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Refund it on Steam if you don't like it.

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Me likey

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@FaffyШaffy said:

now that's an AAA title

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Page 19 of this thread is so far the worst part. None of this is funny.


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@FaffyШaffy said:

This is why u werent included bb

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@Cerebral_Harlot said:
Pls don't


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i cant believe i wasted 30 fucking minuts of my life on paint doing this

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@Smokingbobs said:
The Souls franchise is easily the most overrated franchise in the last decade. Games are horrible. Really not much RPG about it, it's super linear and repetetive. The fighting system is clunky and unresponsive, and it is not hard in a way that the game actually has intelligent AI or requires planning in any way. What makes it "hard" is again, the clunky combat. All Bosses are pretty much the same, you just roll arround until they are in their "vulnurable" phase, and then attack the shit out of them until they start swinging again. Repeat that for some minutes and you've got all your bossfights in a nutshell. Normal enemies are really just boring trash that are just there for the sake of being there. They serve no purpose other than keeping the player busy between the bosses. Infact, all Souls games are exactly the same. Merely a reskin of one another, with somewhat updated graphics. They play the same otherwise. The whole franchise really is targetet towards children that heard stories about "hard games" from their older siblings / parents. They want to be part of that aswell but fail to realize that games back then weren't hard in a frustrating way, but in a challenging one.



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Siege searching for the Alpha in the desert.

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@SIEGE said:
saktoon good for hunting yea


SIEGE sniping infidels from afar.

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Emerald, Can I have my dick back?

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If you have to beg someone to give you back your dick...

Then you have no balls so why bother?

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My main account is banned until 2099, so I am the most infamous victim of ban this thread has ever seen. I demand membership


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We should all suit up in chain mail and crusader Colors and just barge our way in there with Marox.

"G-guys, you can't be h-here! besides Nintendo are up n-next"




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you're a faggot

please leave this place and never return

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