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  • 25 Aug
 Anal Error

Come one...if you don't do it, the Chivalry 2 team will do it, but you don't care because your pockets are already full with our moneys u faking piece of shiats !

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  • 14 Aug

Sad how a company makes a base game as promising as Mordhau and then does nothing with it. Boggles the mind.

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  • 5 Aug

The devs aren't interested in adding gunpowder weapons. Besides, what would this really add to the game? Nobody wants more ranged spam.

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There has been many debates about the existence of 3rd person in Mordhau. I never really wanted the 3rd person to be removed mostly because there are players who come from 3rd person games like Mount & Blade and such and removing such feature will decrease the playerbase. However, that does not change the fact that 3rd person gives some very unfair advantage over 1st in team fights as you can still look from corner, kind of look behind and all the 'good stuff' .... you get the idea. Some people have said that it's harder to read attack from 3rd (maybe)... However, there are players who use both and keep switching as they are fighting in team fights. And that's probably the biggest problem. Because even if 3rd has some disadvantages it completely mitigates that.

Here are some clips that I have found from a player of top tier Russian competitive clan (I am not shit talking the guy/calling him anything just to be clear so no salt):

As you will see in the clip, the guy typically plays 1 v 1 with 1st person (I guess it's easier to read attacks). However, whenever he runs away, engage multiple enemies he uses 3rd person quite intelligently. You can call it skill ceiling if you want but I don't think anyone want to see this game devolve into this. If it remains, a lot of competitive games will probably eventually turn into this as this seems quite optimal.

If 3rd person remains, Here are some tweaks I suggest:

  1. Make it so it's harder to peek corner & harder to know surrounding.. It was done to some degree in a patch before release as far as I remember but it's not enough.

  2. Make it so the players have to choose between 1st/ 3rd person and once the map loads and it can not be changed while in a game. It is very crucial because that way 3rd person will have it's advantages and disadvantages.

  3. Identify the other 'not so discussed' advantages and disadvantages of both.. I am talking about things like: doing extreme drags with 3rd person being easier and less risky as you can keep track of your enemy all the time. better footworking and dodging for the same reason, target switching in team engagement MUCH easier and so on.. then balance it out in a way where they are more similar and both are fair in their own way.

Any feedback is appreciated.

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  • 2 Aug

The best way to instantly improve Frontline would be to remove Horses.

They can be added back into the game once reworked. They are absolutely broken and almost everyone dislikes dealing with them; it's a case of the riders having fun at everyone else's expense. I'd legitimately rather be walled off in spawn with a troll teammate using a toolbox: because that's easier to counter and less annoying to deal with. I'd rather die to a catapult or stray arrow 5 times in a row than to die to a horse even once, because I can accept the "battlefield chaos" of random projectiles, but dying to some braindead rider feels like shit.

Problems with horses:

  • Horses cost nothing to use / Spawn for free / Don't require perks to be proficient
  • Toolbox/Traps are the only semi-viable counter, but it requires multiple people to gimp their loadout just to deal with 1 guy
  • The rider's attacks have artificially extended reach (might be a desync / hitbox issue)
  • Your attacks often go right through the rider and deal no damage due to desync / hitbox issues
  • Moving at even the slowest trotting speed, their non-couched attacks deal massive extra damage (usually enough to 1-shot)
  • Couched attacks require 0 skill to pull off, and yet are the most deadly thing in the entire game
  • Their hoofstep sounds are barely audible - you almost never hear them coming until its too late
  • Mosquito syndrome: very hard to kill, and even when you finally do, they'll just come right back on a new horse
  • Killing a rider usually doesn't feel rewarding or satisfying, especially if you dismounted them and someone else got the kill
  • Teammates don't understand the concept of keeping the horse alive and hiding it in your base after you've dismounted someone
  • People who can't even manage a 0.5 KD ratio off the horse frequently maintain 4.0 KD ratios
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  • 29 Jul

@Christian2222 said:
I couldn't have said it better myself..... because if I said it it would have immediately been dismissed as a shit idea.

no it wouldn't lmao just because you have yet to say a single intelligent thing up until now doesn't mean that if you started making good posts that we would say they aren't good posts

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  • 30 Jul

Casually clashes are fun as is, so they don't really need change.

Competitively, when it happens, people immediately stop the clash because it is basically gambling who gets the hit. People are advocating a nerf to clash in the form of "no clash on riposte." This avoids situations in teamfights where you are in riposte and have your riposte stopped not by defense, but a spammed attack by another user. It also has the unintended side effect of getting hit, having the clash occur, and getting hit again because your opponent clashed. Because of these problems, clashes will probably not proc on ripostes anymore.

Clashing in windup wouldn't work because that's when chambers occur.

I don't see why parrying out of clash is a bad thing. It grants freedom of the user to maintain clash fights or get out of it because it is too risky. Being locked in a clash fight would just be frustrating.

Increasing area for clashes to occur would also just be annoying, because of reasons I said earlier.

Clashes have barely been touched and for good reason.

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Messer, cleaver, mace and heavy handaxe are way too floaty. It's like playing chivalry when these boys come out, cleaver is prolly the most offensive imo. Messer is cheese and would be a copy/paste from Chivalry but for duel hit trades. Cleaver is a messer designed for archers to 2 or 3 shot knights with RIDICULOUS swing manipulation. Pros love using this with bloodlust.

Also, why do weapons with really good swings but horrible stabs get their stabs buffed with super speed? Baxe, war axe, mace and especially messer are really notorious for simply spam stabbing until the inevitable morph or morph feint comes along. Mace and messer should definitely have much slower stabs to be balanced. Sharp tips or not, they're both heavy and messer is still a two handed sword with as much weight as Longsword. A heavy sword with a shitty thrust should not get faster stabs, it should simply have a shitty stab.

Rapier is by no means floaty but I find the stab drags too long and baiting misses from it is awkward. It looks like you've dodged it and suddenly you've taken damage as it homes in on the final frame. Or you think you're a few feet out of range but it keeps flying at you. Git Gud right?

Also I find it absolutely rubbish when I get flinched by rapier in team play. Oh a rapier slash did like 15 damage to my T3 legs but that took down my parry so a maul can hit me. Same nonsense when Qstaff hits my T3 torso/legs.

Why can't we have a light mace? Oh but we got frying pans instead...? Can we please get the light mace/cudgel added with similar stats as the fying pan?

Not a fan of polearms/spears being couchable. Lance should be the couched weapon of the game. I also think Lance deserves to have actual stabs like a spear. Afterall, it can only parry when paired with a shield and falls short to spear in pretty much every category... Sure its longer but ping matters more in my experience as my lance will lose out to spear despite their stats.

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The map is a jungle gym, the only thing that's missing is a slide and some monkey bars

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  • 16 Jul

"protecting people" holy shit lmao

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@KIWI said:

@CocyxTheGaySkeleton said:
o.O;;; oooOOkay..... [backs away slowly] <.< >.> what a weirdo xD

U kno u wan dat 13ml uwu

knowing bronies it's probably extremely dehydrated malnourished cum

like just super chunky and doesn't really shoot out, just kinda sadly dribbles. revolting

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  • 15 Jul

tbh i'm inclined to agree, normally stab weapons aren't an issue but they also normally don't stab this fast for this much damage and with this light of a turncap

it's not a big deal, but a nerf to spear alt mode wouldn't be horrific

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  • 15 Jul

@Luward said:

@ToLazy4Name said:
Yes goy just magically figure out how to counter a 1 shot that even if parried will do chip damage, ragdoll you and disarm you and oh yeah it also has the longest range in the game so you can't hit the rider first lol just figure it out man lol

"How dare you tell me to adapt and overcome! I just want to complain and make everyone like the things I like!"

Yeah man I agree just adapt and overcome the unblockable 1 shot with longer range than any melee attack on foot yep

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  • 15 Jul

Yes goy just magically figure out how to counter a 1 shot that even if parried will do chip damage, ragdoll you and disarm you and oh yeah it also has the longest range in the game so you can't hit the rider first lol just figure it out man lol

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  • 10 Jul

Do you really want the person who made cross roads, making more maps?

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Mord doesn't need maps, it needs a GAME MODE. People played chiv for years because of TO. No one will be playing mord for years because of frontline. No amount of maps will solve the issue that is FL.

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  • 14 Jul

You are making the same mistake as everyone else dignifying the tripe in that article. Because you are displeased with the state of the community, you are letting it slide that the article is dripping with misinformation, dishonesty, political agenda that goes beyond simply decrying racists, and a complete lack of compassion for a tiny team of first-time developers who are overworked and underprepared for the booming success of their game. If all the article was saying is that the community is toxic, and that it needs to be improved, I would be on board.

Look at the claim it is actually making. It is saying the community got this bad not because moderation was not strict enough, not because there were no official measures against it such as a chat filter, but because the developers picked Medieval Europe as the (very loose) setting for the game, and apparently such a setting is evil and a breeding ground for supremacists, because it is often 'falsely' depicted as being predominantly white and male... even though the developers personally want to include females and darker skin tones, and are still standing by it despite the enormous backlash they have gotten. But let's suppose they didn't include those things, would that make it racist? If so, then I guess Chivalry is a vile, racist game too. I know your views Vanguard, but even you must see how preposterous that statement is.

I would ignore the historical revisionism they are pushing by claiming Medieval battlefields were teeming with women and black people, because it is a separate discussion entirely, but I would be remiss not to point out journalism is supposed to be unbiased, while clearly the entire article is using Mordhau as an excuse for the writer to push their revisionist political agenda when they are paid to write about video games. In fact, he went out of his way to lie about Mordhau being advertised as historically accurate despite the developers never missing an opportunity to correct that misconception by saying the game is not meant to be a historical simulator at all. He did this so he can compare it to Kingdom Come: Deliverance, and treat them as the same thing, because the developers of that game have already garnered some notoriety by making statements people considered racist or bigoted. Everyone should condemn such cheap dishonesty, regardless of what their views are.

And since people are so quick to point the finger at the developers and accuse them of being complicit with the racism, let me point the finger at that journalist and ask where all his outrage at Mordhau's setting was when he was writing his previous article on the game, in which he said he was having a lot of fun. Was he having so much fun he did not notice the characters are male? Or could it be that he liked the game, but as soon as he saw the bandwagon of people writing accusatory articles about the game, he hopped right on to get those clicks?

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Dark skin tones were an option literally 3 years ago when the game was still called "Project Slasher", but without the appropriate facial models they looked like Al Jolson engaging in medieval cosplay.

WIP Female player models were shown a YEAR before release, but likely due to mesh/skeleton changes, limited budget for voice acting, etc. they were a low priority drain on resources during development, and were wisely delayed until some time after release.

Both of these minor customization options were not able to be fully implemented to the devs satisfaction due to the above reasons as well as budgetary and time constraints. They made the correct decision to attempt to focus on gameplay, and let these cosmetic options become post-release additions.

Do you honestly think the 2 default white male faces we currently have were the ONLY options the devs wanted? Of course not. They likely wanted 10+ per race and gender but, once again, they had an internal deadline to meet and did not have the resources to FULLY realize their goals, and so they made a reasonable compromise.

It seems that a misguided and impatient segment of the community would actually rather see these things rushed into the game early, even if it results in them being poorly implemented and detrimental to the overall growth and development of the game, just so they can selfishly satisfy the conditions of a nonexistant controversy that lives in their own mind.

I wonder how many times these embarrassing and misinformed complainers will have to be told that these additions have been planned for years, and that the devs are taking the time to implement these non-priority options correctly so they can do them justice via strong voice work and respectfully accurate player models.

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  • 14 Jul

oh no the devs needed to release the game before going into financial ruin and they prioritized actual gameplay over some customization options how could these evil white supremacists do such a thing :^ (