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Part 10 cropped based V.png

"lol at this big muscles boy, leaving all this food behind hes a True American tbh. just look at him haha lmao, so wasteful the capitalist lifestyle. sorry to say that Mr. Reborn couldnt show us his """boxing skills"""; hes too far away, halberd too gud imo"

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Raping is still better than For Honor

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We're mercenaries right? So that means our leader sacrifices us to demons in the shadow dimension so we can get buttraped before being ripped in half all because someone thought he was special

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Part 9 Karl dies.png

No Karl! You're supposed to share!

Part 9 Crush's aggressive nature gets the best of him.png


Marox is any of the following: schitzo as fuck, the protector of the weak, or he's making a smart play by removing the bigger threat his district partner poses before it becomes a problem. Perhaps it's all of those.

Part 9 Lazy.png

Part 9 Dank hasn't surrendered yet.png

Part 10 cropped based V.png

Based Vanguard laying down the law by taking out fashion furry boy.

Part 10 cropped nothing to see here.png

As you do...

Part 11 a sensitive man.png

A most sensitive man.

Part 11 Brazil.png


Part 14.png

Marox and Vanguard ready to kill for their respective causes.

Part 15 ay lmao.png

Part 16 no homo.png

Part 15 hitler's camp.png
Hmm...I wonder what sort of camp it is.

Part 15 Trump explosive.png

God bless the United States of America.

Part 17 RIP Roshawn.png

He forgot to steal a bike.

Part 17 Dankest raising the white flag.png

The French solution to conflict.

Part 17 Vanguard berryman.png

See Vanguard, this is why you indirectly pay someone to do that for you.
Part 17 Marox.png
"Why the fuck did I get into game development!?"
Part 17 poor Jax.png


So we’ve lost Roshawn…and Jax rather early to the environment, oh and the Reborn guy that no-one remembers.

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 elwebbaro — Art


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A friend of mine showed me a Hunger Games simulator. I just had to give it a try (it took me way longer than it should have to find some of these pics buried within thousands of posts). Here's the lineup I decided upon:

mordhau games lineup.png

I tried to picks pairs that suited one another, or at the very least just for keks.

Let the games begin:

Part 1 typical commie.png

Typical communist.

Part 1 Crush bullying.png

Yeah sounds about right, I'm not fighting an angry polack for a bag of goodies he wants.

Part 2 furst gets slaved.png

R.I.P Furst. Died quicker than I was hoping...but I guess you don't mess with the grand coding wizard.

Part 3 Tim shovelman.png

Getting ready to dig his own grave...or everyone else's?

Part 4 Vanguard showing you how the working class man takes what he needs.png


Part 5 suicidesquad.png

Oh boy, I can see this partnership lasting long.

Part 5 partnership.png

Well...£5 says Reborn gets shanked in his sleep

Part 5 Milton.png

...of money.

Part 6 Lucky boy mikey.png


Part 6 Crush on the prowl.png

Yeah...good luck Crush tbh.

Part 6 what a group of individuals.png


Part 6 Sammy meets his maker.png

So Sammy and Furst are dead, and Marox has one kill. What next?

Trump winning.png


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@ResolutionBlaze said:
Even implied, those game raters will blow it out of the water if you're taking women and implying that they would be raped.

That alone would ban it in those sensitive countries like Australia.

How bout playfully luring women with candy. That doesn't imply rape does it?

Edit: Like a hostage scenario from counter strike. Team one has to stop team 2 from getting the women to the extraction point.

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@ToLazy4Name said:
yes it was stupid quit lying


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Bloodied knuckels make sense because if you hit someone with any other weapon, it'd get blood on it.

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  • 22 Feb

Lazy has reached the point where he can just spam a single picture over 20 times and get 8-9 likes for every post.

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  • 22 Feb

I think getting bloodied knuckles would be a very nice touch

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  • 22 Feb

@ToLazy4Name said:

@crushed said:
taken out of context, classic lazy

here is some attention.jpg


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  • 22 Feb

allow tolazy to dispute his ban with a trial by ft10

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anyone else noticing the general "Libertarian Captialist CIS white male" pattern here?

Better call CNN

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