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  • 11 Feb '19

@afiNity said:
Isn't it ironic? Mordhau has like 4 times the combat mechanics that Chivalry has and it still lacks depth.

It may has on paper, but in practice it has like 2 or 3 working playstyles all based on obscuring your animation ad absurdum, which is even worse than Chivalry, because you had at least 2 viable playstyles per class there.

The reason for this is that "normal" combat just doesn't work anymore once people figured out how to parry somewhat reliably, because that's the only opening existing in combat as intended by the devs. There is no way to punish anything at all outside of a mistimed parry. Missed an attack? Just combo lamoe, and even if you don't, you'll be able to parry the punish no problem. Read a morph? Too bad because it literally has no weaknesses and you can't punish it at all. Read a feint? You may be able to get a hit in with the carving knife, otherwise bad luck kiddo.

And then we also have those weird, almost pointless mechanics like clashing and chambering. Clashing sounds super cool but it quite frankly never happens. Chambering puts the one who chambers at a disadvantage currently, so why bother using it instead of a parry, which is cheaper and lets you riposte from more angles. Morphs are just a better feint with often unreadable animations, Hyper Armor is just big fucking trash and makes no sense whatsoever, all the situational buffs and debuffs that piled up to fix deeper oversights which you can't read up on anywhere and so on and so on.

Obviously it doesn't help that there is plenty of generally outright broken stuff, like insiders, which are pretty much considered meta at this point. Also you still have the problem of general animation readability, and often no way to distinguish between an accel and a drag with weapons seemingly starting out in your face and then going back in time. A proper long and wide parry could fix, or at least help combating this problem, but I have yet to ever see the long parry work.

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  • 31 Jan '19

Oh wow, a professional gambler is going to teach people how to be good at the game

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  • 31 Jan '19


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  • 21 Dec '18

fire crush

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  • 17 Dec '18
 Sir Boring

Chivalry only has so many set animations. Slash, alt slash, lunge, overhead, alt overhead. You fight against only so many attacks and weapon types, as well as different combos. You can easily learn to read all of these.

Although all Mordhau weapons swing and lunge the same way, they all have various speeds, windups and ranges. As well they can all drag, even if they are a faster weapon. You have overheads that turn into slashes during the end of their release, plus a much more limited field of view where attacks end outside of your view.

Then you have morphs, which still need some work, seeing as for some weapons I can still turn an overhead into a slash, causing the weapon to phase through my head, looking downright goofy. Morphs make everything really hard to read, especially with faster weapons, so it really does become a guessing game. Just like with Chivalry though, you learn people's fighting styles and they do become predictable, so you can fight against them.

Mordhau's animations are far smoother and do look nicer, but some attacks are definitely hard to read. Attacks include when they underhand behind their shield after they block you with it, or when they wind up a slash with a shield on their back, turning it into a stab when you can't see it hidden behind their shield. Plus with the more fluid movement you can bob your character about and it does look really weird and distracting.

The jump drag definitely needs to go though. There's no way to read that, only guess that they're going to do it.

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  • 17 Dec '18

Chiv has much better animations, for both attacks and (especially) player movement, it's backwings dealing damage what fucks the game visually.

@Hadeus said:
Does anyone honestly want fights looking like this?

lmao, this is terrible.

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  • 17 Dec '18

Minus reverses, I find the animations easier to read in Chivalry.

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  • 14 Nov '18

Maybe if Crush did his job instead of protecting Giru we wouldn't have the same problems that he said he was fixing more than a year ago.

By this point I truly believe that this is just Crush's way of balancing things. After all, there has been no incentive to make anything other than feints, delays and accels viable options. Of course with such a limited palette of combat options, one or all of these have to be absurdely powerful in order to maintain a high skill ceiling.

We have constantly seen either patches where something is blatantly unreadable (accels, stab feints, foot drags), or the combat is stale.

How about, make direction relevant, maybe try out the AP clash thing I proposed in a different thread along with current riposte armour so that direction emphasis doesn't ruin 1vX, and for the love of god increase stab releases. Why are they still so overnerfed? It's not like stab delays are useful in any situation right now.

Or maybe add a new mechanic. I'm not talking about gimmicks, I'm saying something that actually adds depth to the combat. Maybe unique attacks for different weapons. Polearms get a quick, short shove with the butt end. Billhook, halberd and axes hook you with negative knockback. One-handers throw a quick, short punch. Swords could get a false edge cut with a cool new tracer, maybe it's an inbetween of a stab and a slash, so you can use it to get behind parries. Spear gets a quicker but less powerful stab.

If there were more combat options other than the same 3 moves, we wouldn't need unreadable stuff to have stronger offense than defence, and devs could make stuff properly readable without risking a bland meta.

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  • 14 Nov '18

Update: new patch has largely fixed the issue

No offense intended to Crush or the devs, if I didn't believe the game had huge potential or wasn't already in a superb state I wouldn't bother giving detailed criticisms

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  • 31 Oct '18

@Knil said:
Don't play with filthy cheaters ;)

The only person currently banned wasn't banned for cheating.

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You get away with it if you're in the EU or the Inner Circle. Giru has a tendency to Dox people he hates.

Simply Type South America or NA in the forums or Discord


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  • 23 Oct '18

Giru is a sack of shit. But crushed won't stop sucking his dick or reprimand him in any way. The absolute state of things.

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  • 6 Oct '18

I don't quite like the idea of the devs telling me who can and can't play on my server, and this would be useful information to know, should they ever ban me.

Disable bVACEnabled=1 in BaseEngine.ini, does not remove the shield for the server, so how do I fully disable VAC?


Above is a test server that I play on with my friend gaydeus, and I disabled VAC so Lazy can play, but the shield didn't go away. Why?


... I even tried adding


But the shield is still there, and (I will test when he gets on), lazy can't play.

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I don’t think the devs will come out and fix it anytime soon. It almost seems as if it was by design to have the Ban List work in coordination with VAC. It’s a really awful catch 22 were if you want to play with a banned friend you’d need to disable VAC however that opens up the possibility of hackers coming into the server. Also the devs already think down upon servers providing shelter for banned players referring to them as “speakeasy” servers.

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  • 7 Oct '18

Suddenly speaking freely in unmoderated chat is the moral equivalent of murder.

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When the entire EU community can dogpile crush doxing his personal personal life by Mordhau top streamer in front of all of the Mordhau moderates and developers to see. Saying hateful shit yet they walk away Scott free while one NA Boy says mean things about devs and gets ban hammer rammed up the ass makes sense.

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  • 6 Oct '18
 Sir Zombie

@Pred said:

@PeachPatrol said:

@Pred said:
grasping at straws and trying to come up with procedural loopholes in an unfinished closed Alpha because the toxic troll who did everything possible to get banned

Except there was no rule, precedent, or warning that he'd get banned. So no, there was never anything possible to do to get banned.

Thanks for proving my point, lol.

If somebody is unable to recognize what basic norms should be adhered to without having them explicitly written, it is in the best interest of everyone else to exclude this person. Actually, if someone managed to consistently break ALL OF THESE NORMS, it means he definitely was aware of them. The whole "there are no rules written, so you can't be punished for anything" defense is just laughable, fucking DOGS can tell they did something wrong when they chew up your sofa cushions.

I'm pretty sure none of the restaurants in my area explicitly forbid you to scream through a megaphone and piss on other customers. Nobody seems to be doing that though, because they are not retarded.

You seem to forget that it was him insulting the devs that was the problem, not the community. Pissing on the community is allowed :)

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  • 6 Oct '18

@crushed said:
Nobody in this game will be banned for insults or being politically incorrect alone.
@Frise said:
Except everyone can call south americans _ without worrying about getting banned ...
@Jax said:
point them out and I'll take care of them, Frise


@crushed said:
threatening to DDOS Mordhau servers.

This was a joke, much like your informing Lazy of his upcoming ban.
"don't worry Lazy, you will be deleted soon"
You're taking liberties and interpreting anything he said as threats.

@Jax said:
We're not going to be hopping in your private server and VAC-banning people for saying mean words, like I was saying earlier - this individual was a problem on not only a single server, but the entire game.

Except the "entire game" in respect to the person's offenses is private servers, so yes, you are hopping into private servers and VAC-banning people for saying mean words.

@Jax said:
When someone's behavior extends to every active server (private or not)

The person in question was never on official servers.

@crushed said:
We're not going to sit idly by and let a single person actively try to ruin the experience for the rest of the players of Mordhau.

This is a biased mischaracterization of the person in question, but more importantly it's not a reason to permanently ban people from VAC enabled private servers.

@Jax said:
... we reserve the right to deal with people that are being harmful to the community.

OK great, how about announcing that BEFORE giving a permanent ban, at LEAST to the person in question.

@crush said:
... there are many reasons why he got banned, ...

If you have information about the person breaking a rule, please share it.

@Jax said:
If you're friends with toxic, racist individuals and want to play Mordhau with them, go ahead. Host a server, password lock it and disable the global banlist.

Saying toxic and racist things is both common and not infringing on official boundaries set for in-game discussion.
Forcing us to password lock our servers is hardly different from making impossible at all. Nobody will ever do this. Having open servers for casual play is an important part of melee slasher culture.

If you force people to run servers without VAC just so they can circumvent your stupid bans, everyone who joins that server will blame Triternion, not the person in question, for the hackers they have to deal with.

This is such push-under-the-rug response for a flippant, forcible, total removal of a customer and community member.

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  • 6 Oct '18

@Havoc said:
What if I want Lazy on my server, but I still want VAC so that people that used 3rd party software to modify their game can't join?

In the words of Crush, "Not my problem."