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  • 22 Apr '19

cool thread retard

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  • 22 Apr '19

but it works both ways, they'll take longer to die too, making it more likely that you yourself will eventually get killed.

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  • 21 Apr '19

@Mittsies said:
throwable tomatoes or this game is fucking dead to me

And rape mechanics but for horses

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  • 20 Apr '19

Cancel it.

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  • 20 Apr '19

Hitstop is an overall buff to stabs because you get faster strike recovery rather than comboes, which are more limited due to lack of morphing, and stabs aren't good at hitting multiple people for the most part (only the holy trinity of spear halb zwei do it on any consistent basis). Just think of fighting a quarterstaff - due to hitstopping on every hit, the QS can always morph its attacks except for whiffed comboes.

Without hitstop, your attack still is in release after hit. If you want to be able to morph, you have to wait until recovery passes.

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  • 17 Apr '19

Hey, glad you're not dead yet! You can't use the g word as an insult here anymore. Also taking drugs is cultural appropriation as that right is reserved to Americans of African descent exclusively. Other than that, not much changed ApatheticDeity. Mordhau will probably release this month, it's pretty fun tbh and yeah. You may want to set your preffered pronoun in your profile, so we know how to refer to you in the future. Have a good day and praise allah.

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  • 14 Apr '19

ratt did you by any chance read redwall as a kid

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  • 11 Apr '19

@Jax said:
We're looking at 1vX improvements and some other general tweaks to improve things, but like I said I'm not going to go into specifics here.

You said this exact bullshit with the shields issue, and then we got kick-stun. So yea, this means nothing.

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  • 10 Apr '19

Stab feints being arguably less readable than in Chiv, but justified by ez-mode chambers, so that the optimal way of playing is to attempt a chamber on every single stab? What is even the point of stabs anymore? Is that ideal or just lazy?

Shields being as dumb as they were in Chiv, with same non-solution Tornbanner implemented?

And then 1vX being a riposte-spam fest where the 1 is forced to just passively read these broken stab feints without being able to use the mechanic that makes them reasonable, chambers, because chambers still have no protection or use in 1vX. But hey, the 1 can trade hits. That should be enough to get over the fact that they can't use the main tactic the game is based around.

All weapons feel almost identical, while Chiv, for the shit show it was, had all weapons feel unique and reward different playstyles. Tornbanner pulled that off by accident. Yet in Mordhau, with mechanics intending to do just that, like no-combo weapons and no-flinch carving knife, weapon variety is miles worse.

Is this really what ya'll wanted Mordhau to be? Since you're saying that combat isn't a priority and you just wanna get Frontline out.

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  • 6 Apr '19

The problem is - this is totally wrong.

Steam doesnt pay at the end of the month, steam pays by the 30th of the month following sale so for example if they sold something in april, they will have to wait to may for the money.

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  • 5 Apr '19

It might be this month, it might be next month, it might be the one after that, it might actually be April! (2020) but end of the month for sure.

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  • 4 Apr '19

hello i keep getting crashes to the game every time i try to load a match, even the tutorial and bot games, i dont know what to do, i tried turning the game settings down i tried shaving one of my eyebrows off please i will never buy AMD products again please i just feel like shit, i feel like fucking shit please im so sorry for buying AMD...

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  • 1 Apr '19

made a new account just to like this post

very good quality

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  • 30 Mar '19

This is a PDF. The link should allow for comments but please comment here so it doesn't get too cluttered on the actual document.

Pics for those who think links are very spoopy





1325 2012

@Maci said:
Unlock the female playermodel on valentines day

Along with rape and prostitution mechanics.

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  • 27 Mar '19

Unlock the female playermodel on valentines day

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  • 27 Mar '19
 Humble Staff






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  • 27 Mar '19

Its like Analgrinder suddenly went to Harvard.