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In this post I’ll be discussing some plans for the future of Mordhau, and what the team has been working on recently. Please note that most, if not all features and content covered are in varying stages of completion; everything is Work-In-Progress and may change prior to its release or be canceled. As for timelines and estimated release of these things, we focus more on ensuring they are up to our standards as opposed to setting hard deadlines, so things will come when they’re ready.


Content / Maps

Our main priority post-release has focused around bringing in additional content to help keep the game feeling fresh - while a handful of weapons, cosmetics, and the map Crossroads were added, our artists have been hard at work on fully-fledged maps that will be playable in all game modes.

Feitoria is a sprawling town and accompanying village that will alternate between crowded streets, chokepoints, and more open areas and will have an emphasis on verticality and interiors as well. Currently, progress is going well on Feitoria, and our level designer is working on optimization, interior/background polish, and configuring the map for game modes.

Castello on the other hand, is a southern-European/ Mediterranean inspired castle keep and walled courtyards. It will have a similar feel to Grad, but with a more involved castle section, including portcullis control and close-quarters fighting. At the moment, Casello has begun its final art pass, along with some fine-tuning of the lighting and post-process effects.

Existing maps aren’t being forgotten, however - while we’re prioritizing new maps over spending all of our time tweaking the existing ones, we’re aware of balance and gameplay issues on existing maps, especially Crossroads, and will be improving them.


Game Modes

Recently, we have been hard at work on implementing ranked modes into Mordhau, as we feel it is a perfect fit for the high-skill gameplay that Mordhau brings to the table. You will earn a distinct rank - here’s a quick preview of them:


In addition to Ranked, we’re also working on a 64-player attack/defend mode which will capture the feeling of a medieval battle, with sieging and progressive objectives. We’re calling this mode “Invasion” in-house, and we’re in the process of designing the mode. It’s important that we’re able to retroactively add this mode to existing maps, as our levels are designed to be usable in all game modes when possible. This mode will not come next patch, but in the future.

We’ve been listening to your feedback, and we’re aware that Frontline is a bit of a polarizing topic - some people love it, others hate it. We’ve been looking into ways to reduce stalemates and make Frontline have more of a back-and-forth “tug of war” feel to it, and increase the player’s feel of involvement with the objectives. Nothing on this front is set in stone, but we’re looking into ways to improve the game mode nonetheless.

Balance & Gameplay Improvements

We’ve been listening to your feedback on game balance and frustrations with the game, and we’ve identified some areas that need a bit of work in this regard. Horses feel a bit too powerful and unfun to fight against and we’re looking into ways to make horses fairer to fight against, adding more risk to the horse riders while keeping them deadly and powerful. These potential changes include things like momentum damage against the rider, a smaller and more accurate horse flinch hitbox, fixing the desynced horse hitboxes causing players to hit through them and making horses more fragile against bigger groups of infantry, and more.

Fire bombs can also be frustrating at the moment, and we’re working on ways to fix these as well. We’re currently re-working the way fire damage is applied - it will start out much less damaging and faster, and standing in the fire will cause the damage to ramp up, making it behave more like one would expect from a fire. This will make the fire bombs less punishing when players only “touch” the fire shortly. In addition to this, the fire will be louder in volume and generally more noticeable. Players will still have to respect the fire as an area denial, but situational awareness will be increased and avoiding them will be much easier.

At higher levels of play, especially in duels, we noticed that the buckler can be overly powerful. We’re looking into removing the 30 stamina gained when the buckler is disarmed, but increasing the usefulness of the buckler when it comes to stamina costs when blocking weapons. We’re also looking into making swing manipulation look better overall without compromising the skill of the game, and adjusting a few weapons turn caps which are a bit too extreme at the moment (For example, Spear in short grip), making the game a bit more grounded. There will be many more adjustments and improvements, including Javelins among other things, to help fine-tune the already amazing combat.


Quality-of-Life / Miscellaneous Improvements

As we’ve discussed in our statement recently, we’re taking toxicity and racism seriously. At the moment we are discussing and experimenting with ways to add more tools to the game to help curb unwanted behavior. One area of focus is on preventing griefing and vote-kick abuse; we’re interested in adding more information to vote selection screen, such as the player in question’s team kill amount and team damage ratio, as well as a reason for the kick. We’d like to add an easier user interface for starting vote kicks, as the current method via the console is functional, but not exactly the easiest or most polished method we could implement.

A client-side chat filter is also in the works; while muting players removes anything they’ve said, you can only do that after they’ve said it. We plan on adding a filter that will automatically remove inappropriate or offensive messages before you have to see them, which will help to curb toxicity quite a bit.

In terms of griefing, we’re looking into ways to easily identify placed structures and their team/owner, so it’s more apparent to see if a teammate is intentionally placing structures to disrupt gameplay, and who exactly is the one doing it. We’re also looking into other ways to prevent griefing with toolboxes and firepots, to prevent players having to rely on votekick to deal with them in the first place.

While the majority of progression/gold issues have been fixed, there are a few persistent bugs remaining with our backend system. We’re looking to switch to a more reliable backend system that will handle player inventory, purchasing items, and player progression to resolve these issues for good. Additionally, we’re looking into server improvements to help reduce ping and latency problems.


Mod Tools / SDK

We are also well aware of the high demand for modding tools, and it is not something we are ignoring. At the moment, development is focused more around our short-term goals of increasing the amount of content that the base game provides and we’ll look into an SDK and mod support in the future.

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This is a very interesting question... We are a minority of the playerbase, but having an estimated time of release for the SDK would be very helpful to anticipate work and ideas.

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As you can see in the picture above (that I have edited a little to see multiple points in time) the playercount has been consistently dropping, understandably due to not all people who own the game playing, but at the same time, because there is literally nothing... new.
Crossroads was a mixed bag, the javelins and heavy handaxe were a welcomed adition, but it definetly wasn't enough.

We got from 60.000 to 10.000 players, and we are now on the same level as... Warband.

Screenshot (1077).png

To Triternion, I know you guys are probably stressed out, I know you are working on the game, but some communication regarding the state of things would honestly be appreciated when it comes to the game itself. We couldn't care less about what gaming journalists say about you or Mordhau. We care about the game you created. Don't become like TaleWorlds too.

Here are some key features that are quite needed, let's start with the small stuff:
-Votekick Team Damage% and being able to type a reason for said votekick. That's all that its missing.
-Duel gamemode (Just do an emote while looking at someone to offer a duel, simple as hell), this removes the need of constant moderation on that type of servers.

Now, on the big content:

  • Siege Mode. Really needed, it will also work better with a lot of players than any other gamemode.
    -Maps. (although I understand it takes a lot of time so I can't really ask you to bring in maps, but I can ask you do bring in other things that are just as important)


-Modding Tools. (This will help us, your own community, bring in more maps, more content, hell, even more character customization ,other armor pieces/maps that you can add at a later date.)

-RANKED MATCHMAKING. I can't even emphasize enough on this. CS:GO used to be the same. Little players, not much going on, then boom, ranked matchmaking and the people's interest get's back on track. (yes, skins played a big part in it too, but without esports and competitive matchmaking, the game would've never come where it is just with skins)

Morux, pls.

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Epic game store is giving out 2gb worth of medieval assets for free this month, they are perfect for making custom mordhau maps with, provided the sdk allows for custom assets like chivalries did

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Solved :)

Here are the files I deleted and made my game much more enjoyable!

Super Loud Headshot Sound
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Mordhau\Mordhau\Content\Mordhau\Audio\Cues\UI

Kill Sound In Battle Royal
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Mordhau\Mordhau\Content\Mordhau\Audio\Cues\UI

Kill Sound In Frontline
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Mordhau\Mordhau\Content\Mordhau\Audio\Raw\UI

Army Screams (e.g. continues foppish screams in camp)
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Mordhau\Mordhau\Content\Mordhau\Audio\Raw\Ambient\ArmySounds
Entire folder

The 'Raw' folder contains audio files which can be extracted but the 'Cues' folder cannot be extracted with OP's program so you'd have to trial and error if you want to delete other stuff.

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It's been said before, but fuck it:

I just want you guys to know that the people actually paying for and playing the game don't buy into the shit that is being posted in crappy articles. Fuck censorship.

Congratulations for not giving into the bullshit culture of being offended by everything.

That's pretty much all.

edit: did what the man said.

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Click edit and remove your apology at the end. You have nothing to be sorry for.

This isn't spam. This is independent thought.

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Sorry to disappoint, but the SDK will be a few months until it's released.

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honestly just give me lighstabers

plz no sue lucasarts

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Based and very redpilled
@crushed take notes please

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new screenshot from the mordhau's engine

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Hi guys ! im working on a star wars mod and I create this post to show my progress for now I work on models of lightsabers while waiting for the SDK.

For now 1 screenshot of light saber !


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Ok, uninstall the game and never come back. We've had enough fearmongering about how toxicity will kill the game.

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@Unlikely said:
White supremacists are fond of complaining (against all the evidence) that racism directed against whites is the Real Problem. This would be an example of the kind of racist speech that should result in a permanent ban.

Edit: Im tierd and this was poorly phrased, let my preface by saying I firmly believe all men were created equal, and I don't discriminate based on skin color.
My pointing out a cultural fact is an issue? Racism directed at whites is A problem, not the only problem, but it is one of them.
In our culture its ok to be racist towards whites, but its not ok to be racist towards blacks(That's only half of what we should be doing). Racism in any form is wrong. But trying to correct it by punishing someone for the mistakes of their great grandparents is hardly justice. No one is alive who owned a slave or was a slave (legally of course) in America or Brittan(or really any other developed country),so why should the children suffer for something they did not do?

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@Brackish said:
What do you mean, "Nice try", Gambit?

Im all seriousness, why do words from people you don't know effect you? You don't know them, you probably never will, so who cares?

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So I was playing on a duel server today when, and you won't believe this (trigger warning) like 10 or so fucking Hitlers and other Nazis and KKKs showed up and I'm just like I'm just literally fucking shaking right now and I can't believe this is happening in 2019 this is so scary and wrong on so many levels you really need to permanently ban these people from the internet for the safety of peoplekind as a whole!


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This is not the first topic about this subject but I didn't want to necro.
To make it short, I think the lunge (the speed boost you get when you make an attack) needs to be nerfed.
The lunge makes it harder to judge distance and it negates (to some degree) the differences between the weapon-lengths.
When you compare it to Chivalry, the lunge is much more prominent in Mordhau and while Mordhau does almost everything better than Chivalry, variety in weapons and footwork is something Chivalry did better.
If I'm not mistaken the lunge was already nerfed in the alpha but it should be nerfed even more tbh

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  • 30 May

Its not an edit to the game files nor an exploit.
It is deletion to client side sounds.
I don't think deleting files constitutes in a ban.

It appears people have already been deleting the lute sound files and aren't getting banned.
That is actually what helped me figure this out I went here

I left the Lute files intact because I enjoy the Lute music and use Lutebot which isn't bannable either.

Removing these (2) sounds that play after a kill is out of necessity.
It hurts my ears and makes me not be able to play very long without physical discomfort.

Devs if you read this post are we OK in doing this?
If not, I'll restore the files.
I backed them up, but for now I'm going to keep playing without having to literally take ibuprofen

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  • 30 May

Well I figured it out!

  1. Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Mordhau\Mordhau\Content\Mordhau\Audio\Raw\UI
  2. Backup then delete the following (4) files: