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You can simply cosplay as one too

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@RizlaBlue said:
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This knigga's my favorite.

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  • 13 Sep

holy shit that one dude on the first pic has a long ass halberd

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  • 12 Sep

awful post

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This shield thread may die but this is only Phase I of the Final Solution.

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  • 11 Sep

Let’s remove flesh wound shield buckler rapier arming sword zwei bandage long sword eveningstar maul drag accer block duck jump in duel

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  • 29 Aug

Hey it's me on the video lmao, yeah I'm a master cftparrier tbh it's impossible to punish me imho

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  • 11 Sep

@pizza boy said:

Good point gaymer

Hey lincs, wanna buy my gun? I'll give you a $25 mordhau retard discount

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  • 11 Sep

With all these folks running around in nicely polished armour; I thought I'd take a stab at a rugged lost knight.

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  • 10 Sep

@ohshitsorry said:

Hey thats mine lol

Surprised you still had this meme

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  • 4 Sep

Thank you. I'm sure I can speak for all of us when I say that we understand fully that it's not your fault if it doesn't work because of the low playercount, but it's still better to have it and see for ourselves.

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humble has PTSD from when crushles banned him for standing up to tyranny

go have a siesta and get back to us humble, i'll keep the lights on :3

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In the words of Lazy - "why do I bother responding to such creatures". I made an effort to be transparent, but since you would rather be a smarmy little cretin about it, forget I said anything, Mike.

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I have rectal cancer

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  • 13 Sep '17

Hey all, just wanted to make everyone aware of some console commands I found useful.

  • Stat FPS - Shows the FPS counter
  • Slomo x - Chuck a number after this one, it will change the speed of the game. (Slomo 2 for double speed, slomo .5 for half speed). Useful for practicing chambers/drags against bots, but obviously it won't work in multiplayer.
  • PlayersOnly - Freezes all the bots, but lets you keep walking around. This one is a toggle, so enter it again to unfreeze everyone. Again, singleplayer only.
  • ChangeSize x - Another singleplayer only command for obvious reasons, this one changes the size of your character. Yes, you can set it to 100, but I wouldn't recommend it. Also goes both ways, so ChangeSize .5 will put you at half height.

These only the basic ones that I found when messing around there are plenty more, feel free to post anything else that you found useful/interesting.
P.S: I couldn't get godmode, ghost, or fly to work, so if anyone does manage to figure out how, then please do tell (I could just be stupid).

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  • 8 Sep

@Milosh_Obilic said:

@ToLazy4Name said:
If you win who fucking cares

More and more players each year play video games for social interactions. So I'm not surprised to hear that so many people seek validation from complete strangers. Me on the other-hand: I like to immerse myself in a video game. I also like to be in control of my own life. I would sooner kill myself than allow a stranger to dictate the choices I have a right to make myself. When I'm standing on the battlefield and my enemy stands before me, the only thing on my mind is how I will set upon the task of dispatching him and sending his sorry ass to the afterlife. As far as I'm concerned the only thing that matters in the sands of an arena is victory.

ngl that was cringe af

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  • 8 Sep

yeah seems like a cool idea!