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This is me. I'm wearing workers shorts, no shirt, and had a dagger equipped. When I pressed 0, my dagger would disappear, as well as all my clothes 40da6d9.png

I hope this isn't too NSFW

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  • 31 Aug '19

for those with "VAC CHECK TIMED OUT" Error try to restart steam with admin rights

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  • 31 Aug '19

So far the only thing I've seen is on the Steam forums. It's a pinned post that says they will be hotfixing the ranking issues tomorrow. Nothing about our VAC errors yet.

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  • 31 Aug '19

Also getting the "VAC check timed out" bug. It first happened while loading into a ranked match, and has since also happened in a Frontlines match. I've also experienced two CTD's while loading a ranked match, so three of my first four matches were some sort of crash/disconnect.

Has anyone seen anything from the dev's on this?

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  • 31 Aug '19

I have the "VAC check timed out bug" as well. Any updates from the devs about it? Really was looking forward to this update.

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  • 30 Aug '19

Ranked mode has left the game essentially unplayable for me. When I tried to originally connect to a ranked server, I connected and was then kicked due to "VAC check timed out", and since then every server I connect to either doesn't allow me to join at all, or lets me connect for 2-3 minutes before I get kicked due to "VAC check timed out"

I've uninstalled the game, reinstalled it, validated the files, and managed to connect to a server, and I was reassured that the problem was fixed. I then, however, connected to ranked mode again, then the same problem has started. If this could be fixed that'd be great, I've been playing Mordhau since release and I'd like to be able to continue doing so.

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  • 24 Apr '19

I suck at the game and most instances of me getting a hit in during a duel are when I go for stab but accidentally press mousewheel which I have bound underswing to.

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I feel like all BS and below underhands simply teleport into me with no animation. I play at 90-120 ping so yeah I can't expect everything to be totally readable but underhands are dramatically more unreadable than everything else.

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  • 11 Jan '19

Whatever this is. I don't think it was desync or something on my end since I could still hear the fight going on in the background perfectly, parries and all, but I'm not certain.

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  • 12 Feb '19

You can play as a neutral on skirmish maps if you switch to spec right before the round start.20190213014222_1.jpg20190213014243_1.jpg20190213014536_1.jpg20190213014245_1.jpg

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  • 24 Apr '19

This is a very minor UX issue, but I noticed it and it makes the user interface feel a little less consistent.

So, with 240 you can use angle attack after mouse press and it makes chambering with 240 a little bit more consistent. However, I noticed that when you attempt to morph with this option enabled, you must:
Stab -> angle attack -> Strike.
With this option disabled, your morph will be in the same direction as the initial stab unless you otherwise articulate the mouse in a specific direction. So the morph loop can be
Stab -> Strike
without having to angle your attack in a specific direction to morph, since the morph direction will follow what your initial stab direction was.

I find this to be inconsistent. I don't really care either way what the intended behavior is but I don't think the behavior should be different with this option enabled because I thought I was unable to morph with this option when it really changed the behavior of morphing from the default morph unintuitively.

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  • 12 Apr '19


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  • 23 Feb '19

that guitar riff went literally non-stop for 5 minutes

wasn't even a good riff

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  • 3 Feb '19

Chivalry had way better directional play honestly, with regards to side stabs and neck hits/waterfalls. Also jump stabs. Waterfalls exist in mordhau but they are significantly harder to perform and imho actually feel more broken than chiv when you get hit, lmao.

With mordhau the parry is too mobile and once you are in release with your wep it feels like you have no real control, which is prob good aesthetically but feels like shit. Meanwhile, you have a huge windup and the beginning of animation which is super vague and you can do whatever the fuck and it allows people to track everyone very easily.

The game seems extremely morph feint heavy for my taste atm, strongest move by far being the chamber morph feint with added body manipulation and it sucks cus chamber so easy to do now.

So basically, little is telegraphed until last moment and there is not a ton of control over your swings compared to chivalry.

Duels are just very stale and boring now imho with wayyy to much emphasis on stamina warfare. I preferred the game a lot more during the experimental patches around 17 honestly. Felt like there was more variety in the playstyles and tactics. Also patch 14 seemed to have a lot more emphasis on the role of footwork and timing which allowed more offensive and defensive variety which is also gone now.

imho game needs more variety overall. It seems like basically everyone plays the same way now and it kinda sucks. There's a few people who try to break the mold like gay fish and I really appreciate people like him but people tend to play sort of the same now. There def feels like the game really hard pushes a "right" way to play and it feels boring. At least in duels.

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  • 26 Jan '19

The main issue is that we're stuck here on a broken patch with a shitty meta, completely kept in the dark. The best we get is a little tidbit like "that will be fixed next patch", which could mean a total overhaul, another experimental bandaid fix, or just a 25ms tweak that is somehow supposed to magically solve the problem. The devs rarely talk about their plans or long-term goals for combat, or what the ideal gameplay is supposed to feel like. We don't even know what role shields are supposed to play in the game, they've always just been this weird crutch that artificially bloats combat time. The lack of communication leads to both feeling frustrated and losing faith in the competence of the developers.

edit: also I want to make note that I'm mostly just relating to the community's frustrations here, personally I'm fine with waiting for a patch and my faith in the developers hasn't been lost (yet). Though, more transparency and an elevated level of discussion would be nice.

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@Mittsies said:

[sic] I spent [...] too much time writing this and other similar posts to be ignored or dismissed

don't take this the wrong way, it really is meant to be constructive critique, but maybe it's because you tend to write huge walls of text instead of concisely summarizing your points. you tend to exaggerate your viewpoints which only causes you to seem less credible. when you say shit like we should have held parry and shift the focus to more directional combat, nobody can take you seriously. when you say shit like "the current meta is about making your attack look as spastic as possible", you sound like a clueless noob who has less than 20 hours in-game. when you relentlessly compare the game to chivalry, all we can do is assume you hate this type of game and want something entirely different.

You're not wrong and I appreciate the wisdom in what you say. I really do hate this type of game though. I never cared about the stupid stuff in Chivalry though cause I got it for like $3 or something and it was fun.

Mordhau makes me write frustrated walls of text because I spent alot of money and thought I was leaving the bullshit of Chivalry behind while keeping the freedom. But Mordhau removed most of what I enjoyed in Chivalry and enforces the accel/decel meta I despise.

I want my mouse to feel like my offense and defense and for fights to look and feel like fights. Shields duels used to have this feeling but then they deleted that too. I dont have fun playing this game and we've all been to duelyards where people simply complain about how bland the current meta is.

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  • 23 Jan '19

Only thing I dislike about the game right now is that many people's playstyle is literally to accel over and over until the nature of latency provides a free hit. Im not joking, Ive had many duels where the guy I was fighting accel'd every attack. Now obviously this is predictable if someone does this, but good luck not getting a red parry eventually if they are using anything remotely quick.

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  • 23 Jan '19

"I cannot cancel my riposte, side stab/overhead, go under, over or around my opponents parry. I can only fully commit to my riposte while doing something totally un-intuitive such as dragging or insta hitting."

I really don't play as much as I should, but maybe why I don't kinda stems from this. Just feels slow paced, sure some weapons are pretty darn quick, and you have to have a keen eye and good reaction times to parry some things, but in regards to footwork, I don't know... I just feel like a slow clunky bag of rocks trying to stay out of range/matrix/get around parrys etc. Basically just have to stand there and accel/decell/read feints and morphs, chamber something if you like chambers, maybe move backwards and forwards a bit.

As I say I haven't played in a while but that's how it kinda felt.

In regards to ripostes, well... what else do you do with it? you can just stand there looking dead at your opponent and ripose, he'll fuckin block it piece of piss. You can accel or decell and he'll have to watch your movements to decide when to parry. If you are given the ability to cancel your riposte, basically a riposte feint.... fuckin'... is that really better?

What else do you want to do with it? there is nothing really wrong with the concept, I feel you're just forced to rely on that to get most hits because some of the other mechanics aren't really well tuned, or maybe they are? maybe this is how the devs want it? Beats me, I find Chiv more enjoyable tbh. (Not implying Mordhau is "bad") Chambers? maybe I don't have good reaction times, or more likely it's just a case of spending hundreds/thousands of hours like in Chiv doing something before you actually feel they are a viable tool you can consistently use, but like I can't stand them, so I just naturally revert to how I played in Chiv, footwork, going around parries, accels/decells. But again, bag of rocks. I'm drunk.

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What am I supposed to do with my riposte?

What am I supposed to do with my riposte? I can only delay it or accelerate it... but unless its a first frame hit or a last frame hit, chances are it's going to be blocked. Why should I have to basically spin to put my opponent into accel zone or the decel zone? Why is that the only real way to land hits?

Inside hits rarely feel fair.. after all they hit because they either came too fast to react to or because you tried to wait it out and be absolutely sure it wasn't a feint, morph or other delay.... and ate the hit. The best accels float for a bit so you aren't sure what it's going to do and then teleport into you... which is gross.

Drags look absolutely disgusting. Why would I want to slow mo my sword? The best drags start as an inside hit and then rewind or move to the side. You can squeeze every last ms out of a drag by simply matrixing your torso away/towards your opponent while also putting your opponent into the part of your screen where the attack will end. Your opponent sits there like an idiot while his parry fails and your weapon floats into him without the momentum to deal damage yet doing full damage. Drags, morphs are just super drags that cost extra stamina.

I feel like I'm playing a mod in Chivalry rather than the next great medieval title. This mod we're alpha testing removed reverses/spin drags but took out side hits and forces you to only accel/decel or cheese with new versions of the Norse sword... Accel/decel meta is so enforced that anything else like jump stabs, animation masking, shields, etc are simply cheese of some sort or another.

There is no freedom in this glorified version of comp mod. I cannot cancel my riposte, side stab/overhead, go under, over or around my opponents parry. I can only fully commit to my riposte while doing something totally un-intuitive such as dragging or insta hitting.

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  • 3 Jan '19

what if early parries worked only inside your hitbox, so you can parry attacks in early-release or sooner but only if they're literally clipping you.