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It would be a good idea to release an update and do a free weekend + sales before the end of november

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  • 19 Nov '19

@Goof said:
If you can't afford a $30 game then you need to be worrying about more than a game you can't play.

Just saying.

That's not the point. A lot of people aren't willing to spend $30 on a game they may not enjoy. It has nothing to do with how much money they have.

The point of a free weekend is to pique player interest, allowing those that are skeptical to experience the game. Even if just 1 out of 100 free players buys the game, that's a boost to the player count.

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  • 13 Nov '19

@SWSeriousMike said:
On the other hand I don't know what bear traps are expected to add to the "highly skill-based hardcore competitive gameplay". It's just another feature without purpose that oftentimes makes the game worse.

I disagree. the inclusion of bear traps make for great area denial tools without telegraphing your actions to the enemy team. While I admit the item casualizes the game a tad, I think that its utility outweighs its memey-ness.

Then again, I'm pretty sure I'm the only person that uses it that way, so you're probably right.

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  • 18 Nov '19

@c08188447bf245df said:
Devs also have moderators who are perma banning people at an extremely high rate. I was perma banned for happening to have the same name as someone who just happened to be personal friends with a dev. Not that I care at this point

Are you sure about that? Is there any chance you were instead banned because of chronic griefing, use of racial slurs, accusing people of hacking, admitting to hacking, admitting to having multiple 'burner accounts', being reported by several people and even having a thread made about you?

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  • 10 Sep '19

@Proxava said:
A playerbase of 5k players is good. Mordhau is a niche-game.


Better than chiv in their first 6 months as well as the other games of the genre except maybe for honor which is more arcade casual.

Also 4-5k daily peak like last time I was on, doesn’t mean playerbase. The playerbase is always larger than the daily peak.

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  • 7 Sep '19

Fifth month average active daily users of Chivalry after release: 1,523.4

Fifth month average active daily users of Mordhau after release: 4,200.0

We know that Mordhau shipped one million copies shortly after release as appose to torn banner who took a few months... so we can conclude that Mordhau is showing a higher percentage of retention so far based on those numbers 5 months in. I can safely say that Mordhau has superior active numbers and superior peak numbers so far.

I don't remember anyone saying that chivalry died 5 months after release. So I'm a bit disappointed people are exaggerating these numbers for Mordhau. The community has a right to be worried, but I'm personally pretty confident that steam sales, future content/updates and free weekends will keep it going. Add modding support to the equation and we could very well see another dayz pattern follow. It's certainly has a core system capable of supporting first class mod projects. So I'm feeling very optimistic about it's future and plan to sacrifice much of my time to create more content. Unless the devs abandon this project I can't see why most people who own a copy won't support the next big mod or triternion title that follows.

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  • 9 Nov '19

If you have interest, we have an unofficial SDK and a very productive modding & mapping community around a discord channel. Private servers have already started hosting custom maps.

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  • 3 Nov '19

Once you get decent at the game, playing against casual players become quite boring and so does duelling. Get into competitive. Play in scrims, get clan buddies. That's where the real fun is at.

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  • 5 Nov '19

@Chizzler said:
Hurr Durr me no like devs
Mordhau? More like bordhau!
Please pay attention to me!

Imagine hating a game so much you make multiple accounts just to shit up an already desolate forum.

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Bring back Alpha Patch 14/15 shields. Anything wrong with shields like that could've been edited. The idea of a locationally based shield defense is intuitive and should not have been thrown out so quickly.

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  • 4 Nov '19

@Chizzler said:
It's in general discussion. Discuss it.
What is the point in asking such a pointless question?

Discuss what? You didn't open any discussions, you just necro'ed old threads to whine and shitpost. You didn't offer anything to discuss.
If you want to discuss something, do it properly. If you can't, let it until you grew up.

You wrote that your previous account got banned without reason during a banwave. I kinda doubt that...

Wait briefly glimpsing your profile, that seems to be your MO.

Would you mind explaining that?

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  • 4 Nov '19

Stop with the meaningless spamming and flaming or this alt of yours is getting banned too. We get it; You don't like the developers. Either be constructive or leave.

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I thought it might be a fun idea to make a midi file share thread since finding files that sound well in-game might be a bit tedious and editing the files yourself might be especially hard if you don't know anything about notes or how to edit midi files.

Essential Software
Official LuteBot 2.0 Thread

Anvilstudio Midi Editor
Alternative Sekaiju Midi Sequencer

MIDI Collection
My collection of midis, most of these won't sound good in game without editing

Collection of Edited Songs by Sumner

Huge Collection of Edited Songs by Seshn

You can also check out Seshn's LuteBot related thread with various resources here:

I'll keep this post updated and organized. All useful links and songs will be added here for convenience

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  • 25 Oct '19

"can't play with only fists"

not with that attitude

sounds like quitter talk to me

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  • 27 Oct '19

Funds are safu.

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  • 23 Oct '19

As you can see, the deficiency can affect even the developers. This is a telltale sign that a patch is required immediately.

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  • 22 Oct '19

I'm afraid you devs are entering that communication shutdown that many people denounced against Torn Banner back in the day. We need Jax and game developers to be less enigmatic and more honest about things and entering into normal conversations with people.

Those sporadic messages are killing the confidence or the necessary chemistry that aligns players with the dev team.

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  • 22 Oct '19

It's just the fucking communication

As to what's going on, we don't need dates anymore.

We just need someone to tell us or show us what's happening in regards to development, screenshots of maps/information on weapon changes/why those are being changed.

When Jax became Community Manager I had so much hope for this. But man you guys can't keep a community and your game alive with infrequent communication and bareballs answers to questions, a weekly update with just a paragraph and some random pictures of what the art devs are doing on one of the maps. What changes are happening in regards to weapons and why they are changing.

I honestly don't play Mordhau much anymore. just log in and the games the same as it was months ago, with no information about what's going to happen, or when it's going to happen. (when isn't so important, just knowing what the story is)

Joined the Official Discord like last week, and saw screenshots of some of the maps and crap that was being worked on.

Why the fuck can't someone post that shit here? just delete the forums and post everything on Discord if that's what it takes.

Official Forums


Fuck you man

Love this game but just absolutely over this bullshit, absolutely no reason to browse these forums other than to read threads about gold/xp loss and chuckling at the frequent shitposters.


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  • 19 Oct '19

@Jax said:
We aren't taking the money and running, we're in this for the long haul.

Heh. Yeah. But you could at least replace the wobbly donkeycart with something more efficient and the mute crew with some more talkative people...

No, silly jokes aside. Is it really too much effort to come here maybe once a week to give us a short update on the state of things, instead of just posting in a random whinethread every now and then?
Just a few lines, but a bit more than just "soon", maybe a screenshot of something that gets worked on at the moment. Just a little sign of life. That would really be awesome.

btw: I really can't imagine where the 5k posts on that account are coming from...

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  • 19 Oct '19

yeah sure haha nice meme jax remember when we were supposed to get Feitoria 15 patches ago