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  • 27 Mar '18

fucking love maul

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  • 5 Mar '18

The fights look alright, the issue is that most of the time is spent looking off-target (down at the ground or slightly to your target's side for corresponding accelerated and delayed strikes). It's a weird issue with real time strikes wanting to either be accelerated or delayed, but no real reason to try and keep your target centered. I'm not sure there is a way to make the high level meta revolve around a centered strike with the current system of timing based strikes. If it was more about angles it would make more sense for that so you can better see your targets swing angle & animations but then the attacker would still want to hide windups with torso rotation as much as they can.
I think this kind of gameplay is a resulting flaw of real time strike systems and torso rotations. Without significant changes to the base game the top end of gameplay is going to result in a lot of camera motion off-target as that is how you control your strike and when it will connect.

Overall a good video though, music is nice and the gameplay is high skill.

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  • 28 Jan '18

What kind of fuckin loser conventionally cheats in a game like Mordhau lmao just drag your stabs lol

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  • 12 Jan '18

Dont forget....

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Each 240 angle produces a different note.

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  • 12 Jan '18

@Punzybobo said:
look mom, i made another thread!!

look mom, i made another joke!!

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  • 18 Oct '17
 Knight Nicholas

I'd like for them to implement a small arrow indicator onto the crosshair that indicates what direction your next attack will be in. Visual indicators like this would help players better understand how the 240 system works without even having to attack, and give much better feeling to attack angling overall.

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  • 18 Oct '17

@Trevz TheCuz said:
So would you guys say that the 240 mouse angling system is better or worse now?

What do you think?

(^Still hasn't played the alpha yet, so i'd appreciate detailed explanations if willing.)

IMO it's far worse than it was before patch 9.


The old system had you click and then flick to make an attack. What you did before clicking didn't matter, only the direction the mouse was moving at the moment you pressed down LMB (Where it was moving after the click didn't matter either). If the mouse wasn't moving at the moment you pressed down LMB the game took the first movement you did with LMB pressed as the input. This enabled you to flick and click at the same time: as long as your mouse was still moving when LMB was clicked, it registered.

The new system takes input from before the click. This means that should I click a fraction of a second before I begin my click, the attack will go in a totally random direction.

Instead of the old system where you decided that "I want to hit NOW" and then made a small flick with the mouse to tell the game where you want to hit, the new system forces you to think "I want to hit SOON" and make the flick before clicking (And should your flick end and you begin bringing your mouse back to the center position before you click, the strike will start in the wrong direction). Basically the new system makes aiming strikes where you want them to go really hard.

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  • 13 Oct '17

It's an alpha with 3,000 people across the globe.

Maybe 1,250 of those are US, 1,250 Euro, 500 other.

You're lucky to have 10-20 on at once with those numbers people have lives.....

On top of that it's unfinished. I'm not grinding an unfinished game 3-4 hours a day....

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  • 15 Oct '17
 marox — Project Lead

I'll add the 240 system angling after button press as a console toggle (for strikes only since stabs are normally on wheel)

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  • 15 Oct '17

Please return to the click > flick system in the 240 system. It was really easy to use and quite precise too. I can't aim my hits at all with this new system.

Other than that I like the changes. Attacks especially look much better now that the time difference between the windup and release is smaller.

Making the parry box smaller would also be nice as at the moment direction is quite irrelevant in parrying.

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  • 10 Oct '17
 Jax — Community Manager

ye but 250ms is a blind reaction test with no external stimuli

in mordy windup anims prepare you for what's about to happen (unless they feint)

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  • 8 Oct '17

I have to agree with pretty much everything Gauntlet said. We need to fix mechanics that look wonky to fight against (ie. drags) because the whole point of this game is too fix all the ridiculousness from Chivalry.

There's no quicker way to get new players to quit a game then to feel like they are fighting against someone that is exploiting. Fights must look like fights not staring into the ground or sky to accelerate or decelerate your attacks. An easy sanity check for if a mechanic is silly: does it require you to not look at your opponent? Then yes it's silly.

Also kick morphing has killed me so many times because I'm trying to queue up a swing. (please fix)

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  • 4 Oct '17
 crushed — Art

We will look into fixing the more extreme drags soon, this kind of spinning is definitely something we don't want to be possible.

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  • 3 Oct '17

@DerFurst said:

@Aria said:

@Aria said:
What does

Changed some accellerations:
Tier 0 now x2.4 in total (1.05/1.05/0.3)
Tier 1 now x2.3 in total (1.0/1.0/0.3)
Tier 2 now x1 in total (0.4/0.4/0.2)


Regarding my earlier question, it was explained on the subreddit that they are for movement acceleration based on armor type

So from the looks of it, there doesn't seem to be a reason to go naked as opposed to light armor unless there's some perk or you want to be a caveman

carry TWO zweihander

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  • 3 Oct '17

The kick was never fine. It's ridiculous. It does not prevent face-hugging. One-handers can easily facehug you and then run away if you try to kick, whatever you do. Feint-to-kick, riposte, morph, anything. Any competent one-hander will avoid it.

But then the kick is insanely good at punishing predictability. If I see an opponent drag, I kick. If I see them take too long to counter-attack, I kick.

And the range. Jesus christ, the range. It's down right stupid. I'll upload a compilation of the dumb, unfair kicks I've landed.

I don't get why they are so slow and long. I mean, if they were faster and shorter, they'd be able to punish facehugging without the long-range cheeseing.

I'm sure devs have a reason as to why it isn't, but I'd honestly love to know. I mean, facehugging is a huge problem not only by itself, but also because it encourages exaggerated drags that noobs hate.

Oh thanks for the hotfix though, glad that it came quickly. (sorry if I'm being rude or something lol i'm just a bit upset by the kicks)

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  • 27 Sep '17
 Sir Zombie

I agree with him tbch

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  • 27 Sep '17

What the fuck are you even trying to say

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  • 26 Sep '17

Uhmm... Do you need tips on how to improve?

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  • 26 Sep '17

@marox said:
I'm not really sure what would be considered wrong with it, I've looked at the code several times and everything seems to check out, haven't seen any videos that illustrate the issue, so it's hard to say.

For example, say you have two enemies around you - one to the front and one 90 degrees to the side. I riposte the guy in front of me, turn towards the guy to the side, whom is attacking, and my active parry fails. It seems to work only in a small cone in front of you - originating from the point of riposte and it can't be easily manipulated around.

I suggest going old-school, unflinchable windup so team fighting is more dynamic and less about long sticks and backpedaling.

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  • 25 Sep '17

Well CS has a lot of hidden mechanics that you need to learn to get good, recoil control, sidestepping, jumpshots, momentum, strafing, scope accuracy, timings... To be fair it's quite a mess.

In Mordhau you have 2 types of attacks, parries, kicks, chambers and feints. Compared to fighting games like For Honor, that's nothing, really (and For Honor was very casual friendly)

The high level meta of Mordhau consists of combining and utilising these basic things properly. Hell, the most difficult things to do are sidedrags like waterfalls, wessex and the frisedrag(tm), and those are done just by moving your mouse and some footwork.

Sure, the inner workings of things are quite complex, but those are the kind of things that you incorporate with time.

A competitive player's skill consists primarily of footwork, reading, dragging and mind games, which are things that you can develop pretty naturally.

An issue I see though, is that some high level moves are very hard to understand from a new player's point of view, and I think a kill cam would help newbies understand how they got killed.