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are you h

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  • 23 Sep

Why in the world does it take an hour to do a 3.3mb patch for Modhau?

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  • 23 Sep

Why in the world does it take an hour to do a 3.3mb patch for Modhau?

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  • 22 Sep

@ohshitsorry said:
Devs deleted the forum who the fuck knows why

fuck this gay earth

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  • 9 Sep

please do not add an executioner sword alt where you reverse grip the sword thanks.

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  • 24 Aug

sensitivity can't make your attacks "unreadable" as there is a turncap while attacking

sorry kid nothing personnel

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Wouldn't be surprised if they just wanted to save money. Over the projected "development" time (multiple years) every euro/dollar/bitcoin fragment per month adds up. They might be able to afford some more drugs after all.

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@Warwaks said:
I can only say one thing myself, I apologize for the rudeness of speech, but your game went to hell with people playing rapier / short spears paired with a shield, and with evasion, I am not surprised that your game turned out to be even less popular than other games of this genre, most beginners will just send your game, and will not morph chambers to kill the usual curved handicapped moron who just took such a set

Lol you're bad, you are big noob ha ha! Ggez

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Can you remove this emblem on the Chainmail Tabard?

Снимок экрана (460).png

It looks really stretched and weird.

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The forums were deleted because the mods are fucking communists. Jax especially. He put that redhaired "woman" in charge of the forum thats when the downfall began. Censoring every decent person. Now they deleted it all. Great Job! Too much hate speech in the forums, eh? Fucking pathetic.

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  • 8 Aug

Servers are still dog shit for anyone over 70ms
Uninstall game

A whole year you've done nothing to improve your servers lol.
50 million dollars.

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  • 22 Jul

what squares I don't see them bro

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  • 11 Jul

@Der_Ruehrer said:
What the hell happened here, was the forum euthanized?

dont worry, next patch they will delete the game because they can't moderate it

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@lazy said:
yeah yeah cool now open the forums you creature

ahem please70bc9cdac671350b4424fabf152403f2.jpg

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  • 8 Jul

yeah yeah cool now open the forums you creature

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  • 6 Jul

If you've been paying any attention at all you'll know the answer to your question is "never."

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  • 26 Jun

why did you guys kill the forum again?