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  • 6 Sep '18

I love feints, I love reading them, I loved spending 3 consecutive hours on duelyard learning how to read SoW stab feints on Chivalry. This isn't Chivalry anymore though.

In previous patches, feints felt, at least to me, situational. If you opened a fight with a feint, you were just wasting stamina. If you parried a big drag, or caught the opponent on a miss, you had a great opportunity to feint, though. It was a resource, a tool. Now, it's the bread and butter of every engagement.

Feints lead to people taking advantage of unreadable stabs, twirling around like spastics to make their feints scarier, and defenders turning around and running to double parry or dodge the follow up.

They are an extremely low-risk, high reward mechanic. Little skill required to perform properly, and the biggest skill requirement for defending against. They make fights look like they are turn-based, force you into a passive role while reading them, and turn off almost every new comer to the game.

Why are they still being buffed and promoted more and more?

idk xd.PNG by an anonymous top tier player from NA

I'm not saying feints should be removed, I love them, but they should be situational, you should have to learn when to use them. Swing manipulation is a glorious mechanic, it allows a level of freedom of expression that is found in almost no other game, it's a constant feedback loop of interaction, every instant of a drag, you're reacting to what your opponent is doing and vice-versa. Instead of "I feint, u read".

And then, we're still struggling with balancing 1vX, right? What role do feints play in it? The 1 faces huge risks in feinting, because they have no time for it. They risk getting hit in the back by the other dude while they are in lockout, even if they performed a good feint. Meanwhile the X are able to spam feints at the 1 and it will be insanely hard for the 1 to read them (and they can't chamber to avoid reading them, because chambers don't have AP or hyper armour).

Low risk should have low reward. Game design 101.

Same with morphs, they're a great mechanic, yet they are wasted by being implemented as a feint with a different name.

Make offense require skill 2018

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  • 3 Sep '18
 Jax — Community Manager

good points, I'm not going to touch on everything but I do want to talk about the parry changes

the idea was to make the parry good in 1v1 but defeatable, and at the same time make parry work in teamfights while also being defeateable. this means making it where you can get past it BUT it doesn't feel inconsistent - we did this by changing to a "box" for more consistency but the lower cap makes it possible to force bad parries on the attacking end

in team fights once you parry it loosens the cap and you can quickly readjust and do follow up parries, on a side note I think that double parry / parry-into-parry is one of the most useful and underutilized mechanics in the game

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  • 26 Aug '18

Just my opinion on the perks so far, and I'd like to hear what others think as well. Ideally we'd want to nerf perks which are too general and useful in most situations, while buffing useless or overly-situational perks. If you forgot what any of these perks do, I've included a list of their effect and point cost below. If you have any ideas for new perks, you can also post them here as well. I think the current list of perks is really good, and caters to a lot of different playstyles, but they could definitely be tweaked.

Excellent Tier (You'd trade a sidearm or even a piece of armor for these)

  • Second Wind - One of the best perks in the game right now, especially for duels.
  • Bloodlust - This perk can often be the difference between winning a 1vX and losing it.
  • Tenacious - You'll spend less time out of combat and more time hitting things, making you that much more useful to your team.
  • Huntsman - Virtually a requirement for archers, and an excellent perk for anyone using throwables as well.
  • Ranger - If you plan to be mostly engaging other archers, this will give you a lot more survivability than 1 point of armor will.
  • Friendly - Most people will write this one off as a useless perk, but think about how often you get shot in the back by an allied archer. This perk essentially increases your max HP in big team games, and may even allow you to take 1 extra hit that would otherwise kill you. Its effectiveness falls off if your allies are very good, though. Furthermore, this is great for archers who like to fire into engagements and don't wanna hurt their team as much.
  • Dodge - Very powerful perk, balanced by it's very high cost. Slow, short-ranged weapons (i.e. Maul) are devastated by this perk.

Good Tier (You'll take these to fill out your extra points)

  • Fury - Can be good in larger games where you're getting a lot of kills, it'll keep you in the fight pretty much endlessly as long as you're playing well. However considering you already get a lot of stamina on hit, and stamina in general has been made less important, it might not be necessary.
  • Fireproof - Allows you to run through your own fire as a sort of escape mechanism; even better if there's a lot of firebomb spam going on. Honestly really good for only 1 point.
  • Cat - For only 1 point it's not bad if you use it correctly. Fight in high places and use the lessened fall damage to your advantage. Trick opponents into jumping off of things to chase you. Very fun perk that changes your play-style a lot.
  • Rush - I could see this being overpowered in the hands of a very good player, though at 3 points it could be fairly hard to squeeze into your build. In order to fully utilize the sprint effect you must be ready to use it the second you secure that kill, which can be difficult at times. Naked Zwei players will probably always take this perk.
  • Scavenger - Rather situational. This perk can either be worthless or amazing depending on what loadouts your opponents have.

Meme Tier (You'd be better off spending the points on a good sidearm)

  • Brawler - A dagger would be better for less points.
  • Acrobat - It's not terrible but there are better perks to spend the point on.
  • Flesh Wound - Hilarious but not really worth 3 points. Very fun though.
  • Rat - Cswic will equip this on all of his characters. You probably shouldn't.
  • Wrecker - Currently has no purpose outside of testing.
  • Smith - Currently has no purpose outside of testing.
  • Peasant - Yeet.

List of perks by point cost

  • [1] Acrobat (Jump Stamina cost reduced by 50%)
  • [1] Fireproof (Reduces fire damage by 80%)
  • [1] Friendly (50% Damage reduction to dealt and received team damage)
  • [1] Cat (Reduces fall damage by 50%)
  • [1] Scavenger (Killing enemies causes them to drop everything they are carrying, including holstered equipment)
  • [1] Ranger (Allows you to move 15% quicker while aiming a bow or crossbow)
  • [1] Wrecker (Melee damage against structures increased 50%)
  • [1] Smith (Repair effectiveness increased 50%)
  • [2] Tenacious (Passive Health regeneration is 40% faster)
  • [2] Second Wind (Stamina gain on hit increased 30%)
  • [2] Bloodlust (Health on Kill increased 50%)
  • [2] Fury (Stamina on kill increased 66%)
  • [2] Brawler (Increases Fist damage)
  • [2] Huntsman (Projectiles deal 200% damage against enemies wearing a quiver)
  • [2] Rat (Crouch movement speed increased 10%, Footstep volume reduced 75%)
  • [3] Rush (Instantly get a movement sprint boost upon killing an enemy)
  • [3] Flesh Wound (Fatal melee and projectile damage, except for headshots, does not kill you immediately, but 5 seconds later. Limb integrity during this time is not guaranteed.
  • [8] Peasant (Restricts equipment & wearables to things a peasant would use & allows you to spawn with makeshift weapons)
  • [10] Dodge (Jumping backward or to the sides will perform a dodge instead of a jump)

Some possible changes to certain perks?
Brawler - Make it also increase kick damage (or stamina drain). This will make a lot less situational.
Acrobat - Bake Acrobat and Cat into the same perk OR lessen the extra damage taken while midair.
Flesh Wound - Honestly I think this perk is fine as is. It's very fun, and if buffed too much it might just be annoying to deal with.
Scavenger - In addition to its other effects: when picking up a ranged weapon, get 3 ammo instead of 1 (implies that the default would be changed to 1)

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  • 27 Aug '18
 Spook — UI

Flesh Wound + Brawler is a hilarious combo. Get your hands chopped off and DROP people with your powerful, meaty stumps.

212 348

i have more stupid perk ideas:

3 - play dead - only recover from ragdoll once you press a key
4 - fair fight - reduced damage received from behind you
3 - true knight - be able to use greatswords with 1 hand
1 - gladiator - never bleed when you have taken damage
2 - meat head - reduced damage to head from projectiles
4 - leg day - completely destroy doors and other destructibles with one kick
5 - war horse - horses you ride are able to regenerate health
8 - upgrade - let the AI takeover your body whenever you want

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  • 1 May '18
 Jax — Community Manager

Summary of Patch #17

With the release of Alpha build #17 we’re excited to debut two of our most anticipated features: Archery & Voice Commands. Launching with them is the Perks system which aims to bring interesting variety to character creation and fighting styles while we shake up the meta with various combat rebalances.

Reaching these goals is an important step forward in the development of Mordhau and we look forward to bringing our next target to the alpha: Frontline.

Biggest changes and additions:

  • Added ranged equipment: Recurve Bow, Longbow, Crossbow
  • Added a wide variety of Perks to spice up loadouts.
  • Added Voice Commands (default Keys C for Voice Commands and V for Battlecry), you can choose from 6 voices
  • Chambers now cost stamina, this is an attempt to shake up the Chamber and Drag heavy meta and make room for other approaches and playstyles.
  • Big quality of life improvements to Loadout Selection and the Armory including live previews of your loadouts and simplified stats to see all the important info at a glance.
  • Improvements to the crosshair: it will now display the current angle and other combat related states like recovery, flinch, riposte, etc.
  • Expanded Camp with a battlefield and trebuchets looming in the distance.
  • Added locational wounds to make the combat more visceral.
  • Improved hit feedback by adding slight camera shakes on hits as well as adding cosmetic hitstop to bladed weapons.
  • Added support equipment: Beartraps, Pavise shields and a Lute.
  • Added a spooky dungeon to Grad.
  • Added doors and other interactables to some maps.
  • Added a couple new helmets and a new waist piece.
  • Optimized character rendering

...and much much more. See the full changelog here

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  • 15 Jul '18

People saying feints were consistently punishable in Chivalry are utterly wrong. Even with compmod where we balanced the feint recovery to give weapons very similar punishment windows there were cases where weapons wouldn't be able to reliable punish others even when factoring the speed of a reverse , just due to the nature of windup and swing arcs

Knowing when you can punish is a skill in of itself and it was so in Chivalry. I know that I can't punish BS feints with ES chambers so I have to FTP out, yet that still will win me a net Stam war regardless

If you increase feint recovery any further in Mordhau you wont be able to do convincing feints and will be forced to microfeint constantly. If you are unable to punish misses and feints in Mordhau currently it's simply a learn to play issue - if you feel as though you want to punish EVERY feint you read then there are tons of weapons which will allow for that, consistently, such as bastard sword, Mordhau grip longsword, rapier, baxe, bardiche. I personally don't have any issues punishing with normal longsword itself

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  • 14 Jul '18

@ThunderDuck said:

This thing needs to be removed because i don't want to put in enough effort to learn how to deal with it because i'm not a nolife virgin loser like you guys

To be fair if you don't give noobs something cool at higher levels to work toward, then they won't be willing to put in the effort and the "You feint me and I try to read until it's my turn to feint you" game coming from Chivalry is not particularly enticing to say the least. If the perspective we show to new players is "gib hundreds of hours of effort and you will be able to participate in high level game of exchanging feints", probably not many will be interested.

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  • 11 Jul '18

@PadanFain said:

@Underainy said:
, At this point, I'm looking back at chiv as a more fun game because you can punish players for feinting.

Wut feints are a million times easier to read in mordhau also if your having trouble clambering u obvs haven't been playing very long so of course ur gonna get stomped by the people who have been putting the time in.

Wait until release so u can play with people closer to your skill lvl for a more enjoyable experience if your not looking for the git gud play experience.

You really can't punish feints in Mordhau. Nor misses, nor anything else.
Which sucks and makes the combat really static. Chambers also don't really happen aside of stabs on a high level of play because it's just about dragging and breaking your animation as much as possible so the opponent can't chamber.

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  • 15 Jun '18
 Jax — Community Manager

The issue is that you guys are talking about 3P potentially providing a miniscule advantage in certain situations, meanwhile the main mode will allow complete noobs to get octo-kills against melee vets with a catapult by simply clicking lmb. If you want ultra-balanced and competitive play in Mordhau, you'll be able to go play ranked modes where 3P will most likely be disabled.

There is still obviously an element of skill to the game in any mode, even Frontline, but FL is already so chaotic with 64p, vehicles etc. that it's never going to be perfectly balanced, so we're focusing on making it fun. Casual players won't care about a tiny 3P advantage if it even exists, because they're going to be busy dropping rocks on each other's heads.

Frontline - fun
Ranked - competitive

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  • 17 May '18

@Netherim said:
Is there anything objectively wrong with 3rd person?

it is bad because as an opponent you have no idea if the enemy is using third or first person thus making evading view harzardous

also because people just want it because it was in chivalry, pretty much every multiplayer fps/tps games understood the problem i mentionned above

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  • 16 May '18

@Netherim said:
Is there anything objectively wrong with 3rd person? It doesn't give that much of advantage

imo third person's biggest advantage is in team fights. It gives you much more situational awareness as you can see a lot more of whats going on around you and attacks that you wouldn't see coming in first person you can see in third. Plus it negates one of the draw-backs to shields completely which is the amount they block your vision in first person; in third using a shield doesn't affect what you can see at all.

@Netherim said:
but will definitely increase the playerbase which is actually interested in that way of view (some M&B fans or so).

Yes a bigger player base is good but is it worth compromising the integrity of the game? honestly I would be content with it being only 1st in official servers and competitive matches while allowing 3rd in non-official servers, which I think is a decent compromise.

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  • 16 May '18


-3rd person
why: literally nobody asked for it and it adds nothing to this FIRST PERSON game
at the very least make it a toggle-able option for community servers and disable it on official servers

-kick stun
why: it's the chivalry kick, basically. the one you guys said you were going to improve on
the original kick in mordhau was good for interrupting attacks without being overly annoying or broken, now it's just godawful and the worst shit ever

-hit trades
why: the fuck did you add hit trades to mordhau
active parry was a much more intuitive and less face-desking mechanic
also, this furthers the extreme neglect of chambers and clashes, fundamentally some of the most interesting and revolutionary mechanics in mordhau and the most fun to do. they occur less often now that there's such an emphasis on the boring parry and riposte meta

-jump kicks
why: this is an actual bug, and for some reason you guys have said you have no intention to fix it in the forseeable future. WHY.

may add more things to remove over time
please remove these very bad, no good, ugly things from our mordhau. thanks

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  • 31 May '18
 Neo — Webmaster

@ÐMontyleGueux said:

Thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately I don't know anything about .bat scripts :(

Here's how the loadout sharing works :
it's possible to import a loadout from either a share code or the loadout code itself, but both are very large strings. The share code is basically the loadout code that I zipped and converted to base64 to prevent data loss. I also check that the loadout code has the same number of '(' and ')', that there's only two " and that it start with the proper header, to make sure that the given loadout code is correct.

If you have a better idea to generate share codes, I will be happy to implement it !

That sounds like a good way of doing it.

My idea was to create a public browsable list of loadouts users could share. Kind of like the "Post your knigga" thread, but with a download button. The .bat file would contain the loadout code, so you could just one-click install another person's loadout without fiddling with config files.

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  • 31 May '18

@Neo said:
This is great! I thought about doing something similar. I made a very simple .bat script to simplify installing loadouts. It basically just asks you to paste the loadout code and appends it to your Game.ini. Maybe you can use it :)

@echo off
SET /P DATA=Paste the loadout and press ENTER: 
IF /I "%DATA%" == "" GOTO END
ECHO DATA>>"C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Mordhau\Saved\Config\WindowsClient\Game.ini"
SET /P TMP=Done. :)

Thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately I don't know anything about .bat scripts :(

Here's how the loadout sharing works :
it's possible to import a loadout from either a share code or the loadout code itself, but both are very large strings. The share code is basically the loadout code that I zipped and converted to base64 to prevent data loss. I also check that the loadout code has the same number of '(' and ')', that there's only two " and that it start with the proper header, to make sure that the given loadout code is correct.

If you have a better idea to generate share codes, I will be happy to implement it !

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  • 30 May '18
 Vesanus — Level Design

That's pretty dope, nice work dude!

Duke 5562 13285
  • 30 May '18
 Jax — Community Manager

Well, this is fucking neat

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  • 30 May '18


In the current alpha build of mordhau, there is no way to manage your loadouts. They are sorted in the order you created them, and that's it. The only way you may do it is by manually modifying a .ini file, which is less than ideal.

This is why I created the Mordhau Loadout Manager!

What's the Mordhau Loadout Manager ?

It's a little software that I created which allows you to order, archive, backup and share your Mordhau loadouts !

Here's how it looks :


Most of the functionalities are now accessible through right clicking.

The interface is pretty self explanatory, on the left you see the list of the loadouts that are currently accessible in game, and on the right the list of the loadouts that are archived, meaning that they won't be accessible in game to avoid clogging the loadout selection menu without deleting them.

Main features

Ordering loadouts

The Mordhau Loadout Manager lets you order your loadouts at will with a fancy drag and drop interface. I've even added a button to sort them alphabetically if you're too lazy to do it yourself.

Loadout archiving

You may save certain loadouts in a separate file to clean up your game's loadout selection menu without losing them. For instance in my example, I've archived my "fun" loadouts as I plan to play to go duelling and thus I need my regular loadouts ready. I can easily boot up the software again and add them back to the game later on.

Loadout sharing (experimental)

After selecting a loadout and pressing the Copy Share Code button, a share code will be generated and appear in the text area below. You can copy this code to share it, anyone pasting this code back in the Mordhau Loadout Manager and pressing the Import From Share Code button will get your loadout ! This feature is experimental as the share code is still huge (still smaller than the loadout code itself). Here's what a share code looks like currently :

It's shorter than the actual loadout code, but still pretty awful looking. I will see how I can improve this feature in the future.

Loadout Backups

By using the backups buttons on the center, you can manage backups of your Game.ini file containing all your loadouts.


It is currently uploaded on my google drive, I will post the share links to the different versions here :

Up-to-date version :

Mordhau Loadout Manager V1.5

The interface have been reworked, most of the buttons have been replaced with a right click menu.
You will also be notified if there is a more recent version avaliable.

Additional Notes

Please Make a Manual Backup

While the current version have been extensively tested and should be fine, I recommend saving your Game.ini file somewhere else before you start using Mordhau Loadout Manager. It can be found at C:\Users[username]\AppData\Local\Mordhau\Saved\Config\WindowsClient. You never know...

Steam Cloud Conflicts

Note that the steam cloud isn't too happy about the game's files changing. If the steam cloud report a conflict, always select "upload to the steam cloud".

Bug reports and suggestions

Don't hesitate to report bugs in this thread, I will make sure to take a look at them.
I'm also open to suggestions. What kind of features would you like to see in Mordhau Loadout Manager ?

Special thanks

To triternion. You guys are doing a hell of a job and we love it !

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  • 22 May '18

Right stab is significantly longer than left stab on 1hers.

Rapier and Bastard Sword are the same length.

I have exhausted my knowledge of ranges.