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  • 19 Apr
 Grator — Art

The war is nigh,

Triternion is looking to expand the range of translations for the game on release, we are currently covered on English, French, Spanish, Russian and German.

We're seeking:

  • Chinese
  • Korean

This is a voluntary job, the rewards are gratitude from the developers and your name in the credits

If you think you got this contact me via DMs

Thank you

PS: Thank you to all italian and portuguese speaking users that contacted me, those translations will be soon in the work.

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  • 29 Apr
 Jax — Community Manager

The Official Mordhau Server Rules are as follows:

1. Hacking/Cheats:
Using 3rd-party software to gain an unfair advantage is strictly disallowed and will result in a permanent ban. Reshade and other graphical changes are permitted.

2. Exploiting:
Intentionally using exploits found within the game to gain an advantage (clipping through map objects, etc.) is disallowed and may result in a temporary/permanent ban.

3. Racism, prejudice and offensive content:
Use of derogatory, offensive terms on official servers is not allowed. Conduct yourself in a polite manner or you may be temporarily/permanently banned from official servers.

4. Griefing:
Intentional and repeated harassment such as intentional team killing, constant suiciding, blocking friendly spawn areas, stream sniping etc. is prohibited and may result in a temporary/permanent ban from official servers.

5. Abusing votekick:
Abusing the vote-kick system (random kicking of players, votekick ‘rigging’ with multiple players etc.) is not allowed. Only use the vote-kick function to remove disruptive or offensive players from the server.

Rules may be subject to change at any time.

If you would like to file a report against a disruptive player, make an appeal, or address any concerns/complaints with the official server rules, please contact moderator via DM on discord @

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  • 29 Apr
 marox — Project Lead

What a ride! The day of Mordhau's release is finally here. Our target is to go live today April 29th @ 10 AM PDT. We will be launching with a base price of $29.99 (Steam currency/regional pricing applies!) and a 10% launch discount. Besides the base game, for those who really want to go the extra mile to support us, you'll also be able to purchase the Supporter Pack containing the soundtrack, Medallion (necklace) wearable cosmetic and Mercenary banner. Those who wish to purchase the Steam key to the game on our webshop, will be able to do so here when the game is released, and a lot more money from those sales will go to the developers, as Steam won't take their cut.

Anyone who backed the game at $40 or more (Beta level, which contained the Soundtrack) will receive the Supporter Pack as part of their pledge via Steam key on the account you've registered on our website. So please keep this in mind to avoid purchasing the Supporter Pack twice! Please give us an extra couple of days to supply these Supporter Pack keys to you, as we ran into some delays there.

All backers should have received their rewards by now (except the soundtrack). For some of you, we're still waiting/adding the things that require your input (custom emblems, etc.) so make sure to fill out all forms on our website. If you have not yet received a key please do the following before contacting us. Check your emails, most of you that contact us have already activated your purchase back in 2017, but have not checked your forum account for the Steam keys. The keys have been waiting for you there for some time :) If you are sure you haven't received any activation link, and have never activated your purchase on our forum/website, then get in touch with us via a Kickstarter private message, or send an email to [email protected] from the email you used to purchase, and we will sort you out.

If you would like to purchase just the soundtrack (and it's a good one!) directly from the composers, you can do that here.

Thank you so much for supporting us and making this project possible. It's been an absolute blast to work on, and we hope you'll enjoy playing it!

See you on the battlefield!

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  • 18 Apr

Good luck, everyone. It has been an honour to follow the development of Mordhau long before the Kickstarter. I hope you win all the Game of the Year awards, because you certainly deserve it.

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  • 18 Apr
 marox — Project Lead

Mordhau is coming to Steam on April 29th 2019. Wishlist it now
Enjoy the trailer!

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  • 11 Apr
 Jax — Community Manager

buckler and round shield both share same anims (center grip shields) so why not

but i wouldn't expect them by release

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  • 11 Apr
 Jax — Community Manager

i'm g'not a g'knight

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  • 13 Apr
 marox — Project Lead

@SherbershLemel said:
will chamber have more AP than parry or will they be the same

Not sure about chamber AP yet, the problem with chamber AP is that it doesn't fit well into this mechanic at all visually. For example, say we give 150ms of AP on the start of riposte, then the animation still makes sense. Now doing the same on chamber makes no sense. Chamber can occur really late, at which point the AP would just be an invisible forcefield. So right now probably no AP on chamber, at least not this way. Not sure what to do about it yet.

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  • 13 Apr
 marox — Project Lead

@Lionheart Chevalier said:
^ By far the most frustrating scenario when dealing with 1vX is when your parry/block is flinched.

Glad to hear something will be done about it,

The game already has parry in flinch for at least the last 2 stress tests (I think), it was just 100ms (or maybe 75ms) and now it'll be extended to 150ms

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  • 12 Apr
 marox — Project Lead

@wierHL said:

@男の娘 said:
i hope the reintroducing of AP wont block attacks from behind

Logically the AP "zone" should be similar to the parrybox right?

Yes, identical zone.

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  • 12 Apr
 marox — Project Lead

Also, I like teamfights at the moment compared to when we had HA. Still wish we got to test AP again though.

We're reintroducing a short period of AP on parries and chambers, but mostly as a consistency thing since it helps blocking that attack that's just about to hit you when you press riposte. Similar to the reason we extend parry into flinch a little bit.

However, I don't think mechanic changes will stop after release. Balancing obviously will continue too. Maybe we can get a opt in test build after release.

We'll be using this to test changes post-release, right now it's just not feasible, because everyone would go onto that branch because it has players, then complain when it's completely broken.

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  • 12 Apr
 Jax — Community Manager

@Lionheart Chevalier said:

@Jax said:
Additional shield changes coming next build.

Can you go into specifics please lol so I can argue for or against them in advance?

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  • 11 Apr
 Jax — Community Manager

Additional shield changes coming next build.

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  • 11 Apr
 Jax — Community Manager

@Lionheart Chevalier said:
I don't like that we get scraps of what may or may not be coming from people who might be on the dev's inner circle. More specifically to deflect or play down combat complaints that have been made since day 1 of Alpha and will likely continue post-release.

Where is Jax?

I don't usually respond with specific balance changes like "oh 25ms feint nerf" or stuff like that because if it changes before a build goes live everybody gets mad at me

We're looking at 1vX improvements and some other general tweaks to improve things, but like I said I'm not going to go into specifics here.

Also Frise if you play the paxe like you do a baxe something is wrong with you lol

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  • 11 Apr


Hello, English speakers. Here is an interview conducted by NoFrag. We are a french site dedicated to FPS.

NoFrag: Hello for the second time! The last time we talked (February 2018) you were about ten people on the team. Has the team evolved since then?
Triternion: We’re still the same team, it’s a good, manageable size for us, and we complement eachother well.

NoFrag: We are a few weeks away from the release, the development of the game started in 2015. How do you feel and how is the atmosphere? Is there a party planned with a VIP area for the press?
Triternion: Things are quite hectic as we near release, trying to fix everything that’s left, adding the last remaining things that we can squeeze in, etc. It’s very hard for us to say “this is it”, as we always want to fit something else in last minute. But we’re almost there! We don’t have any plans for a party on release, we’ll probably be all hands on deck trying to put out any fires, and deal with the PR/marketing side of things – that’s going to be a long week.

NoFrag: A test weekend has just ended, there were some server problems at the beginning. Overall, was this first full-scale test satisfactory for you? Are there still any unknown variables left?
Triternion: Yep, server problems were what we were testing for. Performance wasn’t up to par for the servers due to an oversight on our part, which we couldn’t detect without actual players filling it up. But we’ve quickly fixed the issues, and are expecting the next test to be much smoother. There’s no unknown variables at this point, and, thankfully, we’ve got everything under control.

NoFrag: From what I read, Frontline (objective game mode) was greatly appreciated. Are you going to make any changes before the final release? How many maps will be playable in this mode?
Triternion: We had a lot of positive feedback, and we’re happy folks have enjoyed it! Primarily we’re addressing issues with the mode that we’ve received complaints about, and also addressing performance issues. We’ll be adding a couple more objectives to the maps and some tasks to do at the capture points that have to do with repairing and fortifying them. In total, there will be 4 maps playable in this mode on release (Camp, Grad, Taiga and Mountain Peak), and 2 more maps will be coming post-release once we finish work on them, as we didn’t want to delay release for these two maps in progress.

NoFrag: Overall, can we expect any surprises with regard to the content of the beta?
Triternion: Polish, fixes, optimizations, and trying to squeeze more stuff in for the modes!

NoFrag: Concerning the combat system, are you satisfied with its current state or will you continue to modify/balance a few things here and there?
Triternion: We’re happy with how far we’ve come, but we will absolutely continue to work on it as we go.

NoFrag: The Battle Royale mode has made a lot of comments in its current state. Personally, I didn’t really appreciate the experience. What have you learned from the feedback and will you make any changes?
Triternion: We’re doing plenty of changes to it – rebalancing the loot, fixing the bugs that plagued the experience, etc. Ultimately, however, Battle Royale will probably not be a mode for everyone, but that’s okay.

NoFrag: What are your plans for the content after the release? Do you already have a roadmap in mind?
Triternion: Some of the things we will focus on are getting the 2 large maps that are in progress done, work towards a 1v1 ranked mode, and mod tools. Alongside the bugfixing, that should keep us occupied for a bit!

NoFrag: I imagine that any future major updates of the game will depend a lot on sales. How many Mordhau copies do you need to sell to ensure regular follow-up?
Triternion: We don’t have any concrete numbers. The better it does, the more we can do to support it.

NoFrag: If we look a little further in time, do you already have any ideas for DLCs?
Triternion: Oh, we always throw around some ideas, but don’t have concrete plans right now. We really like the idea of doing bigger expansions rather than some cosmetic items. Introducing new cultures that fit well with the game, alongside new maps, etc. It’s tricky with a multiplayer game, as we can’t split the playerbase, but I’m sure we’ll figure something out.

NoFrag: Do you have any other maps in preparation? If so, how many and in which environment/ambiance? Any other game modes in mind?
Triternion: Two right now, Feitoria which is an urban town with villages surrounding it. It’s our biggest map yet and has been worked on for a very long time, but it’s not quite ready for release yet, and it will probably come shortly after. The second one is an expansion/re-imagining of the current Contraband map into a town by the coast.

NoFrag: Are other siege weapons in preparation? I would very much like to destroy a castle with a trebuchet before sounding the charge.
Triternion: Not at the moment. We have trebuchets that fire on their own on the map Camp, but nothing you can control right now. Perhaps in the future!

NoFrag: Matchmaking and duels will not be present at the release, what were the problems that caused this delay? When can we expect its release?
Triternion: Matchmaking in the sense of automatically queuing for a match with skill being taken into account will be there on release. However it’s not super strict. We’re trying to separate beginners, medium level players, and high skill players to at least some extent. For duels, we will have a very strict matchmaking system as you might expect from a ranked mode, but this requires some additional work on our back-end servers, and isn’t something we will have ready by release. We don’t have a specific timeline for this right now, but it’s something we’ll start on post-release.

NoFrag: Seriously… who are the people behind the voices? In particular, laughter.
Triternion: Those would be the really talented voice actors we work with! They go all out, and we don’t really hold them back or guide them too much. It really makes the whole performance more organic.

NoFrag: Regarding optimization, there were ups and downs depending on the hardware (on Frontline mostly). Are you still working on it?
Triternion: We had two areas that needed optimizing, one was the client, and the other was the server. We’re now happy with the server side of things, as it can maintain a relatively stable frame rate of 60 ticks for 64 players, which wasn’t the case during the first stress test. The second one is client FPS. This one is trickier, as we’ve been optimizing it for a while, but clearly there’s more to be done. This is our top priority right now before launch.

NoFrag: Will we have the right to other musical instruments?
Triternion: We’d definitely love to do some more in the future, but for now it’s just the lute.

NoFrag: We know you plan to support the modding. Do you know when we can expect it?
Triternion: No specific timeline right now, it will come post-release.

NoFrag: As an independent developer, what is your opinion about the Epic Games Store and Steam?
Triternion: The Epic Games Store is a very welcome change in this industry, as it forces competition between the stores and lowering of the cuts that they take (which are substantial). This means making games becomes more profitable in the long run, and more of players’ money goes to developers.

Players often compare the stores for features, and they’re not alone. Developers do this, too. For us right now, Epic’s store is not an option since we rely on Steam’s backend features for things like Steam inventory, matchmaking, achievements… Support for this in the Epic Games Store is still lacking since it’s new, but is planned and is coming. This is why Mordhau will be launching as a Steam exclusive, how funny is that?

NoFrag: It’s time to tell us the release date and price!
Triternion: We’re still working on the exact date, but we’ll be launching at $29.99 with a 10% launch discount.

NoFrag: I sincerely wish you good luck for the release, at NoFrag we love the game and we hope to see it succeed. I’ll give you the last word.
Triternion: Thanks. The release of Mordhau will mark the end of a very long period of development for us, and mark the start of a new one as we embark on post-release support and additions. We’re really excited for the new influx of players and just getting the game out there for everyone to (we hope) enjoy.!

You can also read it here.

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  • 10 Apr
 Jax — Community Manager

yea it's still in the works, anims are like 50% done but other things needed the dev's attention

balance wise, the buckler will probably be a good but demanding shield with lots of strengths and weaknesses, and the round shield will be an in-between of heater/kite most likely, wider/shorter than the kite and probably a little bit less cumbersome

that being said nothing is set in stone yet on them

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  • 9 Apr

I recommend you watch the dev blogs.

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New painting I'm fiddling around with. new.jpg

Needs a background and it should be finished.