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how did the devs manage to chose the shittiest stupid map in the game to be used for a 1v1? Did one of them actually say to themselves that THIS is the ultimate map for a 1v1 ranked duel system? ANY other map with any other spot is better than this cancer pillar hide and seek bs. if they had put this ranked mode on feitoria in the worst spot of the map it would work better than the shitfest that is contraband. AT LEAST remove those damn pillars. its called a DUEL RANKED mode, this isn't fucking hide and seek cancer cheese 2020 mode. or just make all the climbable spots in tourney NOT climbable and its gonna become the perfect map for this. or just change the mode to any small space 1v1 spot on any map but PLEASEE for gods sakes make a chaaaange. people are losing braincells when they fight a 1v1 between these 2 pillars. I hope the new ship map is a good choice for a 1v1 ranked provided it gets released this year.

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Isn't that convenient ;)

Well, just tally this up to the pile of headscratch-inducing decisions that the devs of this game have made and consquently reversed.

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Putting in third person mode at all was a mistake and I've said so since before the game went into alpha. Should've leveled the playing field from the start and not divide the playerbase.

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@monkey said:
if third person is so unfair then why aren't all the best players playing in third person?

because the best players are skilled enough to play with first person without abusing the 3rd person POV, but the rest of the players like the casual base and even a lot of the experienced ones get cheesed with bs 3rd person plays that start their swings from the ground and it looks like they're doing chivalry balerina swings. also drags and accels are nasty if done right from 3rd person. chivalry and mordhau have always been intended for first person POV, but since most of the medieval games use third person and a huge part of the casual base likes it, the devs put it in, but they never perfected, so now its this half-assesness that is cancer to play against. I'm glad they removed it from ranked, and i wish they removed it overall but too much players will quit the game cuz of it.

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@Vonwolf said:
Lets step it up a notch and why isn't anyone talking about large two-handers able to do max damage at pointblank range.

Because we already did talk about it many times before.

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@Kashi said:
cant blame me for tying my dude ,im just hoping it does spark a civil discussion really .

I don't want to blame you. Sorry if that was the impression I made. I just want to save you the hassle.

This discussion will only become relevant once the SDK is finished. Before that you might come up with the most beautiful and absolute perfect solution that everyone agrees on and it will still just be ignored.

Whoever is responsible for balancing can't be bothered with changing the obviously broken shit. For some reason it's far more important to add minuscule, obscure changes to make 1vX a winning strategy.

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The maul will never be changed because it is the ultimate manifestation of the hypocrisy of the devs and the community.

Shields were attributed with exactly the same problems. But while shields were shunned the maul is cool. Even if you could somehow lead a civilized and objective discussion based on arguments in this forum, it most likely would still be just ignored.

The maul also escapes all the other balancing guidelines that were followed at least loosely with the other weapons. It's an outlier in almost every regard for purely romantic reasons. You are fighting a hopeless fight here.

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Cleaver was never nerfed. And it's still the same point cost. Actually it's technically cheaper because you can now have the same cleaver bloodlust build as before but with more perks/armor than before.

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@CazzyVR said:

@PC_Principal said:
Nothing realistic about that cazzy. Just plain stupid game design mistakes. Nerf Marox to get your playerbase back.
OR watch your game die slowly no problem. Maul mains are SHIT and LOW skilled. U hear that?

Um... yes it is Realistic. Taking a 10lb Chunk of Metal to your Skull is gonna kill you. Medieval Plate Metal Helmets weren't really that Protective after all. They basically just Metal on Skull, maybe a bit of Cloth or Thin Gambeson between the Head and the Helm. It was done so as to help Disperse the Hit across as large of an Area as possible. Plus if it wasn't Realistic we wouldn't have Invented them and the Mordhau Grip wouldn't have been Invented to deal with Plate Armored opponents.

Also before someone uses this Argument: Yes I know it's a Game and isn't meant to be fully Realistic. As I have stated in previous psots I am not the Expert on the Game, nor am I a Expert on Medieval Fighting. I do however have over 3+ years of HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts/Swordsmanship) under my belt and have a very good understanding of how this stuff would Operate in the Real World. All I said was In Real Life it kind of made sense. I understand Real Life has to be sacrificed for In-Game MEchanics and I am in Supoort of that. I never said 1 Hit Kill on Fully T3 Opponents was a Good Thing, just said when hitting the Head it kind of makes sense in real life.

As a fellow HEMA enthousiast I feel like I need to point out this is supposed to be a game. You can slash through plate armour. You can kill a knight in full plate with a rusty carving knife. Realism is less important than fun and balance.

Not to mention there is no reason to believe the maul was ever used as battlefield weapon. The closest thing we know of would be a polehammer. If we were going for realism, the maul shouldn't even be a thing.

I'd argue it shouldn't be a thing regardless, but that's another story.

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@ohshitsorry said:
tard tbh

hey that's my line you bastard, stop stealing my job

Btw yea, i'm honestly baffled as to how the cleaver hasn't received a change to its damage. Like honestly, they can make it worth 20 points, i can't get over the fact that this fucking knife is killing plate armor as fast as some of the biggest, best and most expensive weapons in the game.
Poleaxe main mode, greatsword, halberd and zweihander all 3 shot T3 head and torso, i can't state enough how fucking sickening that is.
This dev team has done some amazing stuff really, i love the game, but there's also shit like this that i can't fathom how the hell they came to be and not only that, they stay like that for ages despite the feedback we give, we haven't even had yet any answer nor coment from the devs as to why the cleaver is the way it is.

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Nobody uses cleaver for a last hit... They use it for all 3 hits. If last hits were the problem then shortsword would be a problem. In fact, nobody switches to an inferior weapon for the last hit, unless they are so talented anyways. Do people even use dagger to begin with? I see alot of cleavers.

Cleaver actually has excellent range and drag. Especially when used in light armor but it's still amazing in T3 armor. That makes the weapon obnoxious but what makes it broken is the fact that it 3 shots T3 plate with wide slashes. Nobody picked up a dagger and 4v1 clutched LTS during Alpha... but we saw alot of people clutch 1vX with cleaver against the best of the best who had full armor during Alpha.

The shield doesn't give cleaver free hits. The speed/drag and parry recovery often gives it a free hit or two. The shields are just insult to injury since it obscures the fact that they are even swinging, especially in XvX mayhem in the tight quarters of Castello.

... dagger might 3 shot T3 plate but it at least requires very precise aim and doesn't actually have good range... When someone pulls out a dagger that is often when that person starts to lose or the fight evens out. Dagger is actually best for when you sneak up on a cornered person or need to finish off an archer before they switch to melee. Dagger doesn't hold a prayer against multiple opponents. Stabs are easily chambered and gambled even when the dagger slashes... and even if cleaver had a good damage stab, no one would use it because the slash has so much turn cap combined with speed... stabs are inferior all around. There's a reason people main messer/exec/cleaver more than rapier/estoc/spear/short spear combined.

Cleaver is good for spamming anyone, any number of people, in any situation, in any armor and only gets better if the person using it has bloodlust and the other perks. Cleaver should be 5htk on T3 torso. Leaving dagger the high skill option for dueling and back stabbing single opponents, the cleaver as the low skill option that dispatches multiple light/naked quickly but falls short against armor... and leaving short sword as the mid ground option that's the cheapest. The math is simple.

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Completely new load out system with new point values to make load outs more varied... but yall couldn't even make the cleaver more expensive or at least nerf it's ridiculous damage output?

Fuckers are maining cleaver and shield in the alleys of Castello, you can't even see their cleaver behind the shield animations and it's 3 shotting plate. They get two free hits right off the bat.

Cleaver still costs the equivalent of one point, except it's actually cheaper since you can buy more perks now.

Please, this has gone on too long. How can anyone justify a kitchen knife slash penetrating plate? Some of the actual swords in this game won't do that.

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Popular opinion: held block is for people who are bad at the game and don't want to improve, yet feel entitled to perform as well as people who actually committed to learning parry timings.

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I mean this in the nicest way possible but would you kindly fuck off with the copy-paste king objectives in every single Invasion map.

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The kitchen knife should do 20 damage to T3 torso. And that is pretty generous considering it is literally a kitchen knife.

It should still two shot light armor, T2 helmet and maybe one shot naked head.

This way it has a role as the one point weapon to fight naked/light armor that's the hardest to read and can do crazy drags... while the dagger has the role of damaging armor best while being the most predictable, shortest and easiest to counter... and short sword being the middle ground between them.

Cleaver should not be the weapon everyone grabs to fight 3 people at once with full perks and armor. Cleaver should not be the preferred bloodlust weapon after war axe. A kitchen knife should not do more damage to armor than a much heavier bastard sword or arming sword.

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  • 19 Oct '19

When occasionally pressing lmb between scrolling up takes up so much brainpower that you forget about the existence of periods and capital letters.

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The whole concept/balancing around firebombs, smokebombs and constructions is pretty bad in general.
The idea of smokebombs killing fire is just silly to begin with and the firebomb itself started with the same dumb balancing like most other things in the game: "Just give it high damage, the rest is irrelevant." Same problem that we have/had with horses, catapults/balistas, weapons and whatnot.
Now, after the firebomb nerf, it's just a remnant of those times and just used in the clusterfuck that is Invasion.

In short (little suggestion): Firebombs should do even less damage but burn WAY longer, so that it would really count as area denial. That way, one firebomb would also not destroy whole sets of constructions in mere seconds - that's just stupid.
And instead of smokebombs, you'd have buckets of water spawning at random but predefined places that you can pick up, place down again and of course throw at the fire slowly burning down some random stuff.

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  • 25 Sep '19

3rd person leads to very weird and unnatural player movements. while I dont care about that for casual modes (that I dont play), I think it breaks duels because it gives a huge advantage to hyperactive kids twitching, bending backwards and rotating all over the place...

I would suggest eliminating 3rd person camera in duels or having different matchmaking depending on the camera.

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that's like asking why pistols and submachine guns are worse than assault rifles in counter strike