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It seems to me that having cutting damage from the edge and blunt from the stab (blunted tip) would make sense.

Throw in a slow windup and that sounds like a perfectly viable weapon to me.

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@FaffyШaffy said:
Yeah when you gonna relase devblog 3

The next set of rules apply to all Categories but Offtopic:

You shall do no shitposting.

You shall not necropost

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  • 27 May

Some users appear to have buggy topic/comment counts on their profile:


Here is a user where this occurs:

I assume this would be due to banned or deleted topics.

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  • 18 Mar
 Sir Zombie

@Smokingbobs said:
The worst is people hating on "dragging" in Mordhau because they got PTSD from Chivalry ballerinas.

I've literally explained it elaborately over 10 times in the YouTube comment section.

You're really active in the youtube comment section.
Probably the only one imho.

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  • 25 May
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@Humble Staff said:
Idk i think i can hold my crotch until the alpha, the very reason they aren't that active (compared to some months ago) in the forums right now is because they are working their asses off to have the alpha ready for August.

This, we're going to do an update on some recent stuff we've done though. Right now the focus is on preliminary optimization, having all barebones UI in place, and any serious bugs that need squashing. Some artists have relatively free hands though, so they've been cooking up some sweet stuff in the meantime that we'll show off.

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What about closing this thread?

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  • 23 May



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@Smokingbobs said:

@P0P218 said:
i hope the notification is clear enough when it happends
would not like to miss the alpha start

Oh you'll hear. Trust me.

deus vult

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  • 17 May

I can tell you that this should be in Off-Topic.

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@Smokingbobs said:
The Souls franchise is easily the most overrated franchise in the last decade. Games are horrible. Really not much RPG about it, it's super linear and repetetive. The fighting system is clunky and unresponsive, and it is not hard in a way that the game actually has intelligent AI or requires planning in any way. What makes it "hard" is again, the clunky combat. All Bosses are pretty much the same, you just roll arround until they are in their "vulnurable" phase, and then attack the shit out of them until they start swinging again. Repeat that for some minutes and you've got all your bossfights in a nutshell. Normal enemies are really just boring trash that are just there for the sake of being there. They serve no purpose other than keeping the player busy between the bosses. Infact, all Souls games are exactly the same. Merely a reskin of one another, with somewhat updated graphics. They play the same otherwise. The whole franchise really is targetet towards children that heard stories about "hard games" from their older siblings / parents. They want to be part of that aswell but fail to realize that games back then weren't hard in a frustrating way, but in a challenging one.



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  • 16 May

Dark souls is my favorite game and i wonder if mordhau will have rolls? rolls as in rolling because it was a big part of dark souls.
idk if im too excited about this but gl

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  • 16 May

Thx , for ur cooperation

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  • 16 May
 Sir Zombie


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  • 12 May
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  • 12 May
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For anyone else having similar trouble feel free to private message me with your problem and the email you used on Kickstarter.

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  • 11 May

Always bullying the little ones ;-;

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  • 11 May
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Currently our policy is to not allow Kickstarter backer upgrades, but we've made one exception so far in which we've allowed a King-tier ($1K) backer to upgrade to Emperor ($5K), we decided this was OK since the Emperor tier was previously vacant.

But we need to establish the rules going forward, as we're getting a bunch of existing backers asking us about the possibility of upgrading. To this end, we've decided to open a poll regarding this, i.e. whether to allow existing backers to up their pledge.

Please note, that this does not influence us selling Kickstarter tiers to non-backers, as we've established that's not something we will be doing.

Feel free to leave any comments as well, of course.

Existing Kickstarter backers should
Votes: 112
  • Not be able to upgrade their pledge — 18% View voters
  • Be able to upgrade to any tier that still has slots available — 76% View voters
  • Limited ability to upgrade (elaborate) — 6% View voters

EDIT: We're not going through with it, it's clear that some backers would feel cheated and that's not really what we want. So our official stance will be no upgrades -- thanks everyone for their input.

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In Chivalry you can only hit another player once per swing. Meaning when they have their arms raised for an ovehead and you cleave through them both, it is only possible for one to come off at a time. Meaning i have to go back and mutilate his dead body to finish the job. I would love to see both arms come off at once in this situation. Can you make it happen?