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Yea no.
Last night I launched the game to play with a friend, I played a few matches and the magic was gone. I was like a robot, I did things out of pure reflex and everything felt tasteless, even when I made some plays it felt like nothing.
All I could think about is the years of below shit tier management of the community, horrid communication, bad decisions and the bigot moderation we have had to go through, that slowly made me loose the respect for the dev team. Not to talk about the big disappointment the game turned out to be, stupid decisions left and right, badly balanced maps and loads of stuff that could be hotfixed but are still in game, some since the alpha days, etc.
I still believe the game has a lot of potential because it's the best thing this genre has spawned up until now. But the biggest potential in my eyes is in the modding community, not on the dev team. They may learn from all of this and become actually good developers but at the pace they are going, any good results will be seen no earlier than years down the road.
I have started to watch chivalry 2 stuff and it actually looks like it could be a lot of fun and as good if not better in some aspects than Mordhau.
So yea, I'll be showing up for patches if there's anything interesting in them.

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Do you really have to ask when he calls himself McBoogerballs with special characters for extra emphasis?

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@Snow82a30c05909f4583 said:
I agree with this completely. I'm going to hit teammates anyway, why not let me swing through?

Try actually not hitting teammates. Hope this helps.

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  • 26 Mar
 Jax — Community Manager

Check out the update and what's changed here! Thanks for your patience and we hope you love it!

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@TheKingInTheNorth said:
That interior part of the MP expension reminds me of that chivalry map with the second floor railings and the throne and stuff (it's been too long to remember the name). Good shit.

Only thing I don't like is that some of the skins are a bit out there.

Stonehill throne, true. Castello's interior reminds me of Citadel's throne room too.

Those "spectacles" are pure troll material lmao.

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  • 17 Mar

Maps look very atmospheric, so if their layout sucks they'll at least have that going for them.

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  • 17 Mar
 Jax — Community Manager

Want to see what's coming in our next update? Check out our update trailer!

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It's a screenshot describing parts of the community. Should upload it to the contest.

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In your mom's snatchie

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  • 21 Jan

The team hitstop change nerfs 1vX strats hard by allowing far more hits through to you. It adds randomness to your deaths because wind ups can be totally hidden, reducing the skill cap. Attackers no longer need to position themselves strategically so they just mob up and spam. People are learning to hide their swings behind friendlies and it will only get worse.

This is a vote for reverting the change.

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Disabled team hitstop for strikes (Experimental) i think this is an awful experimental change because currently there are a lot of new players and TK in frontline/invasion is veyr common as most new players only swing and this would make it even worse, so lets hope I'm wrong or that you guys would change this next patch or patch fix

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  • 10 Dec '19
 Humble Staff

@Tuna said:
I think it would be cool if we got folders for the armory. With all my classes it canm get a bit crowded and ti would bee cool to have a way to orginize them.


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  • 2 Dec '19


I never complained on this forum once. but i think, you guys aren't going in the right way with that patch. And i hope the future will made me lie, but the game never felt that heavy before, unreadables accels are now more present than ever, turn cap make 1vx cancerous.

Drags are irrelevant against good players, you need to wessex them all the time even if i could understood that you guys wanted to removed unreadables drags isn't irronical ?

Late ripostes feels more random than before even when i early parrying. I get your point, you don't want this game to turn like another chivalry, but i really think that reducing artificially the skill gap between the players isn't the right solution.

sincerely, a baguette (former) fan.

PS : my bad for broken english.

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  • 28 Nov '19

@Oshardt said:
Are you going to make us download something every day or what????? Three days on a row. This is starting to annoy me A LOT.
After a whole day i just wanna chill a bit and play and i find a new pacth and have to wait every day.
Its really bothering me.

Oh no everything is broko plz patchie
Oh no I have to download patchie

Devs put out fixes, you complain. Devs don't fix, you complain

Get life.

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  • 12 Oct '19

Am I the only one having fun with the game??

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  • 27 Sep '19

@T-PosingKermit said:
^ thats windows 10, not Mordhau

But it only happens in Mordhau. Overwatch audio totally fine and so is counter strike.

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  • 27 Sep '19

Rear audio fixed?

Edit, nope.

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  • 27 Sep '19

I really appreciate the new model of smaller, more frequent updates. Keep up the good work.

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  • 27 Sep '19
 elwebbaro — Art

This patch mostly features combat changes for improved readability as well as some other bugfixes.

Patch #12 Changelog 27/09/2019


  • Fixed invasion spawn values being different from Frontline: Player spawn 5->15, Ballista 30->180, Cata 30->180, Horse 30->120
  • Added destroyable trees to taiga that act as bridges and environment traps
  • Adjusted spawns on camp to favor first objective for attackers a bit
  • Added another burnable house to the camp on taiga to make defending a bit easier
  • Updated plugin (Linux server crash fix)
  • Fix for mod downloads being skipped
  • Potential fix for auth ticket error
  • Fix for failing community server reward drops


  • Miss combos no longer have lunge
  • Ripostes can now chamber, their chamber window is the entirety of the windup (chamber restrictions/sides still apply)
  • Riposte clashes will now overpower regular strikes
  • Flesh wound now sets stamina to 0 when it triggers
  • Flesh wound point cost reduced to 2
  • Blocking horse rider couch/joust no longer ragdolls
  • Adjusted regular strike release curve - now looks better and more readable
  • Riposte strikes now have their own release curve, which is linear - this fixes the stutter in the early release transition periods and makes them more readable

Visuals & Misc

  • Fixed a spawn protection box that poked through the ceiling on INV_Grad
  • TeamFlinch is now a server variable (same place as teamdamage is set, TeamDamageFlinch = 1 to enable) which will cause team hits to flinch teammates. Disabled by default.
  • Riposte stabs no longer angle (always straight), they also no longer let you choose the side of the stab, the side chosen is inherent in the parry side, which forces stabs to use the more readable (flip-around) animation, fixing cases of "jpeg stabs"
  • Strike->stab morphs will now force the stab to use the same angle as the strike, making the action more natural looking and less snappy
  • Attack turn compensation is now enabled in all directions (previously depended on angle, e.g. horizontals had no up-down compensation, and overheads had no left-right compensation). - this will make certain cases more readable and no longer instant hit
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  • 1 Sep '19

I'm not sure if it was an intended change or just a personal issue, but there is no audio at all if anything is behind me, even if it is very close. Friendly or enemy horses cannot be heard until they pass me, as well as friendly players warcries or enemy player grunts.