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Some of the Cruel Voicelines are extremely quiet that almost no one can hear them, especially if noise is around. The first ones that come up in my head are all the "Respect" voicelines.

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Slowing down your weapon is the most unintuitive thing ever. Why do delay drags exist in a skill based game about sword fighting? WHO CAME UP WITH THIS WHY DOES IT EXIST HOW IS THIS SKILL WHY IS IT REWARDED

Why do we have timed defense? Why aren't parries location based? Why don't drags do less damage with the more you look away from the attack during the swing?

Acceling makes perfect sense... in fact it's what you should be doing with most swings. Dragging only makes sense when you're going for reach or fighting multiple opponents over a wide area and those kind of drags are usually accelerated ironically and rely on footwork rather than last split-second body orientation. Delay drags will always look bad, unintuitive and drive away the noobs like it did in Chivalry.

In fact, just like this game is based off fixing Chivalry's issues I bet someone is gonna make a new first person slasher based around fixing Mordhau's issues and they will likely make parry infinite or make slow sword drags do less damage based off physics.

I risked $250 on some guy that coulda been scamming me for an alpha key and expected the way I fought in Chivalry (the right way, no cheese) to be the new meta but instead Chivalry's drag-accel-feint meta is still the meta and my Chiv play style was totally deleted. At least they got rid of the blatant messer/sow mid-combo trades :/