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white privilege

and that is my cue to leave this thread before my brain melts

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cultural viet cong

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  • 3 Jul

@ToLazy4Name said:

@LethalKittens said:
people wanted females in the game, so they tried to add that to appease those people, then people said they didn't enjoy women in their game, so they tried to add a toggle to remove women.

Why do people keep assuming they began plans to add women after people started calling for it? They have had female characters planned for years now purely for customization reasons. They were not responding to any market demand or political agenda.

But what about muh cultural Marxism lazy??? The left man, think on the left! Most of the devs are from ex-ussr states, do you think it's a coincidence????? Clearly the Vietcong are behind this one!

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@LethalKittens said:
people wanted females in the game, so they tried to add that to appease those people, then people said they didn't enjoy women in their game, so they tried to add a toggle to remove women.

Why do people keep assuming they began plans to add women after people started calling for it? They have had female characters planned for years now purely for customization reasons. They were not responding to any market demand or political agenda.

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@Clyde said:
No, I will not cede any ground to the left, They have not added women or non-whites to the game yet and I won't support them if they do I and I will protest them ruining the game I paid for by appealing to people like you. This game is based on european identity and it should celebrate it, white european identity if you want it to be something else go play another game. there is nothing wrong with them making a game for white men. If other people like it sure? Enjoy it. I don't care, but I refuse to play a game where sub-Saharan-African women wear gothic knight armour, and I refuse to not speak up against it and resist it and speak out against it and there is nothing you can do to stop it. It's not a game just about sword combats its a game expression the european collective unconsciousness and history and you want to undermine white identity by design by destroying this representation in pop culture.

Yes, celebrate your whiteness by playing an online sword game where your character is naked, holding horse shit yelling have at them boys

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Triterion just wanted to make a game about swinging sword, and they did. It wasn't a game about minorities or women, it was a game about having a sword and swinging it.
This game was so popular, they tried their best to make as many people as possible enjoy it,. Some people wanted females in the game, so they tried to add that to appease those people, then people said they didn't enjoy women in their game, so they tried to add a toggle to remove women. Then people wanted racial minorities, so Triterion said "sure, if that makes the game fun for you", and added that. but, of course, people complained, so they wanted to add a switch for that too. Then people complained the switch was racist, so they removed that.
Now all people talk about in their game about swinging swords is if there's a racist/anti-racist agenda in the dev's minds.
They're not trying to censor you, they're not passing some mysterious agenda, they're not trying to erase your race from history and they aren't blackwashing history
They just want everyone to enjoy this game about swinging swords at each other, so please, PLEASE shut up about race and gender and swing the damn swords

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  • 3 Jul

How to deal with

racists, sexists, and toxic players

in other words: people that you don't like.



Individual method - deal with individual toxic players.


Simply left-click on the toxic player in your chat box, which will open up a menu.

You have 3 options from here:

  • Mute - This will simply mute the player, hiding their nasty messages from sight.
  • Motivational Mute - This will convert all of the bad things they say into good things.
  • Votekick - Not recommended unless the player is actively teamkilling, hacking, etc.


Bulletproof method - never deal with toxicity again!


Simply go to your options and turn off chat. Simple as that!

Mordhau is not a game where seeing chat is necessary, and often times simply turning chat off can make the game more peaceful and relaxing. If you're easily offended by certain words, and never want to see them again, this is the premiere method!

There, was that so hard?


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  • 1 Jul

God most of your are so damn annoying but i keep reading anyway

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You’re assuming a lot of things I don’t really understand what you’re talking about. Like, what? False flags? I’m referring to history because I like history and it’s pretty easy to see modern parallels.

And you’re grossly misrepresenting what I said. And implying things. And in general being kind of a dick. You know nothing of my political inclinations or stances and I’d wager you’d be very surprised if I told you. But at the end of the day that’s not pertinent because this a feedback forum not a Reddit political thread.

It’s damn annoying to see this constantly get bumped while actual relevant threads go ignored while you guys yell at each other and advocate for banning people for using words you don’t like because if someone uses a word it means they’re a Nazi.

The game really does need a better player list system to do a lot of things. Easier to kick people easier to mute people some way to set people to an ignore where the game tries to avoid putting you in the same match and retains a mute. It’s frankly basic shit any game should have at this point. Also some form of auto kick and increasingly harsh punishment for team hampering.

But you fuckers aren’t talking about that you’re just accusing everyone you don’t like or who thinks you’re being excessively stupid and soapboxy a Nazi. Now if I’m a Nazi, or even some kind of Nazi sympathizer, that seems like a really poor choice of career for me unless it’s one of those hide in plain sight type deals. I don’t think I’d last long. But what I do think is that people like you are why people like Nazis are able to gain power. People generally don’t choose sides unless they’re forced to, and you’re the one pushing people like me to choose a side. My side is you’re all idiots wasting your time and mine on a forum about beating the shit out of mercenaries who talk about masturbation and make your mom jokes and I honestly wonder if you even play the game or if you’re not too busy whining to your hugbox that this game isn’t a hugbox.

Kindly do all of us a favor and stop posting. CBBF0A28-2B63-48D0-BD22-354EFEFBD3AA.jpeg

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@Some fucking peasant said:
An atricle from PCGAMER about THIS thread. I am not kidding.
quote: "As an example, one of the forum’s most popular threads is titled ‘Post your kniggas,’ in which players share images of their character builds. The thread started in 2017 when Mordhau was in alpha, and has attracted more than 2,600 comments since. One of those comments says "step up my kniggas," another says "listen here, faggot." When one player questions the racism in the thread’s title, another responds: "you are gay."

In other forums, a thread with that title may be deleted on sight—but the Mordhau devs don't have a problem with it, or its contents. "It is one of our longest and oldest [threads], as well as among the most active threads on our forum, full of creative loadouts from our community," says Andrew Geach, speaking on behalf of the team."

How can these libtards label themselves as pc"gamer" while defending minorities, this is cultural appropriation and thus gamer oppression, mordhau players rise up.

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I've noticed this games distinct lack of blunt weapons (that aren't meme weapons) compared to blades and also the lack of 9-point weapons.

Oh what's this?


It would have slightly less damage than the evening star but makes up for it in range and stab ability.

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Another Shield Thread: Chapter 8

If shields get a pass for timing they should be strict to location... or at least much stricter. Getting around a shield, even in a controlled dueling environment is very difficult, and if the attacker's ping is high, then it becomes much harder to hit around due the way hits are communicated server vs client and how drags get gimped by ping.

BY THE WAY I main shield most of the time... and I find shields exceptionally annoying this patch to fight. Patch 14/15 of the alpha had very strict locational shield parries and this played out WONDERFULLY for everyone. Shields should not be implemented as crutches as noobs.. but as a viable tool for holding blocks at the cost of being restricted to only one handed weapons. Make shields read again. KICKING IS NOT THE WAY.

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Nah doesn't matter if hitboxes match the models on this game. That's not what the game is about at all. Just stretch that things hitbox all around the player in all directions, nobody will notice.

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  • 18 Jun

@Gambit said:

@CatR said:
In these troubled days of asking questions such as 'What really is cheating?', and 'What really is machine code?', and perhaps the most confounding question of our time 'Should someone who is obviously cheating actually be punished for their violation of TOS and general dickery? I mean isn't it really THE DEVELOPERS who are at fault for allowing the possibility of cheating? Think about it, for from my point of view it is the Jedi who are evil.' Perhaps we should just try to deal with things as best we can. But perhaps, just maybe, we can divine a course of action purely through the sheer force of our intellect. Let me try:

If you modify game files to get an unfair advantage on other players aka 'cheat', and I don't care how you did it, you deserve a big fat ban. I mean really Sayton, Gambit, Affinity; what on EARTH are you people talking about?

It's a developer fault. If you steal a car and it turns out you had the keys, you generally don't get prosecuted. If you maliciously gain access, you go to jail. Sure, he gained an unfair advantage, but the ini files are allowed to be edited and he shouldn't be punished for a fault made by the devs.

He isn't being punished for editing ini files. He is being punished for hiding an exploit and using it to gain an advantage. Plenty of players have played around with editing the files, doing other alterations, and report the findings to the devs. None of them get banned because they aren't cheaters.

His intent is no different than the intent of those who purchase and use a parry bot.

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  • 18 Jun

Dude... Did you know that in cs:go, you can shoot someone at any time? How are they supposed to see it coming... Total RNG bullshit! Smh!

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this may comes as a shock to some: but botas is not an intelligent person.

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  • 18 Jun

Unfortunately, @Botas, that wall of text is clearly written by someone who has no idea how to play the game, judging by his content and the language used. Instead of learning it has decided to write an article complaining, just like you do, and his naivety about the game shows throughout his text for anyone who understands the combat. The fact he calls the rapier and pole axe op is a great sign he doesn’t know what he is talking about.

The ramblings of a struggling player are not proof of supposed RNG mechanics at all.

But there is no point discussing any of this to you because you are an idiot who also doesn’t know what he is talking about and your constant barrage of threads and posts of nothing but vitriol and complaining about Mordhau,that very few here agree with, serve no purpose but to alienate yourself from this community even more and make any possible argument you may have ever had utterly irrelevant.

If you really hate Mordhau that much, why can’t you just fuck off and play another game you do enjoy and leave those who like this game alone, in peace, without your pathetic soapbox whining.

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  • 18 Jun

@Botas said:
The problem with games is always the fucking retarded fanboys that never critique, they never accept that the product they are receiving is not perfect and criticism is needed, they are the problem of the industry in every problem there is always the fucking fanboys behind it, and developers want the fanboys because they can be lazy and not deliver, fanboys just incentivice the worst practices in any industry, it is a mental disorder.

I think it’s funny when people play a game that they just complain about all the time. You just like being upset or what?

You aren’t even critiquing things you are just crying about mechanics that are working as intended.

Also, “git gud, lmfao”

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  • 17 Jun

@NuclearWinter said:
Also, saying you won't see those gimmicks in higher level gameplay is bullshit, everyone will use and abuse them just like they did in Chivalry.

well considering you don't see people spazzing out in comp, i'm inclined to disagree

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  • 17 Jun

@alonesilverwolf said:

@ToLazy4Name said:

@alonesilverwolf said:

@LoPan said:

@alonesilverwolf said:

@ToLazy4Name said:
Wtf..........niche indie game player count fall........... but AAA shooter not can mordgame continue like this................

It's the parrern in games we are comparing, not the games themselves. And the general patterns are the same.

Reread what I said. Slowly. Maybe you'll understand the simple words if you wipe the trigger sweat away and takea deep breath.

Nah he’s right. You can’t just throw trend numbers around without taking into consideration the niche genre. Mordhau is doing exceptional for the game it is and the developers it has.

No it isn't. Chivalry didn't drop this low, as far as I k know, until much later into it's life cycle.

Games follow a trend. ALL games released do. This game is objectively doing worse than other games at holding it's population.

How the fuck can you not comprehend that?

What lmao chiv's all time high is around what mordhau is currently pulling as concurrent players lmfao

Gonna call bs, I distinctly remember a time when Chiv had over 20k players.

Look at the steam charts yourself lmao