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  • 22 May

Agatha. We don’t go there anymore.

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  • 10 May

I originally liked this game but something is completely ruining my games. CAVALRY! Horses are the most overpowered thing in this game right now. They are nearly impossible to counter in this game and it sucks! I have tried using spears to counter then, ranged weapons to counter them, and other long reaching weapons to counter them. Nothing works well! They are stupidly unfair in this game and it ruins everything because you have this ridiculous horse rider going around picking off people and escaping because horses for some stupid reason can easily run through people without issues.

FIX THIS! Make the horses stagger if they run into too many people, make it so that riders fall off if they get hit by a spear! Why is the exact real life counter to cavalry not able to counter horse riders in this game? Almost every game is ruined by a good cavalry person. Once this is balanced out, I will be so happy.

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  • 19 May

I was enjoying frontline with 48p servers, had some fps issues but overall it was playable.
Now frontline on the official servers is just totally unplayable and not fun at all, here is why:

  1. Massive fps drops
  2. Maps are far too small for 64p
  3. Unbalanced maps, red always wins
  4. People spamming fire pots
  5. Teammates randomly swinging big weapons

It is very hard to actually enjoy the awesome mechanics of Mordhau in this setting, the fps drops make is hard to parry, the crammed maps make it hard to actually move around, Fire everywhere is just anti-fun, Unbalanced maps remove the sense of urgency.

Now I feel like I can only play on Skirmish and Duel servers, to truly enjoy the game. I think if the FPS issues are fixed and official servers roll back to 48p frontline will be massively enjoyable; but as of now in its current state its just a chaotic laggy mess.

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  • 19 May

Enough, im sick of the salty children building walls and spike in the starting areas to prevent players from leaving, or trap spamming their own team.

Hotfix it, like yesterday.

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  • 17 May

@Botas said:
You only need to kick a shield user now to stun him and get a free hit no matter what, the shield user can't do NOTHING about it, there is no counters, why have a shield if you are basically giving the enemy free hits whenever you raise it, this game is clearly imbalanced towards 2 handed users.

I want a refund, I don't want to own a game with this imabalced mentality and bias towards certain users only.

Translation: I want an unbreakable defense where I can never get hit and if I don't get it, that's unfair.

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  • 17 May

Exactly, dragging and turning your body in strange ways, is a risky move to caught off guard your enemy, but that is only true in first person. When you are in third person you can drag and accel with incredible precision, and without losing sight of your opponent. I play 95% in first person, because it is more intense, but I decided to try third person, and after getting used to the camera, you can play a lot better than in first person in a game were drag and accels are so important.

In fact, when you duel against someone, you can clearly know if they are playing in first or third person, because third person player drag to absurd angles while knowing where you are, or cancelling the attack when they are clearly looking to the sky.

Christian2222, if you keep failing your attacks after playing so much in third person, you have a problem.

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  • 16 May

Unfortunately i don't think when balancing the game the devs were comfortable with the perspective of 'it's not a problem if you're just a decent player' otherwise Shields never would have been nerfed.

And despite only having 100 in game hours I've already seen some things that, for lack of a better term straight up give me chiv flashbacks. I don't believe that kind of play style was intended to be possible.

I've definitely got footage that I'll post in due time.

For the moment I'll definitely be disabling third person on my servers as soon as it's possible.

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  • 15 May

the weakest bow against the heaviest armor on the part of the body that takes the least amount of damage took alot of shots??? wtfffffff 2h elitist devs!!!!

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Yea, this has made it like 5% better, and I played and saw the same tired old 500 people beating down on 1 guy situations as before in normal Frontline.

Still, it felt SLIGHTLY better in terms of being able to hit them at all. As written, by about 5%. Kick still isn't hitting them worth crap in terms of distance. They write it was increased a good bit - I still had the old "shieldguy backpedals and you kick air and then you get hit from 1h thrust because kick recovery is forever" sadness.

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  • 16 May

people are using the toolbox to block the spawn and literally single handily ruin the game for everyone else in the lobby, people don't like being trapped in spawn and the other team isn't having fun when there is no one to fight.


  • improve the vote kicking system - most people don't know how to vote kick and griefers use emotes in there name so it makes them near to impossible to kick
  • have restricted building areas - in places around spawns
  • teammates can remove/destroy friendly structures (walls, spikes)
  • add a reporting system so griefs, toxic players, etc can get temp/perma banned from the game |

please think about making some improvements because these people really suck the fun out of the game for me and i assume everyone else too.

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  • 16 May

The problem with third person in mordhau isn't what you can't see, it's the additional things you can see.

When looking completely up in the air or down at the ground, you can still see your opponent, in plain sight. This encourages a lot of what i like to call 'vertical flailing' in an attempt to take Z axis stab drags to points of literal stupidity where in the first frame you're stabbing into the air and the next you're stabbing into the ground, with no risk of being chambered, kicked or gambled, since you aren't comprising your field of view. It's pretty much bordering on exploit tier.

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Just hit them. Works every time :P

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  • 15 May


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  • 14 May

@takemura said:
Also following your point maybe an arrow to the legs should slow down opponents etc, but if they can be bothered to fix the speed then how can we believe they can add deep mechanics to the arrows?

But I agree, depending on where you hit having either more damage or added effects would be nice.

You're complaining about archery being difficult in a deeply skill based game. Archery is already objectively easier to learn than melee by a landslide and you're still asking the devs to make the game easier for you.

Someone even pointed out that projectile speed was very close to IRL and that they knew someone who top frags as archer. But still your only rebuttal was "nAh aRcHeR nEEds buFF".

Archery doesn't need to be buffed, you just need to gitgud.

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  • 14 May

@Salty said:
As in the title, unless something is truly broken, leave it alone. Devs, please don't give into the forum crowd who always seems to want the game to adapt to them and not the other way around. I've seen many a game ruined by a loud minority with nothing else to do but forum post and complain.

Thank you.

P.S> I love the game. Just started and am horrible but gives me a goal to improve.

Adapt to bad designed mechanics or something that is wrong is not a solution, criticizm IS NEEDED, stop being a fanboy, use your brain, people that make criticism also like the game, just is not blindly in love with it like you sick people.

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@nf_straydog said:
I find frontline more fun to play if you don't obsess over winning the objectives and just fight the best you can. If your entire enjoyment of the game is wrapped up in winning, you are going to feel like shit in PUB games because most people just run towards the nearest enemy and try to kill them and don't even bother fighting towards the objectives. Instead of worrying about winning the game, I just try to play each stage of the game as best as I can and enjoy the fight whether I'm running over the enemies in a murder train or just trying my best to hold them off. To me, this is more fun than TDM, because it focuses combat in certain sections of the map which move along as one team starts to win. It also creates little side missions with your teammates to try to flank the main force and get a massive attack going. The maps need work, and we need more maps, but the gametype is still very fun for me.

I'm not surprised that someone with 2k hours in chivalry prefers chivalry. It's great that you like your game.

Yeah not doing or paying any attention to the objective is objectively more fun. Cause you NEED teamwork to accomplish anything. You can make an amazing 1 man push, killing anyone who stands in your way and defending the zone on your own for 20 seconds, only to realize your team is a failure and lost the point you had to defend.

They stood in the other circle so the circle i killed 20 people to take is now as pointless in game as it actually would be if this was a real battle.

I've started playing TDM since that is the same as frontline, only with more teamwork, and i don't have to walk for like 40 seconds after i spawn.

Make an objective mode that is good plz

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  • 12 May

@NumidianPikeman said:
The war Axe specifically does a great job at eating up stamina.
I went against a opponent that was very good with War axe in a duel,
i lost my shield, and got killed.

But once i figured out his technique, in the second duel, i didnt allow his
usual "Stagger kick and axe stab" which is incredibly fast, to finish me, so i
managed to kill him.

And yes the shield flies off your hand when you hit 0 stamina. Then you're left
with your main weapon. If you block another hit without recovering stamina, you lose
that weapon too.

So i really see no problems with the shield, except people demanding that its stamina costs
are higher, which is ridiculous. Basically, to be blunt, requiring fewer shield blocks before it flies off,
its unthinkable and unfair.

Then again i could fight with 2 handers, but i prefer to be on a safer side, with shield and Bastard sword
with my own technique.

Wow man you didn't allow his super fast crazy ultimate combo technique kick attack to get you the second time, possibly because you realized that you can just.. move back! I'm baffled.

Wow, one weapon drains a lot of stamina. I applaud you for bringing an end to this discussion with your irrefutable proof that shields are balanced.

I also see no problems with the shield, because like you said, you can kick the shield, which staggers, the opponent! I am filled with ecstasy from your providing of this brilliant insight that is not completely negated by walking backwards or, more importantly, being in a group, which is clearly the main issue of shields.

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You come here with your reinterpretation of the navy seal copypasta and expect people to worship you because of your occasional LARP sessions. No shit you are not afraid of blunt training swords. Badass!

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I agree with everything you say and have been in the same boat since I first played.
I agree that bringing more realism wouldn't be too hard as it is and it would change the game for the better for new and veteran players.

But tone down on the ego? This game is huge now and attracting everyone with an interest in what it delivers.
You are certainly not the only real steel full contact fighter picking this game up.
"I do this for real and I am better than you"
"I could kick the ass of every toon in the game"
Made me cringe hard. While we all obviously have those moments in game where we are like "Really? IRL id have put you on your ass" I hardly think shoving it I people's faces like some kind of medieval vegan is the way to go.