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If only the players themselves had access to hide the posts from other players..


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just stone him lmao

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This thread will be used to give periodic updates on the development of MORDHAU as we near closer to release, and show off some of our newest additions and features to the game. Keep in mind that much of what you may see is in varying stages of completion, and these work-in-progress features may be changed during development.

First off, we've been working on the back-end of Frontline, and one of the features that will help to add to the chaos and immersion of this mode is the Toolbox, which allows you to place dynamic fortifications around the battlefield. Currently, you can choose between three different items; the archer barricade, stakes, and a miniaturized ballista. These can be placed nearly anywhere, but use up the toolbox's ammo, which you can replenish at a supply crate.

The archer cover allows you to barricade areas off, to shoot out of the arrow slits. Meanwhile, the stakes cause damage to players running into them, and at certain speeds will be lethal.

All of the new items can be destroyed, but in some cases you can bypass them altogether with our newest feature - climbing! You can climb most objects in the world, but it's risky - taking damage means you will be ragdolled and fall to the ground.

Some other utility items are coming soon as well, in the form of healing items. Bandages let you quickly regen some HP, keeping you in the fight for longer. If you're more focused on teamplay, a deploying the Medic Bag will allow other players to heal from it.

Lastly, a nice quality-of-life improvement is the new pickup system; tapping E will pick up an item, but by holding it you're able to directly swap items instead.

Wrapping up, most of our development efforts are focused on map creation, and we've got a few new screenshots of Taiga to show off. Enjoy!


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  • 9 Nov '18

Quality content right here.

Thanks Jax for this post, I'm glad to see communication improving, keep it up !

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@Jax said:

@Nikosawa said:
why did i get another alpha and beta key in my purchases ??

Don't ruin it

Nah that's weird though, I didn't afaik

The beta and alpha keys are the same. It's just a visual thing. I'll fix it to avoid confusion.