The Mordhau Alpha is out!

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  • 14 Oct
 crushed — Art

Parry buff only applies to a parry thats still active after you parried someone. So when you parry someone, and don't do anything, that remaining parry window has a bigger parry angle (roughly double) of a regular parry. It only affects 1vX/teamfights and is not related to parry into parry.

Chamber/parry windows got increased because release time was increased globally, so its the same, just a little bit slower.

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  • 5 Oct

You can't kill anyone when you're dead. You killed yourself with this thread..

go here:

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Don't create threads to call out people, avoid doing it to begin with (unless it's very serious and others need to know). It's completely unnecessary and will be treated as witch hunting from now on.

Edit: Ziggylata wanted to add this in his defence:

@Ziggylata said:
I -kicked- him because he was quickstarting duel via jumpfeint and getting a free hit on everyone he fought, I asked him a stop and he didnt so I kicked him because I thought it was scummy. The fact no one else said anything, helped him and even helped me kill him in some cases obviously shows that the majority agreed it was also scummy. I didnt ban him and but hes still a scumbag.

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  • 21 Sep

After playing Mordhau for 60 hours and loving the shit out of it, i sometimes forget that this is still alpha and they are planning on adding 64 player servers and castle siege gamemodes and a bunch of other stuff, like holy cow that sounds amazing. This game as amazing as it is in it's current state plus all this other shit they are yet to add makes me super excited for the future of this game.

What are ya'll excited for?

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  • 21 Sep

really nice update, the emotes are really great and cheesy. Restarted vk comp server and all the players spent the next 20min or so in hardcore roleplay - good shit, please add more

  • dynamic feint recovery is a welcome addition, there may be issues with punishing after a feint if it's different with all weapons but that can easily be fixed with some simple input queuing. Not noticed anything regarding that though as of the 2-3 hours i played on the build already though

  • Kick recovery; just makes punishing kicks a little weaker. I imagine a proper stamina system will fix that though, kick miss + parry gonna put u in alot of danger, so that's fine for now

  • Morph stam cost, good, needed.

  • Liking the poleaxe buff, i felt the alt grip was abit shitty on it, too much of a range sacrifice to make it worth the slight extra damage it did - now it should be powerful enough to warrant using.

  • Mordhau grip buff seems fair, previously the mode has pretty horrendous turncaps and swing manipulation not to mention the range drop - so the damage buff should warrant it being useful now

  • 120tick when tbh

  • rapier is alot of fun, made some huge plays with it in the time i used it. Slashing heavy armor does absolutely no damage, is to be expected - headshotting with stabs seems to makeup for that

Next i'd like to see some shield balance or changes (whether temp or permanent) - just try stuff out. Chase mechanic could do with implementing (and balancing) sooner rather than later, and have a little look on active parry to make it feel abit more consistent - whatever that entails

apart from that, really good shit and im impressed with the speed of the updates. Keep it up but don't burn yourselves out aswell guys

EDIT: forgot to add - please add some kind of particle + sound effect for chambers. Even if it's just for the spectator/1stp and nothing more. They are satisfying to do but it could really do with some sexy effect for spectatorship. I really like the sliding weapons thing; honestly think if you added that to all chambers it would just look really nice and satisfying to chamber

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Ikr If only there was a topic about it. Oh wait:

Using search tool atleast will save you gangbang from Angery Forum Dwellers without control

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  • 20 Sep

Make the ingame badges appear as an actual cosmetic model ingame by using this as a base.

You could potentially set this as a vanity item slot, and even have unique models given out during events.


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  • 19 Sep

The keys have been sold.

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  • 19 Sep

So I know it's not always viable, but there's nothing as fun as seeing an isolated enemy, backing him into a corner and going full bully-mode with the battleaxe's short grip. Really loving the character these weapons have, GJ Triternion on giving them all such a unique feel.

What do you guys think of the choked grip battleaxe?

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  • 18 Sep
  • Shield hitboxes feel too large and impassable, the visual representation needs to be better.
  • The animation between parry and block is impossible to notice
  • Shield users are discouraged from tapping parry, because the recovery time is such that you're open to a free hit if you mistake the timing. This is fine, but there needs to be a discernible and clean reward for tapping parry instead of holding to block. (Which lets you riposte all the same if you did time it right)
  • Counterplay against shields feels limited and most of the time killing a shield user feels like they just screwed up rather than you outplaying them

I think the biggest problem is that there's no clear difference and purpose for parry and block. I wouldn't remove blocking entirely, it just needs to have its own role and be noticeable.

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 Spook — UI

Alpha Build #9



  • 240 attack input changes, now using old method of angling before button press but with improved detection. Angling after press method failed on things like scrollwheel and had too much input delay in some cases
  • Increased walk -> partialsprint accelleration
  • Partialsprint is now 10% faster than before
  • Movement strafe modifier increased speed from 0.95 to 0.975 (faster)
  • Removed partialsprint restriction in attack release, remains enabled in attack recovery
  • Parry recovery (both successful and unsuccessful, will skip if riposting) will now limit to partialsprint
  • PartialSprint limits added to: blocked (chambered, parried, worldcollision, clashed), flinch, and feint recovery
  • Character hitboxes revamped: this will make the hit detection more consistent, as well as headshots etc. Cutting off limbs is also easier/more accurate as result
  • Attack lunge reduced overall and duration is now weapon and mode-specific: Halberd, Spear and Zweihander have a lunge duration of 0.3, rest have 0.35 (0.4 previously)
  • Spear stab windup on main mode increased by 25ms (from 0.625 to 0.65)
  • Increased parry window by 25ms (from .425 to .450)
  • Reduced parry recovery time by 50ms (total parry time is now 900ms)
  • Increased all weapon releases by 25ms
  • Dynamic feint lockout adjustments: the lockout ramps up faster, which means you can now punish mid windup feints easier. Maximum feint lockout reduced from 450ms to 425ms due to parry changes
  • Chamber attack 240 angle tolerance increased from 0.5 to 0.75, so it is less picky in terms of getting the exact right angle
  • Made successful parries have a more lax view direction check making them easier to parry another attack
  • Made chambering have a more lax view angle direction check, making it easier to aim them
  • Increased strike chamber window by 25ms (0.25 -> 0.275)
  • Riposte queue window is now entirety of parry (for held blocks its same as parry duration though so it isn't infinite)
  • Feint queue now works based on endtime instead of starttime but remains 200ms


  • Adjusted animation of feints in 1P for better feel
  • Adjusted projectile sticky to new hitboxes & reduced floating
  • Made 3P feints a little more readable by adjusting the animation
  • 1P movement anims now scale with character speed modifiers which should improve the feeling of faster loadouts feeling faster
  • 1P anim movement velocity is now directly sampled from input, instead of actual movement speed, making it much more responsive
  • Head look-at fixes to prevent neck breaking
  • Fixed bug with movement anims sometimes not playing after spawning in air
  • Fixed some issues with crashing on death in 1P for certain loadouts/settings

Known Issues:

  • Profile select menu causes the input to become sticky.
  • Crashes may occur on Alt+Tab during loading screens, use Borderless Fullscreen if it happens to you.
  • During spectate, players may become invisible except for the person being spectated.
  • Flickering between the main menu and loading screen can occur on start-up. WORKAROUND - thanks to iluvfuz
  • Bots are afraid of heights.
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Plz fogivz me for late being.

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  • 12 Sep
 marox — Project Lead

It's here! The purpose of this Alpha is to ensure the stability of the game and its server infrastructure, as well as testing the functionality and synergies between all the game mechanics. Balancing is not a big concern to us at the moment and will be addressed once we have finalized our proficiency and perk system, which will follow in a future update, along with other features that we're currently holding back while they're being worked on. Please keep in mind that this is an early alpha version of the game, bugs and broken things are to be expected.

To compensate for the lack of an ingame tutorial in this early stage, it's highly recommended that you read carefully through the controls menu and try things out in a local match before jumping into multiplayer -- there are some extremely skilled players with thousands of hours in melee games who are eager to fight and won't hold back.

Also, check out this great tutorial made by community member Jax:

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  • 12 Sep
 Sir Zombie

Thanks for the company while we waited

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  • 11 Sep

@Smokingbobs said:
I feinted in Chivalry once.

Don't feel bad man, once I moved my mouse in order to cause sik exploits in chiv

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  • 11 Sep

Fuck yeees!