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Knight 685 1855
  • 30 Jan '19

Sounds great! Don't forget to notify your friends and let them know they can add mordhau in their wishlist now.

Sellsword 1 8
  • 30 Jan '19

So happy to see quality games getting released in what a lot of people would describe at least as "trying times" for the gaming industry.
Love y'all bois' work <3

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  • 30 Jan '19
 Dodger .

Actually overjoyed.

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  • 30 Jan '19

Here we go boys!
Now lets see how fast mordhau goes to top selling on Steam

Awesome gamemodes! Great work! I fucking love you guys!

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  • 30 Jan '19
 marox — Project Lead

Mordhau's store page is now listed on Steam!
We've been hard at work wrapping things up for release the past several months, fixing any outstanding bugs and adding the necessary polish and content where needed. This work will continue leading up to release in Q2 2019, which we estimate we will hit somewhere in April (early if all goes to plan). A glance over the Steam page should give you a hint of what to expect on release, but I will elaborate a little more here. We'll be releasing with 3 new modes that we expect to be the main attraction.

Frontline: a flag-capturing conquest-like mode played on large maps with horses, siege engines and chaos all-around. Goal is to capture the enemy's flags in linear order while defending your own, and culminates with an objective to complete in the enemy's base.

Battle Royale: start out with fists on one of our maps, haunted by a circle constantly creeping ever closer. Find loot & armor in chests (or on other players) to deck yourself out and manage your health with scavenged bandages instead of regeneration.

Horde: coop mode to play with friends against waves of AI, where you can purchase equipment & armor in your base obtained from clearing out the more and more difficult waves.

And of course, all the modes we have so far: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch & the round-based single-life Skirmish mode. We've been working on polishing plenty of stuff such as the AI, the UI, adding unlocks and achievements, tracking skill based on kills/deaths to be able to put players into appropriate servers, improving performance, etc. We also now have a fun tutorial for new players that they can play through to familiarize themselves with the game. Throughout all this time work continued on map work, which led to various reworks and expansions of current maps like Grad and Camp and the introduction of Taiga. We have some maps still in the pipeline and close to completion, but we won't hold the release back if those are not finished, meaning they might come shortly after release.

Finally, there's some things that didn't make it for various reasons and we decided are not worth holding back a release for. Among the Kickstarter stretch goals that won't make it on release are ranked competitive 1v1 matchmaking and the SDK. We will focus on these post-launch. Another feature that won't be there are female characters, as we simply didn't have time to do these justice, so we will be looking at the introduction of the gender option after release.

There's also some Kickstarter rewards we need to wrap up, and we will be sorting these out before release as we go.

We'll be keeping in touch!

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  • 22 Jan '19

A game of this nature is at its best when there are counters to counters, doing one thing can be countered and the counter to that counter can be countered. If thats not the case then the combat can get too straight forward, bland, predictable.

These people immediately cftp, they do it hilariously early. The combo feint window is very itsy bitsy right now. A fun thing to do is wait until they are out of the timing to combo feint. Time your attack so it hits them during that window, and only good fortune will alow them to clash you so they avoid damage or you might miss. Fun and hard to do because of its guarantee that you will land damage, you will only mess up if you are out of practice or potentially unlucky. Starting from that counter to whiff, i'll list off all the other things you can do.

They whiff, then get all up in your grill, you can see the outcome of their whiff and preemptively strike them. They can see the outcome of your punish and so during their combo, they feint and parry. The punish you perform may be a mixup, and thats usually where the game can be most interesting, mixups and counters to mixups, so heres all the mixups i can think of right now.

They get all up in your shit after a whiff in those clips, you can kick them. They are stam drained not only because of a miss, but now because of a kick, they lose health, if they parry you again then they lose more stam and you can perform another mixup with your initiative assuming you were not already an inch away from death on health and stam and they were full on everything. Also they cant CFTP a kick.

Attack, it will drain their stam, thats what you do in those clips, doesnt really counter CFTP like kick or timing abuse. Pretty low tier counter to whiffing depending on weapon stam stats but if you do other mixups then it helps you remain unpredictable so its only low tier of its literally all you do.

Morph, pretty much guarantees you a free hit right now unless they gamble you or you let them read you by morphing early. If you morph in those clips its extremely likely you would have hit them. Im not too big a fan of morphs countering parry in general so much but eh its how it is right now. These specific cases are how most people get hits off I imagine, run around a teamfight morphing or acceling people who were fighting other people (with stab of course).

Feint, parry recovery is pretty huge, they would only double parry you if they panic parry and you maxed out feint window and also picked your nose during feint. They can only double parry you if a drag would have bypassed their parry, or a morph.

Morph-feint, a little unnecessary but i guess you could do it.

Drag, would only really work on strikes and it sort of depends on your weapon, just delay, those nerds in those clips are parrying super duper early

Miss on purpose, mostly useful in a teamfight but it might give you a freehit in a 1v1 in some funny way probably.

Wiggle your camera at them/run at them and scream/press end, would probably be effective if you had a hitscan weapon, they would be open to receive damage.

Mix any of these up enough times and just striking will probably give you a free hit from the enemy having so much to contemplate, but you can probably settle for mixing up the morph one. Morphs are a massive counter to FTP, CFTP, off of stabs they're just hilarious, windows too huge I reckon, not sure what the reason for it being that way was, considering the stab anims, and the only reason morphs were broken for defense in the first place was removed (i reckon it was morph matching). Hopefully some anim changes will be enough to quell that but they should make the window a bit smaller to be safe then adjust after if necessary.

Baron 1551 2087
  • 22 Jan '19

Jax said "they are looking into making misses more punishable" like last August? and that was the end of that.

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  • 22 Jan '19

Currently CFTPs are so forgiving that if someone whiffs, they can block your punish even if you start your attack during their early release, or even during their windup in some cases, they can still parry for a slight stamina disadvantage.

Whiffing should be properly punishable, I don't think there's much to argue there. Right now you can attempt to punish and get parried, gaining a slight stamina advantage because of the FTP, or feint the punish and basically gaining nothing but initiative and a slight spook on your opponent. Gambling can ensue out of this, where someone whiffs and just comboes expecting you to feint the punish. Then you have to guess what they're going to do, because you can't wait for their input and then feint, the timing doesn't realistically allow for that. And if they just keep comboing and you guessed that they would parry, then you're the one being punished for trying to punish a whiff. Why should punishing a clear whiff be so unintuitive and unrewarding though?

I propose that the first 150ms (obviously just an example value) of a combo's windup should be un-feintable. You can still CFTP out of slight mistakes and spam comboes in teamfights without worries, but straight-up whiffs are punishable.

"But then there will be no interaction in whiff punishing where the whiffer gets to play mind-games"
Yes there will be; The whiffer can fake a whiff while staying at a safe distance and use footwork to stay out of the punish range, keep comboing, and punish the punisher's whiff.

As always, I must clarify, this is a game design issue, not a balance issue. Whiffs being unpunishable is unfun and discourages matrixing and dodges that everybody loves.

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  • 8 Jan '19
 Jax — Community Manager

@Sir Zombie said:

@spoopbeats said:
Will polearm strikes do less damage at close range, since you'd only be hitting with the pole?


and the reason for this is that you simply don't have the amount of control using a mouse and keyboard to estimate the range and hit someone. IRL you could alter the way you swing, or the way you're standing to ensure that you would actually hit with the ouchy part. This simply isn't the case when you're limited to a few buttons

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  • 10 Jan '19

There are a lot of visual issues with head gore from blunt weapon damage.

  1. The gore model placed on the neck is red mush with a femur coming out of it.

  2. If the blunt weapon only causes a partial dismemberment and the head becomes detached, the lower half of the neck model shows a clean cut while the gore model on the upper half of the severed neck has that weird ham bone in it.
    Untitled 2.png

  3. If the head is destroyed by a blunt weapon, the head vaporizes and a few tiny, red nuggets spawn in its place
    Untitled 3.png

This, in my opinion, looks terrible. I'd have rather seen a broken neck and some crushed metal bump map decal on the helmet or some other alternative. If there is no helmet, there should maybe be some crushed head model or some other localized wounds on the head. I'm no game designer so I don't know exactly what's feasible, but I think nearly anything would look better than my magic hammer turning someone's head into chicken nuggets.

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  • 16 Dec '18

Patch 19 & 20 (aka "Fortknight" patch)


Overall patch 19 & 20 have easily been the best patches this game has had. There is a lot of amazing additions to the game which will provide opportunities for individual expression in both combat and when approaching fights. Being able to set up spike traps, blockades, and play as support roles such as medic / builder is great for those who may not want to engage with the combat directly. At this point I'm dying to see how a full 64p frontline match plays out, with all the chaos of the battlefield. Much of the feedback below focuses on what I think should be changed or improved, however I would like to point out that most of the core of the game is more polished than many games that exist in my steam library.

I want to specifically point out changes from the changelog that I loved this last patch -

  • Increased kick's cosmetic tracer range (used for kicking ragdolls) so it can kick stuff on the ground easier (like dismembered heads)

I missed being able to kick heads off of player corpses! Fuck yeah!

  • Added blunt gore - bone breaks and head explosions
  • Improved gore mesh placement into limb sockets
  • Partial dismemberment prevents sticking the limbs into the ground now

This is the good shit right here. The bone breaks are super satisfying and sound brutal. Bones sticking out add a whole new dimension to the gore. Well done.

  • Added “Killed by” panel which provides information about your opponent’s health and stamina, as well as their equipment and perks at the time of death

While it is currently a bit buggy (stamina and hp values are swapped, and the profile icon is the last person who killed you and not the current), this added a lot to the death screen. I like being able to see whose killing me a lot and why. Looks professional as well.

Below is a long read of feedback I started compiling since patch 19.


  • Score - Suicide results in a reduction of 100 from score, 1 kill retracted from overall score, and a death added. This seems excessive for suicide. For a teamkill subtracting 1 kill from player score makes sense, but for suicide the death should be enough.

  • Gravity - Gravity still feels weak, as ragdolls falling visually appear to have a constant fall speed that doesn't accelerate quickly enough. I am sure there is some acceleration but I think the amount is not quite sufficient yet. This could just be a matter of perception as I have no actual insight to what parameters are set within the game physics. I also think the ragdoll bodies bounce too high from some falls. For references on good falling physics I would look to games like Steep and Overgrowth, both have fairly good fall/impact feedback on ragdoll physics.

  • Building - Self constructing buildings hurts immersion and causes direct impacts on melee combat. In a melee fight you can swap to a toolbox and construct barriers instantly, blocking players movement.
    Suggestion - Scrap the self building objects. When constructing something from the toolbox, the first stage is a few small poles sticking out of the ground. These can be walked through and have no collision. Striking the poles with a blacksmith hammer or wooden mallet builds the structure from this rudimentary scaffolding.
    I feel this is necessary to be unintrusive towards the melee gameplay and for immersion reasons. Slowing the rate of construction will also help reduce build spam.
    Note - buildings in spawn should be disabled. If the changes for building are implemented the mallet / blacksmith hammer will have to be bundled with the toolbox otherwise new players will spawn with only the toolbox and not be able to interact meaningfully with the construction scaffolds.

  • Horses - An armored horse provides hit stop when striking the horse. However the other two unarmored horses do not. I think striking any of the horses should result in hit stop, otherwise the rider can be hit by unblockable attacks from below as they will come from underneath the horse / parry volume.

  • Medic - As a support role the medic bags aren't very functional. They need some form of floating UI icon so they're more visible, and I think having to look at the bag and press & hold F makes you too vulnerable for it to be worthwhile a lot of the time. Potentially the medic bag could be an aoe effect that provides the tenacious (50% faster hp regen) perk while in its radius and while out of combat?


  • Ragdolls - Hitboxes need to properly match the player model while in this state. I created a build that uses bear trap and crossbow, and I have shot through so many player models on the ground with no hit registration.

  • Flesh wound - The hit that triggers flesh wound should always credit that player with the kill. That is essentially the 'killing blow', all hits after triggering flesh wound should only add to assist points for the kill.

  • Spike traps should give the owner of the trap assist points for player/horse kills

  • Ladder combat - While in windup/release/(feint/parry/swing)recovery state on a ladder, I think fully climbing up should be disabled. Combat gets awkward towards the top of a ladder because if you climb up to get into striking range you might accidentally interrupt your own attack by dismounting the ladder at the top.

  • Shields - Defending against projectiles with a shield is almost harder than just parrying. The tight hit box means you can rather easily hit a headshot over the shield with throwables / arrows.
    In terms of shield balance I'm not sure much good will come of playing with the block volume any more, you can occasionally hit around a shield but it's not super reliable as a counter. Making the block volume too small nullifies the purpose of the shield (cost spent into buffing defense). I think a counter needs to exist in the form of a mechanic. I know shield health has been discussed before but I'd like to expound on this idea further. I think it'd be a good idea to have shields have a health bar that shares the damage modeling of weapons vs buildings. This way a counter to shields will exist in the form of a battle axe/maul/evening star + wrecker perk loadout. For shield players who don't want to be without their shield, resupply boxes could provide new shields when the original breaks. Shield health could even be made visible through damage modeling similar to buildings. With these changes you could also increase the lockout after being blocked to normal parry values, removing an inconsistent band-aid mechanic.

    • Pros: Addition of soft-counter to shields, and providing a way to quickly remove the shield from combat while not nerfing the overall strength of a shield through changes to the block volume or stamina management.
    • Cons: Analogous to stamina combat with shields but instead of stamina it's shield hp. Requires the shield user to pay attention to another hp bar independent of their stamina.
  • Elevation - On ramps and stairs combat gets weird with how quickly players can dart around an x, y, and z axis. When on flat ground you are only concerned about x and y, but with the addition of height one can force all but the longest weapons to miss consistently through descending or ascending diagonal movement away from their opponent.
    To resolve this issue, I think it would be preferable to have a negative speed modifier when ascending / descending stairs, ramps, or other natural hills.

  • Couched state - Couched weapons on horseback are far too powerful. These are one hit ko, unblockable, and have extreme reach. Here are a few suggested changes to this to make it more skill based to achieve this amount of power.
    A couched lance should have time restrictions. It looks silly to indefinitely hold your lance at a non-resting forward position. This would be exhausting to do. Currently there's incentive in Mordhau to simply keep your couched position up since there is no downside. I'd like to see couching deplete stamina quickly so a horse rider needs to be conscious of when they initiate the couched position. At 0 stamina the couched weapon will rise to a resting position.
    Secondly I'd like for the aim requirements to be tightened. Currently you can be mid turn with your horse while aiming wide to the side to catch players. This looks incredibly silly, like you're hitting them with the side of the weapon and not the tip to kill. A successful couched strike should not allow for such wide hits. Put your arm in a couched position and turn it out to the side and imagine hitting someone on horseback like this. You'd likely drop your lance or break your arm.
    To add some skill requirements to couching the reticle could have bounce instead of being perfectly still. The player would have to account for the reticle bouncing to the horses movement and add another layer to performing a proper couched strike.
    This might seem like a lot of nerfing to couched attacks on horseback, but I think there needs to be a skill requirement to an unblockable one hit kill attack. Contrast this to using the normal strike from horseback which is blockable, does not provide a 1 hit KO, and does not have the reach that couched strikes do.

  • Unarmed combat - Fists need either time based parries like the rest of the game or a small block volume that allows for left/ right and high / low mixups. Stam out with fist results in a stun that doesn't last long enough to score a hit - requires a longer stun or maybe partial damage for blocking on 'stam out'.

  • Kicks - Kick clash to kick is sometimes faster than kick clash to attack, making kick clash into kick a cheap way to lock a player against a wall. Would suggest slowing kick follow up on kick clash so that it's more ideal to kick clash into attack.

    • Door kick ragdoll is a bad mechanic. Creates awkward situations of players baiting with closing doors and kick spam. Would suggest swapping from a ragdoll to a strong knockback with flinch instead.
  • On disarm timings - Maul disarm combo can be interrupted by fists / kicks easily. If the strike that initiates the disarm is accelerated just kick / punch to interrupt the follow up.


  • Billhook could use a damage buff to 33 damage on t3 torso stabs. It doesn't make sense that an arming sword is a more effective anti-armor tool than the billhook while costing two points less.

  • Halberd and sword weapons could use a tighter turncap to prevent odd looking adjustments to swing arcs mid-release. In particular, being able to pull against the arc of the swing so effectively makes reading accels / delays on these weapons especially difficult and results in some pretty visually jarring animations. In general turn caps should depend on where you're turning, not just a blanket cap on all direction. Ex: Turning against the arc of your swing should result in tighter restrictions than moving with the arc. This was primarily an issue with 550ms release weapons which I know are being adjusted, however should the adjustments prove to not do enough maybe this avenue could be explored further?

  • Rusty shovel can decapitate players. Doesn't seem correct considering it's a blunt weapon and should have blunt gore.

  • Ballista - At the moment you have unlimited ballista shots. I'd like to see some form of replenishable ammo crate near the ballista that you have to refill your ballista with in order to use. This would reduce ballista spam and encourage players to take accurate shots on higher priority targets. It will also create some downtime between volleys as players resupply ballista ammo. Good for immersion, not necessarily needed.


  • Footsteps - Generally these are far too quiet. I rarely hear someone approaching me from behind. Footstep audio needs to be much louder, especially when rat perk exists to turn already quiet footfalls into silent ones.

  • Voices - My opinion of the voices is the voice acting itself is really good, the voices are hysterical and the quality is superb. However they are very loud and could use a slight reduction of volume, and the voice spam is far too great. There needs to be a slight lockout for those who are just spamming the V key constantly.
    I'm not sure how much can be changed here as I'm sure recordings are completed. However I believe the current voices are lacking in response / command voice chat. There's no "Do the obj", "I've got your back", "Kill the archers", "Go left/right", "Behind us", or even "You're welcome". These are extremely important voice commands with a function. I would recommend combining insult and intimidate as they largely overlap.

  • Lute - Unfortunately the audio quality for the lute is rather poor. I know this is just a placeholder and is not a priority, but an update to these sounds to improve their quality would be greatly appreciated. The sound also doesn't travel as far as shouting does, or at least I hear shouts farther away than the lute. I know this is a bit of a pipe dream but getting it to sound more like this and less like this


  • Traps - It would be great to be able to build a vertical spike trap, so that if placed from a location where a player might jump / fall from they will become impaled.
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  • 8 Nov '18
 Jax — Community Manager


This thread will be used to give periodic updates on the development of MORDHAU as we near closer to release, and show off some of our newest additions and features to the game. Keep in mind that much of what you may see is in varying stages of completion, and these work-in-progress features may be changed during development.

First off, we've been working on the back-end of Frontline, and one of the features that will help to add to the chaos and immersion of this mode is the Toolbox, which allows you to place dynamic fortifications around the battlefield. Currently, you can choose between three different items; the archer barricade, stakes, and a miniaturized ballista. These can be placed nearly anywhere, but use up the toolbox's ammo, which you can replenish at a supply crate.

The archer cover allows you to barricade areas off, to shoot out of the arrow slits. Meanwhile, the stakes cause damage to players running into them, and at certain speeds will be lethal.

All of the new items can be destroyed, but in some cases you can bypass them altogether with our newest feature - climbing! You can climb most objects in the world, but it's risky - taking damage means you will be ragdolled and fall to the ground.

Some other utility items are coming soon as well, in the form of healing items. Bandages let you quickly regen some HP, keeping you in the fight for longer. If you're more focused on teamplay, a deploying the Medic Bag will allow other players to heal from it.

Lastly, a nice quality-of-life improvement is the new pickup system; tapping E will pick up an item, but by holding it you're able to directly swap items instead.

Wrapping up, most of our development efforts are focused on map creation, and we've got a few new screenshots of Taiga to show off. Enjoy!


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  • 6 Nov '18
 marox — Project Lead

@ÐMontyleGueux said:
The parry doesn't need to be entirely client sided, I'm pretty sure that some lag correction can be specifically added around the one most crucial mechanic of the game. It should be expected that the parry works for any ping below 80 (higher than that is known to be less than ideal anyway, people will expect issues).

I really hope that it will be implemented at some point. Releasing the game while parry doesn't work properly above 60 ping might cause bad publicity.
I'm an alpha player, I may consistently die due to late parries, but I understand why and will patiently wait for a fix. Newcomers on release might just leave the game as soon as they die 3 times in a row to hits they should have parried.

You can use m.DebugNetworkParry 1 to see if the netcode is to blame, although that doesn't work on kills, but should give a clear indication if it's a problem with the game or a problem of git gud. Clientside parry would incur hitreg delay and generally feel awful for the attacker. For comparison, Chivalry's parry is attacker client-side (what you're asking for is defender client-side), so actually twice as bad in terms of delay compared to what Mordhau uses.

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  • 26 Sep '18

This is the kind of corporate shilling that makes me sick. So sick in fact that I think I'll head down to my local Red Lobster™ for some piping hot Cheddar Bay Biscuits™.

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  • 25 Sep '18
 marox — Project Lead

We've set up a shop with Mordhau-branded physical items (no keys, sorry!) that you can buy, featuring some amazing t-shirts designed by our very talented Rattsknecht. Perfect if you want to show off your love for the game, or just want to look cool. We're starting it off with a 10% discount this week -- check out the shop here!

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  • 16 Sep '18

@Ser Arthur Dayne said:
Im in the dev video yes :D

Also glad to see some other faces like >Herb, Bob, Prince, Fish and Cswic

At 8:10 I am shown dying a horrible death

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  • 16 Sep '18
 Jax — Community Manager

@Lincs said:
Damn Jax, over 14 minutes long? I'll never tease you with devblog wen comments ever again, that thing must have been a bitch and a half to put together and then another to edit. Really good video too!

like 60 or so total clips, each taking multiple takes. aaaaand then we redid the melee animations. aaaand then we re-did the archery animations :^)

Baron 1647 5234
  • 16 Sep '18

Damn Jax, over 14 minutes long? I'll never tease you with devblog wen comments ever again, that thing must have been a bitch and a half to put together and then another to edit. Really good video too!

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  • 16 Sep '18

ok this is epic

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  • 16 Sep '18
 Jax — Community Manager

Hi everyone! It's been a while, but today we've just released our fourth dev blog, the Road to Release! In this blog we showcase some of the improvements and additions made to MORDHAU in the past few months during closed alpha testing. Speaking of testing, things have taken a little longer than planned and while we've had to push full release to early 2019, we've decided to activate keys for Early Bird and Release-tier Kickstarter backers, as well as Gumroad pre-orders! Check your emails registered with Kickstarter/Gumroad for more information, and enjoy the video!

Please note: currently, we have no plans for further access to closed testing - we ask that you patiently wait for full release in early 2019. Thank you for your understanding. For more information on this, check here