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How to deal with

racists, sexists, and toxic players

in other words: people that you don't like.



Individual method - deal with individual toxic players.


Simply left-click on the toxic player in your chat box, which will open up a menu.

You have 3 options from here:

  • Mute - This will simply mute the player, hiding their nasty messages from sight.
  • Motivational Mute - This will convert all of the bad things they say into good things.
  • Votekick - Not recommended unless the player is actively teamkilling, hacking, etc.


Bulletproof method - never deal with toxicity again!


Simply go to your options and turn off chat. Simple as that!

Mordhau is not a game where seeing chat is necessary, and often times simply turning chat off can make the game more peaceful and relaxing. If you're easily offended by certain words, and never want to see them again, this is the premiere method!

There, was that so hard?


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  • 20 Apr '19

@Jax said:
demo.useadaptivereplayupdatefrequency 0
demo.recordhz 120

Jax pretty much completely covered the Demo commands, but you don't need to worry about the above two settings anymore, the defaults have been changed to these as far as I'm aware.

As for the camera there's a ton of commands that I'll list. Keep in mind the following console commands only work when you're already in the spectator camera:

  • SpectatorCmd cinematic [use this first to enter the cinematic camera, other commands don't work otherwise]
  • SpectatorCmd aspectratio
  • SpectatorCmd noclip
  • SpectatorCmd aperture
  • SpectatorCmd lens
  • SpectatorCmd focus

The following are the keyboard controls for the camera:

  • F to set focus to what you're looking at,
  • G & H to raise/lower focus distance,
  • T to save camera position & rotation,
  • R to reset camera position & rotation,
  • O to set focus to track whatever you're looking at (O again to disable),
  • Mouse Wheel Up/Down to increase/decrease camera movement speed.

By default demos are stored in this directory: "C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\Local\Mordhau\Saved\Demos". They can take up a bit of space so just keep tabs on them if you record a ton.

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  • 'Scuse me, can I get a couple frontline maps to test please?


  • Sure! A couple of frontline maps comin' up.



  • Here you go!


  • giggling


  • Huh?


  • more giggling


  • Hm?


  • slurp Aaah...


  • Baaahahahahahaha! April Fools!


  • What did you do to my game?!


  • I...giggle...I...giggles...


  • You WHAT?


  • You asked for a couple of frontline maps, and I only put in one!


  • Daaaahahahahahahahaha!


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  • The main discrepancy in the justification of this proposed change revolves around what a punish ought to be/what you think a punish is. Essentially what you are asking for is a guaranteed window of damage where your opponent just has to watch themselves take a hit for what I would consider to be a very very minor (and sometimes it's intentional) mistake. You can argue all you want about how the burden is then on the player that missed to dodge or do some cool movement as a way to react to this guaranteed damage window, but that isn't a practical/viable response (especially for new players). You don't seem to view forcing a cftp as punishment because it is a "slight stam disadvantage". I don't know about you, but losing 20-25 of my total stamina with just one move is a pretty hefty price to pay even more so if you're CFTPing constantly in a fight. That's fine though; the game shouldn't have stamina as the only punish because then it devolves into stamina warfare obviously. Coincidentally, however, forcing a significant stamina advantage off of a CFTP is not the only punish available to you. RB/Giru have already mentioned the punishes available to you, but you seem to dismiss these as punishes because of potential that you will be gambled. Morphing/dragging ensures that you aren't able to be gambled in scenarios like the ones you have in your video -- your opponent is parrying so incredibly early that you really should just be dragging or morphing him every time. It's no different than punishing a player who parries super early. Likewise, the potential to be gambled/read when you go to feint someone's combo windup certainly exists but that doesn't mean it isn't a feasible punish. That's like suggesting feints are ineffective because there always exists a chance that your enemy will just gamble into it. Regardless, that sort of interaction of potential gamble or them even reading your feint is good interaction, I think. This is the sort of depth RB was hinting at in his posts. In any case, as a player you always have choices/decisions to make in combat. This is no different: if you're concerned about the potential to be gambled/read, just take the stamina punish. Misses like the ones shown in the video, in my opinion, are not significant enough mistakes to warrant a guaranteed damage window. This would be especially brutal for new players who have little sense of range and constantly swing around missing. To be fair though I don't think in noob vs noob combat the noob would be punishing misses like these so the guaranteed damage window actually wouldn't be too bad. No way to be sure without watching noob gameplay/talking to noobs which leads me to the next point.
  • Similar to the feint thread that around a while ago, why are we speculating and putting out bold assumptions of what noobs are going to enjoy/feel/do? Based off of Shroud's gameplay, to me it appears that newer players don't really have any sense of punishment meaning that a guaranteed damage window or what we have now wouldn't affect a noobs intuition. Perhaps I'm wrong though, I don't really know -- I'm just going off of what I saw in Shroud's gameplay. Maybe we should ask some newer players about this supposed intuition to punish? This kind of change is derived from what you view as problematic with combat, not directly from what noobs view as problematic. You just talk about the intuition of noobs as a nice little supporting piece of 'evidence' for this change.
  • There are far-reaching implications if a change like this were to happen. I'll list them out and if you're confused I'd be more than happy to elaborate:

1 . Feels clunky
2 . Destroys a lot of important elements in teamplay
3 . CF window is already small -- you're taking away the ability to micro feint or even do a moderate feint thus leaving the player with only deep combo feints which is just taking away options/depth from the player.
4 . Happy feet would become a dominant/oppressive strategy with a guaranteed damage window like the one proposed. (1vx also probably fucked as a result)
5 . The only positive implication that I could think of would be a more grounded/methodical look to combat. Basically, players would engage more carefully and range play would have more merit. However, this would probably slow down the game considerably and discourage aggressive plays.
6 . Guaranteed damage never feels good (insiders, kick stun, etc)

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  • 13 Jan '19
 Jax — Community Manager

I'm Jax, the community manager.

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i played chiv a few nights ago, if you people really want i can probably compile clips of bad animations from chiv even though i already made a montage a while ago. If I then do the same for Mordhau, surly one will appear to look worse, but even then, it may just be a matter of preference for some people, just like how some guys like sopping vaginas and others like raging cocks, and some dont like either, while others may partake of both.

I realized how spoiled I was when a 140 ping messer knight not only had an easier time hit trading me, but had more range on all of their attacks because of their high ping. Every time I got backswung I thought "Oh yea backswings exist". I killed him by stabbing a lot, i'd see his parry go up, and then he'd take damage, and sometimes i pressed Q, crazy. I also at a point thought the chivalry animations were, at the very least, more distinct. (Now I think it was the 4k hours of chiv against the 400 hours of mord talking.) When a parry happens, you instantly snap to idle animation. That sounds good right? Oh whats that? The idle animation looks like riposte animation most of the times? And on 2handed swords you just need to sprint to make it look extremely similar to stab windup? And for 1handers you just need to stare at the floor? And for halberd you just gently sprint at them? Isnt it crazy how thats never getting changed, and this strat exists to a degree in mordhau, and i've reported it, and its getting toned down. I remember that night I played chiv, 3 nights to this day, I saw an overhead riposte. It came up over the enemy head, I looked at it with my own two eyes, and yes, I pressed of the right mouse button. My arms moved, they moved to a parry, and then I died. Even in chivalry, I can tell when it goes around, and I can tell when it doesnt. When you parry and have no turncap, your parry is desyncing and it wont work if someone hits it. When you see an enemy go through recovery animation from idle, it may mean they were parrying on their screen and if you hit them, they would just eat the hit because their parry isnt working.

Someone else could probably make this exact thread except instead of showing off bad anims they can show off how the parry spoils you. (high ping seems to, for the most part, make your inputs not work as often) You can parry so late, the only server with people gives me 80 ping and im amazed sometimes when I read or parry something, so much so that I nearly climax the times I play on 40-50 ping and parry. I rarely see parry go up and not work unless I can tell something went around or over. I can probably find a video showing off what the chiv equivalent of this is

If you look at the player model when its dead, you can actually tell when the enemy hit around the parry. Totally obvious if its something you pay attention to, and if you want to avoid that, you just need to move as if youre trying to incur the enemy backswinging your parry, you also have to flickshot the camera at the sky either during or before parry, theres no vertical turncap. If you want to be badass, you could try to aim at the tip of their weapon, sometimes it might pass through you and you'll ass parry, but in chiv, whatever side a weapon's stab comes from is actually less able to parry. I can record footage of that for you, its pretty funny. Its also why I wouldnt recommend smaller parrybox where you can move your arms around it when you appear to be on the person's screen, it usually does not look good. Maybe laxer turncap for parry in combination with it would be fine.

At any rate, there is no "red parry" and parry works even less on 80 ping. If there were no backswings, people would just maximize the abuse you can do with just ordinary lookdown accels and delay/acceled riposte since riposte window is so massive in chiv and the later/earlier you do it the later/earlier your attack will come out, and since the game is fundamentally a maggot filled turd, it would still be atrocious, not to mention the feints which are hilarious and never going to be changed. Those comp mod boys are doing the best they can.

We had to tone down handlehits on swords when we first made mercs. If you play vanilla and go longsword, you can literally put the windup inside the enemy head, crouch last second, and its going to be like a 1hander attack. You counter it by staring at the sky so they cant headshot you, and even then you can probably get away with microfeinting it or floating the enemy with it or just fucking backswinging them. Wizardish was the first nerd to start spamming lookdowns with longsword, and everyone thought he was a hacker because he was pretty much a noob. No one thought the game was as brainless and broken as just doing one accel over and over (i guess the people that wrote the bad reviews did) but you could totally make a playstyle out of that, for duels at least.The duels just going to be a tug of war for trying to get in the enemy face first and doing one of the many unreadable treats and not getting gambled because after a while you'll likely never actually mess up, accidentally doing a readable mixup.

Theres arguably some unreadable shit in mordhau at the moment. I reported it. Its going to be changed, and if its not enough, i'll keep reporting it and also probably finding more.

I dont know how many hours the people who prefer chiv animations have or what their environment to that conclusion was. If you scrape away all the bugs, and if youre not inexperienced, you actually have to play nice on purpose if you want the game to look as good as it can. Even then, it still looks rough, and it will never get any better.

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 Vq.| Krieger

Not even touching Stauxie's photographer potential

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 Dominator — Code

We changed the way server configuration works back in build #14.
The required ini files will be generated on first launch within the Saved/Config directory.
Editing the default ini files is generally a bad idea since there's a good chance that your changes will be lost on an update.

Also please don't redistribute our server files outside of Steam since they're not publicly available while we're in closed alpha.
I deleted the download link.

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Now that we have perks, the loadout system is more annoying than ever. You have to create dozens of variations of the same character with minor changes, and navigating the giant list of loadouts is really cumbersome.


A similar idea has been suggested before but I didn't quite feel that they demonstrated how nice the loadouts can look if designed well. Their ideas felt more like a minor quality of life improvement, rather than what it needs to be: an overhaul.

This is not a direct suggestion "please do exactly this" type of thread, but more of an ideas thread.


Ideally we want players to instantly recognize the mercenary they want to play as, then instantly find the loadout they want to use. By using a picture of the character's face as a sort of landmark, as well as including symbols that indicate what type of armor he's wearing, you'll be able to quickly spot the mercenary you want to play without scrolling through miles of text. Once selected, a list of that character's loadouts will appear on the right side, again using iconic symbols for the weapons, gear, and perks selected - rather than plain text.

Since the lists are vertical, it will be easy to find the loadout you're looking for even with a huge number of options staring you in the face, and there's effectively no limit to how many characters and builds you can create since you can scroll vertically if absolutely needed.


Another thing to consider is that players simply haven't thought of everything. Maybe they want to quickly swap out a perk and situationally take Fireproof. Maybe they wanna try out a new weapon and shake things up. Well currently the only way to do that is to go back into the Armory, clone their current build, type in the name, change the loadout, save the loadout, go back to the game, find the loadout and select it. So you can display their current loadout above the loadout selection, allow them to change it right there with quick dropdown menus, and even save the loadout if necessary. Although it's not as nice as having a predetermined loadout, this can be really nice for quickly switching things out.


This was another mockup I made for the armory specifically, just in case the developers want it to have a less compact and more cozy feeling. Though to be honest, I think the side-by-side design works great for both in-game selection and armory creation.

PS: dual-wield vapes when?


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And finally, here it is, the army of the Nordmarian Empire (with a bit of useless lore but who the hell cares). God I love them all so much, ughhhh.

Viktor Iezari, The Overlord. The glorious leader of the great northern nation. Quite a strong and wise man, though a bit too bold and maybe just a bit senile, which might explain his unusually strong desire to fight alongside common soldiers despite his significant age. Parade and Warfare versions.
Overlord 2.jpg
Overlord 3.jpg

Black Falcons. The elite corps of the Empire. Only the best of the best can hope to get a place among the Falcons. Forged by countless battles and respected by their nation, they protect the Empire and its rulers till the very end with endless vigor and inhuman determination.
Elite Guard.jpg

Overlord's Shadows. When things get a bit too messy and the need for a quick clean-up arises, the Shadows take their turn. Their battles are unseen and their names are unknown, but does it really matter? In the end, the Empire always succeeds in taking out their most crucial enemies with a single slice of a dagger or a hit of an arrow.

Imperial Dreadnaughts. Living tanks, specially trained to withstand even the most dangerous blows. Covered in the heaviest of armors, they charge towards the enemy lines, protecting their comrades with enormous shields and literally ripping the enemies in half with their giant axes. Or with their bare hands.

Imperial officers. The main military commanding force of the Nordmarian Empire. Good at spitting out orders, not so good at actually fighting. Consisting mostly of members of the noble families, officers tend to be the most arrogant and self-confident part of the army. And usually the most useless on the battlefield.

Imperial Shocktroopers. Heavily armored units, main purpose of the which is to break the enemy lines with their terrior-inducing weaponry and spread chaos among their foes. Criminals who are doomed to find their end at the guillotine are given a choice to join the Shocktroopers' ranks where their violent demeanor can be used for a better purpose.Shocktrooper.jpg

Imperial Legionnaires. The bulk of the Imperial army. Common soldiers, who valiantly fight for their country and their families. Carrying various weaponry, Legionnaires are the most versatile units at the Empire's disposal. And the most numerous, of course.

Imperial Marksmen. Those who are not strong enough or too smart enough not to become a Legionnaire become the marksmen. Sending swarms of arrows and bolts towards the enemy, they stand behind under the cover of other soldiers, enjoying their not so dangerous job.
Sniper 2.jpg

And finally, Imperial Militia. Simple folk, given basic armor and weapons to protect imperial towns and villages in dire times. Badly trained and quite cowardly, they aren't that much of a threat. However, when it comes to protecting their families, even the weakest of them can become the true heroes.

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 Sir Boring

Oh my, aren't you handsome?

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god damn im sexy as hell

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@TwistedFox said:
This seems like angry boy's subjective post

Actually, TwistedFox, I do somewhat agree with what he's saying. This patch has definitely made the game more casual friendly, at the expense of more creative playstyles. Drags (especially stab drags) have taken quite a huge hit this patch. Skill with dragging was a big part of what separated the good player from the novice.

As far as fights go now, from what I've experienced so far, it takes much longer to kill a noob, and you pretty much need to rely on simple feints and morphs. Dragging still plays a part, somewhat, but the presence of very creative drags has become less prevalent.

It's only been a few days, so I'm still soaking in this patch, but I do feel like much of the freedom of combat has been traded in for a more user-friendly experience. However, Mr. Rag, a lot of the things that have been removed were removed for good reason. Active parry was pretty much a mess. It wasn't consistent and was a bad mechanic from the get go, in my opinion. Giving a player free parries simply for riposting is pretty bad game design. A combat mechanic shouldn't play the game for you.

Riposte feints were also a mechanic that gave you a huge reward for almost no effort. I should know, I used riposte feints a lot. All the time, actually, especially on noobs. It was a very fast, easy way to kill noobs and even competent players.

Aside from drags, which other people can debate about, the thing I'm most upset about being removed is HP on kill. HP on kill had its pros and cons. The obvious pro was that it would allow good players to really hold their own in a 1vX. If you were good enough to kill someone in a 1vX, you'd gain 30 HP and stam, and this would allow you to keep up the fight. It also decreased the amount of down time you had to spend healing while in team fights. One of my biggest gripes in chiv was pushing an objective, killing lots of players, and then having to pull back from a team fight in order to heal because I had taken damage. Health on kill solved that issue.

The con, as many have said, is that in team fights, especially comp fights, it's a huge pain in the ass when you're in a 2v2, and your partner dies after you've both gotten your opponents really low. So instead of having to fight two weakened opponents, you're fighting one weakened opponent and one healthier opponent who just gained 30HP off your team mate. This problem was made even worse by the fact that you could go for the killing blow on an opponent, only to have him kill your team mate, gain 30 HP, and survive your killing blow because he got that health boost. Devs have also stated that they don't want good players to rampage over everyone and continuously gain health without any downtime or drawbacks.

Personally, I think a happy medium would be to have kills give a very fast heal-over-time effect. Maybe like 30 HP over the span of 2-4 seconds. This effect could persist through sprinting and fighting, unlike normal HP regen, and could be cancelled out by being hit. This way, fights could continue to be fast paced, and good players don't need to stand around very long to heal, and can continue to fight. This would solve the issue that exists in 2v2s where you're about to kill an opponent with 30HP but he kills your team mate first, goes to 60HP, and then survives what would be your killing blow. Instead, he would kill your team mate, and start to regen HP over time, allowing your attack to still be a killing blow.

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What if, there was a setting that puts your roster of characters as the bots, i think that'd be super cool, and the names of the bots would be the names of the characters you created and named. Also, to expand on this idea, it'd also be cool if you could select how many bots you want as your characters, example being if i had a character called "Alfred" and another called "Cunt", i could choose how many of each i want individually, so i could have in a free for all, 10 alfreds, 5 Cunts and yourself.

I think this would let you do so much funny stuff, for example, having it so all the bots are naked peasants, or in teamdeath match your bots could be spearmen and the other team could be knights, and recreate different battles to whatever suits your imagination, be it maybe historical, or absolutely crazy. And when the option of asymmetrical teams gets added, you could setup (perhaps with friends) a mode which is your team of, let's say 5 knights, verses 40 peasants (when larger player modes are addes of course).

I feel this could add a shitload more to do in the less competitive, more "lets fuck around a bit" side of this game, also, being able to save these modes so you don't have to keep recreating the same settings over and over would also be cool. Perhaps if you really wanted to make this stand out, a server choice for player vs bots matches with the server details listing the changes the player made gamemode makes to the normal game.

And if they really, really wanted to go batshit with it, a shedload of modifiers as options too, like health, damage, range, firing speed (for bows) throwing speed, stuff like that, all for each different teams (or even individual bots and players having their own modifiers). Actually after reading that last part, that's defintely modder territory but i still think that would be super cool to be able to do in the game, mods or not.

Damn, sorry for the novel.