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  • 30 Oct '19

I've mastered having a jaded libido, desensitized dick and fried dopamine receptors


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  • 22 May '19

They will never truly understand, having not experienced the pain

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  • 24 Oct '19

biggie isn't music

Mike confirmed either a boomer or someone who lives in a country where he has never seen a black person before

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  • 23 Oct '19

@Bodkin said:
Mad cuz bad

Mad cuz tru

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  • 4 Oct '19

fucking normies stop replying to based Anal's genius threads if your IQ isn't high enough to understand the intricate mechanics he is suggesting

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  • 14 Oct '19

@CazzyVR said:
While not sure where the "No Female Warrior" mentality is so strong (Not like this game is Historically accurate anyways) but that's not the Topic just a decent Nitpick.

You say that, but I think it's bad. Now if No reason given then you can argue it's wrong but you yourself said "There may be a Reason"


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  • 13 Oct '19

and give green

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  • 8 Oct '19

@ToLazy4Name said:
NA alpha players please recount my exploits so this weirdo will be quiet

Do it again i wasnt looking

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  • 5 Oct '19

@esturias said:
The idea of smokebombs killing fire is just silly to begin with and the firebomb itself started with the same dumb balancing like most other things in the game: "Just give it high damage, the rest is irrelevant."

What's funny is they were MUCH stronger in alpha, single retard with firebombs could shut down the only populated server whenever he pleased. Damage was higher and ammo crates had no cooldown.

Overall they are fucking awful, mostly used by trolls and idiots who throw them exactly where their team is supposed to go, thinking they are helping. They bring nothing positive to the game and are a staple of terrible decision making devs have been employing around gameplay since forever. But, wait, you can counter them with smoke so it's fine, BECAUSE FIGHTING 100% BLIND IS AWESOME. Pinnacle game design.

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  • 5 Oct '19

NA alpha players please recount my exploits so this weirdo will be quiet

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  • 28 Sep '19

now do it without the crossair

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  • 3 Sep '19

hello as a wood -3 shield main i can tell u that shields are perfectly fine, because i lack the competence to press s to avoid kicks and to slightly move my mouse to not get jump stabbed or sidestabbed so im easily beat by others despite having an item that allows me to negate the core mechanics of the game so ye

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  • 2 Sep '19

@Fred Dawes said:
As a diamond 1 shield main: Shields are balanced. They have poor stam drain negation and gimped movement speed. Y'all are salty that your drags and morphs can't punish an early parry vs held block. Adjust your playstyle and learn jump/z stabs instead of begging the devs to protect you from getting better. Shields are slow, tired turtles. Figure it out.

Also, heater block box is smaller than parry box.


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  • 1 Sep '19


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  • 30 Aug '19


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  • 30 Aug '19

Farm my likes Mittsies

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  • 25 Aug '19

Change your name to his name and start saying kind things about Israel and the Jewish people. He'll lose a lot of credibility within his circle if you do this.

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  • 23 Aug '19

@Iodine said:
Lmao you guys still play this game? hahahahahahahahahhahahah

none of us are still playing, we just post on the forums

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  • 6 Aug '19

he's whispering because he's trying not to moan from me fucking him in the ass

also stouty very cool video I watched it and it made me think thoughts