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Call me old fashion but I like my women without a penis.

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  • 16 Nov

hey one of my screenshots was used in your thumbnail lmao

fucking remove it before I copyright strike you

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  • 15 Nov

think about it...


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Happy birthday to your foot Lazy, take care of it, don't let it end up like Tombstonejack's

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  • 14 Nov

Damn, Goof. You fully missed the opportunity for that fifth finger.
A BIG opportunity...

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  • 14 Nov

hey gauntlet it was my birthday recently so I just wanted to wish you a happy my birthday

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  • 14 Nov

No, people need to learn not to step in muh traps after seeing me place them in the exact same spot a dozen times before that same match.

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two hours later and im still waiting for this gif to load so I can understand this post

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One of these days Triternion will finally crack the great mystery of how to enable mouse controls + scrolling in the scoreboard. Then the possibilities will be endless, one of them being a far easier votekick system .

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  • 12 Nov

@ToLazy4Name said:

@vanguard said:

@ToLazy4Name said:
sleep means i'm not doing cool shit so I don't like to sleep

Dreaming is pretty cool tho tbh

I don't remember 90% of my dreams, and the ones I do remember just make me sad because it reminds me that i'll never be a superhuman demigod with laser eyes flying around shooting Davy Crockett nukes at commies

Not with that attitude.

Also why do you need to ask other people for workout advice? I always imagined you were fucking ripped deadlifting 700 lbs or something.

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  • 12 Nov

lot's of shit suggestions in this thread


I'm probably the only one here that is actually good with archery so requoting:

@newfig said:
1 - recurve bow, lv0-1 armor

2 - get really close

3 - constantly change targets and look around

4 - when you are shooting make sure to actually aim and predict your target, don't shoot without thinking or just fire in a general area (your shooting should still be fast and spammy tho, just not braindead)

5 - hide from enemy archers, you might still take a shot or two at them when they are not looking but never actually duel because it's pretty much a cointoss and you are at a big disadvantage against longbows and crossbows

6 - pull out melee as little as possible, you'll die sometimes without getting to parry or fight back but it's ok, when you get good at this you'll hard tilt your opponents into suiciding into your lines



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  • 11 Nov

@SWSeriousMike said:
I'm not talking about social change. I'm talking about changing yourself. Become a real person and don't hide behind memes. Memes are not a replacement for personality. Especially if you just repost them all the time without a hint of originality.
You have no idea what trash talk actually means. Insulting strangers isn't trash talk, dude.

If I had to guess you were bullied at school a lot or had abusive parents. Now do you feel better trying to inflict the same mistreatment unto others? Does it change a thing or are you still angry at the world?


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Cool and useful thread

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post rare stoutys

stouty marge.png

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  • 5 Nov

1v1 me irl29870242.png

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  • 5 Nov

@Humble Staff said:

@Stouty said:

why ask me..

So you are one of those cartoonish looking people with a disproportionally worked upper body in relation with your lower body?


Rare full body image of stouty, 2019

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  • 4 Nov

At this point I only use the forums to read Lazy's posts. Still better than getting a reddit account like a total mong.