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A long long LONG overdue and simple addition which common sense dictates should have never been omitted.

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  • 27 Apr

it is simply an illustration of how 2h elitists operate

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  • 27 Apr

wow such a sad news

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I don't know what's real and what's satire

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  • 24 Apr

When you stab + morph to underswing there's litterally no animations, mostly with 1 handed weapons i think. Is it because i'm facing the animation and litterally can't see the perspective? Or is it the morph to underswing anim that's bugged? i can't tell, i will record if i see it nex time.

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  • 24 Apr
 Snake Skin

I noticed in game many voice lines especially that of the 'Cruel' setting are so low volume they're hard to hear even when there arent any sounds obfuscating it. Why is this the case? The other voicelines are by comparison alot more audible even if they arent particularly loud.

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@yep said:
So will this effect playstyles/ footwork? i hope not

If your playstyle was based on turning around and running away every time your opponent takes a swing at you, then yes I imagine it will.

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do you see

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  • 17 Apr

100% agree, there's no good reason to have regen in duels or small-scale (3v3 or less) LTS (skirmish).

Another thing about no regeneration in general is fall damage. I think fall damage should be completely replaced by a threshold system: falling from medium heights will cause a ragdoll and no damage, and falling from great heights will just instantly kill you. None of this taking 18 damage bullshit. Even during modes WITH regeneration, taking fall damage feels terrible because you're obligated to walk for awhile until you've regenerated.

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  • 17 Apr

You didn’t ask what year are you going to fall for this every time or what

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  • 10 Apr

@Christian2222 said:

@Frise said:
The issue is that since it's the default control scheme, most new players will struggle with it, learn it, to then realize that it's objectively inferior to binds when they wish to play competitively and either have to switch to binds, or keep playing with a disadvantage.

Still not a reason to remove it. Can we stop?

But a reason to not default it or alternatively give the user a choice on first startup with pros and cons listed. 240 could be listed as more intuitive, but overall less consistent for example.

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  • 9 Apr

I don’t give two hoots if it’s a competitive mode or not it’s irrelivant. As far as I’m concerned FL and BR are where 3p rears it’s ugly head In some of its most vile forms.

Is this the crutch solution to 1vXor something?

I remain a skeptic of the crush changes until I see them.

Your just doing your job Jaxie love you but your post is kinda barf

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How dare you two compare the likes of Mr.Grinder to such rookies in the craft.

ANAL GRINDER is the spectacle of human perseverance and ingenuity, he will never be forgotten like all these pretenders.

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  • 4 Apr

Armor balance should be much deeper than a simple point cost and movement penalties.

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  • 3 Apr

I was holding out this whole time forcing myself to believe we would have official fp servers and now even hosted is up in the air. Disappointing to put it lightly.

I’d bet a hearty sum that if we experimented and had a handful of fp only official servers, that a month after launch they would be packed and we would need more. The month after is because people will realize they are playing a game that feels natural in fp but forces you to play 3p to level the edge others have.

Best we can do post launch is stir the crowds for petitions on steam forums and reddit. I’m confident it won’t be a small crowd. Shame were forced to play our hand that way.

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  • 2 Apr

@Balerion said:
Limiting options to players is a bad thing in my opinion. Chivalry had 3rd person, and did just fine.

Yea not like spinning ballerinas that could attack you while looking away from you were a big factor in driving new players away from the game

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  • 30 Mar

Lincs I love you but you're a retard lmao.

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First Impressions from a noob (600 hrs Chiv, 40ish hours Mordy)

TL;DR - Overall, FL is missing the "soul" of TO because it feels like a disconnected, endless slog of a battle that looks awesome on paper and has great cinematic ragdoll-style effects but ultimately feels like TO's sloppy seconds because it doesn't feel like there's any thread of a story running through each area/objective.

FL seems like it's missing the "soul" that TO once had. If we take everyone's favorite Dark Forest as an example, it feels like both teams are going through a sort of story as the match progresses. Sure, the lore is minimal and pushing the cart is simplistic, but little flavor elements and varied objectives like spilling the corpses into the cistern to spread plague or having two people stand on either side of a gate to lower it, combined with the final epic siege of the fort to kill the royal family, all lead to the player feeling like there's kind of a "story" as the game goes on.

Plus, you'll start to recognize the exceptional players on both teams as the match goes on. You might see a guy with a gold helmet 1v3 and go wow, I better steer clear of him. Then you remember his name and he becomes almost like a miniboss as he's defending the royal family. These mini rivalries create sort of a meta story, combined with the lore elements of the objectives, that make each match of TO memorable and enjoyable even if you occasionally die from a catapult or some nonsense firepot.

FL has almost none of this because the objectives themselves (points and carts) don't really do anything significant. Throwing fire onto blue team's camp tents is neat and a nice throwback to chiv, but the explosive carts and holding points feel sort of uninspired. Perhaps part of that is because they they dont change the terrain at all.

Even in a linear TO map like Dark Forest, you'd have plenty of unique areas to fight around during each stage of the objective. The first two sections are simple with small wooden structures and bridges, but thanks to a bit of verticality they remain interesting (think of the second wooden platform layer during the cistern stage (the one with the gate that two people have to stand on each side to lower) and the log bridge at the royal family part). Whereas FL, or at least Camp, is mostly just a big flat battlefield. Kinda boring. And maybe part of that is because it doesn't change. With TO maps, unique and interesting areas might not last more than a few minutes, so if you want to try something unique, you'll only have a few chances to do so. The experience remains novel in the player's mind because it doesn't last very long, so the fights they have there feel like they have a history and not like it's just a big battle where your last fight could've happened in this match, the previous one, or any other random moment of playing FL.

The attackers have a solid goal to push toward and they know they can make reliable progress that won't be reversed, so they can feel happy about their death if they know it helped push the cart just a few more inches. Whereas defenders can feel extra satisfied when they do finish someone off and clear the cart. They know that they just have to last a few more minutes and they'll win, whereas the attackers need to beat them back just far enough to get the next objective and add more time. Those moments are climactic and exciting because there are reasons to try extra hard during those moments.

TL;DR again

Overall, FL is missing the "soul" of TO because it feels like a disconnected, endless slog of a battle that looks awesome on paper and has great cinematic ragdoll-style effects but ultimately feels like TO's sloppy seconds because it doesn't feel like there's any thread of a story running through each area/objective.

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  • 28 Mar

crush just PM me

he say

"shield is bolonce"

i ask "how?"

he say

"bik kik. everything ius fix"

as you can see, no need for further discussion.

shield is fine now.

please close this thread and all other shield threads