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Knight 766 3328
  • 27 Jul '19

why do weapons with really good swings but horrible stabs get their stabs buffed with super speed? Baxe, war axe, mace and especially messer are really notorious for simply spam stabbing until the inevitable morph or morph feint comes along. Mace and messer should definitely have much slower stabs to be balanced. Sharp tips or not, they're both heavy and messer is still a two handed sword with as much weight as Longsword. A heavy sword with a shitty thrust should not get faster stabs, it should simply have a shitty stab.

Currently at a point in the stab animation, it jumps forward so suddenly that it looks nearly instant. Because of this the stab actually being "faster" (shorter windup and/or release) doesn't even matter that much, although mace stabs are definitely annoying. The thing is, even Zweihander stabs seem instant because of how stabs work right now. I'm honestly surprised that you didn't mention Bastard Sword, which is arguably the most broken weapon in the game right now, especially because of its stabs.

Emperor 400 927
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  • 24 Jul '19

we know

I won't bash it too much, but I just hate dieing to RNG and meme crap.

Random archers potshot gets me

Catapult potshots

Horses from behind 1 shotting me

Flinched from horse then scrollwheel'd by shield rapier turtle boi

shield bois making 1vX boring as fuck

naked guy throwing firebombs

naked guy throwing javelins

gambled because everyones a noob and just keeps swinging

nobody really plays the objective

nobody defends a captured point ( literally no incentive to stay there, so once everyone waddles off to the next one naked
lute guy whips out from behind a house and caps it again, enemy team spawns there again zzzzzzzz)

RNG trebushits on camp


spear stab spammers

lute bois on horses

maps too open, too much space for massive clusterfucks of LMB and horses and firepots and garbage, need some tigher areas to fight in

grad literally only decent map

no incentive or reason for anyone to try flank/ take a path other than the one the entire idiot team keeps funneling themselves into

literally was with 9 team members fighting off like 7 enemies, and enemy horse comes flying through us and smashes his face into a wall. ENTIRE TEAM turns around and lmbs the horse, 2 blokes got teamkilled. The 7 enemies just stomped us, i just couldnt even turn my camera away from the absolute retardation lol and pressed end key and ragequit back to duels

nobody has any real reason to try work as a team (or incentive, cause you need rewards now to play as a fucking team )

half team is playing as naked rodents

would win more games if everyone was 3/3/3 greatsword



literally just the air is filled with flying shit you're basically filling your characters lungs with arrows and swords when he breathes never getting a decent amount of time using the games nice melee mechanics before you're sent to the respawn screen by random shit

absolutely just cannot have fun playing FL personally

1.4k hours spent like 40 out of those on FL rest on duels

sad times

end halfdrunk rant

Knight 697 1611
  • 24 Jul '19

Have you ever... actually used these weapons or fought against someone good using them?

Strike headshotting anyone with a 60cm weapon is impossible against anyone with good footwork. Granted 99.9% of the playerbase doesn't have good footwork.. Good thing the Mace doesn't need to headshot to 2HTK. This is a huge deal and is basically the selling point of the mace in the first place.

Mace has a 475ms stab... this is INSANE. 500ms is already good yet the Mace has an even faster one than that. "Muh damage". The point of the stab is to flinch and condition enemies to fall for your mixups that lead to hitting them with the whack.

Mace has ridiculous stamina values, incredibly important for duels.

The second most important point after Mace's 2HTK on plate torso: the slow strikes means it can DRAG.

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  • 16 Jul '19

I generally don't like server advertisements in forum topics, but I see a lot of people complaining about the things in the title, so I thought they might appreciate knowing this exists.

I like the objective play of frontline but everyone gets frustrated when they just want to chop some heads off and can't even leave spawn without getting catapulted, killed by a horse or blocked by a team mate. I appreciate these things exist, but always good to have options.

Full list of things blocked on this server

One server is located in London and another in New York. You can connect in the console with the commands below

London server


or search

[EU] Gambit's FL - No range/horse/catapult/shield - NX.IE

or just search


New York server


or search

[NA] 48 slot FL - No horses/catapults/ranged - NAE4.NX.IE

Some noteworthy settings

  • 0.2 team damage
  • 120 tick
  • Default map is grad
  • All frontline maps are in rotation

If you feel something should be added back just comment below. Only thing I'm currently considering is smoke bombs.

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  • 10 Jul '19

@bobbydigital said:
They can't even sort out the few maps they have.

There's too much trolling allowed in these maps, groups of the enemy capturing your ballista and shooting your team in the back from your own base. Yet you can't useless shoot the enemy with that same ballista due to it's position but it's in the perfect location to shoot your own people in the back. . . .no map testing.

Mountain peak, blue sided.
taiga turned in to blue sided map.
Camp red wins most of the time. Cata + better ammo crate locations.
Grad, I see red spawn camped a lot but seems to be a somewhat balanced map.
Crossroads, never play it to find out if it's balanced because it's just that terrible and should have been removed from the game.

Then you have the spawns locations, bottlenecked or open. You spawn around the enemy, they spawn around you. Someone dies just after they spawn. . .

There's also no effective way to counter trolls. On several maps, one guy with a fire pot can effectively destroy a team's efforts to win by throwing firepots in the way of the small chokepoints you need to best get to the frontline. If votekicking was actually accessible instead of this roundabout funsies with opening the console unless you're lucky enough to have them say something in chat. Why isn't there an automatic kick to dealing a metric fuckton of friendly fire in a row? There's no scenario where it's not sketchy that someone does a thousand friendly damage in the span of five minutes.

Knight 7768 14326
  • 12 Jul '19

How does one even begin to explain how bad this post is

Horses have a 1 shot that outranges you no matter what and shields negate over half of the game's mechanics. They need changes.

Conscript 987 2012
  • 12 Jul '19

necroing this, so that newcomers will think this is relevant >:)

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  • 11 Jul '19

Yeah they missed their chance at a mainstream breakthrough, but there's not much they can do about it now. The hard pill to swallow is that Chiv/Mordhau's combat platform just doesn't appeal to a vast majority of players. 1v1 won't bring back many players since it's a niche format no matter what game. Mordhau's best bet was AT RELEASE to have had a 6v6 TO game mode with ranked, Frontline was a massive mistake and utter failure I think. It's basically all the worst parts of Mordhau in one turd package.

If there wasn't the massive novelty of being a medieval sword fighting game, if you were to judge Mordhau objectively, it was released as a very barebones and incomplete product. The product of being too hyper focused on the combat system, while ignoring other things around it that make a successful game. Right now the competitive Mordhau scene doesn't even have a proper game mode to scrim/play because there just isn't one aside from Skirm, and Skirm is boring and one dimensional.

Knight 7768 14326
  • 11 Jul '19

Me one shot big rock stick no long enough >:^(

80 117
  • 10 Jul '19

Mord doesn't need maps, it needs a GAME MODE. People played chiv for years because of TO. No one will be playing mord for years because of frontline. No amount of maps will solve the issue that is FL.

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  • 1 Jul '19

@Shitscrubber64 said:

@Jax said:
We're really bad with timelines, we thought the game would originally come out in march 2018 - we're working on some things (new maps, ranked, etc) and they're nearing completion. We'd like to give more concrete estimates but it's hard without layers of project management and staff, as it stands at the moment we've got 9 devs all working remotely.

Assuming you already have at least the occasional Discord session with the other devs for a status update, the only missing link here would be a community manager.

If you don't have one yet, hire one.
If you already have one, fire him/her.

Screenshot (367).png


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  • 28 Jun '19

Not really atm.

The devs really need to step into the shoes of a pub player and realize that the game isn't all that fun for them right now. It's quite clear they spent too much time on certain aspects of the game and forgot to test important stuff like maps/horses etc.

Catering to the chiv community can only get you so far, and if your goal is to play with the same people once again for 5 more years instead of growing the game continue on this path you are treading.

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  • 28 Jun '19

@DrGert said:

@smellycathawk said:

@Goatie said:
I am currently burned out as Front line is a mess and all maps besides camp seem to be badly designed.

was about to jump on you and suggest Grad is a good map, but again, the final objectives are VERY BADLY DESIGNED. Both of them.

TBH I really don’t think I can recall ever actually killing the king in blue spawn to win the match.

I've seen it / done it a number of times. The entire objective is a joke for a multitude of reasons.

I have nothing better to do so let's think of some.

  • The VIBs "very important bots" don't follow the mechanics of the game. no-flinch is not fun to deal with under any circumstances. Intentionally breaking the fun mechanics into non-fun mechanics in an attempt to make a failure of an idea for an objective work is not how game design works...
  • Through no fault of the person actually siegeing the castle, battling through the spawn points, and battling the VIBs, the VIBs can become invincible mid-fight. LOL
  • the guy in the dungeon can be exploited because he refuses to walk on the trap door. u can just stand there and stab him.
    -There is no reason a player couldn't be made a VIP here or something.

I think this final objective ruins the only map that could actually have been really really good and I'm surprised it doesn't get more attention for being the sad bad bad terribly bad and sad joke that it is.

EDIT: Almost any other mechanic or design choice in this game there is going to be some contention as to whether or not it is good or bad as it is. But I honestly cannot see anybody defending this as a fun or well-designed final objective, even with all the badd opinions lurking around the forum.

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  • 28 Jun '19

I think it takes 2 maybe 3 seconds of standing in fire before you die... I mean like DEAD. I have fallen over drunk in fire pits
for "2 to 3" seconds and walked away with some red skin and singed hairs.. BUT DEAD? I think not.

Fire bomb dps is far to high.


102 72
  • 28 Jun '19

Fire bomb is another one of those annoying things devs won't change, even though people complain about it.

58 69
  • 25 Jun '19
  • I should get the same level of benefit as a person that can tap left click and get a double kill with no skill.

Please explain, what is this no skill double kill left click mechanic I can abuse?

Knight 52 67
  • 25 Jun '19

taps left click. Gets parried.

2017 2104
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  • 23 Jun '19

Individual swings cost no stamina unless they miss.
Dodge costs 10 stamina.

You have no idea what you are talking about.

777 1031
  • 20 Jun '19

Nah doesn't matter if hitboxes match the models on this game. That's not what the game is about at all. Just stretch that things hitbox all around the player in all directions, nobody will notice.

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  • 15 Jun '19

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your brain on shields ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

OP please uninstall mordhau.exe and burn your computer.