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  • 31 Mar

Will it be possible at some point to chop limbs off of horses?
It's not particularly useful but I think it would be cool to be able to slay them just like the other enemies!
Just imagine a horse mounted by a knight riding full speed towards you and you just manage to decapitate the horse while it's charging!
I dunno, it's an idea

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  • 30 Mar
 Spook — UI

@Shovonem said:
To me, camp looks cool. However, it would be nice if the devs made different version of the same map. Like Rainy camp.. same map but there's a rain. or another camp with foggy weather etc. Since weather changing in the same map would put a lot of stress on performance.

This is something we'd like to do post-release in the future

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  • 30 Mar

Well done Hadeus. I am Ser Arthur Dayne from Killers in Lethal Alliance (I have to specify now because ever since the show came out, that name is all over the place now), from the old AoC days and then Chiv. Ran into Vq often, and love that you all are still around.

I got to admit that one of my biggest disappointments with the Chivalry community is how elitist it came to be. Lots of toxicity in the community, even in the clans I participated in which is why I probably remained clanless in the later days. Its good to see community's here making strides to prepare and help new players with the learning curve. I'm definitely rusty from my Gold Helm Chivalry days where I invested well over 1000 hours, but I'm hoping that Mordhau comes to be a familiar experience. I'm definitely excited to run into all the old Chivalry faces and wish you and Vq all the best! The guide was great by the way!

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  • 30 Mar
 marox — Project Lead

We will be testing Frontline for a day again, today (March 30th) at 5 PM CET. We're primarily looking to fill up European servers with 64p to test server improvements. See you there!

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so guys i have been noticing lately that shields are doing not alright in game, i'm not the most skilled player around and i play in a server with 5 people tops but shields seem to be hated among the other 4 players and they say it's a noob crutch that's only there because medieval huehue and it's really sad because she never loved me even though i was nice to her the whole time unlike her ex (who also happens to be my bully at school) and i always was there for her and i don't get why life is so unfair, all i want is my parents to acept me the way i am, sure i'm not top student in my class nor i participate in any sports club but that isn't an excuse to send me on a box with a few holes to breath through to Africa just because my fursona is a Lion.
So yea i didn't want to make this post too long, just saying, shields need some work.

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  • 30 Mar

This is a PDF. The link should allow for comments but please comment here so it doesn't get too cluttered on the actual document.

Pics for those who think links are very spoopy





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  • 28 Mar

Thank you!

Another S.T.A.L.K.E.R. drawing (a photo as a reference was used):
Pripyat River - Ship Graveyard
9"x12" paper, pencil


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  • 29 Mar
 Maxilatorn — Art

@Stumpy said:

@Maxilatorn said:
There was a change to the steam backend that doesn't match the setup in the engine, it'll be fixed by next patch.

Ohh Maxi please make sweet love to me

No thank you.

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  • 29 Mar

By the way guys, just a warning, but if a player named Jimmy enters, you should just give up. He's top 5 and he means business.

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Alright guys, I've been slacking a bit for events, so I'm going to do my best to host a decent one to finish off the closed beta/alpha prior to release. I want to give a chance for all who supported through the Kickstarter and the Mordhau store. I love you all.

With that said I am pleased to announce this mini tournament as the beginning of what is to come.
Currently shooting for weekend of the 13th-14th. NA and EU.

Saturday 13th Region 1 6 PM UK Time/8 PM Moscow Time

Hoping to get at least 16 players per region. (there will not be EU vs NA)
If we get more than 32 player in a region, depending on how many streamers I can gather I may have to change the elimination matches to FFA 8 players until we get to the top 16 players. (Cross your fingers for volunteers)

Rules: Working on a rule set, will edit and post when finished.
Map: Contraband
1v1 Duels
1st place prize = Mordhau copy for a friend upon release and Regional Champion(EU/NA).

This will grant you (unofficial) title EU or NA Beta Champion. And a free copy of Mordhau upon release.
Make sure when you sign up you pick YOUR region. No double signs ups please. Just Comment in an empty slot your name.

(Keep in mind, details are subject to change and will be updated. We want to give you the best experience.)
Feel free to give any feedback/suggestions. Please sign up only yourself.

*UPATED 4/4/2019

Alright quick update, due to lack of NA players, NA will be post poned to another weekend, so still sign up (likely last weekend of April) Beta backers only. I do plan on doing more tournaments once I get some more help. Out of pocket costs :(

Also, VQ has offered to Host NA tournament.

I just need to borrow 1 EU server for the 14th of April, and I should be good to go. Hadeus will be my ref. Nikosawa is a maybe for streamer. Let me know if you are interested in streaming or being a ref.
Now for time 10 AM PST (West NA) or 6 PM GMT+1 (UK-time) Until end. If we get 16 players or less, might extend 1v1 matches. Will have times of duels as of Sunday April 7th(locking down EU tournament so sign up before then)

Current Weapons to be exlcuded: 1 throwable dagger/axe permitted. No Firebombs or bows.
No Messer, Halberd, Cleaver, or Evening star.

**UPDATED 4/5/2019
Doing a quick poll for the tournament. Please take a vote, obviously I want this tournament to be for the players by the players. So let me know your opnions. If we get a 50% tie, likely I will leave it out for this tournament iteration.

**UPDATED 4/6/2019
Shields are out of the tournament per majority vote! First to 5 kills will determine the winner of 1v1. Sunday last chance to register EU tourney. RU/CIS players will be allowed to compete in the EU tournament, though I do not own/rent any server, VK has offered to lend us their server, with Adventurer ring as admin/ref. Going to do one last poll on which weapon you want back in. Messer, Halberd or Cleaver.
Time tournament begins. 10 AM Los Angeles Time/6 PM UK time/8 PM Moscow time

**UPDATED 4/7/2019
Roster is now locked for EU. 26 players
NA roster you can still sign up.

I hate having to ban anything intended for ingame use. And as such I used the polls to get player feed back what you want.
So Halberd, Cleaver and Messer are back in. Just the Evening star will be the only weapon banned for this tournament. Next tournament we shall see it back in. I'm confident it will be a ready then.
The latest issue EU players have brought to me. Are abilities can be unbalanced, rather than decide for you guys for the beta tournament, I want your vote. Perk ban or allow, please vote. Healing is allowed between fights to speed up the matches. Cannot heal during match, Unless Ref exempts it for a foul hit. Multiple matches are planned to be ongoing simultaneously.

As of today my I have passed off admin to Oskoff. The tournament is still underway, my pc has a faulty PSU as of Wednesday, been hoping to repair it in time for the tournament, but that wasn’t possible. So in the event that I couldn’t Oskoff has taken charge. Thanks Oskoff!

Good luck everyone! I’ll still be watching and taking questions.

perks/abilities ban
Votes: 9
What weapon should be unbanned?
Votes: 17
Should other weapons be banned that may have been left out?
Votes: 13

Shields in or out?
Votes: 24
Unban any of the melee weapons?
Votes: 21
Best of 7 or First to 5?
Votes: 22
Votes: 19
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@Mittsies said:
I've probably died to throwing knives or door-kicks more times than I have to bear traps.

If you are wearing light armor legs, they do 100 damage to you and kill you.

a 2 point item that is fire and forget.

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  • 27 Mar

An old work of mine inspired by S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games.
The Zone
A4, pencil


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  • 27 Mar
 Maxilatorn — Art

There was a change to the steam backend that doesn't match the setup in the engine, it'll be fixed by next patch.

Baron 17 44

Kickstun was removed a long time ago because it stunned anyone getting hit, shield or not, raised or not, was completely retarded and didnt make any sense at all.

And why would a maul hit ragdoll someone who blocks it with a shield? Its a heavy blow that draws a lot of stamina, as it should do. Hit a shield several times with it and it goes flying, thats completely fine as it is.

A kick ragdolling a raised shield on the other hand would absolutely make sense to me though, as it is much more a very strong shove rather than a heavy blow and can get you off balance very easy.

Baron 17 44

I think the way shields worked a few patches ago was very well made, dont know exactly which patch it was, maybe 14? 15?

You had to block very close to the point of impact, which made it possible and pretty easy actually to hit legs for example when a guy was holding shield up midair to block a swing to the body. Im sure you guys remember.

Back then it was a bit too much though, cause with Targe, you could hold the shield all the way down and still couldnt block some swings to the legs. And that was pretty crappy actually. But at that time, some people had a very nice playstyle with overhead drags to the legs.

Right now, its actually exactly the opposite. Even with Targe, as long as you block at least a bit in the right direction, no blade can pierce. Id prefer something in between there, that would fix a lot of problems people seem to have fighting shielders.

At the same time, shields should be able to be played actively with. Right now, my left arm feels like the one of fucking Ephialtes in 300.

With shields, you should be able to bash forwards or swing backwards, as long as something like that is not implemented, you wont have a goodlooking shieldfight. And when you play with a 1h, you should be able to throw punches with your left arm.

Baron 17 44

Combine those two shield changes I wrote here before - the moderate backchange to precise blocking and the active play with shield - and you will solve pretty much all problems that people have with them right now, I am pretty sure about that.

You will get rid of backpedaling, pacifistic bulwarks cause you can easily cut around the shields: Around the small ones, obviously cause theyre small, and around the big ones cause you cant see shit where swings are precisely going as long as you keep them up.

Besides, shield users become encouraged to lower the shields and maybe watch out for an enemy to move to their left side, which gives them an opportunity to bash the shield in his face.

If thats still not enough, add to the game that kicks to raised shields make the shielder ragdoll like outstam'd boxers do right now. That would give shielders a big disadvantage when they are trash cause they keep go flyin and get killed pretty quickly, but also adds a completely new and different playstyle that adds variety.

Shields might even become attractive as they deserve and more people could use them as they might get out of this "noobs only" corner that so many 2h-elitists brand them with.

Will those changes be made in heaven and solve everything? Probably not. Will new problems arise from those changes? Certainly, but one battle at a time.

If those changes turn out to be fucking awful and make the game a dam mess, which I highly doubt, then revoke them again and be done with it.

At least fucking try it, though.

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  • 26 Mar

@AdoringFandalf said:

@Đ٣ąҜєM.livevorOrt said:

@Stouty said:
Drake aka eu resident shieldtrash actually refuses to duel me now which is hilarious

Maybe you should also add why I did.

Every time you got smacked ur ugly twat face, you ran across the entire. fucking. map. like speedy
and wanted me to chase you. And not once, I remember at least 4 times.

I dont run from duels, I didnt fucking once, Im not Jason. If u wanna fight you can come to me any time, If you wanna play hide and seek, go to your local playgrounds where you belong.

Damn, thats some testosterone.

I say you duel Jason tomorrow, if you do not run @Đ٣ąҜєM.livevorOrt ?

I think u should both should ft10 since u guys are shielders. No point in duel shield vs non-shield.

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  • 9 Mar '18
 crushed — Art

Comboing off a shield block does not solve anything because the shield user can simply riposte into the combo and hit first. Currently when someone gets parried/blocked he cannot attack again for a short while, which is an important combat fundamental. The only exception to this is clashes which is visually obvious. Comboing off shield blocks would obfuscate this and make teamfights very confusing especially if there are a lot of shields around. In other words, it's not a good idea.

There will be some shield balance changes and a small mechanics change next patch. Point cost, stamina, block angles and shield block turncap will be looked at in particular.

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@Peacerer said:

@crushed said:

@ÐMontyleGueux said:
I have the exact opposite feeling from playing with shield. I get hit by drags that I would have easily parried without it. Most of the time I don't even understand where I've been hit and why It went through my block. For me shields are just a source of frustration.

Agree with this, the directional block angle on shields is smaller than parry which makes it feel idiotic, for what you can solely blame on us iracional developers bending over once again upon veteran cries.

That was back when shields had a hitbox accurate to their model which was a terrible idea. It's irrelevant now.