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Emperor 399 923
  • 10 Jul '19

Nah it's fuckin' bullshit mate honestly

It's literally just YOU, trying to drain their stamina.

I don't even know what kick does anymore, or how much stamina it drains them. What I do know is it doesn't even stun them anymore. You kick them and accel any attack and it's instantly blocked.

  • Kick doesn't create any openings in their defense
  • You can matrix out of their attack and instantly strike back, but it's insa-blocked because there is no penalty for just holding down RMB.

Only way to beat shields 1v1 is to outstam them with like greatsword.

It's the most BORING fucking thing ever

Literally just doing nothing but accel overheads with GS fighting most shield users, parrying their shitty 1h attacks, hard reading feints or morphs if they bother to do that. Can't punish any of those because they just block.

Stamina wars

Just remove them fuck, atleast the previous kick that had longer range and a good stun punished people who put 20 metric tons of pressure on their RMB and made them have to think a little bit.

Over it, don't even duel shield idiots anymore it's just slow paced, un-interesting, un-skilled backwards and forwards bullshit.

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  • 9 Jul '19

When easy mode just isn't easy enough.

Knight 766 3316
  • 8 Jul '19

Held block has no place in a game where there female characters are being added which will only promote further toxicity among the community because stabs are still not fixed, I mean have you seen Bastard Sword? Have you actually, legitimately, with your eyes completely open seen its fucking stabs? We've said it a thousand times, and we'll say it a thousand more: held block has no place in a game where timing is the key component of a toxic gaming environment in which female characters will be added. Here's three (3) quick reasons why not: people don't want to hear the annoying voices, people find pain grunts and death screams from female voices to be off-putting, and the fucking Bastard Sword I mean have you actually seen this beast? Every time I see one of those Heater/BS jokers it's no wonder this game has such a toxic community. Fleshwound has no place in comp. Oh and don't get me started on held block, which has no place in a game where the Bastard Sword is still untouched, and how long has it been since the last patchie? You're honestly telling me with a straight face that stabs are fine, the very same stabs that you can perform with a Bastard Sword exploit, are completely fine. The main problem is that the noobs have tasted the forbidden fruit of held block, and ripping it away from them will be like taking a Bastard Sword from a baby. Where the fuck is patchie? Remember that guy who replaced all of the blood in giru's body with piss? Even he understands why female characters should never be added to Mordhau. It doesn't take a genius to see why held block has no place in a game with stab gambles. The other day I was in duels and this absolute crutchie with a Bastard Sword gambled me with underhand stab morph accels, and it made me realize how fucked Mordhau is going to be once they add female characters to this game. Held block is an exploit, there, I said it, and exploits like that have no place in a game where toxicity and corrupt gaming journalism is the driving factor for decisions made by the development team, the same development team that allows Bastard Sword stabs, and held block, to remain in the game, which have no place in a game where females shields stabs toxicity exploits and Bastard Sword.

Knight 766 3316
  • 8 Jul '19

@Pandamansleep said:
Learn how to format man.


Knight 7768 14315
  • 7 Jul '19

@Layla said:

@ToLazy4Name said:
you made a thread about you uninstalling the game lmao why are you still here

Because even though im not playing this game ever again i will still fight against the marxist agenda and everyone that promotes it.

You're not fighting the marxist agenda, you're yelling at a bunch of people playing a video game.

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  • 7 Jul '19

@ToLazy4Name said:
Nobody quit Warband because of female characters and no one is going to here. Anyone who unironically drops the game because of someone else's customization is a mong and probably won't be playing the game by the time female characters are added.

Warband is a great game, but you're comparing apples to oranges.

Warband had a woman warrior on the damn cover, so everyone knew what they were getting into. With its explicitly non-Earth fantasy setting of Calradia, and its frankly janky visuals and animations even for its day, nobody was expecting 'believable fights'. On top of all that, Warband realistically penalizes female characters' stats in singleplayer, too.

And I already own Warband. One of the main reasons I chose to spend $30 USD on Mordhau was its advertised "believability" being better than Warband's.

Insulting players doesn't build your argument, it's just being tonedeaf to a legitimate community complaint. And it's the exact same sort of behaviour I saw out of defenders of Battlefield V before its release. "Just don't buy the game if you don't like it!" We all know how that went.

Saying "good riddance" to quitters is not a good thing for a game with a concurrent population barely staying over 10,000 2 months after release. Retaining players is a good thing for Mordhau, and when there's an option that makes everyone happy and will retain players, it should be taken.

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  • 7 Jul '19

-increase Feign cost to 15 points for 1-3 cost weapons, 20 for 4-10 cost, 25 for 11+ cost weapons

This right here is actually retarded.

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  • 4 Jul '19

Tired of being bumped, interrupted, punished for blocking a couched weapon in the middle of a fight with other enemies, and generally just sick and tired of trying to play around/deal with horses. Just give us a playlist where we don't have to suffer, I'm slowly becoming less interested in playing this game.

The only way to truly counter a horse is to go all the way up to a ballista in the back of the map (fun?), or switch classes to a billhook/toolbox (fun?). It's boring to go out of my way to deal with something that just respawns in a few minutes anyway. You're forcing us to fight a gimmick with a gimmick and it's completely pointless to have them in the game anyway. They don't serve a certain role tactically, they're just an annoyance that takes too much away from the frontline experience.

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  • 3 Jul '19

You have a great thing going here. Focus on adding content and not micromanaging your community. You made ignore features so people can deal with trolls themselves easily and efficiently. Really bad or multiple offenders can be reported and banned with evidence.

Anything you do will never be good enough for these people currently attacking you and your game. Even with your latest statement you have not appeased these people in the least. You could regulate your community with an iron fist and they will still find a reason to attack you. Just take a stroll to the forums these people reside in and you can see this plain as day. This isn't about making your community less toxic or better, this is about power.

Regarding the "gender toggle" I won't use it but if it is easy to do maybe you will reconsider adding it because more options are always better and it would be a harmless way to compromise with everyone. I could see people that would want such a thing and being denied it trolling and harassing female characters in-game. You can't take away people's ability to be assholes.

Love your game and thank you for all your hard work!

Baroness 19 88
  • 3 Jul '19

Hitpiece or not, I'm disappointed in retracting the gender toggle options.

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  • 3 Jul '19

Of course you have the responsibility to mute people if you don't want to hear them. Would you rather everyone be muted at the beginning of the game and you have to manually unmute them all? A reporting system that a small dev team like the creators of this game would have to create and moderate (somehow) and probably end up being abused by one side or another? I personally would rather it be easier to mute people. Hitting tab, having access to right click on the name of the player you want to mute comes to mind, but that's an actual solution so I doubt you're interested.

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  • 3 Jul '19

You guys remember how people used to talk about playing Mordhau on the forums? That was a fun time.

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  • 3 Jul '19

I see alot of man-kids here complaining that their feelings were harmed. Don't you think that life cannot be censored ?

You will have to grow up and take responsibility for your life and for your feelings. You cannot just give away responsibility to some people that promise that they will punish all the bad guys that hurt you, it wont be your life in that case. The only way is to grow up and to get some thick skin instead of trying to censor everything that hurts.

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  • 3 Jul '19

I'd kill for this. No bows, no javelins, no fire pots, no horses, no ballista's, no artillery. Just two teams fighting in melee combat. It takes nothing away from any of the other servers, just adds the option for those who want it.

Knight 7768 14315
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  • 3 Jul '19

white privilege

and that is my cue to leave this thread before my brain melts

Knight 2608 6919
  • 3 Jul '19

cultural viet cong

Conscript 4564 6302
  • 3 Jul '19

@ToLazy4Name said:

@LethalKittens said:
people wanted females in the game, so they tried to add that to appease those people, then people said they didn't enjoy women in their game, so they tried to add a toggle to remove women.

Why do people keep assuming they began plans to add women after people started calling for it? They have had female characters planned for years now purely for customization reasons. They were not responding to any market demand or political agenda.

But what about muh cultural Marxism lazy??? The left man, think on the left! Most of the devs are from ex-ussr states, do you think it's a coincidence????? Clearly the Vietcong are behind this one!

Knight 7768 14315
  • 3 Jul '19

@LethalKittens said:
people wanted females in the game, so they tried to add that to appease those people, then people said they didn't enjoy women in their game, so they tried to add a toggle to remove women.

Why do people keep assuming they began plans to add women after people started calling for it? They have had female characters planned for years now purely for customization reasons. They were not responding to any market demand or political agenda.

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  • 3 Jul '19

@Clyde said:
No, I will not cede any ground to the left, They have not added women or non-whites to the game yet and I won't support them if they do I and I will protest them ruining the game I paid for by appealing to people like you. This game is based on european identity and it should celebrate it, white european identity if you want it to be something else go play another game. there is nothing wrong with them making a game for white men. If other people like it sure? Enjoy it. I don't care, but I refuse to play a game where sub-Saharan-African women wear gothic knight armour, and I refuse to not speak up against it and resist it and speak out against it and there is nothing you can do to stop it. It's not a game just about sword combats its a game expression the european collective unconsciousness and history and you want to undermine white identity by design by destroying this representation in pop culture.

Yes, celebrate your whiteness by playing an online sword game where your character is naked, holding horse shit yelling have at them boys

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  • 3 Jul '19

Triterion just wanted to make a game about swinging sword, and they did. It wasn't a game about minorities or women, it was a game about having a sword and swinging it.
This game was so popular, they tried their best to make as many people as possible enjoy it,. Some people wanted females in the game, so they tried to add that to appease those people, then people said they didn't enjoy women in their game, so they tried to add a toggle to remove women. Then people wanted racial minorities, so Triterion said "sure, if that makes the game fun for you", and added that. but, of course, people complained, so they wanted to add a switch for that too. Then people complained the switch was racist, so they removed that.
Now all people talk about in their game about swinging swords is if there's a racist/anti-racist agenda in the dev's minds.
They're not trying to censor you, they're not passing some mysterious agenda, they're not trying to erase your race from history and they aren't blackwashing history
They just want everyone to enjoy this game about swinging swords at each other, so please, PLEASE shut up about race and gender and swing the damn swords