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@King Sinclair The FluffyDragon said:
And yet its a sin when I do it
Get it?
Cuz the name

yea, but the legs you like are usually quadrupedal or reverse jointed

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Seriously, to everyone who wants feint nerfed or removed... Try this. Sit down for a long session and just fight people who feint. It's not easy at first, but you naturally try to find answers (like parrying later or chambering)

Feints might need to cost a bit more stamina, but that's it imo.

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  • 23 Sep

@LuxCandidus said:

They should add double KO because 1v1 without this chance is boring.

You are going to love this.

Today I fought someone and the fight ended in a double KO.

I swung at him, he threw his weapon toward me, and the timing was such that we both died.

Holy shit this changes everything. Analgrinder have no reason to live, now. I think he will implode reading this. Whole universe existence is at stake here!

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  • 14 Oct

I have the answer for this but i am not allowed to speak about that anymore in this life on this forum :)

Oh cmon man... you can't leave us hanging like that :( Please tell us your wise answer.

We have no clue what it could be.

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  • 11 Oct

He just won't stop grindin'

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  • 15 Oct

I stopped playing purely because other games were coming out and just didn't think to sit down and play it, i came back and started playing again, coming from a fresh rested mindset that isn't affected (at the moment) by Mordhau salt, rage or a pissy attitude gained from playing competitive games that i see somewhat frequently on the this forum. i can confirm that it's still an amazing game even in alpha and is literally the best melee/slasher game i've ever played and i'm still incredibly excited for this game's future.

So, if you feel salt surge within you sometimes while playing Mordhau, that's ok, but please don't spew that obvious salt fueled attitude onto the forums. Take a step back from that competitive attitude and smell the roses instead, the game has still got a ways to go obviously and the future of this game looks amazing.


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jax, smeelio and humble are the holy trinity of kindness

Humble is the father
Jax is the son
Smeelio is the holy spirit

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@TombstoneJack said:

@CaptainGaymer said:
woah its the 100th page!!!!



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Baba Ji?

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what do u guys thimnk