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I was recently doing some research at the Red Lobster™ archives and I came across something interesting.

An old 3.5 floppy disk. The label reads:

"Mordhau 2099 R&D C/M (T & RLAD) Project Demo"

It is dated 1983.

According to the accompanying dossier it was a joint project between a development team code named "T" and the "RLAD" (Red Lobster™ Advertising Division.) It was planned to be one of the most groundbreaking video games in history. A Melee / FPS with selectable multi angle attacks, a rich and diverse storyline which stretched from the 8th century to the year 2099, and featured a real life cast of over 40 actors whose photographed scenes were scanned into a photo to CGA converter. It would have displayed in full color composite mode, although this particular copy is a limited palette cyan / magenta demo version. This was all nearly NINE YEARS before Wolfenstein 3D.

Later pages of the folder explain how the collaboration fell through and it is referenced as one of the biggest marketing failures in the history of our company. It has been a corporate secret to this day, with an unprecedented 17 million dollars being spent on it's development before it was finally canceled.

It says on the final page that during the resulting settlement in 1984 the intellectual property was returned to "T" with the mutual agreement that any further development could not resume until 30 years had passed (2014)

I ran the disk on one of the older computers that still operates off of ms-dos, and managed to get these photos from the opening cinematic before a member of archive security walked in and nearly caught me. I barely managed to bluff my way out.

Here are a few of the shots I was able to obtain:


I'll post some more later on... There are some guys in suits at the door.

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  • 25 Oct '18

But I though the point of the new chamber was to give the option to defend yourself against feints for an increased cost of stam. Then you want the morph to chamber removed because it does exactly what you want it to do.

You could then argue that chambers should be removed because they makes you immune to feints.

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  • 26 Oct '18

Don't you need an account to recieve a key in the first place? Did he start playing Mordhau yesterday?

These things really makes one think


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  • 26 Oct '18

Imagine creating alt accounts to talk shit and create low quality rage threads and then be suprised when they are removed


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  • 24 Oct '18
 Jax — Community Manager

@Lincs said:
Why do y'all think it's okay to silence an upset community by censoring the posts and moving everything to private chats where you can freely bully the person questioning your ban? And don't try to deny it, there's ample evidence out there of Crushed bullying and trying to intimidate the victim of an unjust ban.

Seriously, if you silence all the criticism, we'll never be able to tell you when you're taking things too far. We'll never be able to say that vou need to take a step back. Because you've made it so that in order to make any change at all to your conduct, a forum member has to approach you in a position of weakness and you in a position of power, and from my guess there will almost certainly be no bans overturned.

This criticism isn't just going to go away because you delete threads. It's going to keep happening and getting louder. Take a look at your actions.

It's not about silencing criticism. I added Rule #11 because ban appeals are a private matter. A new person in our community shouldn't have the first thing they see be a ban appeal, it's as simple as that. You can criticize us, no problem. We're not here to 'censor' or delete things that aren't positive about us, it's simply that brining a matter that's between the banned person and us, and then putting that out into public space won't be productive or help get a ban appealed.

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gltich spot.jpg

stuck point

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This thread is now obsolete. Please click here to get to the current lutebot thread


Since I heard about the lute being added to Mordhau, I through that being able to play any music you want with the ingame instruments could be fun. So I made the Lute Bot, an application which will hopefully allow you to achieve your dreams of being a medieval bard !

What's the Lute Bot ?

The lute bot is a complete application allowing you to play virtually any midi (.mid) file you may find on the internet.
It has a variety of features to simplify its usage and adapt it to your needs.

First Look at the interface :

LuteBot interface.PNG

Each of the main features is on a separate window, allowing you to tailor the interface to what you need the most.

Main features

The music player

LuteBot Main window.PNG
The main window contain the music player. You can load and play a single midi file, access the settings and the keybinding menu.

The PlayList menu

LuteBot PlayList.PNG
The playList menu allows you to create, save and load playlists containing the musics of your choice.
If the playlist contains more than two elements, it will automatically play the tracks one after another.
Right clicking on a track allow you to play it or delete it from the playlist.
You can change the order of any track in the playlist by dragging and dropping it where you want.

The SoundBoard menu

LuteBot SoundBoard.PNG
The soudboard menu allows you to set up to 9 binds for specific songs. When you press the key while in game it will play the associated song. You may also save and load one or more soundboards.

The Track Selection menu

LuteBot Track Selection.PNG
The track selection menu is a vital feature of the Lute Bot. It allows you to "mute" instruments used in the midi file. You ideally want as few instruments as possible to play at the same time, but some songs requires more than one instrument to sound good. I recommend that you try with and without specific instruments until you figure out a good balance for each songs. Once you have it figured out, press Save Song Profile to save your modifications. If you activated the automated song profile loading, each song you play will load its associated profile if it exists, even when played while in game through the soundboard or playlist. You can also Select All instruments to fully play the song regardless of your parameters.

Configuring the Lute Bot

KeyBinding menu

This menu will let you bind keys to perform a number of actions without the need to alt tab out of Mordhau.
Make sure you have set the same key for the console in the game and in the Lute Bot.

Settings menu

This menu will allow you to set certain options such as which windows you want to show on startup.
The sound effects option will let you chose if you want the musics to be also played by the windows default midi player (useful for tweaking which instruments should play for which file for instance).
If you chose to, the console will automatically open when a song start playing and close when it stops.

I would recommend not to touch the advanced parameters !. They are here just in case. If you change them by accident, you can refer to the above screenshot for the default values.


Up-to-date version :

Mordhau Lute Bot V1.2


Check out this great tutorial made by Miloš :

Additional Notes


Results may vary from a midi file to another.
If you want to test it properly, I recommend using this file which works great with no additional tweaking :


I will write here common issues and how to fix them.

The console close while I'm playing and the commands ends up being put in the chat

Mordhau's console can get overwhelmed by certain songs. Try the midi file which I linked above to test the bot first. You can also try one of these fixes :

-In the advanced parameters, you can try to raise the Note Cooldown. 25 Should fit most songs but i suggest to put it up to 30 if you encounter any issues. You can try to go higher until the problem does not appear anymore, but keep in mind that the higher the cooldown, the weirder the the music will sound.

-In the track selection menu you can try to mute some instruments to reduce the number of notes played. Typically you want to mute drums and other "background" instruments that tend to play a lot of notes without adding much to the actual music. That will reduce the number of notes played and thus avoid overwhelming the console.

The console does not open at all when I press play and the commands ends up being put in the chat

Check the keybind menu and make sure the key set to the console is the same as the one in game.

If you're still encountering issues with that, you can go in Option > Settings and turn off "Automatically Open/Close the console". Once done, make sure you manually open the console, then press the play hotkey (by default +) to play. Press the play hotkey again to pause then close then console manually.

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  • 17 Aug '18

@Valmirius said:
Stairway to Heaven.


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  • 16 Aug '18


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@Cow said:
hi i'm, particulary excited by this update, if we can play some midi files directly with a programme it could be so great, and we will be able to play all the songs we wants


I'm already on it, but without a way to play to play every note one by one with the in game lute my program won't be able to do much. Currently it plays a different chord for every attack angle (so 8 chords, which is extremely limited).

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  • 13 Mar '17

Chivalry theme.

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  • 22 May '18
 Grator — Art

I aged the bluing a little bit so it looks more inline with the "Final assets" pictures that are displayed on the kickstarter page.
Hopefully it's good enough for the mordhau nobility


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  • 24 May '18
 Jax — Community Manager

personally I think a big thing would be blended ragdoll death/dying animations.

currently you cut someone's leg off and they drop silently to the ground, dead, it'd be sick to remove a leg and your victim is on the ground whimpering as they bleed out. combine that with some cool emotes like an inverted "coup de grace" thrust with 2h swords and it's be super satisfying. Also, the mere presence of having most kills put the dead person into a "dying" animation/voice line would make weapons like the maul and ES super satisfying when you land a headshot for the final blow, hear a sharp crack of their neck/head and then there's nothing, they just drop like a sack of bricks.

These things can be implemented, but they take time! We need to get the priorities sorted first, once those are done I'm going to spam the shit out of the devs to get some of these things implemented. :D

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  • 4 Oct '17

If they do add it mark my words I'm gonna win a tournament only using a fucking fish

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  • 25 Sep '17

We need this, just imagine those fish clashes and chambers.

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  • 24 Sep '17

As you can see, there is a fish.

I want to hit people with it, I want to eat it, but no fish.

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Oi you fucking stole my post you git. Give it back.

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I suggested removing customisation restrictions during Halloween, allowing us to make our own abominations.

I don't think we'll see many special events during these early stages of the game, but we could be surprised.