and infuriating bugs like getting locked out of spawning, or crashes caused by alt-tabbing during loading screens.

  • Polished a lot of animations and visual effects.

  • Tweaked mechanics, balance and timings to create a more unique feel to our arsenal as well as more defined roles.

  • Reworked lighting and post processing to ensure better readability while retaining a high dynamic range and fidelity.

  • Netcode improvements to deliver a smoother experience on a wider ping range than before.

  • A lot of groundwork for the main gamemode Frontline, as well as ranged weaponry, support equipment and vehicles.

  • Some new weapons and gear, who would've thought?

Screenshots of some of the new gear and an alternate male head:

Here's the roadmap (click to zoom in):

View the detailed changelogs.

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  • 5 Mar '18

The fights look alright, the issue is that most of the time is spent looking off-target (down at the ground or slightly to your target's side for corresponding accelerated and delayed strikes). It's a weird issue with real time strikes wanting to either be accelerated or delayed, but no real reason to try and keep your target centered. I'm not sure there is a way to make the high level meta revolve around a centered strike with the current system of timing based strikes. If it was more about angles it would make more sense for that so you can better see your targets swing angle & animations but then the attacker would still want to hide windups with torso rotation as much as they can.
I think this kind of gameplay is a resulting flaw of real time strike systems and torso rotations. Without significant changes to the base game the top end of gameplay is going to result in a lot of camera motion off-target as that is how you control your strike and when it will connect.

Overall a good video though, music is nice and the gameplay is high skill.

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Ya it looks a bit weird, but hey thats "meta" for you. The new updates should rework the animations. Also early on in the video some random people join the server and you could hear a mic saying :0:48-0:55 "lots of people joining. Can't they just fuck off, can't they just fuck off and kill themselves". Whats with the level of anger towards random people in mordhau?

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  • 13 Feb '18
 Jax — Community Manager

Patch notes:

  • added rock
  • broke armor, it's now all pink (fabulous tbh)
  • changed the numbers verygud
  • made the things
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  • 7 Feb '18

@Havoc said:

@Sir Zombie said:
Crush has said that it isn't a glitch

Someone stop crush

Najo was right

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  • 7 Feb '18

To preface, it's pretty common knowledge that if you do a very small feint there is zero feint recovery. However, this is true even when the feint is after a morph.

What this means is that you can, for example, do a left slash, morph to a stab for a millisecond and instantly feint, then do a new slash to the right side, looking more or less like the player has morphed normally but with lmbs

Or you could do an overhead to the left and do the same technique to finish in a stab to the right.

Or you could do a stab, morph to lmb for a tiny instant, feint and stab again, really effectively baiting a stab chamber and instantly punishing.

I can't get any gifs or videos of this until tomorrow, but the timing of these glitch morphs are fairly similar to a normal one, but they can be performed as rapidly as you can input. Obviously they cost a lot of stamina, and for the most part lots of these alternate side glitch morphs are relatively readable and tricky to input. But I don't think they are entirely harmless or balanced. On the discord crush said that this was more or less intended use of the mechanics, but the more I've messed with it the more broken and counter to the games meta it seems, especially when it is very straight forward to create macros or binds to input these glitch morphs as reliably and quickly as you want, and combo them in complex ways until you run out of stamina.

Or with a spear a fun one to do is input 3-5 glitch stabs in a row very quickly, so it's impossible to tell which is the real attack.

I understand the discoverer of this, June intends to make a video demonstrating how to do this, but unlike him I really don't think this mechanic should be in the game at all, not without major changes and a way to prevent players from using macro applications to abuse it.

It's also a lot of fun so experiment while it's still in the game :)

I'll post gifs of some combos tomorrow so you guys can really understand what I'm talking about

EDIT: I already posted the videos later down in the thread but I think its a good idea to put them in the OP

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Hey fuckers. Prince here. Just did you all a nice fat favor with the help of Ziggylata, Havoc, and most importantly my own brother, THE JACKAL.

We made a spread sheet of all the damage values of all the weapons. What does this mean?

Well, now if you're curious about how much damage the stab of the alt grip of battleaxe does on light chest, you can find it here! You can find EVERYTHING here. This took fucking hours to make, so I hope you all show a little bit of appreciation. No big deal though, I'm humble. ;)

We also color-coded the shit out of this. Red = 1HTK, Yellow = 2HTK, Green = 3HTK

Note: It's not complete. If we want to have an educated, public discussion about balance on these forums, we're going to pretty much just be talking out of our asses until we can finish the spreadsheet.

Currently, it's missing...

-Windup Time
-Release Time
-Turn cap?

Am I missing anything else here? If someone can tell me how to record range/speed of weapons, I'll get right on working on that. I feel like if we have all the raw data on weapons, we can have a more educated debate about how to balance everything. (even though that's not even our jobs and we'd probably just be OVERSTEPPIN)

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Well, then I'll just adjust the values on the spreadsheet. I ain't a bitch.

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  • 10 Feb '18

Jumpstabs or skystab drags, it oftem seems like they hit some invisible extansion of my body.

I thought it might be a FOV issue (maxed out at 130), but if it's the case something sould be done about it too, as it's probably going to be the one most widely used.

Below a few examples of the last frame alive and the first frame dead:












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  • 6 Feb '18


Clips in a good amount yet doesn't get counted as a hit.

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  • 29 Jan '18

This is what I mean with drags readability, they are way too subtle and hard to tell the difference when done properly. Notice how when not in slomo, you literally can't tell the diference between a accelerated or a delayed overhead. The stabs are also hard as shit to read, but I'd say they are a bit less then the overheads, sometimes. This question extends itself to the whole combat system, with every weapon, with every attack angle; these on the video are just the most glaring ones imho.

What do you guys think? Imho, this makes so chambering becomes a gamble, thus if you want to play safe, you won't chamber but try to hard-read feints instead, as it is a safer option to deal with feints then chambering. Seriously, some fights I do like 3, 4 attacks, and if my opponent tries to chamber all of them, he ends up eating these 3 or 4 attacks, same when I try to chamber what they throw at me in a row, and I'm not even talking about the flinch thing, it truly is the lack of readability what is going on as sometimes me or my opponent doesn't even combo, but we eat the hit while trying to chamber it anyways.

Some dude on reddit said that attacks should not be 100% readable otherwise the game becomes stale. Ok, that makes sense, but what is the treshold? For me, this is way too unreadable, it is unreliable to try and chamber attacks tbh.

Does the new animations affect this particular readability thing with drags? Honestly, I have no problem to tell the direction the attack is coming from when I try to chamber. What fucks with my chambers attempts are A) these animations that are really hard to tell the difference and B) goddamn 240 system having it's own will sometimes, lmao.

Thanks to Frise for helping me on this noble quest for science and development, mankind should benefit greatly comrade gud video u did tbh jesus probably loves you, I'm not really sure.

I think it is worth mentioning, the method we used to make the video and reach these conclusions was simple, I asked Frise to chamber everything I throwed at him, so I did normal overheads without manipulating the tracers, accels and delays and with no order and without telling him what I was going to do, so this way I forced him to hard-read my attacks. Same with the stabs.

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  • 2 Feb '18

Distinguishing a drag from an acceleration is not actually possible due to the timing overlap in which you can be hit from an accel and a drag respectively.

E.G. if you attempt a read for a drag, the point at which you have to wait to effectively read the drag is overlapped by the timing in which you can be hit from an accel, meaning that you have to wait past the point of being able to be hit before you can actually parry and chamber consistently for the longer kinds of drags.

You may be able to guesswork your way into reading a drag from an accel by the position of their torso but the turn cap on all weapons makes turning from an accel to a drag and vice versa too easy to do, resulting in an inconsistent form of reading. This concept is most noticeable by mixing between looking into accels in windup and doing the same but dragging after you have done the accel movement.

Wait until you can parry a chamber or drag, be hit by an accel, parry early for the accel and you get hit by a drag because they can interchange them after you have accommodated for the timing of the weapon.

I presume that with the animation update, it wouldn't fix this issue but would rather mask it with more noticeable and snappier movements, but the timing goes untouched meaning that the issue will still be present.

The issue could be solved with more turn cap (Not ideal, but may be a necessary evil) in the release state of attacks or making release state of an attack slower so it doesn't come down as fast which will make up for the overlap in which a drag can be distinguished from an accel.

This is my take on the turn cap and timings of weapons in Mordhau, I am open to anyone who would be willing to present arguments against mine but I haven't come to see any as of yet.

Defense -
Attack -
Video -
Instant attack -
Instant attack #2 -

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  • 21 Dec '17

After a few hours with the patch I've found it to have some questionable changes. I'm curious how other people feel about this stuff too.

Last 15% of strike release tracers now no longer deal damage
Good idea, poorly implemented. Now it feels like the beginning of your attack and end just ghost through enemies. An animation change is needed here to go along with this.

Strike chamber/parry window reduced by 50ms
These changes were made to compensate for the drag changes but I feel like this hurts chambers more. With the drag changes it was mostly large, overzealous drags that were removed. These were never a problem for chambering because they were either easy to read outright or left you with plenty of time to ftp. This means that they removed something that was irrelevant to chambering but nerfed chambering anyways. Now slash chambers are down to 200ms. Factor in ping plus the fact that drags don't really beat parries but rek chambers makes this the first stage of making chambering obsolete. But there's more.

Brought back riposte feint with a small feint window
Adjusted feint lockout - early feints are now less clunky and easier to use for chamber baits
Riposte feints. Who even wanted these? They were removed once before and now they've been brought back. When I read the patch notes I thought nothing of it, figured they'd just be micro feints that are easy to read. So far this is not the case at all. Sure maybe they are micro feints, but they are micro feints that are coming from the fastest move in the game. Hell, if you put some work into it you can actually feint quite late. Factor in the fact that you can start your attack inside your enemies body means that, no, these are not as readable as I thought. Good luck reading this shit in the heat of battle.
Then you think, hey, feints are beat by chambers right? just gotta chamber the riposte (which btw was already barely possible, only time you could ever chamber a riposte was when the enemy was predictable) Even if you manage to read the riposte angle and go for a counter chamber it almost doesn't matter. If the enemy has a weapon of similar speed or faster than yours they can actually punish you before your counter chamber even lands thanks to the feint lockout change. Feint into attack will hit before a chamber attempt now which is it's own fucked up thing.
You can't compare riposte feint to chamber feint. One takes skill, is much slower and more choreographed, and (was) countered by other chambers.
Also I lol when I think about all the noobs that complained about feints in chiv. You had an excellent counter to feints that, even if it took a lot of skill would have made the casual audience much more accepting of this game. But guess what guys? If you thought feints were bad before wait 'til you try our game

No changes made to stab drags
The fact that I can take any weapon, release a stab on the right side of someone and bring it all the way around and hit them on the left is ridiculous. Of course I'm not saying they should be removed, just toned down.

So to summarize:
Chambers are harder to do. Pulling off this difficult move now only rewards you with some extra stamina. Parries are better than ever. Ripostes are better than ever. Feints are better than ever.
Feints and ripostes will become the meta, with chambers taking a backseat.
What game am I playing again?

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  • 18 Dec '17

The issue imho is not base movement speed letting the gap be closed so easily.

Rather, the issue lies in the current implementation of lunge, as it lets something like a longsword or baxe stretch to halberd length very easily, while also being faster, easier to manipulate, and just plain better once the gap has been closed.

Reach currently only seems to matter substantially in teamfight dynamics, but even then the lunge can make up for not having a long weapon quite easily. Currently all one needs to do is get a medium tier fast-slow weapon (quick windup, long release) and just attack while sprinting mindlessly at someone with a slower, longer weapon. If you do this with half a brain and defend well, you can essentially close the gap in a single parry or chamber, and then your weapon has the advantage.

This is the main problem I find with the game right now, that something like a halberd has its turncap so heavily gimped when compared to something like a longsword, when the lunge mechanic pretty much negates the reach advantage on them. Unless you are using the spear, range advantages just seem to be so minor they could be ignored, since all other long weapons are slow and can just get gamble charged for free facehugging,

I know it's a controversial thing to say, but personally I miss the stun kick as obnoxious as it was. The game played much more methodical back then, now its continuously going towards sanic arcadey mode each month, just the way the meta has been developing because it works quite well.

I get that the lunge was made as it is to allow someone in plate to catch a naked guy, but there's got to be a better way than letting people fly 10ft on a stab

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  • 9 Dec '17

@s522662 said:
and stab drags have no problem, they are actually bad in terms of dragging. I recommend a monitor of 144hz to be able to recognize that amount of speed and reaction.

stab drags are most certainly a problem, many times it will look like your opponent stabbed straight into you but they manage to drag around your parry/chamber (according to the draggers account). Over discord this tends to be one of the most common 'wtf' moments for the receiver.

Also, I agree with pretty much everything jangle said, would be great if they devs do too.

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  • 9 Dec '17

I'll preface this whole post with why you should even read it. I currently have 240 hours in Mordhau, on top of 2000 hours on Chivalry. I played Chivalry competitively for many of my hours, and I plan to do the same with Mordhau, so I want to see it in the best possible competitive state.

I was holding off until Patch 11 to make this post, as I hoped it would fix many of these issues, and while it did address some, there are still a number of flaws/issues/bugs that make the game considerably less enjoyable and competitive than it could be.

  • Attacks going through parry/chamber
    I think this comes down to bad netcode, as it has happened on every server I've joined, and many other people I've talked to have experienced it as well.

  • Stabs being instant/Having bad animations
    Currently most stabs are very hard to react to if they are accelerated, leading to many frustrating hits where sometimes you barely even notice the stab before it hits you. The stab tracers on some weapons start before the actual weapon is thrust fully forward in the animation, and I think stabs in general need an animation change or a general increase in the windup time of all stabs to be consistently able to react to them and read the animation. Stab drags are also hard to recognise and thus chamber, as with many weapons the release tracer continues while the weapon is thrust out, leading to stabs hovering in the air for a few ms before being dragged into you with no actual change in the animation while the weapon is in release.

  • Being unable to morph to the opposite side
    For example, if I stab to the left, I am then limited to morphing into only strikes that start from the left, and vice versa. This isn't really a problem while doing an offensive morph, but if someone is using a morph defensively in order to chamber, it can lead to quite frustrating scenarios as you are simply locked out of morphing to the opposite side, and are thus forced to take the hit or feint to parry. I haven't seen anything on this, but I think it is a needless restriction for the game in my opinion, and changing morphs so that you can morph to any side should at least be something that should be tested and have feedback and input given for it.

  • Being unable to punish after attempting a chamber
    This isn't even necessarily true for slow vs fast weapons, it can happen with weapons of similar speed, or even vs a slower weapon for some reason. For example, someone swings at me, I windup attempting to chamber, they feint, windup another attack and hit first. This should not happen due to feint recovery, but there are massive differences in windup speed between weapons, and it seems not enough feint recovery if a slower weapon can somehow feint and hit me with the follow up attack first. Adding more initial feint recovery no matter the length of the feint could help alleviate this, but it is currently not too hard to double parry, or parry into chamber to recover from falling for a feint. Bringing the windup of weapons closer to each other could be another solution, but it would lead to the same problem as before unless more lockout after a failed parry attempt was added. Another part of this issue is that it means fast weapons can consistently hit into larger weapons combos and flinch them, which is quite annoying.

  • Tracers being too long
    Most weapons strike tracers deal damage when they are off the screen. This is very annoying as it can lead to accidentally hitting teammates who you couldn't even see, and it also means that to do a full length drag you cannot see the person you are trying to hit OR your own weapon at the end of its release, so you must guess when your weapon's release end, and also where your enemy is, even on maximum fov. Raising the max fov could help, but and others think that shortening strike tracers in the way to go.

  • Projectiles flinching
    Having stuff thrown at you mid fight when you can't even see it and having it not only deal damage, but also flinch you out of an attack or parry is extremely frustrating.

  • Teammates flinching
    Similar problem to projectiles, having an unaware or uncontrolled swinger boy of a teammate hit you and flinch you is very annoying. You are being punished twofold for someone elses mistake, and it is just unnecessary.

  • Windup dead zone
    There is a stage during windup, just before release, where your weapon is not dealing damage but you are also unable to feint or morph. This is very frustrating as I can recognise my opponent is going to hit first and attempt to morph to chamber or feint to parry, but be unable to due to this restriction and simply have to accept a hit. It is another strange restriction/oversight that is in the game similar to being unable to morph to the opposite, and I don't think it needs to be in at all. The only reason I can see it being in is to make morphs/feints easier to read, but I don't think either of those mechanics are a problem to deal with currently.

  • Inconsistent active parry
    Active parry during riposte windup seems quite inconsistent, sometimes I can hit someone who appears to be in riposte windup and they will just take the hit, while other times the active parry will work as intended.

  • Attacks being queued without input
    This seems to be a new bug in patch 11, where if you attack someone and they parry/chamber your attack, sometimes you will immediately begin another attack that was not inputted.

  • Lockout
    Another issue vs faster weapons is to do with flinch/lockout. For example, if someone with a bastard stabs you and hits you, then stabs you again and you attempt to chamber it you will be unable to because you are still locked out of attacking due to the previous hit. I'm not sure how this could be fixed though, because some flinch/lockout should be in place after being hit. Maybe make it so that you can windup to chamber as a defensive move, but your attack doesn't continue into release? Honestly not sure what can be done here.

These are the main current issues/flaws/bugs that I have noticed with Mordhau, and I think if they were all addressed in some way then it would take the game leaps and bounds forward in terms of being competitive and enjoyable for all.

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  • 3 Dec '17

I have the Alpha and all that. When I first got the game, it didn't work. I didn't assume much since my system is old and it takes it a little while to start things up. So I let it sit, and life went on, school and stuff, and I bloody forgot about the game. So it's been awhile, and I decide to boot my system up. But when I run Mordhau, it just opens up a blank black window. Any idea how to fix this? I'm not too knowlegable and would like to play during the upcoming Christmas Break