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Why do indie teams always bow to attention seeking, SJW bloggers and authors?
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 M E L E E G O D

Just let boys be boys. People that can't take banter will be filtered out. Begone with the SJWs.

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  • 10 Jan '19

There are a lot of visual issues with head gore from blunt weapon damage.

  1. The gore model placed on the neck is red mush with a femur coming out of it.

  2. If the blunt weapon only causes a partial dismemberment and the head becomes detached, the lower half of the neck model shows a clean cut while the gore model on the upper half of the severed neck has that weird ham bone in it.
    Untitled 2.png

  3. If the head is destroyed by a blunt weapon, the head vaporizes and a few tiny, red nuggets spawn in its place
    Untitled 3.png

This, in my opinion, looks terrible. I'd have rather seen a broken neck and some crushed metal bump map decal on the helmet or some other alternative. If there is no helmet, there should maybe be some crushed head model or some other localized wounds on the head. I'm no game designer so I don't know exactly what's feasible, but I think nearly anything would look better than my magic hammer turning someone's head into chicken nuggets.