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"A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad."


Thank you for your hard work Triternion!

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  • 27 Nov '18
Disclaimer : I'm aware that healing items are far from being finished and certainly won't make it to the release version the way they are now. I believe this is the right time to throw some suggestion so as to improve them.

So I've tried to play as a healer support during tdm and skirmishes to see how it would play out. My build include a decent melee weapon with two medic bags as well as decent armor to be able to fight and not exclusively dispense medic bags. I generally place my medic bags behind the columns on contraband so players can heal while taking cover.

While it saves some time, it doesn't feel very useful. Most people don't even notice or remember these bags are here when they need it.

I think the medic bag should be primarily an active healing item you can use on others, that you can also throw with r (like the way it works now). Here's a few ways it could work :

  • The medic bag could be a bandage dispenser. When left clicking, the user pick a bandage from the bag and put it directly into another player's inventory (might be difficult to implement, conflict if the target's inventory is full) or on the ground( possibly hard to spot for the target).

*The medic bag could be an active healing item. Holding left click while aiming at a player in close range will heal him after a few seconds (just like how players hold e to heal right now). The process is interrupted if the target start any action that prevents passive healing or walks out of range. (I can't think of a visual animation that could be done to show the process of healing someone else though).

TL;DR most people don't bother using healing items, I think the medic should have to use healing items on others instead.

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  • 21 Nov '18
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Hey man come to brasil, if the tour company is good you will only get shanked one or two times. Maybe three if you are extremely unlucky.

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  • 15 Nov '18

implying they're not already god tier

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  • 15 Nov '18

Not enough time left in the day to watch the video? Do not fret! I gotchu… Here’s a bunch of resources that quickly sum up Patch 19:

  • Jump Comparison | GIF |
  • Vaulting | GIF |
  • Climbing! | GIF.1 | GIF.2 |
  • Climbing? | GIF |
  • Swapping Equipment | Image | GIF |
  • Bandages | GIF |
  • Medic Bag | GIF |
  • Toolbox Barricade | Image |
  • Toolbox Spikes | Image | GIF.1 | GIF.2 |
  • Recurve & Longbow Skins | Image |
  • New Pauldrons & Chain | Image |
  • Vehicle Damage | Image | GIF |
  • Catapult Comparison | GIF |
  • Crossbow Reload FPP | GIF |
  • Jiggly Holsters | GIF |

Changes that were present that I quite conveniently forgot about:

  • The toolbox has 3 uses before a resupply is needed.
  • You can resupply the bandages, medic bag and toolbox at an ammunition crate.
  • Chase mechanic (both front & back) only kicks in when you’re holding a melee weapon.
  • Purple leather colours were removed, and have been replaced with 3 more shades of brown.
  • Catapult movement and turning speeds have been increased.
  • You will be able to construct a mini ballista with the toolbox, but you’re currently unable to do so in Patch 19. I’d imagine it will remain disabled until Frontline makes its way into the game.
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  • 8 Nov '18
 Jax — Community Manager


This thread will be used to give periodic updates on the development of MORDHAU as we near closer to release, and show off some of our newest additions and features to the game. Keep in mind that much of what you may see is in varying stages of completion, and these work-in-progress features may be changed during development.

First off, we've been working on the back-end of Frontline, and one of the features that will help to add to the chaos and immersion of this mode is the Toolbox, which allows you to place dynamic fortifications around the battlefield. Currently, you can choose between three different items; the archer barricade, stakes, and a miniaturized ballista. These can be placed nearly anywhere, but use up the toolbox's ammo, which you can replenish at a supply crate.

The archer cover allows you to barricade areas off, to shoot out of the arrow slits. Meanwhile, the stakes cause damage to players running into them, and at certain speeds will be lethal.

All of the new items can be destroyed, but in some cases you can bypass them altogether with our newest feature - climbing! You can climb most objects in the world, but it's risky - taking damage means you will be ragdolled and fall to the ground.

Some other utility items are coming soon as well, in the form of healing items. Bandages let you quickly regen some HP, keeping you in the fight for longer. If you're more focused on teamplay, a deploying the Medic Bag will allow other players to heal from it.

Lastly, a nice quality-of-life improvement is the new pickup system; tapping E will pick up an item, but by holding it you're able to directly swap items instead.

Wrapping up, most of our development efforts are focused on map creation, and we've got a few new screenshots of Taiga to show off. Enjoy!


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italicised text> @Smokingbobs said:

The option will be reintroduced when the devs have implemented leg and knee sculpting, which is priority #1.

Now there's a name i haven't seen in a while also ......

Support Our Troops. The Romans Support Naked Legs #NakedLegs2018 #BringThemBack

Roman Salute.png

Feel The Breeze

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  • 25 Sep '18
 Sir Zombie

In other news:

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  • 25 Sep '18
 marox — Project Lead

We've set up a shop with Mordhau-branded physical items (no keys, sorry!) that you can buy, featuring some amazing t-shirts designed by our very talented Rattsknecht. Perfect if you want to show off your love for the game, or just want to look cool. We're starting it off with a 10% discount this week -- check out the shop here!

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  • 16 Sep '18
 Jax — Community Manager

Hi everyone! It's been a while, but today we've just released our fourth dev blog, the Road to Release! In this blog we showcase some of the improvements and additions made to MORDHAU in the past few months during closed alpha testing. Speaking of testing, things have taken a little longer than planned and while we've had to push full release to early 2019, we've decided to activate keys for Early Bird and Release-tier Kickstarter backers, as well as Gumroad pre-orders! Check your emails registered with Kickstarter/Gumroad for more information, and enjoy the video!

Please note: currently, we have no plans for further access to closed testing - we ask that you patiently wait for full release in early 2019. Thank you for your understanding. For more information on this, check here

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  • 5 Sep '18

I think the boringness of horses is highly due to the map designs and TDM. However, I feel like they could add immense tactical richness to an actual objective mode with wider fields to fight in rather than these narrow lanes we have right now where you just get friendly trampled and horseriders get stuck on little flowers.

Horses need to be considerably louder too to reduce that unfair feeling of seemingly instadying out of nowhere. I've suggested even a minor screenshake when a horse is nearby for both visceral immersion and to signal as a warning, but people have said even the slightest shake might ruin melee aiming. As if getting lanced with no forewarning is better. Horses are a "shit, better make way" regardless of the rider's allegiance, a better signal would be appreciated imo.

Also, I'm sure many find being a horseman really fun precisely because of the overpoweredness :). Bear traps, billhooks, pavise road blockades (maybe horses will be able to ram these later though), archers, pots are tools currently available to stifle and ruin a horseman's day.

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  • 29 Aug '18
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Mine clipped through your mom fgt.

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  • 25 Aug '18

This thread is now obsolete. Please click here to get to the current lutebot thread


Since I heard about the lute being added to Mordhau, I through that being able to play any music you want with the ingame instruments could be fun. So I made the Lute Bot, an application which will hopefully allow you to achieve your dreams of being a medieval bard !

What's the Lute Bot ?

The lute bot is a complete application allowing you to play virtually any midi (.mid) file you may find on the internet.
It has a variety of features to simplify its usage and adapt it to your needs.

First Look at the interface :

LuteBot interface.PNG

Each of the main features is on a separate window, allowing you to tailor the interface to what you need the most.

Main features

The music player

LuteBot Main window.PNG
The main window contain the music player. You can load and play a single midi file, access the settings and the keybinding menu.

The PlayList menu

LuteBot PlayList.PNG
The playList menu allows you to create, save and load playlists containing the musics of your choice.
If the playlist contains more than two elements, it will automatically play the tracks one after another.
Right clicking on a track allow you to play it or delete it from the playlist.
You can change the order of any track in the playlist by dragging and dropping it where you want.

The SoundBoard menu

LuteBot SoundBoard.PNG
The soudboard menu allows you to set up to 9 binds for specific songs. When you press the key while in game it will play the associated song. You may also save and load one or more soundboards.

The Track Selection menu

LuteBot Track Selection.PNG
The track selection menu is a vital feature of the Lute Bot. It allows you to "mute" instruments used in the midi file. You ideally want as few instruments as possible to play at the same time, but some songs requires more than one instrument to sound good. I recommend that you try with and without specific instruments until you figure out a good balance for each songs. Once you have it figured out, press Save Song Profile to save your modifications. If you activated the automated song profile loading, each song you play will load its associated profile if it exists, even when played while in game through the soundboard or playlist. You can also Select All instruments to fully play the song regardless of your parameters.

Configuring the Lute Bot

KeyBinding menu

This menu will let you bind keys to perform a number of actions without the need to alt tab out of Mordhau.
Make sure you have set the same key for the console in the game and in the Lute Bot.

Settings menu

This menu will allow you to set certain options such as which windows you want to show on startup.
The sound effects option will let you chose if you want the musics to be also played by the windows default midi player (useful for tweaking which instruments should play for which file for instance).
If you chose to, the console will automatically open when a song start playing and close when it stops.

I would recommend not to touch the advanced parameters !. They are here just in case. If you change them by accident, you can refer to the above screenshot for the default values.


Up-to-date version :

Mordhau Lute Bot V1.2


Check out this great tutorial made by Miloš :

Additional Notes


Results may vary from a midi file to another.
If you want to test it properly, I recommend using this file which works great with no additional tweaking :


I will write here common issues and how to fix them.

The console close while I'm playing and the commands ends up being put in the chat

Mordhau's console can get overwhelmed by certain songs. Try the midi file which I linked above to test the bot first. You can also try one of these fixes :

-In the advanced parameters, you can try to raise the Note Cooldown. 25 Should fit most songs but i suggest to put it up to 30 if you encounter any issues. You can try to go higher until the problem does not appear anymore, but keep in mind that the higher the cooldown, the weirder the the music will sound.

-In the track selection menu you can try to mute some instruments to reduce the number of notes played. Typically you want to mute drums and other "background" instruments that tend to play a lot of notes without adding much to the actual music. That will reduce the number of notes played and thus avoid overwhelming the console.

The console does not open at all when I press play and the commands ends up being put in the chat

Check the keybind menu and make sure the key set to the console is the same as the one in game.

If you're still encountering issues with that, you can go in Option > Settings and turn off "Automatically Open/Close the console". Once done, make sure you manually open the console, then press the play hotkey (by default +) to play. Press the play hotkey again to pause then close then console manually.

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  • 15 Aug '18
 marox — Project Lead

There are two more perks:
Scavenger, which causes the enemies to drop all of their gear on death.
Dodge, which we're experimenting with and adds a short speed boost sideways/backwards replacing the jump in those directions (it is triggered by the jump key + movement). It's FAR from a teleport though, and it's quite a high point cost perk. The first build we did adding the dodge perk, it had a bug that caused characters to be set on fire (visually), start perpetually screaming, enter ragdoll, but retain control of their characters and float around as if they were possessed. It was quite unsettling and it's almost as if some dark force was telling us that we went too far.

The smith perk currently just increases the repair effectiveness, isn't actually tied to the anvil. The anvil is a bit of a meme right now, I mean after all, you bash on things and upgrade them. It was more of an attempt to see if we had everything in the game supporting this sort of creation, but we'll probably keep it around regardless.

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  • 1 May '18
 Jax — Community Manager

Summary of Patch #17

With the release of Alpha build #17 we’re excited to debut two of our most anticipated features: Archery & Voice Commands. Launching with them is the Perks system which aims to bring interesting variety to character creation and fighting styles while we shake up the meta with various combat rebalances.

Reaching these goals is an important step forward in the development of Mordhau and we look forward to bringing our next target to the alpha: Frontline.

Biggest changes and additions:

  • Added ranged equipment: Recurve Bow, Longbow, Crossbow
  • Added a wide variety of Perks to spice up loadouts.
  • Added Voice Commands (default Keys C for Voice Commands and V for Battlecry), you can choose from 6 voices
  • Chambers now cost stamina, this is an attempt to shake up the Chamber and Drag heavy meta and make room for other approaches and playstyles.
  • Big quality of life improvements to Loadout Selection and the Armory including live previews of your loadouts and simplified stats to see all the important info at a glance.
  • Improvements to the crosshair: it will now display the current angle and other combat related states like recovery, flinch, riposte, etc.
  • Expanded Camp with a battlefield and trebuchets looming in the distance.
  • Added locational wounds to make the combat more visceral.
  • Improved hit feedback by adding slight camera shakes on hits as well as adding cosmetic hitstop to bladed weapons.
  • Added support equipment: Beartraps, Pavise shields and a Lute.
  • Added a spooky dungeon to Grad.
  • Added doors and other interactables to some maps.
  • Added a couple new helmets and a new waist piece.
  • Optimized character rendering

...and much much more. See the full changelog here

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  • 19 Apr '18
 Jax — Community Manager

Hi everyone!

Most of you already know me, but my name's Jax! I've been following Mordhau since before it was called Mordhau, and throughout the years I've been helping out Triternion by spreading all the info I can possibly find about this wonderful game. I've been doing this for quite a while already, so the devs have decided to bring me into the fold as part of the team - as the community manager.

I'm not here to replace the developers from communicating directly with you all - I know that I myself have greatly appreciated them being able and willing to hop on here to answer our questions or address feedback. Instead of replacing them, my goal is to supplement; they're busy working on the game, so I'll be helping to push out some new details when they're ready, read nearly everything you all say, so on and so forth. If you have any questions, complaints, concerns, etc. feel free to tell me (it's my job)! With that being said, it's going to take me a little bit to adjust to the role, so please bear with me as I figure things out.

Two things to wrap up this post:

I want to thank Triternion - Mordhau is truly a special game and I'm honored to be given the opportunity to help in some small way. Not only are you making a stellar game, but you're awesome people. I have nothing but trust and faith in the direction you all are headed. Most importantly, I want to thank you all, the community. Mordhau isn't even out yet and yet here are some awesome people I've met, quite a few of which I consider good friends now. I don't think I would have stuck around for like 3 years if it wasn't for the countless laughs, discussions, excessively long posts, and good times I've had with you all. I'm happy to be a part of this community and I look forward to many more years to come.

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  • 8 Feb '18
 Jax — Community Manager

@Lionheart Chevalier said:
I get rekt by everyone tbh but I do great with a shield.

No offense man, but that right there means that it's too good.

Shields in their current state artificially inflate a player's survivability - they make someone who has very bad defense suddenly a chore to gradually wear down and kill. I've fought many new players that I have to slowly whittle down their stamina with kicks and repetitive attacks to get rid of their shield. Once it's gone, I've killed those players with the next two hits.

Shields should make defense easier, but this should come at the cost of offensive capability. Right now, there are very few downsides to them, and these downsides aren't nearly impactful enough to actually matter. A good player can take a shield, land a few chambers, and then keep a stamina advantage. They can also have the luxury of not dealing with accels, delays, feints, morph delays, and strike manipulation since they can just fall back on holding RMB. That's like 80% of the game's combat mechanics that you can just ignore. Meanwhile, the person fighting them still has to worry about all of these mechanics, and has to get upwards of 6 attacks to land on the shield to even the playing field, which a decent player can punish with chambers anyways.

They're pretty much a "fun vacuum" in their current state. By making them require some sort of skill in the defense department while lessening their offensive potential, they could become very fun to use, and fight against. Right now that isn't the case, and the devs will be taking steps to correct this issue.

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  • 29 Jan '18
 marox — Project Lead

Work continues on Mordhau and we're making good progress towards beta and release, but unfortunately we're not quite there yet. We do not intend to rush things, but since we promised early access to Beta backers by January, we are letting the Beta backers into the melee-focused Mordhau Alpha. If you are a beta backer, you will receive an email from us shortly with instructions on how to get your Steam key. Our actual Beta and Release dates will unfortunately have to shift a bit further into 2018 to make sure we can deliver content with an adequate attention to detail and polish. We will keep you updated on the matter!

We are also releasing some of the backer rewards that can now be claimed, and we have also begun collecting input for the personalized rewards. For those of you who backed at the corresponding tiers, you will see your rewards listed in the account tab on our website, and you will be able to fill out the input for personalized rewards there as well.

And finally, check out some cool Alpha combat footage below, captured by community member Trix: