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MMhmm yesssss... I would like to—uhmm... preview some fffeeemalessss... mmm yes...

Do you—uhh... perhaps know what kind of—uh... armour they'll be wearing if I—uh... don't select anything for their ummm... chessst slot?

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@bruhmoment said:
"the Holocaust didn't happen" isn't joking

no its a fact

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  • 12 Jun
 marox — Project Lead

@Pred said:
This much of Chivalry lore was enough tbh:

There is a kingdom
One side is loyal to the king of that kingdom
The other party wants to topple the old system. Malric is in this one.

It was Team Objective which gave fighting in Chiv a structure. You were fighting to accomplish things, they were kinda-sorta sometimes related to lore, but nobody really cared, because accomplishing these things was fun in itself. You needed to do a thing and to do it you had to beat motherfuckers up along the way. If you weren't beating motherfuckers up hard enough, you lost. Simple. Fun.

You can't even call Frontline a TDM because racking up kills means absolutely nothing if you don't control more points. The mode is just waiting for one of two countdowns to run down and you are free to run around and kill some enemies in huge clusterfucks in the meantime.

This comment is in line with the issues we believe are the root of the problem/dissatisfaction. It's no surprise we spent a long time on the combat and other things around it, that we ended up being a bit short on time when it came to giving the game modes the same treatment. In the end, we did what we could to salvage things by adding some objective support to Frontline under some heavy crunch and shipped it. We thought it'd do well and also we simply couldn't afford for it to not to. Thankfully, it wasn't as bad as it could've been and the game still sold extremely well. But we hear you, and are going to be working to introduce the type of objective-focused mode the community is looking forward to as we go on with development. Sometimes it's hard to hear criticism late in the dev cycle when you're powerless to do anything to fix it, and this was definitely the case leading up to release.

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Tim isn't wrong crush lol, take it as a criticism instead of being annoying with meme reply and cutting out a section of his quote where it makes less sense. The core mechanics are amazing but other then that Mordhau is currently Bordhau. You may be working on all this already but giving a le funny reply to legit criticism and concern does not inspire hope at all.

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@Jax said:
average score and time spent in the match
we may do some changes to make it more based on player performance in the future though

Average score of the entire team/lobby? wtf kind of commie design is this shit

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  • 26 May

It would be wise to bring this thread back on track, as Tim is right in saying Mordhau needs at least a basic story.
The following questions must be answered for Mordhau to feel like an actual world to get invested in rather than some gameplay demo that got successful:

  • who are The Iron Company and The Free Guard?
  • why are they at war?
  • what is the story about the areas (maps) they are fighting over?
  • what is the world they live in like? Is it just Europe with no exact time period? Is it a fictional world that happens to resemble Europe? Is something interesting like a civil war going on?

It would be nice to hear from everyone who has thought about this and has some suggestions for the story.

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  • 14 May

If you're under 18, male, slightly overweight but not obese and willing to pay with your body you may want to try your luck and contact @GIRUGIRU

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  • 10 Mar '17

I might be gay, but these kids are acting fucking GAY

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  • 18 Apr
 marox — Project Lead

Mordhau is coming to Steam on April 29th 2019. Wishlist it now
Enjoy the trailer!

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  • 18 Apr
 Jax — Community Manager


Edit: in all seriousness a earlier type of brigandine would be sick, we just don't have any time atm

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Adolf Hitler showing symptoms of amphetamine use

nah he's just enjoying some Minus8

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  • just make game better 4head
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@Goof said:
I was expecting something with a little more substance.


Frontline in a nutshell?

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I kinda have to agree with Tim. TO always felt like you were accomplishing something and progressing. You could literally clutch the door ram and things like this, throw bodies at it or you won't see the next part of the map. Camp is just go stand on points in an already fully open map and go stand in another when the enemy takes the opposite. I don't feel the need to use teamwork as long as you all bunch up onto the closest point, that's about the extent of it. No super cool flanks with a small group of dudes to destroy the door to the peasants at A or whatever. It's partially map design and partially the mode in general.