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  • 29 Jan '17

No witch hunting? What is this, some black magic club?!

Also, no rules against homophobia. YEAH! BASED FORUM. (this is actually a suggestion to add that as a rule, don't ban, pls)

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  • 3 Jul '19

You have a great thing going here. Focus on adding content and not micromanaging your community. You made ignore features so people can deal with trolls themselves easily and efficiently. Really bad or multiple offenders can be reported and banned with evidence.

Anything you do will never be good enough for these people currently attacking you and your game. Even with your latest statement you have not appeased these people in the least. You could regulate your community with an iron fist and they will still find a reason to attack you. Just take a stroll to the forums these people reside in and you can see this plain as day. This isn't about making your community less toxic or better, this is about power.

Regarding the "gender toggle" I won't use it but if it is easy to do maybe you will reconsider adding it because more options are always better and it would be a harmless way to compromise with everyone. I could see people that would want such a thing and being denied it trolling and harassing female characters in-game. You can't take away people's ability to be assholes.

Love your game and thank you for all your hard work!

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  • 3 Jul '19

Hitpiece or not, I'm disappointed in retracting the gender toggle options.

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  • 14 Jun '19

if they have a lute equipped and spamming midi files with a hack program. plz fix

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  • 4 Jun '19

Why is this guy allowed to be here I demand new legislation making him illegal

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  • 31 May '19

Didn't know where to put this, but for the last two games I've played I've encountered 4 different players spamming spikes and barriers right on the team's spawn, intentionally blocking all teammates from leaving and damaging those who try, and it's a massive fucking mess to get them kicked cause the team's panicking and its hard to see who's placing the shit. Maybe make it so engineers can't place stuff near the spawn.
I would've taken screenshots if screens didn't cause my game to crash.

In maps like Grad, it's pretty bad when they do it, since the exit points from the spawn for the blue team is literally just a door, and they can just keep fixing it if the recently-spawned try to break it. It takes a long time to get out of the spawn and it can definitely tip the game in favor of the other team

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  • 13 May '19

yes remove ftp and add double KO

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  • 11 May '19

Default friendly marker toggle key, "H", when using custom keybinds where "H" was already bound to something before the patch that introduced the friendly markers, constantly toggles friendly markers, even when the "ToggleUIMarkers" keybinding option shows empty.

Replication for this bug is 100% every time the game is run.

A solution for this bug is to clear the empty keybinds, and then open console and toggle UI markers off from there as well ("m.friendlymarkers 0").

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  • 22 Apr '19

The only thing wrong with archers is there’s no damage scaling based on draw time so they can just twang like cupid

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  • 9 Apr '19

why the fuck did you kill him like that you brainless retard

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  • 30 Mar '19

Yeah, sorry but your main game mode at the moment is some fighting sprinkled on top of excessive walking, constant interruptions, getting shot and RNG deaths while the cata guy and the horse guy go for 40-5 each.

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  • 8 Mar '19

@Pred said:

  1. Noobs not knowing what CFTP is

I feel like this is a more important issue to address than removing hyper armor, devs, although those are mutually exclusive. Hyper armor screws with early gambles, whilst CFTP screws with late ones. However, there is a distinction of sorts - any new player can easily see the windup and release of the attack being performed, and they think there's going to be room for an attack inbetween. It's not like hyper armor where they just get insta'd from their teammate feed - which happens to all of us.

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  • 5 Mar '19

@Pred said:

@Frise said:
The fix is way simpler than that. A small window after comboing from a miss where you can't feint, say, 150 ms. This still allows CFTP for reasonable misses but allows blatant whiffs to be punished by attacking during their release. Blatant meaning, started the attack out of range, failed to feint it, kept running forward, and did nothing to avoid the punish.

Whiffs out of range are only a small part of the problem, people overdrag you on purpose if their attack is going nowhere so they can get a second chance of brutalizing the animation. In a big group fight stamina loss means nothing. Or if you were one shot away from dead they will get the stamina back instantly if they kill you.

Combo only to parry but no combo to another attack when you miss would fix like 7* different problems and help clean up the spinning headless chicken pinball fights.

<asterisk here>

  1. Noobs not knowing what CFTP is
  2. Brainless spam
  3. Target switching into nothing, worrying about finding targets later
  4. Spinning
  5. 180ing then 180ing back with gamble stab
  6. Buffs footwork
  7. Buffs range

tbh if you can't combo after a miss you will see more headless chicken dancing.

Why? Because the common tactic everyone does after they realize they fuck up, is turn around 180 degrees, lower their head, and run away.

I think you should just increase combo time by a significant amount. If no one attempts to punish the whiff immediately after it happens, he CFTP like normal on the late punish or he just continues to combo period. If someone does punish immediately after, he can't do anything and if he DOES do the 180 shit he will just get immediately hit anyway so it doesn't look dumb.

However, if you CANNOT combo after a miss PERIOD people will realize they are missing and while doing so will begin to start running away which looks terrible and you see this happening all the time with naked maul strats and with the executioner sword.

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  • 4 Mar '19

The fix is way simpler than that. A small window after comboing from a miss where you can't feint, say, 150 ms. This still allows CFTP for reasonable misses but allows blatant whiffs to be punished by attacking during their release. Blatant meaning, started the attack out of range, failed to feint it, kept running forward, and did nothing to avoid the punish.

Then you get to punish whiffs the logical way, with an actual reward for your punish, intuitively, like it works in any self-respected fighting game, but you still get to CFTP out of any whiff that wasn't an absolute retardation on your part.

Of course, half the argument against this assumes that this window would be huge and that any slight miss would be punishable with a free hit, because it's so much better if we intentionally misinterpret other people's points to push our "i'm so good git gud game no need change" agenda.

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  • 4 Mar '19

@Naleaus said:

@FaffyШaffy said:

@Pred said:

@Seseau said:
People like you are the reason why Chiv had its initial success and then failed to keep the tens of thousands of "noobs" it attracted.

Nah, Chivalry failed to keep the noobs because it made them rage at the game with all the cheese, Mordhau seems to be going the same path tbh imo.

There's been 4 months of development we don't know about, so maybe something will change, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

He's probably talking about his involvement in the comp/balance loop and how his input will result in a very flawed game.

Cept he's wrong anyway cause Giru wasn't involved in Chivalry's early days and TBS DIDN'T listen to comp/good player balance early on and subsequently lost most of the their comp players by making the game pretty shit for almost a year.

People quit Chiv cause it was unbalanced, buggy as hell and hard to get into after people started getting good, and not because of people on the forums. As for in game toxicity, it's going to be 100 times as bad this once it releases.

Most of the people offering actual balance criticisms do so from a perspective of "Will this be good for the health of the game?" and not just "Hurrdurr skill ceiling." You want to have both. Assuming his feedback will result in a flawed game is pretty subjective, since you're assuming that all his feedback is listened to and that something you might not like is flawed in the first place.

My last sentence was poorly phrased and overall just bad. It just baffles me to see such bad attitude from someone who apparently has a significant say in the game's balance.

My primary point was that you can't just dismiss every concern with "get good". The large majority of people who will play this game will not care about its potential competitive scene, and obscuring gameplay with weird, sort of nonsensical mechanics which are best for pro play seems like a bad move to me.

I think that if you put your hypothetical everyday casual Mordhau player up against someone who cftps, they will be very puzzled by the mechanic and likely won't be able to piece it together without somebody else telling them. It's a very logical process: you missed and left yourself vulnerable, therefore I can exploit this. Except not, because yada yada high level yada yada reasons. The argument that it costs stamina is not without basis, but to your average guy that parry looks and feels nonsensical.

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  • 24 Feb '19

Oh, come on, man. Complaining about 2-3-0 whilst we got a buff to the Executioner Sword that lets you one-shot naked legs, and a lot of weapons 2HK'ing legs+torso?

331, 231, 330, 230 are not "basically full protection" at all.

I've studied damage and armor for tens of hours. I can say for sure that 333=332, but if you go any lower you suffer losses.

Easy example of a loss - 231, vs longsword, get hit in the head and in the legs = dead.

I do not advocate for this rock-paper-scissors gameplay, but it exists - Light armor usually gets 2HK by everything including smaller weapons (and that's the usual counter aside from Exe sword 1HK), but, in turn, light armors can footwork blunts easier with no reduction in effectiveness.

I believe the damage system is fair, after having used all the armors. However, T2 chest majorly sucks. Extremely so.
(The nerf to lower legs should help the current 332 331 users)

With that out of the way, I'll address my personal opinions.

Yes, Longsword's OP.
I do want plate armor to be costed at 4, but then you'd break the image of a full plate knight with a greatsword, which is undoubtedly a selling point. Also it screws with the otherwise linear system. So, I do not think that is a solution unless you're revamping more things.
Right now there's little incentive to go light armor aside from literally one thing; Halberd. We need more things like that. Polehammer? OP perks? Buckler? An actual historical long, high-cost one-handed Rapier? Something of the sort.
Personally, lunge is the issue, but, as others mentioned, it's a noob-friendly mechanic.

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  • 24 Feb '19

Landing head hits is especially hard when the basic defensive move after every screw up is to put you head between your legs and 180 outta there.

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  • 23 Feb '19

@Bodkin agree completely

I feel as tho balancing plate loadouts and swords has taken a back seat to making swords strong against everything because swords are seen as cool.

LS is OP and retarded beyond belief realy. 5 point weapon that can do everything with good HTK, Speed, Reach, Drags, etc.

It doesn't even need mordhau grip to be retarded strong and yet mordhau grip allows it to be both a generally OP weapon and a specialized OP alt grip.


I also think plate is in general too fast compared to light armor and the weapons you can afford while still in full plate are far too good. I also think leg armor makes too big of an impact on overall speed for how meaningless it is as protection compared to torso.

Rn you can pick 3-3-1 loadout which gives you pretty damn good speed compared to everything else in the game at basically the cost of no protection disadvantage. Or you can go 2-3-1. Or you can go 2-3-0/3-3-0.

What does this on average cost? like 5-7 points for basically full protection. You have 9-11 points left over. So you can grab longsword and a cleaver and still have a shit ton left for essential and non-essential perks. Or you can grab a zwei, bardiche, or even a fucking halberd if you go 2-3-0.

In response the devs in the past have pushed WEAPON costs up, which just makes light armor less viable because they barely have perks left over for anything else and plate can just pick a wep worth 1-2 points less that is basically just as good or they can just forgo 1 tier on a meaningless armor piece.

TL'DR plate currently has best of all worlds. Plate has:

  1. Very good protection
  2. Pretty good point flexibility
  3. Access to the best weapons
  4. Enough mobility to where it is almost never obviously lacking in any given scenario.

2 or 3 of the above should not be as good as they are now.

Either nerf its mobility significantly or buff the mobility of other armors mobility, raise the cost of plate specifically by a substantial number, make certain perks unavailable if you use plate, make certain weapons unavailable if you use plate, or some combination of all these potentials.

But do not try to balance it by indirectly also nerfing lighter builds which basically just makes all the plate nerfs meaningless.

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  • 23 Feb '19

@Lionheart Chevalier said:
Maul doesn't even 1shot naked/light torso lol Its truly infuriating when my Longsword/poleaxe is deflected by a farmer's hat or naked chest. Cheap armor gives you no speed nerf from naked and more damage reduction fighting cheap 1h weapons but falls short against heavier 2h. Realistically messer, baxe and other slash/chop weapons should rape the shit out of light torsos.

Well actually gambesons are far more resistant to slashes than stabs. Skallagrim has done a video on it but basically your sword has to be VERY sharp to cut through a gambeson in 1 swing. This shows why stabbing was stressed far more than cutting through the majority of medieval european history.

But I know you mean from a gameplay standpoint.

I think the main thing holding back light though is how buffed t3 movement is since release. Earlier on that speed advantage felt much more worthwhile due to movement being far slower across the board. T3 was very limiting in movement speed and had more hp back then. Like LS was 4htk, 1h swords 5-6, etc. There were some odd op weapons back then like baxe 2htk plate torso and all that, but overall you survived more and moved less when compared to now.

Now, and its completely true, movement speed doesnt help much UNLESS you try doing keepaway long weapon playstyle because it buffs your effective reach a bit, but even then its not a substantial advantage over having like 231. Like for map travel it will probably matter somewhat but its not a very big difference and in combat it really doesnt mean much at all.

Personally I dont think acceleration to top speed should be the same for all armor. I think light/naked should accelerate exceptionally fast when compared to t3. T2 be somewhere right in the middle. This would let light feel exceptionally fast without having to buff its top speed to be retarded fast.

Ideally we want medium to be the most common armor pick, not t3. Light/heavy should feel more specialized imho. Buff heavy hp vs blades if you want (they dont, why swords kept getting buffed in the first place) but make it a little slower. I think it was this patch or last but t3 got a direct speed buff without touching light or medium, hence our current predicament really.