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  • 3 Apr

Still way too many freezings in castello. Approaching a ladder to go down is so lethal... Awaking from freezing, down and dead, is quite not enjoyable when u ruled the horde for 20 waves and die like that.

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Not sure if this is actually a bug, looked at patchie notes but couldn't find a possible culprit for this issue. Maybe I'm missing something...

But since this patch I'm missing a LOT of parries. Like easy parries before patch are now not registering for some reason. This especially happens in 1vx on crowded servers. Not sure what is going on.

Anyone have any idea where this comes from? Am I just missing something that was changed? Or is it a bug?

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@Snow82a30c05909f4583 said:
I agree with this completely. I'm going to hit teammates anyway, why not let me swing through?

Try actually not hitting teammates. Hope this helps.

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  • 27 Mar

No US east coast servers, only things like Dallas or LA, same for duels it seemed like, had like 150 ping 24/7

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  • 26 Mar
 Jax — Community Manager

We're aware of performance on Castello, and we're looking into some options to alleviate the issue.

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  • 26 Mar


mmmmmyes polehammer's on the way

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  • 20 Mar

Horse v. Foot player momentum damage is bugged in a very one-sided way:

i'll start with an example. Consider both players to be in 3:3:3 armour:
A foot player runs towards a horse player who is travelling at their slowest speed (gear 1, walk). The foot player swings his zweihander and hits the horse player's chest. This will deal approx 96 damage, which appears to be comprised of a double damage bonus (due to horse moving at gear 1) plus 0.4x additional damage for foot player running bonus.
In comparison, if the horse player swings at the foot player in the above scenario, the horse player deals stock standard damage (40) to the foot player.

This imbalance is present regardless of weapon types, and gets worse at speed; any horse at a canter (gear 3) or above is always subjected to 3x damage bonus from a foot player + the foot player's run bonus (practically a kill every time).
In the same scenario, the horse player only has a total 1.5x damage bonus against foot players while in canter.
In some conditions a horse at a trot (gear 2) was even being hit by foot players with 3x damage + run bonus, yet horse players acquire no bonus damage at this speed. The inconsistency is odd and appears to be linked to foot player movement direction.

In addition, players on foot running away from the horse player attain minimisation to their damage taken (a negative bonus, if you will), whereas horse players do not attain the same when fleeing.

Overall, this is a very clear imbalance which favours ground units dramatically against horses. It's not specified anywhere, and nor was it announced as such. It's clearly not in the spirit of the momentum damage changes, with the patch notes specifically saying that the momentum damage was supposed to "work both ways", so I'm assuming it's just a funky error.
It would be fair to have this rectified, especially given the additional horse-rearing weapons in the forthcoming patch.

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that looks crisp as fuck, i wouldn't mind trying some

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I mean this in the nicest way possible but would you kindly fuck off with the copy-paste king objectives in every single Invasion map.

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@TheKingInTheNorth said:
That interior part of the MP expension reminds me of that chivalry map with the second floor railings and the throne and stuff (it's been too long to remember the name). Good shit.

Only thing I don't like is that some of the skins are a bit out there.

Stonehill throne, true. Castello's interior reminds me of Citadel's throne room too.

Those "spectacles" are pure troll material lmao.

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  • 17 Mar
 Jax — Community Manager

Want to see what's coming in our next update? Check out our update trailer!

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a glitch has been exploited tremendously where players from the blue team go to red spawn and kick the red commander in the lake making him unable to get back to the designated zone in 5 seconds and therefore dying. At this point i doubt the devs would even see this thread let alone fix it but i guy can dream. either make the red commander walk around like the blue ones do or make him unmovable by kicks until a person is spawned as him. very simple problem with several very simple solutions if someone tries to fix them.

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where patchie

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In your mom's snatchie

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  • 25 Jan

Died as soon as I spawned as a noble, gave me my normal loadout, perks included, no team colours and just taller. Made me feel like a chad.20200124222444_1.jpg

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  • 21 Jan

I would rather die because the enemies are intentionally hitting through each other and using their allies to hide attacks than because they're accidentally hitting each other and being interrupted because of it. That causes me to miss a parry and then take 1 or more hits from the other players attacks landing a moment later. There is also a very clear cost of health for the enemy if they're using the swing through strategy.

Intentional plays > accidental mid swing feints

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  • 11 Jan

aka another patch without the Round Viking Shield

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@Lionheart Chevalier said:
The devs failed to mention they added a hand gun, called the 1411, which is prolly a typo, meant to be the 1911.

I have no screenshots but its a hand gun that looks like a poorly imitated colt 1911, a dev was playing with it in a public server today, kinda funny. You can parry its bullets I heard some people saying in chat.

The 1411 name is not a typo but a joke, since '1911' refers to the year in which the gun was made, but it is several centuries after Mordhau's timeline.

Any admin can access it by going into console and typing 'ParryThis' without the quotations. May be without caps, not sure as I haven't tested it myself.

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I will investigate this. Thank you for the report.