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The official rules for the Mordhau forums are as follows:

  1. You shall not misuse the report feature. If the post in question does not violate the rules below, leave it be.

  2. You shall be welcoming to the new members of our community.

  3. You shall not display any sort of prejudiced hatred or vitriol.

  4. You shall not spam. Mordhau related memes in small quantities are fine.

  5. You shall avoid political discussions.

  6. You shall not post any kind of pornographic content.

  7. You shall not create more than one account.

  8. You shall not impersonate other users.

  9. You shall not engage in witch hunts.

  10. You shall not post NSFW content.

  11. Matters such as ban appeals should be discussed in private messages. Public ban appeal threads will be deleted/locked.

The next set of rules apply to all Categories but Offtopic:

1.1. You shall stay on topic.

2.1. You shall do no shitposting.

3.1. You shall not necropost. (more than 60 days since the last post)

The moderators will enforce these rules based on their own judgement. The severity of punishment depends on the degree of offense compared to the number of contributive posts. Some bending of the rules for comedic effect is acceptable, but don't be in poor taste.

  • If a new account with no post history starts breaking the rules, they will receive a very harsh punishment.

  • If a member with hundreds of contributive posts steps out of line, their punishment will be less severe.

These guidelines are in effect to ensure that blatant offenders do not get to litter the forums, while allowing sporadic mistakes of otherwise contributive members to go by with a warning. However, any member systematically breaking the rules will be banned.

In case your account has been suspended for an, in your opinion, illegitimate reason, you can contact the moderators through Discord or just add a moderator on steam through our Steam Group.

The current forum moderators are Gauntlet, Monsteri, Smokingbobs, Void, Naleaus, Felix, MackDaddy / PadanFain, Duckalot, DasShuugs, and LuxCandidus.

Suggestions for the rules can be posted in the Website & Forum Feedback subforum.

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@TheDankestMeme said:

Best post ever

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 marox — Project Lead

Okay, so we messed up, and forgot we mentioned the titles were exclusive to Kickstarter backers :( To fix this, we're changing the webshop titles to Recruit / Militia / Mercenary (vs the KS ones that were Conscript / Sellsword / Knight). If you prepurchased on our webshop and feel cheated by this change, you can request a refund by mailing us at [email protected] and we'll sort it out.

Do note that due to how the titles work, if you purchased via the shop and picked e.g. the Knight title on the forums, it will stay until you try to change it, at which point you'll see the new titles rather than the Kickstarter ones (and won't be able to go back).

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  • 22 Aug '17

@Darkfyre said:

Is this legitimate? That would put the Alpha release on August 29th

It appears so, yes.

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  • 30 May '17

Thank you for this update!

Is there anyway you could shed some light on objectives in the large game mode? I'm aware there won't environment destruction, but I was wondering if there will be objectives akin to those in chivalry? In your latest video (watched the whole thing) you stated that the large map mode will be sort of similar to conquest in Battlefield, does this mean purely capture by standing in the area (like battlefield), or will there be actually specific objectives you must do to capture a spawn?

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Is this legitimate? That would put the Alpha release on August 29th

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I'm already so addicted my heart will stop due to withdrawal symptoms if Mordhau isn't released before september

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@Yosefamsili said:
Game released?

the game has not released yet, it will be available for alpha players in August

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@Yosefamsili said:
please help me

One second, I'll contact Lazy to help.