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  • 9 May '19

"shields are fine the way they are, its fine as long as i destroy all the pleb in the game and i feels good about it"
a better confession : )

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  • 8 May '19

@Redeaux said:
Shields arent broken at all. The simplest way to counter them isnt to kick at all, just kite them out. Bait an attack out and just hit them during recovery. You can also jump stab around a shield if the user is a noob. Most of these "x is OP" threads just stem from people not having enough time ingame to learn the core mechanics, shields simply punish bad footwork. Spears are often called OP by new players for the exact same reason.

I will duel you with a shield anytime to prove how wrong you are. You can do the same bait tactics against non-shield users as well, the difference is none of the other mechanics this game's combat revolve around are useful at all against a shield.

come fight me if you think this is fucking balanced.

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@xMatic said:
You use rapier, you get bodied :D get bodied :D

This game is sooo god damn fun :D I need to take more breaks :D

Everything is so polished and fun. And when you die it isn't because of some stupid weapon or something. You know that someone just outskilled you really. Some weapons are just stronger in some situation.

I was a short spear and shield user until I found out about Rapier speed and range, and how fun fire bombs are. I honor. Rapier is really kinda overpowered xD.

Only shields, ranged weapons and chambers from weapons with similar speed can counter your stab spam :D or maybe if you get outranged by longer weapons. But once you come close, well you win :D

This game really is about skill and counters. Every weapon has counters in this game. One just needs to adopt.

So you say this game is really about skill and counters, and then you demonstrate neither in your video of just constant stab spamming? OK

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  • 5 May '19

Bloodlust either needs to cost at the very least double the points it does now, or it needs a rework, like making it a 20% more hp on kill than normal or something.

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  • 4 May '19

The problem is have is that we've known that shields have been poorly designed for a while now and nothing has happened.

There have been so many complaints about them during the alpha, and we just get some vague "It'll be reworked" without any details. And then on release shields are basically the same. Shields ignore the core gameplay loop, making them a bad addition to the game. There needs to be a way for shields to enjoy the gameplay while also being shields.

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  • 4 May '19

This might be controversial but I honestly believe 48 player servers were better. The problem with current player limit for me personally is that combat itself, by far the most developed aspect of Mordhau and obviously the most interesting gets dumbed down to the point of feeling like playing a different game than the one I played before in Alpha. Mordhau might have issues and balancing problems in some areas but nothing is game breaking to the point of isolating it as ruining the game. But 64 players in a server might be just that. The fundamental problem with the current Frontline population is that combat gets cut in half in quality of what it is. Overpopulation on the servers lead to pretty much forcing you to play extremely fast in fear of being outnumbered or because of the fear of losing an objective to the enemy. This destroys a big part of the learning curve which is experimenting in combat. The current Frontlines learning curve leans toward death most of the times and just that. Strategies become obsolete due to nearly-instant spawns and that gets worse with 32 people on a team. There is global pressence of teams everywhere, even after a fight where you killed them all, and won a passage for your team. This does not happen. Random people will spawn nearly every second, making progress feel like a tiring method of winning that does not work at all. Certain classes and weapons suffer due to the overpopulation aswell. Archers (even though I hate archers) for example, will get flanked at all times, due to people randomly passing through or having the knowledge of them being there. Smaller weapons hardly become viable due to the spam of spear and long weapons that get favored in survivability due to the nature of the mode and how chaotic it is. Shields become nearly mandatory to hold ground for new players due to ganks aswell. Biggest issues are the unstable servers that currently offer clunky ping (compared to what you SHOULD PLAY with) FPS drops when a big amount of people are around you and a general ever-changing need of awareness around you. Someone will ALWAYS be behind you to kill you and you will always be behind someone to kill him with 1-2 hits and no fight. Engineer class pretty much becomes a troll class instead of reinforcing points and delaying chokepoint intrusion, and in general the mode feels like a zerg deathball match in favour of one team 90% of the time.

I personally have been doing very well in Frontlines, scoring a big amount of kills and not many deaths but it just does not feel fun since we started playing with 64 dudes in the server. FPS drops increased, ping increased and ganks increased. All of these contribute into downgrading the quality of combat and make roles/weapons/positioning obsolete in favor of ganks. \

I am very aware that duels and smaller scale fight modes are better for learning, yes, but the problem with frontlines is that it feels like a different game in quality of everything. Frame rate, ping, combat, planning and executing.

I perfectly understand the concept of Frontlines, but I prefer gameplay quality over faithful practice of the 'concept' of the mode. This is simply my opinion for discussion, its not for bashing the game. I love the game and will continue to play it, just my 2 cents.

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  • 4 May '19

Yeah I have to politely disagree Tim. Because this isn’t a l2p issue this is an unhealthy meta issue.

When I say unhealthy I mean boring.

Even if all noobs learned how and when to kick shields that still doesn’t take away from the fact that their boring to play both as and against. Shields don’t need a tweak they need a complete rework so they take at least a gnomes IQ to use.

Forcing me to switch to a support weapon so I can stand around for days poking a blob of impenetrable wall just to be consistent till he stams out is not where this game should be. Have you played a SKM match yet when the whole opposing team is using shields? It’s bad dude.

I personally don’t have a problem with spears but I could have sworn I remember Crush saying something about tweaks to stabs ( Not on spear in particular, just generally) right before launch. Rapier is cancer and I’m glad noobs are crying about it because it’s BORING to play both as and against, once again.

Certain weapon stabs like rapier forces a chamber because if the guy isn’t a complete noob and uses feints that isn’t hard reading, it’s guessing games. I should have the option to hard read stabs and not be told “JUsT ChAMBEr nub L2p lUL”. That’s forcing me to play a certain way and it’s not right.

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  • 4 May '19

I agree, spears are out of hand. It initially was balanced in a very dumb way, cant see how this made it to release. on the other hand we almost never tested frontlines. Shields and spears need rebalance asap. Also archer limits, tyvm.

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I hope revive, settings SHADOW "OFF"

Because my PC is low spec

Game Suffering slowdown in any FlontLineMap


myPC spec>CPU:2600K, mem:16GB(DDR3, GPU:GTX9602GB

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  • 3 May '19

Light armor is meant to give you mobility in combat, not a free disengage and reset to full health.

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  • 1 May '19

@Christian2222 said:

Trust me, against half decent players it is useless.

Quite sure you haven't faced even a close to being close to a half decent player. Throw some names down.
You bold faced lied to this community when you were called out for not owning the beta like you were taking notes from Jussie Smollet, why would anyone trust you anyway?

Honestly man, Stick to Steam Forums. you've sorta lost any credibility whatsoever for anyone taking you seriously here and you sorta did it to yourself.
Kick won't be seeing any substantial changes. We've gone through many tweaks of both kick and all the mechanics for the past 2 years. Just please try to understand that. Try.

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  • 1 May '19

@Q said:

@Frise said:
We already have unflinchable riposte. Nobody likes your ideas because you don't understand how the game plays out at all and act like you know shit. Your ideas are shit.

Frise, it is your job to jump in everyone's thread, & tell them that their opinions are worthless, then insult them?

The OP is just offering some ideas/suggestions, give him a break.

Tbf, this specific OP has a history of posting terrible ideas while acting as if he's knowledgeable on the game when it's obvious he's a very new player.

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Also: I'm not a fan of the new default class changes. I liked it better when the baxe boys had flesh wound and a secondary weapon, instead of an unGodly amount of throwing axes. Also Raider class should've stayed T2 torso.

Knights with bandages played out better than Knights with flesh wound. Also the bandage encouraged them to play smarter and understand the ebb and flow of team combat and to heal... pretty sure having flesh wound just encourages them to go berzerk caveman like the Raider class was built for.

Also why is cleaver in the game? It hacks apart armor like it were a 3 pt weapon and should definately be more htk against T3. Anyways, archer class should not have cleaver, it lets them spam apart wounded melee players and win with spamming rmb alone. Yeah dagger like previously may have been too weak for them but there is a short sword and I think that would be best for the class.

Did we really need to give Estar on a beginner class? I feels like Estar has been nerfed in release which is good but its still a really powerful build to give ti newbies, especially with T3 torso. Alot of the medium looking beginner classes take alot of hits and play like Knight load outs... but is there even a real medium load out anymore?

The rapier class is prolly the coolest but is obviously very weak... Not sure if it needs a buff or not but just pointing out that it's almost useless lol

Everyone keeps buying Targe and getting surprised it doesn't have held block (LOL.) There really should be a 1/2/2 class with AS and Targe so it plays like the rat class and raider class combined... but with blood lust perk or dodge/second wind. So it plays both stamina warfare/kiting like Chiv MAA in duels and maybe gets full health when finishing people off in the melee chaos.

Just my feedback on the default classes.

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Ok but can we talk about how powerful throwing axes are?

I don't really have a problem with archers, they're very weak imo... but 50 axe boys throwing their axes at me isn't so bad but it only takes 1 or 2 to leave me at 1htk despite full T3. Throwing axes are just too powerful against armor that should be relatively immune to those tiny axes.

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  • 30 Apr '19

Also, knight having Flesh Wound is confusing a lot of new players, and it becomes so annoying after playing for an hour.

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  • 30 Apr '19

@Judas_Iscariot said:
Any idea on the ETA for the fix? Was an Alpha backer and already had 2 years of not having progress mean anything. Little demoralising that it still doesn't mean anything on release. Missed out on about 5k gold by now.

Wasn't the silver enough?

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  • 27 Apr '19

A long long LONG overdue and simple addition which common sense dictates should have never been omitted.

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  • 27 Apr '19

it is simply an illustration of how 2h elitists operate

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  • 27 Apr '19

wow such a sad news