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  • 12 Oct '17

Solid game. Really impressed with the whole package and especially the lack of bugs (considering it's an alpha)

High hopes for the future when the teething issues are sorted and content can just start getting shat out at a call of duty rate

Baron 664 1304
  • 4 Oct '17

And it should be replaced with this


Duchess 6895 9871
  • 28 Sep '17
 Sir Zombie

This is actually exactly why we shouldn't have Early Access.

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  • 26 Sep '17


And this very hard to do mechanic is the one that counters feints, a mechanic that is very easy to do. I think this bugs me most right now

Well, ya gotta remember you don't have to successfully chamber an attack to counter feints, you just need to try to chamber.

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  • 25 Sep '17

Armored fists that can chamber swords pls

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  • 15 Sep '17

IMHO, games with deep combat systems like Mordhau where mechanical skills need to be polished over and over could benefit greatly from having a complex training module. Here players could train and practice their moves in an isolated and controlled environment.

Every basic mechanic from striking and parrying to chambers and clashes requires practice. And sure, you can practice with friends or with bots. However, it's hard to isolate specific patterns under those conditions, to practice them repeatedly. Bots are currently very advanced, but they do all kinds of attacks and humans can't replicate the exact same attack repeatedly in a consistent manner.

In Mordhau, the devs amazed me with how fucking hard the bots were made from the Slasher days, where they were a lot more predictable. It may even be too time demanding to include it on release, but still, I had some free time on my hands so I went ahead and made a mock-up in PS to showcase some of the features that could be implemented.

Along with a proper tutorial, which has been discussed already, I'd argue that an extensive training module would make all the different techniques become second nature more easily, just from the exposure and the chance to train them in a controlled environment where you don't risk being humiliated or losing MMR.

I did mention exposure. A vast portion of the newbies that came into Chivalry complained about drags and feinting, for instance. Some of these were intended, while others where kinda glitchy yet quickly adopted into the meta. The main reason this became a problem was that all these techniques had to be developed through hard training. The worst part was that nowhere in the game could you learn about their existence unless you asked a more experienced player or even noticed them. I'm sure it was shocking for these inexperienced clueless players and not everyone thinks about looking for guides on YouTube.

For an example of a game that did "Training" properly, Rocket League implemented a training section right from the start. Every RL who tries to be competitive practices. A lot. Not only rotation tactics or passing plays with their friends, but mechanical skills like dribbling, wallshots, etc. In the words of its CEO, part of the fun of playing football in real life (from amateurs to pros) is practicing shot after shot after shot. None of the other soccer type of games gave you this freedom. So, Rocket League implemented a basic training module, from Free Play to specific mechanics (striking, goal keeping and aerials) divided in 3 difficulty tiers (pro, expert, all-star). But it wasn't enough. Modders created a custom training tool that made things more interesting, with custom shots from all kinds of crazy angles, randomized passing plays, bounce reading routines, etc. Psyonix eventually caught on and decided to expanded the Training module to include some of the 3rd party features. This Custom training mode engaged a large percentage of the playerbase and hopefully they'll expand on its features.


Some things I left out: Dummy bots. Shields. Reduced damage (i.e., blunt ຈل͜ຈ weapons). God mode.



Full res: 1 / 2


  • Allows you to polish your skills more quickly (in theory).

  • Visibility for some of the more advanced techniques.

  • Would give players new to the melee genre a fair chance if they desire to put in the hours. Also to players that were left out of the Alpha/Beta.

  • The programming required might lay the foundation for modders to implement better AI in their mods/maps.

  • Fun to play when servers are offline or while waiting for your next match.

  • An underrated feature that probably won't be included in the new M&B or other melee games.


  • Lot of effort required. Probably very time demanding or technically impossible.

  • The average Mordhau player, accustomed to the good old Chivalry days, would find online play a lot more engaging.

  • Perhaps Mordhau's skill ceiling won't be extremely high, meaning you can learn and polish your moves sufficiently well through the natural learning curve.

  • Could split the community or make finding people in servers more difficult (idk about this one really)

Here's some other ideas. Share yours or tell me I'm dumb if you feel like.

  • In-game, there could be visual hints, mostly useful for newbies. Like a green light when your drag went around the parry or a red one when you lost control of your swing, etc.

  • Bots could be programmed to perform a type of attack repeatedly or cycle through the desired attack types. Like if you want to practice chambering, specifically foot drags versus polearms, you could do this. Instruct the AI to use a polearm as primary and perform ONLY lower strikes from the desired direction.

  • Also training for specific mechanics, like footwork and body manipulation.

  • Different UI toggles would let you pick the attack direction, speed and range. Also a threshold angle, from the extremely readable linear attacks to strikes with a lot more angle variance.

  • You could save the different "regimes" as presets, and share them with your friends via auto-generated codes (like Rocket League did).

  • Randomness would still be quite important because whenever you face experienced players they'll be quite unpredictable if you're not used to playing vs them. Sso there should be options to randomize things as well.

  • There would be different modules for different things. E.g., melee training, archery range, jousting (if ever implemented), stuff having to do with sieges, etc.

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  • 21 Sep '17

we need Double KO because is not realistic to not have double KO
go youtube type "Double KO" you will see what I mean
devs I support this game kickstarter and I want only one thing is too much too ask???
is very realistic not like now is only PC game and will be only pros and low player base so please make dobule KO if players hit each other at same time but different body parts!!

No hit trade but double KO is needed and else game will low please is not realistic else!

Knight 292 904
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  • 21 Sep '17

really nice update, the emotes are really great and cheesy. Restarted vk comp server and all the players spent the next 20min or so in hardcore roleplay - good shit, please add more

  • dynamic feint recovery is a welcome addition, there may be issues with punishing after a feint if it's different with all weapons but that can easily be fixed with some simple input queuing. Not noticed anything regarding that though as of the 2-3 hours i played on the build already though

  • Kick recovery; just makes punishing kicks a little weaker. I imagine a proper stamina system will fix that though, kick miss + parry gonna put u in alot of danger, so that's fine for now

  • Morph stam cost, good, needed.

  • Liking the poleaxe buff, i felt the alt grip was abit shitty on it, too much of a range sacrifice to make it worth the slight extra damage it did - now it should be powerful enough to warrant using.

  • Mordhau grip buff seems fair, previously the mode has pretty horrendous turncaps and swing manipulation not to mention the range drop - so the damage buff should warrant it being useful now

  • 120tick when tbh

  • rapier is alot of fun, made some huge plays with it in the time i used it. Slashing heavy armor does absolutely no damage, is to be expected - headshotting with stabs seems to makeup for that

Next i'd like to see some shield balance or changes (whether temp or permanent) - just try stuff out. Chase mechanic could do with implementing (and balancing) sooner rather than later, and have a little look on active parry to make it feel abit more consistent - whatever that entails

apart from that, really good shit and im impressed with the speed of the updates. Keep it up but don't burn yourselves out aswell guys

EDIT: forgot to add - please add some kind of particle + sound effect for chambers. Even if it's just for the spectator/1stp and nothing more. They are satisfying to do but it could really do with some sexy effect for spectatorship. I really like the sliding weapons thing; honestly think if you added that to all chambers it would just look really nice and satisfying to chamber

Baroness 485 1386
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  • 20 Sep '17

Is it that outrageous to imagine someone spinning into an enormous sword swing? There are lots of kicks in real life that involve spinning the entire body to generate force.

I think babies who were cut down like grass in Chivalry are just scared and PTSD ridden

There is historical precedent for spinning with a greatsword. Certainly not ROHs but several Italian spadone manuals describe swinging the weapon in huge arcs and even rotating the body 180+ degrees in order to hit someone behind you. As in chiv and Mordhau, this tactic was probably mainly used to fight several enemies at once. And now, enjoy Matt Easton being an absolute madman:

(He also uses one handed thrusts with the weapon, something we see in Mordhau)

Countess 1233 2912
  • 20 Sep '17

This is jelly boy, there are many like him, but this one has the highest concentration of gelatin.

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  • 19 Sep '17
 Anal Error


Can you guys solve this problem with the game ? making so that we can have a draw match between two players in melee combat?

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  • 19 Sep '17
 marox — Project Lead

well fuck

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  • 18 Sep '17

@Kreittis said:

@ThunderDuck said:
you donated money to the kickstarter.

I know I'm being pedantic but with kickstarter you don't donate to a project. You financially back it and hope the project succeeds.


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  • 18 Sep '17

Any types of attack can clash.

1315 2881
  • 18 Sep '17

You can read the drag via body language. You can move into the drag to make the release window shorter. You can punish an obvious drag out-of-turn. You can run away from some drags and force a miss. Seriously guys, we've had these discussions since 2012, why are they cropping up again? Drags are necessary for the skill ceiling, and without them time to kill would be way too high. I don't want this to be a stamina management simulator.

Duchess 6895 9871
  • 17 Sep '17
 Sir Zombie

@Havoc said:

@marox said:
Please give more details, no need to pull any punches.

Compiled (edited/paraphrased) list of gripes or statements/suggestions from a few anonymous users. (INCOMPLETE LIST)

I'll try to answer some of these questions and delete the repeat ones as well as those I agree with.

  • Mordhau needs either visual GUI or 1st person animation feedback in so players know specifically what attack angle they'll activate using a swing.

They were working on it but they just didn't make it in time.

  • You get knocked back a bit too much when you're hit

I myself haven't really found the knockback to be bad.

  • Stabs are awkward using mouse directional stabs, as you'll often get the incorrect stab attack angle out, being forced to rebind each stab attack angle to mitigate this issue is not a solution.

Then maybe actually use your mouse to stab so you don't get the wrong angle.

  • Parrying is very easy at the moment, and feels more akin to chiv as an all-compassing hitbox, rather than something that needs to be aimed at an opponent's weapon. It's also a bit too easy to fall back to a parry if you've made a mistake.

Before you say if a thing needs to be nerfed you have to ask yourself: "Does it really NEED to be nerfed?"

  • The wind-up mechanic for weapons is awkward as the attacks themselves are very quick. It's gotten to the point where a majority of players aren't reacting to visual cues, but rather the auditory grunt to parry.

The grunt is also a thing you can use to parry. This is intended. So what?

  • Under Swings being able hit behind an opponent's legs

Do you have any footage of this?

  • Thrown mace does more damage than the other thrown weapons


  • Wind-up mechanics actually make drags a lot more effective for slower weapons, coupled with the faster swings

Is this an issue?

  • Combat getting bogged-down/delayed, resulting in players either having to gamble or feint to progress combat

Feinting is a mechanic. You should use it.

  • Often after an opponent's parry, an opponent's weapon will visually look completely still then they'll swing after a very short wind-up. (Clarification: Riposte overheads whilst looking down connect almost instantly especially when the weapon-hitbox activates inside the player or right after the short wind-up)

It is a shame that there is a part of the windup where it can be parried while not dealing damage.

  • Certain two handed weapons, such as the zweihander, can cover close to 360° of a player using an overhead rainbow

You can turn 180 degrees. If you couldn't, the combat would be sluggish probably and target switching would be impossible.

  • Difficult to tell what attacks your opponents are doing up close due

  • Feinting~parry and morph~parry meta


  • Chambers greatly unrewarding

They don't cost stamina and give a fast hit. Do you want it to be faster? A fucking free hit?

  • Still able to do very effective waterfalls

Drags are a part of the game afaik

  • Overheads often not connecting with players despite the 1st person model clipping through an opponent.

Yeah they are working on that.

  • No incentive to not spam crouches

It makes you predictable as fuck.

  • No looping animation.

I actually don't know what this means. Could you please explain.

  • Spamming attacks seems to be very effective combined with attack acceleration.

Fucking learn to parry.

  • Kicks being ineffective tools to prevent facehuggers, especially due to attack acceleration

Have you tries morphing or riposting kicks? Bet you haven't.

  • Overhands and underhands are difficult to read due to the wind-up animations, and it's gotten to the point where a lot of players are only just chaining those attack types whilst dragging or fainting/morphing using four keybinds. It looks silly, it plays silly, but it's very effective and awful to fight against.

There isn't a lot more than that tb

  • Mordhau will often crash if you play on fullscreen and ALT TAB

Then use borderless


They use the screens to cover up loading. That is how most games work.

  • No bloody footprints when you walk through a blood puddle /refund

Oh yeah game is unplayable

  • WTF, how come the kickstarter stuff was available in an earlier showcased build of Mordhau but not now?

Because they need to find a way to distribute them.

  • No point in clash fighting as the faster weapon will win

Yeah? Stop clashing and parry their attack.

  • Lack of Dev interaction besides crushed occasionally hopping into discord

Not really tho

  • Feinting/Morphing too effective

Git gud

  • Being able to spam jump/crouch attack spamming without issue

Is there supposed to be an issue?

  • Being able to flourish into a stab or a stab morph

Is this bad?

  • Players fighting like jackhammers on crack spasming out to try to confuse you, with morphing and feints it's way too good

Maybe don't get confused?

Havoc most of the people you've talked to just seem to not realize that they are bad at the game and can improve. It hasn't even been out for a week and to think you are the best already is stupid imho.

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  • 17 Sep '17

Look what I did mom