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  • 28 Apr '19

EDIT known issue being looked into I made another thread so I deleted this

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  • 7 Sep '18

Why wouldn't you want feints as the foundation of the combat? Drags are "glorious" apparantly but are just as braindead as feinting and looks terrible to normies. They also cost no stam so they're already in a stronger position than feints. The issue currently is that certain feints are unreadable, mostly because stabs are too powerful.

You then go on to say feints are too oppresive in 1vX. In chiv as a skilled player feints are a blessing as they give you an opening against the teamers if you can punish them. They also allow you to quickly kill off a lesser player who can't read as well.

Drags and morphs can't really be punished consistently and therefore demand your full attention for the duration of the swing which IS oppressive in 1vx. One guy can morph and drag in a single "move" and waste a huge amount of your time whilst the other guy gets a flanking position on you. Only noobs think that feints are the issue in this genre

frise u are wrong

that sandwich guy said to chamber more against morphs??? bro WHAT?

Crippled thinks drags are high skill ok how? Literally just as braindead as feints

Predator feints arent turn based because they offer the enemy the opportunity to seize your turn

Guys let's all pledge to be more intelligent in the future

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  • 18 Jun '18

Lower stab chamber angle?

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  • 31 May '18


Thats how Firepots looks atm from a far and above. Just saying.


This little shit of a path is a pain in the ass, You just keep falling annoyingly If you are not really sticking to the other side of the path. It doesn't even seem that steep for it to be so punishing

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  • 2 Jun '18

16 patches of dagger being unable to even partially cut off someone's head. Please.

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  • 30 May '18


In the current alpha build of mordhau, there is no way to manage your loadouts. They are sorted in the order you created them, and that's it. The only way you may do it is by manually modifying a .ini file, which is less than ideal.

This is why I created the Mordhau Loadout Manager!

What's the Mordhau Loadout Manager ?

It's a little software that I created which allows you to order, archive, backup and share your Mordhau loadouts !

Here's how it looks :


Most of the functionalities are now accessible through right clicking.

The interface is pretty self explanatory, on the left you see the list of the loadouts that are currently accessible in game, and on the right the list of the loadouts that are archived, meaning that they won't be accessible in game to avoid clogging the loadout selection menu without deleting them.

Main features

Ordering loadouts

The Mordhau Loadout Manager lets you order your loadouts at will with a fancy drag and drop interface. I've even added a button to sort them alphabetically if you're too lazy to do it yourself.

Loadout archiving

You may save certain loadouts in a separate file to clean up your game's loadout selection menu without losing them. For instance in my example, I've archived my "fun" loadouts as I plan to play to go duelling and thus I need my regular loadouts ready. I can easily boot up the software again and add them back to the game later on.

Loadout sharing (experimental)

After selecting a loadout and pressing the Copy Share Code button, a share code will be generated and appear in the text area below. You can copy this code to share it, anyone pasting this code back in the Mordhau Loadout Manager and pressing the Import From Share Code button will get your loadout ! This feature is experimental as the share code is still huge (still smaller than the loadout code itself). Here's what a share code looks like currently :

It's shorter than the actual loadout code, but still pretty awful looking. I will see how I can improve this feature in the future.

Loadout Backups

By using the backups buttons on the center, you can manage backups of your Game.ini file containing all your loadouts.


It is currently uploaded on my google drive, I will post the share links to the different versions here :

Up-to-date version :

Mordhau Loadout Manager V1.5

The interface have been reworked, most of the buttons have been replaced with a right click menu.
You will also be notified if there is a more recent version avaliable.

Additional Notes

Please Make a Manual Backup

While the current version have been extensively tested and should be fine, I recommend saving your Game.ini file somewhere else before you start using Mordhau Loadout Manager. It can be found at C:\Users[username]\AppData\Local\Mordhau\Saved\Config\WindowsClient. You never know...

Steam Cloud Conflicts

Note that the steam cloud isn't too happy about the game's files changing. If the steam cloud report a conflict, always select "upload to the steam cloud".

Bug reports and suggestions

Don't hesitate to report bugs in this thread, I will make sure to take a look at them.
I'm also open to suggestions. What kind of features would you like to see in Mordhau Loadout Manager ?

Special thanks

To triternion. You guys are doing a hell of a job and we love it !

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  • 21 May '18
 Jax — Community Manager

we want to add a scraping sound for when your weapon's extra tracers pass through map objects, so that way you know you're close to hitting walls and stuff

not sure if we're going to get around to adding it, but it'd be a nice quality of life feature

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  • 20 May '18

Honestly wall hits should be less forgiving than they are now.

Watching someone's sword clip well into a solid piece of world geometry and not get stopped is pretty annoying.

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  • 28 Mar '18

I have been seeing quite frequent character model glitches since the last patch (#14). At first I thought that it may be an issue with the cloth physics graphics setting, so I disabled it. However the issue still persists. I also verified the game cache in Steam. Is anyone else seeing them? If not, then I may need to reinstall the game. It could be to do with the Chainmail Tabard customisation. I will use different armour in the following days, and report back.




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  • 29 Mar '18

Okay buddy boy i figured out why they happened and i dont think its the same reason why you think they happen, its Not a registration problem buuut the first clip you had idk how the HECK he backparried you, since from the data i collected, that idle anim shared by zwei and greatsword and longsword actually has a weaker right side, stronger left side of parrybox.

No idea how zwei guy parried that, its actually super easy to exploit his right side of parry. For Bastard sword, estoc, messer anims, the left side is weaker than right side. I was told there is no weaker side but when I tested the parrybox i noticed a discrepancy so just to make sure im gonna show spook and what not to check if its not all just some crazy dream.

i got a pretty good rhythm of poleaxe backparrying me, hopefully i can reproduce it when i show spook but honestly no clue how that zwei boy backparried you, tried to see if maybe there was just some janky thing going on with where hes looking client side, server side, with respect to your client or some nerd stuff like that i dunno

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  • 25 Mar '18

If you recreate these results with a friend, stabbing from the same angles but without footwork or drags, I believe it would hit them normally. What I think is happening is that the tracer just isn't actually touching the player's body, and only registers once it had already gone through the player and in front of them. Might this be a tickrate issue?

The first clips were recorded in the official South America server (consistent 50-60ms ping in my end), and the last one in Meph's dedicated server (very consistent 35 - 50ms ping). My framerate is locked at 120, and the video recorded at 60fps. (Just in case this matters)

I don't think anybody would argue that these attacks shouldn't have been hits, except for maybe the last one, which was kinda on the edge of the parry angle. It really is a shame that outplaying opponents with creative and difficult moves isn't encouraged or even consistent at all, while the easiest ways to get over a defense are the most effective and encouraged.

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  • 5 Mar '18

@Frise said:
I'm obviously not saying anything about the players because Giru and co. are obviously the best rn.

But you can see in this video that high level offense relies in 0 effort moves. Feints, delay drags and oh footdrags. Not the players' fault, because those are the moves that the game rewards the most. Z-Stabs, C-Stabs, Wessex variants, Morph side switches, underhand head drags, are all way harder to perform than any of the high level meta moves, yet they are way riskier and less effective.

And this is exactly how I play when I tryhard because I know that it's way easier and more effective, whilealso being simply boring relative to using a higher variety of moves.

Why should moves that require less skill be more rewarded and encouraged?

And no, I'm not saying feints or drags should be nerfed. Not at all.

Best is Rag, and I’m waiting to see duels between Giru and Rag.

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  • 11 Feb '18

@rob_owner said:
its probably because i think the head hitbox is maybe ahead of where you placed your camera so it looks like it hits something before actually hitting you maybe



@VampireDuck said:

@rob_owner said:
its probably because i think the head hitbox is maybe ahead of where you placed your camera so it looks like it hits something before actually hitting you maybe

It could very well be this. Try putting your camera distance to 0.

It is at 0.

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  • 10 Feb '18

its probably because i think the head hitbox is maybe ahead of where you placed your camera so it looks like it hits something before actually hitting you maybe

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Hey fuckers. Prince here. Just did you all a nice fat favor with the help of Ziggylata, Havoc, and most importantly my own brother, THE JACKAL.

We made a spread sheet of all the damage values of all the weapons. What does this mean?

Well, now if you're curious about how much damage the stab of the alt grip of battleaxe does on light chest, you can find it here! You can find EVERYTHING here. This took fucking hours to make, so I hope you all show a little bit of appreciation. No big deal though, I'm humble. ;)

We also color-coded the shit out of this. Red = 1HTK, Yellow = 2HTK, Green = 3HTK

Note: It's not complete. If we want to have an educated, public discussion about balance on these forums, we're going to pretty much just be talking out of our asses until we can finish the spreadsheet.

Currently, it's missing...

-Windup Time
-Release Time
-Turn cap?

Am I missing anything else here? If someone can tell me how to record range/speed of weapons, I'll get right on working on that. I feel like if we have all the raw data on weapons, we can have a more educated debate about how to balance everything. (even though that's not even our jobs and we'd probably just be OVERSTEPPIN)

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  • 7 Feb '18

@Hadeus said:
The entire purpose of performing an accel is hitting an opponent before he has time to react with a chamber.

The entire purpose of a drag is to punish players for reacting with a chamber too soon.

Parrying both an accel and drag is much easier than attempting to chamber it. This was intended to act as a 'soft counter' to chambers.

Its not impossible to chamber well executed drags, its just really difficult. I personally would want it no other way.

It is dificult because the animations doesn't convey what is going on properly imho. It should be difficult, but for another reason, be it more restrict timing or angle.

Also keep in mind - The new animation for overheads should make it easier to determine what your opponent is trying to do.

If you put in enough hours into the game, you will develop both the mechanical skills and intuition necesary to make those split second decisions between chambering and parrying something.

I find out that the most effective offensive posture is to parry at least 80% of the time instead of chambering, use just subtle drags not to bypass parries, but to fuck with chambers, and if your opponent starts to parry more, then you start to feint more, once he tries to go back to trying chamber you, you go back to subtle drags. Against feints, either hard read them or gamble.

I'm talking about duels here tbh. I'm avoiding to chamber all the time, unless my opponent does bik telegraphed delays of chivalry, that are easy to read, or when I'm about to get stamina fucked.

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  • 6 Feb '18

giru salt.png

Not sure if you've noticed but you're the one that drags my name everywhere online, I only ever respond to btfo the misinformation you spread. Fact is you agreed with me all call and kept your shittalk behind my back, bitch move that in no way surprises me

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  • 6 Feb '18

@Snowy said:
you realise that you're not meant to chamber every attack?

Ofc you are at high level. It's the high level parry.

But yeah mate you are just bad at reading Fast/Delay, and you should always feint to parry, when the opponent drag goes over your chamber parry windows

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  • 2 Feb '18

There's two problems I see.

Firstly, the time frame in which someone can hit you with an accel or turn their swing into a drag overlaps considerably. You often don't have time to figure out which is which, and so you gamble and pray.

Secondly, the visual cues for drags versus accels are so subtle you often cannot tell the difference.

Here's a thought on how to fix this. I don't know if it's possible but it's worth mentioning

If a new layer of animations were added to attacking which is triggered based on mouse movement sometime during windup and/or release, which would simulate the exaggerated turning of the body towards or away from swings, we could more easily read whether or not the attack will be a drag or accel.

To explain this, say my plan is to do a drag. I'm going to turn my mouse away from the attack to delay it. In doing this, I'll trigger a new layer of animation which twists my character's torso, hips, and shoulders in such a way that my character is visibly throwing his body balance opposite the direction of the swing/stab. He's not just magically pivoting his feet like an action figure, his entire body is moving away from the swing/stab.

If my plan is to accel, I'm going to turn my mouse towards the attack. In doing this, I'll trigger the other layer of animation which twists my character's torso, hips, and shoulders sharply towards the direction I'll want to hit in, visibly putting all character's weight on the swing/stab.


tl;dr: if turning your character during your attack made him do an exaggerated animation to display your intention of dragging or accelling, then it would be way easier to read them without gambling

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  • 2 Feb '18

You realise that the comrade is talking about distinguishing between delays and accels, right?