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@Dreamer19 said:

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b-but 2 week notice for work holiday..pls devs....

Well I guess this is the closest to a 2 week notice, it's going to be at the very end of the month, but more on the exact date in the trailer.

At the very end of the month... the trailer or the release date?


Release date. We're working on getting the trailer done for publishing now, so probably 0-3 days until that's out.

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  • 11 Apr '19

This guy.

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Here something to ponder from the community manager

.. we are dying for it...

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  • 31 Mar '19

In celebration of my 1000th post id like to say how great every one is (expect crushed) from first hearing the rumors about slasher way back in 2014 (5 fucking years of waiting Jesus) and watching camp grounds go from a tech demo into an actual map you guys trinaton trialtin triceratops the mordhau devs have shown a hell of a lot of effort and improvement this game truly looks like something that could be considered a feat of game design and im still sorry I couldn't help with the kickstarter (im an idiot) and if I could pay $100 for a base copy I would

to all the community members I know im mostly a background character around here I only meme it up never played comp in chiv joined a clan avoided duel servers like the plague or even got into the alpha/beta but still ive learned things and laughed a lot its been a fun ride from slasher when? to the mysterious rise of Patchie I cant really name any one person because this applys to everyone devs mods forum members

you bunch of autistic idiots are great

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  • 31 Mar '19

Will it be possible at some point to chop limbs off of horses?
It's not particularly useful but I think it would be cool to be able to slay them just like the other enemies!
Just imagine a horse mounted by a knight riding full speed towards you and you just manage to decapitate the horse while it's charging!
I dunno, it's an idea

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First Impressions from a noob (600 hrs Chiv, 40ish hours Mordy)

TL;DR - Overall, FL is missing the "soul" of TO because it feels like a disconnected, endless slog of a battle that looks awesome on paper and has great cinematic ragdoll-style effects but ultimately feels like TO's sloppy seconds because it doesn't feel like there's any thread of a story running through each area/objective.

FL seems like it's missing the "soul" that TO once had. If we take everyone's favorite Dark Forest as an example, it feels like both teams are going through a sort of story as the match progresses. Sure, the lore is minimal and pushing the cart is simplistic, but little flavor elements and varied objectives like spilling the corpses into the cistern to spread plague or having two people stand on either side of a gate to lower it, combined with the final epic siege of the fort to kill the royal family, all lead to the player feeling like there's kind of a "story" as the game goes on.

Plus, you'll start to recognize the exceptional players on both teams as the match goes on. You might see a guy with a gold helmet 1v3 and go wow, I better steer clear of him. Then you remember his name and he becomes almost like a miniboss as he's defending the royal family. These mini rivalries create sort of a meta story, combined with the lore elements of the objectives, that make each match of TO memorable and enjoyable even if you occasionally die from a catapult or some nonsense firepot.

FL has almost none of this because the objectives themselves (points and carts) don't really do anything significant. Throwing fire onto blue team's camp tents is neat and a nice throwback to chiv, but the explosive carts and holding points feel sort of uninspired. Perhaps part of that is because they they dont change the terrain at all.

Even in a linear TO map like Dark Forest, you'd have plenty of unique areas to fight around during each stage of the objective. The first two sections are simple with small wooden structures and bridges, but thanks to a bit of verticality they remain interesting (think of the second wooden platform layer during the cistern stage (the one with the gate that two people have to stand on each side to lower) and the log bridge at the royal family part). Whereas FL, or at least Camp, is mostly just a big flat battlefield. Kinda boring. And maybe part of that is because it doesn't change. With TO maps, unique and interesting areas might not last more than a few minutes, so if you want to try something unique, you'll only have a few chances to do so. The experience remains novel in the player's mind because it doesn't last very long, so the fights they have there feel like they have a history and not like it's just a big battle where your last fight could've happened in this match, the previous one, or any other random moment of playing FL.

The attackers have a solid goal to push toward and they know they can make reliable progress that won't be reversed, so they can feel happy about their death if they know it helped push the cart just a few more inches. Whereas defenders can feel extra satisfied when they do finish someone off and clear the cart. They know that they just have to last a few more minutes and they'll win, whereas the attackers need to beat them back just far enough to get the next objective and add more time. Those moments are climactic and exciting because there are reasons to try extra hard during those moments.

TL;DR again

Overall, FL is missing the "soul" of TO because it feels like a disconnected, endless slog of a battle that looks awesome on paper and has great cinematic ragdoll-style effects but ultimately feels like TO's sloppy seconds because it doesn't feel like there's any thread of a story running through each area/objective.

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  • 25 Mar '19

@Smokingbobs said:
I agree with the overwhelming list of locked items. I feel like a good way to eliminate that and make unlocking weapons and armour more satisfying is to create a dedicated shop in the main menu. It could be a rather simple UI, or a complete environment, like a marketplace with weapons in stalls, or a blacksmith's forge.

I did think that it's a bit hard to keep track of what you unlocked and still has to unlock, but I couldn't find any idea on how to make it better.
Your forge/market menu sounds like a very good idea, I like it.

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  • 25 Mar '19

Weapons should unlock with kills rather than gold/xp (time spent), with flexible goals (i.e. to unlock Halberd, you'll need 40 kills across any of the following: Poleaxe, Billhook, Bardiche, or Spear) to encourage freedom, not just grinding a single weapon until you get the next one. This also allows players to unlock new weapons over time without delaying their cosmetic progression via gold.

We want to accomplish all of the following:

  • Encourage new players to try out different weapons
  • Not overwhelm new players with too many choices
  • Not frustrate new players with too few starting weapons
  • Have players aim for kills, rather than just time spent
  • Make players feel rewarded for unlocking something

Note: Check out the end of this post for an example of the progression system, will help put things into perspective.

(Skip this section if you're already convinced weapons should unlock with kills instead of gold)

  • Reason 1: The primary reason to have a progression system is to encourage new players to play the game more, to try out new things, and not be overwhelmed by choices. Currently it does encourage more playtime, but it provides no incentive to try different weapons, and they are given the option to buy nearly every item right away which is a daunting number of choices.

  • Reason 2: it's not satisfying to unlock a weapon with gold (time spent), because you don't feel like you've really accomplished anything. You just get gold for time played, then arbitrarily buy a new weapon to play with. It's boring. There's nothing to work towards. No interesting weapon unlocks to look forward to. No feeling of accomplishment when you get a new weapon.

  • Reason 3: using the same system to unlock functional weapons and cosmetics isn't fun. As a new player you'll be presented with the choice to either start customizing your character and make him look cool, or just wear the ugly basic armor for many hours while you grind all of the weapons.

Deep Explanation
(The reasoning behind the proposed system of unlocking things, so you know it's not just arbitrary)

Now to explain the proposed system a bit. Players will start with a modest collection of familiar, standard, basic weapons. These will cover a wide variety of play-styles. They won't leave a new player feeling disadvantaged by a lack of choices, nor overwhelmed by an abundance of them. Afterwards, they will quickly unlock weapons by scoring kills. The conditions will be simple, just a few kills with a specific type of weapon.

Let's start with the Shortsword, Arming sword, and Dagger. They all play very similar roles in Mordhau: short, fast, cheap, stab weapons. The Dagger and Arming Sword, however, are the most basic of these and should be unlocked by default since they are very standard on a lot of builds. The Shortsword, being a little less common, could instead be unlocked by getting 10 Kills with Arming Sword and/or Dagger.

This accomplishes several things. It provides incentive to try the Shortsword because they earned it, and the flexible goal of either Arming Sword or Dagger gives them some freedom when deciding how to unlock an item. It also forces the player to actually score kills, rather than just unlocking things by spending time. Lastly, because the player already has very similar options available to them, they won't feel gimped for not having access to the Shortsword.

The early weapon unlocks will be very familiar and typical weapons like Greatsword and Spear. The later unlocks, with higher requirements, will be more specialized or exotic weapons like Executioner's Sword and Estoc. This is to give new players a small sense of accomplishment for unlocking the later weapons, and because players will immediately have access to very strong and versatile weapons like Longsword and Poleaxe, they won't feel intimidated by players who've already unlocked the more quirky weapons. Also important not to forget players can pick up weapons off the battlefield to try them out early.

Weapons with higher kill requirements will have a broader number of options players can use to unlock them with, so players don't feel forced to grind with the same weapon over and over to get the higher unlocks. The Estoc, for instance, requires 40 kills but you can use the Shortsword, Arming Sword, Bastard Sword, and/or the Rapier to get those kills - so players will have a lot of freedom in the way they unlock the content. I feel this is far superior to a linear progression (such as: 40 kills with Longsword to get Bastard Sword --> 40 kills with Bastard Sword to get Rapier --> 40 kills with Rapier to get Estoc).

Ultimately the progression system needs to be quick and simple. Experienced players could unlock every weapon in a day. New players will be able to unlock everything within their first week of playing, especially if fighting against other near-skilled players. Then once all weapons are unlocked, players will naturally switch their focus to unlocking cosmetics to customize their weapon skins. I think this system will work out nicely.

and finally...

Weapon Progression Example

Starting Weapons
(Peasant/Throwables/Traps/Shields/Bows are not mentioned here)

  • Dagger
  • Arming Sword
  • Quarterstaff
  • Blacksmith Hammer
  • Falchion
  • Mace
  • Messer
  • Longsword
  • Battle Axe
  • Poleaxe

Fast Unlocks
(super fast unlocks for early progression)

  • Bastard Sword: Get 5 kills with any melee weapon.
  • Spear: Get 5 kills with stab attacks.
  • Greatsword: Get 5 kills with strike attacks.
  • Great-Club†: Get 5 kills with blunt (hit-stop) attacks.

Early Unlocks

  • Shortsword: Get 10 kills with Dagger or Arming Sword.
  • Billhook: Get 10 kills with Quarterstaff or Spear.
  • Cleaver: Get 10 kills with Falchion or Messer.
  • Warhammer: Get 10 kills with Blacksmith Hammer or Mace.
  • War Axe: Get 10 kills with Axe or Battle Axe.

Medium Unlocks

  • Rapier: Get 20 kills with Arming Sword or Bastard Sword.
  • Bardiche: Get 20 kills with Poleaxe or Billhook.
  • Zweihander: Get 20 kills with Longsword or Greatsword.
  • Eveningstar: Get 20 kills with Mace or Great-Club.

Advanced Unlocks

  • Estoc: Get 40 kills with Shortsword, Arming Sword, Bastard Sword, or Rapier.
  • Halberd: Get 40 kills with Poleaxe, Billhook, Bardiche, or Spear.
  • Executioner: Get 40 kills with Messer, Longsword, Greatsword, or Zweihander.
  • Maul: Get 40 kills with Warhammer, Blacksmith Hammer, Mace, or Eveningstar.
  • Lute: Unlock every weapon.

† = New weapon: non-peasant Great-Club. It'll be like an Eveningstar with a bad stab. Would fit the weapon roster nicely imo.

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  • 19 Mar '19

Leveling up right, whilst it doesn't feel bad, doesn't feel great either. There is no feedback on leveling up othe than a pretty animation and a number increase.

I think it would be nice to add a gold reward on leveling up, as well as showing unlocks when you level up. That way people feel like they've achieved something.


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  • 16 Mar '19

So, we can't really tell how much stuff is hidden from us but after playing frontline mode for few hours, I think we all can agree that it's not a polished experience, here are some of the issues i found, i'm not including server issues etc. cause that's easily fixable:

  1. Ballista/Catapult belongs to the most toxic guy - if you will encounter a guy from your team who really wants to get a siege weapon he will just attack you and take it away, you can either give up or TK him, this will be a huge problem later in game.
  2. (on camp) it's easier to win as a red team, why? You can simply suicide run with torches to destroy the tents, you can't do the same as a blue team
  3. XP/Gold gain needs balancing
  4. No autobalance
  5. No votekick option
  6. VoIP would be cool thing to have to reduce the chaos

and some other. With how the steam works these days you can hide most of these imperfections behind the EARLY ACCESS gate, here are some profits of going into EA in current game state:

  1. Mordhau is still far from being finished from a casual perspective (and we really need casual players in game to fill the playerbase), So if someone will mention hit detection issues, animations, lack of stuff they want etc. you can simply close the discussion by "its early access, things are due to change" etc.
  2. Increased steam visibility - so, the thing is, with Early Access your game can be released twice. First, during the EA launch you will get some important visibility from steam, and then, when the EA ends you get it yet again and your game will be shown in "recently released popular games"
  3. Curators and reviewers will take into a consideration that the game is still in Early Access phase, trust me, it's better if mordhau will be called "almost finished early access title" than "buggy finished game".
  4. It WILL NOT affect gameplay whatsover - so we've got few "elite" guys who think that EA sucks, it will destroy the game etc. which is not true, Early Access will give devs a time to polish the game while earning money, we won't be affected by that.

Devs. I know that you won't be leaving mordhau after the release, but trust me, in current state it's really better to give it a shot as a Early Access title so people will know it's being worked at and improved. If you will go into released state you risk getting mixed reviews because of the flaws mordhau still has.

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  • 15 Mar '19
 Humble Staff

I experienced his discontent first hand earlier today, he wasn't very much into frontline.

Also, me and a SA pal couldn't find any servers after some point, idk why. SmokingBobs told me the same not too long ago. The game crashes from time to time too, i sent the respective reports.

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  • 12 Mar '19
 marox — Project Lead

Attention all backers!

NOTE: This is a closed test for Kickstarter backers only. Access to the game is otherwise not possible at the moment, but release is coming soon!

As we approach towards having everything ready for release, we need your help to do some stress testing and identifying any show-stopping issues. Starting on March 15th (Friday) at 5 PM CET (Central European Time), until (including) March 17th (Sunday), we will be running organized tests on the pre-release build, where you'll get a taste of what we've been working on.

This time around, we really need to hit high player counts, so we are going to be limiting the servers to guide the testing phase. We will be doing themed tests each day to focus the population, starting with Friday - Frontline on Camp, Saturday - Battle Royale on Grad, and ending with Sunday - Horde on Taiga. Outside of these dates, the new modes will not be available to play. We are doing this to ensure that all those who wish to try them out show up on the days mentioned, ensuring a high peak. During the testing we will have servers in EU, US, AUS and SA.

After the weekend testing period, we will be rolling back the game to the current test build which will remain up until closer to release. Assuming there are no major issues, we will then proceed with our preparations for release and will announce an exact date shortly after. Good times are coming.

(Sneak peak below of the new armory poses :))


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 Jax — Community Manager

it's fun man

embrace the meme or be incinerated by it

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  • 30 Jan '19

good evening mordhau ganG

ive been playing mordhau for a while and i have noticed a lack of any kind of cathedral or church maps situated within the universe of mordhau, i would like to offer a concept map which ive created for reference. unfortunately, im not much of a smart boy when it comes to UE4, but i did recently gain access to the bubblebath game engine beta, AKA dreams ps4 creator beta (a unique cloud point rendering engine)- and with it, i have aimed to create a map inspired by the likes of mordhau, you will see that i have incorporated places for spawn points, chokeholds, ladders, space for horses to roam, and i have aimed to make the design interesting and have the level design loop around on itself in different ways to make for varied traversal.

the map is spilt in to 2 main sections. the first being inspired by the contraband ruins from mordhau. and the 2nd being the cathedral portion, the most important part. the cathedral itself features several entrances, and is complimented by satellite scaffolds and hedge dividers to break up the map both vertically and horizontally. and of course there is plenty of art to appreciate along the way, i hope this gives you guys some more ideas for your own maps, and possibly we can get a cathedral map soon. and if you like more concepts from me, that will be ok since i like to do this in my spare time anyway.

i am providing some screenshots, and a 5 minute video:

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  • 30 Jan '19
 marox — Project Lead

Mordhau's store page is now listed on Steam!
We've been hard at work wrapping things up for release the past several months, fixing any outstanding bugs and adding the necessary polish and content where needed. This work will continue leading up to release in Q2 2019, which we estimate we will hit somewhere in April (early if all goes to plan). A glance over the Steam page should give you a hint of what to expect on release, but I will elaborate a little more here. We'll be releasing with 3 new modes that we expect to be the main attraction.

Frontline: a flag-capturing conquest-like mode played on large maps with horses, siege engines and chaos all-around. Goal is to capture the enemy's flags in linear order while defending your own, and culminates with an objective to complete in the enemy's base.

Battle Royale: start out with fists on one of our maps, haunted by a circle constantly creeping ever closer. Find loot & armor in chests (or on other players) to deck yourself out and manage your health with scavenged bandages instead of regeneration.

Horde: coop mode to play with friends against waves of AI, where you can purchase equipment & armor in your base obtained from clearing out the more and more difficult waves.

And of course, all the modes we have so far: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch & the round-based single-life Skirmish mode. We've been working on polishing plenty of stuff such as the AI, the UI, adding unlocks and achievements, tracking skill based on kills/deaths to be able to put players into appropriate servers, improving performance, etc. We also now have a fun tutorial for new players that they can play through to familiarize themselves with the game. Throughout all this time work continued on map work, which led to various reworks and expansions of current maps like Grad and Camp and the introduction of Taiga. We have some maps still in the pipeline and close to completion, but we won't hold the release back if those are not finished, meaning they might come shortly after release.

Finally, there's some things that didn't make it for various reasons and we decided are not worth holding back a release for. Among the Kickstarter stretch goals that won't make it on release are ranked competitive 1v1 matchmaking and the SDK. We will focus on these post-launch. Another feature that won't be there are female characters, as we simply didn't have time to do these justice, so we will be looking at the introduction of the gender option after release.

There's also some Kickstarter rewards we need to wrap up, and we will be sorting these out before release as we go.

We'll be keeping in touch!

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  • 27 Jan '19
 Sir Zombie

Link by daddy Marox

Right now our plans are to reach release stage, and this will mean skipping the beta due to time constraints. By this I mean any real beta -- something like a 1-2 week "beta" that AAA studios pull before release might still happen so we can catch the most obvious bugs and are able to stress-test our backend servers (for unlocking, matchmaking, etc), but no real serious testing as was the case with our combat system.

Keep in mind that right now, we're in no place to delay this further. Neither monetary, nor marketing-wise, as we've burned through our funds and then some more, but more importantly, we have nothing more to add at this point that we don't feel we can't add after release. So past 3 months or so have been focused exclusively on wrapping things up, and adding whatever we feel we must before release. This has led to some surprises ;)

If you felt we we limited content during our alpha/combat testing phase, you'd be right. This was partially to limit interest, and partially to focus testing on what we really needed feedback on. The testing we did do has been invaluable, and led to many changes that gradually improved the state of the game leaps and bounds. All of this will ultimately culminate in us unleashing the true experience of where we intended this combat to play out. It's never been our goal to limit the game to duels, deathmatch, and such. The fact that this gameplay was none-the-less enjoyed throughout our long alpha period I think is a testament to how much fun it is. We've actively tried to make things unappealing in terms of game modes so that we could have the ugly stuff show up now rather than later. Many of which we fixed, some which remains to be fixed.

But now to the fun stuff. With release, thanks to the testing done so far on the core combat, we'll be able to unleash a whole new experience, taking what we've done and balanced so far into whole new venues of play. This will involve 3-4 large maps (we have 2 additional maps coming shortly after release, which we have some work left on that might take 1-2 months) that will feature what will be our 3 iconic modes on release.

Frontline: linear conquest-style maps with final objectives to complete. Goes up to 64 players and is a lot of fun, the goal of this mode is to provide the best of Team Objective from Chivalry, which is the creation of an artificial frontline where fights are focused, but without the arbitrary (and often undesired) changes in mechanics necessitated by objective design. In many ways simple, but just works so well.

Battle Royale: what you might expect with some twists, but this is a whole different beast in melee, with up to 64 players. We've had more crazy moments in our limited testing than I could describe. The mechanics just play together in such bizarre ways.

Horde: our co-operative mode with waves of enemies to eliminate. Smaller mode with around 6 players vs 50+ AI. Comes with greatly improved bot behavior, and an exploration aspect to really push replayability and tactics.

We've been playtesting this stuff internally, and it's immensely fun, it's getting to the stage where we are able to wrap things up, but we still need two months or so, give or take a couple of weeks. If I could estimate the exact date, I'd do it, but we're not going to pull necessary polish back just to meet a deadline. We're independent developers and disregarding deadlines when it comes to delivering a superior product is where our strengths lie. What I can tell you is we can't hold things back much longer, and thankfully, we don't need to. So just because we're not testing something in our public branch with everyone else, doesn't mean we're not testing things internally (that said, no, there's no super secret testing club). There's many reasons why we're not doing this, from limiting publicity to simply being more efficient, as we don't have to deal with distributing everything to the masses and making sure each small iteration doesn't break everything. It lets us do quick iterations and is a necessary evil this close to release.

It really does feel like a completely different game when played in these game modes, so we're looking forward to finishing work on this and releasing it so we can start on post-launch work and content.

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The real bois are the lvl 50+ players who have basically standard cosmetics.

You see this normie running around and don't notice it's a level 63 that yeet blasts you with top meme attacks and you sit there like what was THAT.

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My lil 4 years old nephew is at my home for this week and he wanted to see me play. Couldn't let him see the evil deeds I do when playing.

So I took off the dismemberment, gore, took a maul and said I was putting to sleep the bad guys.