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  • 9 Mar
 Maxilatorn — Art

I approve.

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  • 8 Mar

Marox just commented on this Reddit thread 3 hours ago where he said they don’t expect to ship later than April, so that’s reassuring.

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  • 8 Mar

@fmay2123 said:
Will there be another trailer for the game before release?

Yes. It will be coming very soon™

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  • 8 Mar
 Jax — Community Manager

@Reaper_Ruiz said:
Well then I had some shit timing with finding this game.

You actually have great timing, we're trying to release here very soon, either a couple weeks or a month or two most likely.
No guarantees and all that business but it should be pretty soon™, we're busy wrapping things up.

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  • 2 Mar

@Jax said:

I'm not super well versed in these thing but I'm not sure you actually need 382 fps my guy

Yes I do.

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  • 7 Mar
 Jax — Community Manager

@Humble Staff said:
a very old member of the comunity


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  • 6 Mar
 Jax — Community Manager

some decent ideas in here, i like the feint lockout but it could feel unresponsive/clunky when the game won't let you do something, although the game doesn't let you do other things either because combat rules and stuff. just wondering how consistent it'd feel

anyways tho keep this on topic, no personal attacks please :)

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Hello all,

Just copy/pasting my suggestions from a feedback document a few guys made. Trying to get some opinions.

Archer Rebalancing Suggestions


  • Incorporate small sway when moving whilst drawn. Not too much to prevent archer duels from becoming turn based (keep it where you can be aiming and dodging at same time, but harder)

  • Incorporate stam on shot + holding draw (specific values under each weapon). Allows melee player’s advantage to be greater upon reaching the archer whilst allowing smart and conservative archers to still be prepared for melee engagement.

  • Rework Ranger perk where it also reduces sway caused from movement

  • Remove 3rd person archery. People are already abusing it for corner peeking advantage in archer duel.

  • While holding an archer weapon in hand, enact a small 5% speed debuff

  • When hit by a projectile while aiming, increase flinch time by another half second. Right now in archer duels the guy who got shot can shoot at the same time you can after hitting them and it just makes closer archer duels extremely awkward. Make it where the guy who hits the other has to miss for the other archer to get a shot at closer ranges. Archer initiative.


+10pts instead of 12
+20 arrows instead of 16 (to offset nerfs below, provide more potential dmg in the quiver so it remains somewhat equal)

-Reduce T3 headshot to 40dmg from 50
-Reduce T2 headshot to 50 dmg from 60
-Reduce T1 torso to 50 dmg from 75 (still 2htk, just no irrelevant ‘fuck you rat’ tier dmg)
-Reduce T0 torso to 75 dmg from 90 (irrelevant mostly. Nothing only does 10dmg except kick. Helps T0 with hyper armour somewhat)
-Increase gravity coefficient (Raise drop) where vertical aiming actually matters and increases skill in archer duels / headshots. Somewhere between current Recurve and current Longbow would be perfect.
-9 stam to draw + 2 stam/sec of held draw (starts past full draw / sweetspot)


+Change T2 torso dmg to 50 from 45 (make it worth having over throwing axe)
+Change T0 torso dmg to 100
+Change control scheme to use Parry to aim and LMB to shoot (like a gun)

-9 pts instead of 8
-1.5sec slower reload time
-Add short window of initial sway on aiming, that settles to be completely still like current. Right now people are encouraged to quickscope with it, aiming with the center dot without aiming speed debuff and without any accuracy penalty. Just short enough sway where they must wait a second before shooting and enact movement debuff when aiming
-Increase drop along with Longbow
-10 stam to reload, but no stamdrain on hold. Aiming stops stamina regen, but does not continue to drain stamina


+7 pts instead of 8
+30 arrows instead of 24 (provides more potential dmg to balance nerfs below)

-Reduce T3 headshot to 33 dmg (4htk to make longbow superior)
-Reduce T2 headshot to 40 dmg (slight dmg nerf same htk, currently 45)
-5 stam to draw + 2 stam/sec of held draw (starts past full draw / sweetspot)

Anyway if you have any qualms or questions with what is provided, just say so and maybe I can explain my reasoning.

Inb4 TL:DR lol

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@ThunderDuck said:
black armor is mega cringe change my mind


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  • 3 Mar


Come on, again?! He already has enough bombs, damnit. At this point he's gonna turn into the Unabomber, or something.


Max tries to wield a trident, but then remembers that they didn't add tridents to the game. He ponders his existence.


Oh god. Oh god... not again. NOT AGAIN. It's gonna be just like last time...

Some more jolly co-operation from various tributes. Interestingly, it seems like the God of Order, Marox, has teemed up with his opposite, Rob the Dark God of Chaos.


Red Lobster accidentally buys into a Baba Ji scam and is riddled with bankruptcy, HIV, bad vibes, etc.


I think this is the first big gang of tributes we've seen, and what a group it is! Two streamers, two forum regulars, and a serial spammer. The stuff of legends.


It's a long, long way from SA. Speaking of which...




District 7 is the first to be totally annihilated, leaving Humble as the sole representative of SA still in the game. Will he pull through?



Some more jolly co-operation. Spook has thrown in with the spammers of District 8... to his benefit, or to his demise?


Good luck, bud. You're gonna need it.




Red Lobster finally gets their first customer! Jax is welcomed into the makeshift diner and offered a steaming plate of fried shrimp. Wait, where'd he get those?


Alas. You might be the Dankest Meme on the forums, but you're no match for a god with a sharp sword and a sharper temper.

One Christmas Hat remains...


...heh. This has meme potential.

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  • 3 Mar

crush questions his sanity.png

I do believe Crush is open to change, judging by the few times I talked with him. He just falls into the circlejerk and ends up believing shit like "sidestabs look bad to noobs". But he showed intent to add depth to the game and make alternative playstyles viable.

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Crush is just very vocal about his thoughts which I think is a very good thing, and he is conservative with the changes he makes which is arguably also a good thing.

He can be rude at times but he is fair and actually listens to feedback, regardless of if you know it or not. He probably reads all this shit too tbh.

We are lucky to have him as a dev man.

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  • 2 Mar

Alright. Now that I have everyone riled up, time to delay this indefinitely.

The games begin... now!



The horn sounds, and everybody scatters in different directions, with surprisingly little fighting going on.
Though, elweb, I gotta say, that lighter and rope combination is HELLA sus, dude. Just what are you planning on doing with those?


Vanguard SEIZES the means of destruction from Runagate! With his newfound power, all private property at the Cornucopia will be forcibly redistributed... to himself.

A true Frenchman through and through. Ready to start some riots.
And that's the end of the so-called "Bloodbath", folks. A sum total of zero deaths around the Cornucopia. Let's keep going!


Frise, for whatever reason, decides that this horrible patchie-mutant abomination should continue on living its horrible, miserable life. He lets it flee into the trees.


Jesus fucking Christ! Our first death of the games, and it's none other than Humble fucking bodying Ratt to death. I'm a bit disappointed; I thought Ratt was destined for great things. Sayonara, my drunk Russian artfriend.


"release... fuckign... game already, stupid pigdog," he mutters under his breath as he peers at Elwebbaro through the bushes.


Marox and Max team up to try to find any scraps of leftover Kickstarter money.


Jax accidentally leaks game info on a live stream! -5 HP!


...a shack out of which he immediately begins selling some delicious, piping hot Red Lobster™ Cheddar Bay Biscuits™! Seeing as he's alone in the woods, nobody takes him up on the offer.


That;s not double K.O! hunger Games shit! is a fucking joke..




Rough times for the Christmas Hat Guild. I had high hopes for them!

The first day has come to a close with only two deaths, surprisingly. It seems the forum-goers are more averse to conflict than we were led to believe... but will it last?



The twilight hours find most of the tributes questioning their lives and their sanity.
:( poor Geach, I want to give him a hug right now...
Also, looks like Jax got fed up with some of that SA shittalking. Frise Frisedrags no more!


91={{9001187393}} water dehydration problem solution baba ji in PANEM


"Where.... p...patchie..." twitch twitch


Spook pulls out the banhammer and eradicates communism from the Internet. Ohshitsorry runs away in panic, lest he himself be wiped from existence.

Rest in peace, Vanguard. Forever liberating the wage-slaves in our hearts.


The implications of this conversation are pretty terrifying and I don't really want to imagine how it went down.


"What if... what if Double KO isn't the point of all this? What if I've been wrong this whole time?"


Brutal, some infighting among the devs. Poor elweb just wanted out of there, but alas, nobody runs from the art czars.


And it looks like Marox finally found that Kickstarter money! He's had a chance to hide it from Max while Max was out murdering their colleagues. Will they keep working together, or will one betray the other?? Find out next time on the Mordhau Games!!

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im travelled from 1 day in the future to warn every one patchie did not arrive. the world is not the same as it was anymore, the sun is gleaming with scoring red light rays, incinerating anyone who contacts them. entire towns have been consumed in burning coals and viscous smoke volumes. the clouds are precipitating large, deathly oscillating hammers that dismember you with immediate effect. we have taken to holding out in the tunnels in the hopes that we find patchie, but even those are unsafe to be in with the looming threat of th-############hel#####pat #####ch###########ie####################wh########en####@@#@###%:%=#

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  • 2 Mar
 crushed — Art

【soon trademark】

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This thread is meant to be a repository of loadouts created by the community. In addition, I shall show you how to backup your current loadouts in the unlikely event you delete Mordhau or you wish to transfer loadout to and from computers.

How To Backup Your Loadouts

  • Simply go to C:\Users\UserInQuestion\AppData\Local\Mordhau\Saved\Config\WindowsClient\game.ini
    From there save the game.ini file to a USB or external hard drive and boom! Everything is saved.

How to Upload Specific Loadout To Share On Repository

  • From here open up your game.ini with notepad++ or notepad (notepad++ is preferred) and find a specific loadout you want to share to the world. Extract the line of text and make sure to include a picture of the class on the thread so people have an idea of what it looks like.

Example 1


  • CharacterProfiles=(Name=INVTEXT("Red Knight"),GearCustomization=(Wearables=((ID=64),(ID=9),(ID=20,Colors=(44,0)),(ID=12,Colors=(9,44)),(ID=29),(ID=3),(ID=3),(ID=5,Colors=(44,0)),(ID=1)),Equipment=((ID=24,Parts=(1,2,2)),(),())),AppearanceCustomization=(Emblem=21,EmblemColors=(44,9),MetalRoughnessScale=0,MetalTint=7,Age=0,Voice=0,VoicePitch=127,bIsFemale=False,Fat=0,Skinny=0,Strong=255,SkinColor=0,Face=0,EyeColor=0,HairColor=0,Hair=0,FacialHair=0,Eyebrows=0),FaceCustomization=(Translate=(15360,15360,15840,12656,15364,12653,15862,0,15385,0,16320,15847,15855,15855,384,8690,8683,480,480,480,31700,480,480,480,15360,15840,18144,15840,31690,15850,15860,11471,11471,12463,12463,11471,11471,15840,15840,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,7665,7660),Rotate=(0,0,0,0,0,0,16,0,0,0,0,14,0,0,12288,591,367,0,15855,15855,18976,0,0,0,0,18432,0,0,18816,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,655,335,0,0,15840,15840,0,0,15840,15840,0,0),Scale=(14351,14351,0,15360,0,15360,0,15855,0,15855,14336,0,0,0,14350,0,0,15855,15855,15855,15840,0,15855,15855,0,15914,6,0,15840,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,15855,15855,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0)),SkillsCustomization=(Perks=8192,Archetype=0))

How do I upload custom loadouts to my game

  • Simply find a class you like on the repository and copy the line of text for it. Then open up your game.ini . Find the section [/Game/Mordhau/Blueprints/BP_MordhauSingleton.BP_MordhauSingleton_C] . Press enter directly on the first row to move it down and paste your new loadout.



Hopefully this tutorial and repository help! Enjoy!


  • CharacterProfiles=(Name=INVTEXT("FFA Knight"),GearCustomization=(Wearables=((ID=50),(ID=13),(ID=5,Colors=(9,20)),(Colors=(20,9)),(),(ID=6,Colors=(20,9)),(ID=3),(ID=5,Colors=(20,9)),()),Equipment=((ID=2,Colors=(18,0,34)),(ID=14,Colors=(9,13,0)),())),AppearanceCustomization=(Emblem=21,EmblemColors=(9,20),MetalRoughnessScale=0,MetalTint=3,Age=0,Voice=2,VoicePitch=0,bIsFemale=False,Fat=0,Skinny=255,Strong=0,SkinColor=0,Face=0,EyeColor=0,HairColor=0,Hair=0,FacialHair=0,Eyebrows=0),FaceCustomization=(Translate=(15360,15360,15840,12656,15364,12653,15862,0,15385,0,16320,15847,15855,15855,384,8690,8683,480,480,480,31700,480,480,480,15360,15840,18144,15840,31690,15850,15860,11471,11471,12463,12463,11471,11471,15840,15840,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,7665,7660),Rotate=(0,0,0,0,0,0,16,0,0,0,0,14,0,0,12288,591,367,0,15855,15855,18976,0,0,0,0,18432,0,0,18816,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,655,335,0,0,15840,15840,0,0,15840,15840,0,0),Scale=(14351,14351,0,15360,0,15360,0,15855,0,15855,14336,0,0,0,14350,0,0,15855,15855,15855,15840,0,15855,15855,0,15914,6,0,15840,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,15855,15855,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0)),SkillsCustomization=(Perks=0,Archetype=0))


  • CharacterProfiles=(Name=INVTEXT("Roman"),GearCustomization=(Wearables=((ID=7),(ID=7),(ID=25,Colors=(43,0)),(),(ID=4),(ID=14,Colors=(43,43)),(),(ID=1,Colors=(43,0)),(ID=1)),Equipment=((ID=9,Colors=(43,43,0),Pattern=1),(ID=25,Colors=(43,0,0),Parts=(2,0,2)),())),AppearanceCustomization=(Emblem=26,EmblemColors=(43,20),MetalRoughnessScale=0,MetalTint=18,Age=0,Voice=5,VoicePitch=0,bIsFemale=False,Fat=0,Skinny=0,Strong=0,SkinColor=0,Face=1,EyeColor=0,HairColor=0,Hair=0,FacialHair=0,Eyebrows=3),FaceCustomization=(Translate=(15360,15360,15840,12656,15364,12653,15862,0,15385,0,16320,15847,15855,15855,23560,3028,3017,480,480,480,29707,480,480,480,15360,9441,960,15840,29714,27017,27028,11471,11471,12463,12463,11471,11471,15840,15840,0,0,0,0,0,0,30,30,333,336),Rotate=(0,0,0,0,0,0,16,0,0,0,0,14,0,0,12288,591,367,0,15855,15855,18976,0,0,0,0,18432,0,0,18816,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,655,335,0,0,15840,15840,0,0,15840,15840,0,0),Scale=(14351,14351,0,15360,0,15360,0,15855,0,15855,14336,0,0,0,30747,0,0,15855,15855,15855,15840,0,15855,15855,0,15914,6,0,15840,8146,8146,0,0,0,0,0,0,15855,15855,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0)),SkillsCustomization=(Perks=0,Archetype=0))


  • CharacterProfiles=(Name=INVTEXT("shrek"),GearCustomization=(Wearables=((ID=20,Colors=(24,24)),(),(ID=1,Colors=(4,4)),(),(ID=2,Colors=(17,17)),(),(),(Colors=(17,0)),()),Equipment=((ID=31),(),())),AppearanceCustomization=(Emblem=0,EmblemColors=(18,0),MetalRoughnessScale=0,MetalTint=0,Age=0,Voice=3,VoicePitch=0,bIsFemale=False,Fat=255,Skinny=0,Strong=255,SkinColor=0,Face=1,EyeColor=12,HairColor=0,Hair=0,FacialHair=0,Eyebrows=2),FaceCustomization=(Translate=(15360,15360,15840,12656,15364,12653,15862,0,15385,0,16320,15847,15855,15855,6,960,990,480,480,480,31710,480,480,480,15360,15840,18144,15840,31680,15850,15860,11471,11471,12463,12463,256,286,15840,15840,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,7665,7660),Rotate=(0,0,0,0,0,0,16,0,0,0,0,14,0,0,12288,591,367,0,15855,15855,18976,0,0,0,0,18432,0,0,18816,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,655,335,0,0,15840,15840,0,0,15840,15840,0,0),Scale=(14351,14351,0,15360,0,15360,0,15855,0,15855,14336,0,0,0,31709,30684,30684,31453,15855,15855,31616,30750,31134,31134,0,31261,30749,0,31616,16649,16649,0,0,16439,16439,0,0,29704,29704,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0)),SkillsCustomization=(Perks=112640,Archetype=0))