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Giving the Kickstarter rewards away for money after the fact would be basically shitting on the kickstarter supporters who took the plunge to the support it without knowing it if would succeed or not. For instance World of Tanks more recently started selling the tank that was suppose to be only for beta testers and they got a massive backlash for it. It's just a bad idea all around.

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I'm black. Aussie indigenous. I LOVE* how bigots like the OP think that we are so weak that words will send us into a tailspin. I've been hearing slurs all my life, online is more of the same, it hasn't bothered me since I was like 10 years old. But thanks for thinking so little of us. Usually people like you fall into 2 ways of thinking, it's either "White Saviour complex" or "Noble Savage" OP is the first one, bravely swinging in to save us poor, dirty savages from everything because you believe we are not capable of doing so ourselves. Bigot is your name and I've known you since I was a little fella.

Fucksticks like you think you can use us as a political weapon, we have woken up to this shit. Fuck off.

*Don't actually love it.

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  • 29 May

@Sorrow said:

@ToLazy4Name said:
Lmfao yeah make it a 1 hit, getting 100+ kills wasn't enough for me

lmao why do you follow me around n post behind anything I say ? are you that bord n lonely where your only accomplishments in your day is trolling on the forums ? I doubt you have over 30hrs of playtime

I'm doing a study on the Dunning-Kruger effect and you're a prime specimen for research

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  • 28 May

@Sorrow said:
either to swing speed or just put the damage all the way up. it lacks in so many ways it kills in the same amount of hits as a great sword or any other sword for that matter . for the swing speed it has that even getting someone to try to parry ur swings are so slow they can block again by the time u even start your swing its pathetic.

Please don't make balancing suggestions. You have no idea what you are talking about.

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  • 29 May

red and basedpilled, this is an extreme gamer moment and I will be sharing this to r/The_Donald

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Yeah it's almost like anyone with a braincell could understand that this was a change that was intended to affect shields only. It's almost like shields are a completely unfun mechanic for both the attacker and the defender and make 85% of Mordhau's flowing combat system redundant.

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  • 28 May

make it a training sword skin

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  • 27 May
 Vesanus — Level Design

@EruTheTeapot said:


Clears throat


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@Maxilatorn said:

"his justice was swift and brutal"

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  • 27 May
 Maxilatorn — Art


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  • 27 May

Forget Katanas can't wait till they add the Crusades. Their kickstarter said we will go to the Holy Land if it reached 325K. Unfortunately it didn't reach that monetary goal but I'm hoping that means they were already working on it or planning too. Imagine fighting in the middle of Jerusalem or like a scimitar with ebony bone handle and other cool stuff like that

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@Atlas-D said:
Well sorry, high-skill strategies are more likely to be more powerful rather than low skill ones (in a well designed game) so either deal with it or cry us a river

you would hope so but currently getting a killing spree going on a horse requires little more than 2 brain cells to rub together.

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  • 22 May

Steam won't refund you just because you're bad at the game, sorry.

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  • 27 May

Your first post was to ask for a katana... I sense good things to come

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The game currently looks Spammy because of young playerbase, but in a competitive level stabs are considered the weakest in terms of swing manipulation etc

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  • 25 May

Have reported him and followed him on steam as well as his previous names if you need more info to ban him.

EDIT: Forgot to give his steam page:

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@Divenity said:

@GAYFISH said:

A really simple way to buff it is to allow you to dodge forward.

They really doesn't fix anything.

They should just make the dodge go further. The problem is that it's easily countered by just sprinting at the person dodging and that it because dodge doesn't cover ground any faster than sprinting does, while costing stamina.(which is also why letting you dodge forward would fix nothing, sprinting forward covers the distance just the same)

If they just made it go further it would be fine.

While the idea of restricting you from swinging while sprinting is a terrible one

As for this, I can't agree with you. There's currently no reason to ever let go of sprint in this game, I find that to be absolutely ridiculous. Sprinting should not be the combat pace, otherwise the sprint function may as well not exist and that should just be the default runspeed.

And you go sprinting while flailing a sledgehammer around, we'll see how long it takes you to fall on your face.

u came up with a topic worth discussing, gayfish a more experienced player refined your post down to the actual problem/solution, and you ignore him, even doubling down on the terrible sprinting idea... lol

gay has the correct answer.

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  • 22 May

Jax will pay for what he's done