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  • 22 May '18

Would it be possible for us to get a list of the length of all weapons? Doesn't necessarily need to be added to the in game armory stats page, even just a spreadsheet or something would be fine.

With how big a factor weapon reach can play I feel it would be helpful info.

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  • 21 May '18
 Jax — Community Manager

we want to add a scraping sound for when your weapon's extra tracers pass through map objects, so that way you know you're close to hitting walls and stuff

not sure if we're going to get around to adding it, but it'd be a nice quality of life feature

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  • 18 May '18

So everyone's noticed that walls are very unforgiving in this game, even with the tracer reduction. The question is, is it fine as is or are changes needed? I like the idea of being able to use the environment to my advantage, using a wall to stop extra angles of attack. But as it is that's not really possible. The argument for wall hits would be that players can effectively herd others into a position that makes them easier to take on. I think if wall hits were reduced to be more frontal there would still be ways to outplay others with the environment, mainly baiting chamber attempts to hit walls.

Here's some examples of the current status of wall hits.

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  • 21 May '18
 Jax — Community Manager

there won't be flinch on throwables or archery

throwables should be getting a trajectory buff or something along those lines, as atm they got over-nerfed

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  • 17 May '18

also where is le pommel meme lmao dude i want refund

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  • 19 May '18
 Jax — Community Manager

We still need to see what happens, but at least to me it seems that there aren't really any macros that could actually help you out. Even when it comes to actual cheating, the only things that would actually do anything are speedhacks, stam/health cheats or damage cheats, which all of that stuff is pretty much handled by the server currently. Scripts like autoblocking or whatever wouldn't actually help too much, I could just force a player to block, intentionally miss and follow up with a combo kick or something. Aimbots are kinda useless with sway (especially if we have multiple sway patterns randomly selected), wallhacks are of limited utility, etc.

We have to see what people end up trying to abuse, and of course our stance would be something along the lines of "don't try to cheat, just play the game" but I'm not sure it will be an issue.

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  • 6 May '18
 Jax — Community Manager

Mountainpeak is getting cleaned up, less clutter soon.

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  • 5 May '18

When I first stepped foot on the new map, all I could think was "gorgeous". Seriously the most visually stunning map you guys have done do date, some of the best maps I've ever seen in any game.

Absolutely so well done, great effort.

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  • 5 May '18

I got a new one and it's still opening on the old 60hz one not the 144hz. I have to switch to window mode and then move it and then go back to borderless every time. How fix?

Also, when I use official fullscreen, I get green and red flashes so I can't play.

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  • 6 May '18

Never tried jousting before, but I had this random idea

So basicly, just after you finished lowering your lance and its couched, it begins slowly moving backwards, basically shortening your reach

The reason for it is to add more challenge to jousting, you'll have to time your couches perfectly or the enemy will hit you with his longer reach

I have no idea if its good or bad


P.S. damn I swear I posted it in suggestions

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  • 27 Apr '18


I'm talking about the first attack where he misses me at the beginning of the attack, then comes back around going from right to left in a left-to-right uppercut magically cutting back into me.

I don't care to argue about why some of you think that this is some necessary bullshit so "highskill" players can defeat scrubs like me. Only a couple players actually do this and the rest of the game is fine without them so don't hit me with that. I'm just gonna give my feedback as someone that's been here a while and say that this is unintuitive, unrealistic, broken, and a poor gameplay mechanic. There's my $0.02.

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  • 20 Apr '18
 Humble Staff

@Jax said:
as CM, what to do you all want to see from me?

Dual fighting wielding weapons when

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  • 19 Apr '18

Man... With these kinds of major setbacks, the games never going be released.

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  • 18 Apr '18
 crushed — Art

who's responsible for this

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  • 19 Apr '18
 Jax — Community Manager

Hi everyone!

Most of you already know me, but my name's Jax! I've been following Mordhau since before it was called Mordhau, and throughout the years I've been helping out Triternion by spreading all the info I can possibly find about this wonderful game. I've been doing this for quite a while already, so the devs have decided to bring me into the fold as part of the team - as the community manager.

I'm not here to replace the developers from communicating directly with you all - I know that I myself have greatly appreciated them being able and willing to hop on here to answer our questions or address feedback. Instead of replacing them, my goal is to supplement; they're busy working on the game, so I'll be helping to push out some new details when they're ready, read nearly everything you all say, so on and so forth. If you have any questions, complaints, concerns, etc. feel free to tell me (it's my job)! With that being said, it's going to take me a little bit to adjust to the role, so please bear with me as I figure things out.

Two things to wrap up this post:

I want to thank Triternion - Mordhau is truly a special game and I'm honored to be given the opportunity to help in some small way. Not only are you making a stellar game, but you're awesome people. I have nothing but trust and faith in the direction you all are headed. Most importantly, I want to thank you all, the community. Mordhau isn't even out yet and yet here are some awesome people I've met, quite a few of which I consider good friends now. I don't think I would have stuck around for like 3 years if it wasn't for the countless laughs, discussions, excessively long posts, and good times I've had with you all. I'm happy to be a part of this community and I look forward to many more years to come.

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  • 13 Apr '18

@Stouty said:
Jax I don't know who your source is but that's conflicting with the latest intel that I've received. I'm getting reports that hitstop is being replaced with a fully fledged magic system in order to attract the Mirage: Arcane Warfare playerbase

Yay, we got one more Mordhau follower!

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  • 9 Apr '18

I find hilarious when I disarm my opponent, but I'm also without stamina, so he punches me, I parry it and get disarmed as well. This is some monty python shit tbh lmao

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  • 25 Mar '18
 crushed — Art

We'll be adjusting this in future patches, giving the attacker disarming more of an advantage while keeping the clutch potential

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