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  • 29 Jan '17

No witch hunting? What is this, some black magic club?!

Also, no rules against homophobia. YEAH! BASED FORUM. (this is actually a suggestion to add that as a rule, don't ban, pls)

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The kitchen knife should do 20 damage to T3 torso. And that is pretty generous considering it is literally a kitchen knife.

It should still two shot light armor, T2 helmet and maybe one shot naked head.

This way it has a role as the one point weapon to fight naked/light armor that's the hardest to read and can do crazy drags... while the dagger has the role of damaging armor best while being the most predictable, shortest and easiest to counter... and short sword being the middle ground between them.

Cleaver should not be the weapon everyone grabs to fight 3 people at once with full perks and armor. Cleaver should not be the preferred bloodlust weapon after war axe. A kitchen knife should not do more damage to armor than a much heavier bastard sword or arming sword.

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  • 22 Dec '19

I live in Michigan and the best ping I can ever get on frontline / invasion is about 85, whether it be the dallas server (all the way in fucking Texas) or the Ashburn server (in God damn Virginia).

Often when I join a server I'll see about 60% of the players are less than 60 ping, which is what I'd say is good for mordhau, anything higher and you start to notice some serious effects on the quality of combat. Then about 25% of the players are in the 60 ~ 90 ping range, and the rest are just playing from Pluto or something. When I ask people where they are when they're over 70 ping, they're almost always in either canada or the northern US.

It's a joke that Texas is considered "central" when it's on the border of the country lol. It's central horizontally of course but not vertically. Please add a single chicago server to start with instead of having 5 full ashburn servers where you could fit an entire lobby of people who are better off in a chicago server among those 5 servers.

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  • 28 Dec '19

@Coffinmaker said:
If you don't do that in reasonable time, I'm also going to change my review on steam to negative.

Ah yes, a man of importance. Do you have a Yelp account?

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@NumidianPikeman said:

@Cracksmith said:
I dont get your weird hatred towards 2handed weapons, nor feinting for that matter. You seem to think playing the game in a nuanced fashion is a bad thing, and i cant help but disagree.

There is no Hatred towards 2 handers. I just cant stand these thankfully small numbers of 'L33t' players / who happen to be anime weebs that think 2 Hander is "Kool" because it fits their criteria of Online "Fun".
If you go on steam discussions, many people are arguing and complaining against removing the right click block function, and the reworks to make shields serve as walking shield walls ... and thats it.

Shields purpose was great because it countered certain playstyles, baybladers, feinters and draggers.

Now that its gone, they can stay happy with their Ego stroking, feint spamming and easy winning again because apparently, they have no life and need to feel better about themselves.

I dont need a "Crutch" to win a match. ... can do this in any match if i wanted.

Might wanna try on an actual mode and not the FFA trolling testing map.

Shield gameplay was lame and completely denied a huge portion of melee gameplay. If we had a jump kick to encourage proper shield use and not mindless RMB, I’d agree but we don’t.

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  • 30 Dec '19

On the current maps it's kinda ok like it is, but if we'll ever get a proper invasion map, it would be nice if we actually had to defend a king or something, not an über-super-knight.

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I'm talking specifically about the rapier/longsword nobles on Feitoria.

They get to be unflinchable, have rapiers, fast movement speed, alot of health and their height let's them circumvent parries/chambers sometimes and their height almost guarantees they get a head shot.

The fact that they do not flinch AND do massive damage with such fast weapons means you quite literally have to sacrifice your own life just to land a hit in many cases.

They are not OP or overpowered.. just unfun to fight since they will one shot you with that rapier/longsword.

I do not think these nobles deserve any bonus damage and the perks they already have (plus the fact that they can heal by food) should be good enough for them. Scattering more food around the city might even be a cool way to offset the loss of bonus damage.

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@✵ Legate Lanius ✵ said:
I don’t remember when shields took actual skills when you basically use RMB to completely negate feints, drags and accels.

Aka the melee combat systems.

It was maybe fun for you but I never find it fun to play against, because even someone terrible was miraculously better when using the shield due to the issues pointed out above.

The recent changes didn’t come out of nowhere.

You do not read.

Shields took skill back in alpha patch 14/15 where they had a very tiny parrybox and loose turncap.

In case you do not know what that means... It means you can only block attacks that hit the shield itself and attacks that go under, over or around your shield would do damage to the shield user. Required skill and many complained it was harder than regular parry... but really I think it was more about preference as I preferred blocking by location and I'm sure noobs would prefer that to feint spam.

It actually promoted feinting against shields. No kick stun but you could feint left then attack a shields right side. It worked best to feint high, get the shield user to block his own vision by covering his own face with the shield, and then attacking his legs. A natural punishment for turtling... not stupid kick stun.

Deleting the shields of Alpha Patch 14/15 was such a digusting move. So much depth in the game was lost.

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What was so wrong with the shields of Alpha Patch 14/15 @Alpha Players?

When shields required accurate aiming but were still held and allowed for great 1vX play? Back when turn caps for both parry and shield were looser, too. I could really tank 1vX in tourney with those shields in Alpha... and it was totally fun and skill based for everyone involved.

Shields had so much depth then, because if you couldn't read feints because you're new or had high ping, you could grab a shield... And if you used a shield and sucked at reading leg hits but were great at reading side hits, you would wear leg armor and lighter torso armor. Or grab a kite shield to compensate for leg hits at the cost of an extra point and obscuring your vision when reading other drag types.

Speed/range of your one hander was controlled by what armor you brought... and how good you were with a shield at reading various drag types determined where you loaded that armor. Reading where an attack is going, will always be more intuitive than reading when or reading feints, especially for noobs.

So much depth deleted by adding kick stun and making shield parry box massive... just so shields could get turned into a regular parry anyways. Lazy as fuck.

Everyone saying held block doesn't belong in the game has bought too much into the clunky timing based attack system and forgot what swing manipulation is all about. Everyone who says shields were too hard to use in Alpha Patch 14/15 are a bunch of pussies and should stick to messer or archery. Keep drinking your kool-aid folks.

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  • 28 Dec '19

I have been saying this ever since the voice was implemented. It is severely underrated, and that is likely because half the lines cannot even be heard.

Extremely simple yet important Quality-of-life changes:

  • Add separate volume slider for voices
  • Add one for the lute too
  • Balance the gain on the Cruel voice
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  • 24 Dec '19

just place that in the pak folder of your mordhau install and you won't hear lutes anymore.
remove it to hear them again.

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  • 23 Dec '19

What about sliders in the sound options?

  • Master volume
  • Music volume
  • Voice command volume
  • Lute volume
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  • 19 Dec '19

held block should have never been put into the game, this is definitely a big step in the right direction.

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  • 25 Aug '19
 Anal Error

Come one...if you don't do it, the Chivalry 2 team will do it, but you don't care because your pockets are already full with our moneys u faking piece of shiats !

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  • 14 Aug '19

Sad how a company makes a base game as promising as Mordhau and then does nothing with it. Boggles the mind.

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  • 5 Aug '19

The devs aren't interested in adding gunpowder weapons. Besides, what would this really add to the game? Nobody wants more ranged spam.

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  • 4 Aug '19

There has been many debates about the existence of 3rd person in Mordhau. I never really wanted the 3rd person to be removed mostly because there are players who come from 3rd person games like Mount & Blade and such and removing such feature will decrease the playerbase. However, that does not change the fact that 3rd person gives some very unfair advantage over 1st in team fights as you can still look from corner, kind of look behind and all the 'good stuff' .... you get the idea. Some people have said that it's harder to read attack from 3rd (maybe)... However, there are players who use both and keep switching as they are fighting in team fights. And that's probably the biggest problem. Because even if 3rd has some disadvantages it completely mitigates that.

Here are some clips that I have found from a player of top tier Russian competitive clan (I am not shit talking the guy/calling him anything just to be clear so no salt):

As you will see in the clip, the guy typically plays 1 v 1 with 1st person (I guess it's easier to read attacks). However, whenever he runs away, engage multiple enemies he uses 3rd person quite intelligently. You can call it skill ceiling if you want but I don't think anyone want to see this game devolve into this. If it remains, a lot of competitive games will probably eventually turn into this as this seems quite optimal.

If 3rd person remains, Here are some tweaks I suggest:

  1. Make it so it's harder to peek corner & harder to know surrounding.. It was done to some degree in a patch before release as far as I remember but it's not enough.

  2. Make it so the players have to choose between 1st/ 3rd person and once the map loads and it can not be changed while in a game. It is very crucial because that way 3rd person will have it's advantages and disadvantages.

  3. Identify the other 'not so discussed' advantages and disadvantages of both.. I am talking about things like: doing extreme drags with 3rd person being easier and less risky as you can keep track of your enemy all the time. better footworking and dodging for the same reason, target switching in team engagement MUCH easier and so on.. then balance it out in a way where they are more similar and both are fair in their own way.

Any feedback is appreciated.

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  • 2 Aug '19

The best way to instantly improve Frontline would be to remove Horses.

They can be added back into the game once reworked. They are absolutely broken and almost everyone dislikes dealing with them; it's a case of the riders having fun at everyone else's expense. I'd legitimately rather be walled off in spawn with a troll teammate using a toolbox: because that's easier to counter and less annoying to deal with. I'd rather die to a catapult or stray arrow 5 times in a row than to die to a horse even once, because I can accept the "battlefield chaos" of random projectiles, but dying to some braindead rider feels like shit.

Problems with horses:

  • Horses cost nothing to use / Spawn for free / Don't require perks to be proficient
  • Toolbox/Traps are the only semi-viable counter, but it requires multiple people to gimp their loadout just to deal with 1 guy
  • The rider's attacks have artificially extended reach (might be a desync / hitbox issue)
  • Your attacks often go right through the rider and deal no damage due to desync / hitbox issues
  • Moving at even the slowest trotting speed, their non-couched attacks deal massive extra damage (usually enough to 1-shot)
  • Couched attacks require 0 skill to pull off, and yet are the most deadly thing in the entire game
  • Their hoofstep sounds are barely audible - you almost never hear them coming until its too late
  • Mosquito syndrome: very hard to kill, and even when you finally do, they'll just come right back on a new horse
  • Killing a rider usually doesn't feel rewarding or satisfying, especially if you dismounted them and someone else got the kill
  • Teammates don't understand the concept of keeping the horse alive and hiding it in your base after you've dismounted someone
  • People who can't even manage a 0.5 KD ratio off the horse frequently maintain 4.0 KD ratios
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  • 29 Jul '19

@Christian2222 said:
I couldn't have said it better myself..... because if I said it it would have immediately been dismissed as a shit idea.

no it wouldn't lmao just because you have yet to say a single intelligent thing up until now doesn't mean that if you started making good posts that we would say they aren't good posts