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  • 7 Apr '19

@DarkLandsknecht said:
But yeah, here the majority wins, so nothing we can do about it.

I think that is reasonable. After release the majority opinion might change.

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  • 24 Mar '18

Gauvin you have to check out another topic about a god mod server the admin of it explains how to do it.

Edit : here it is (because i’m a gentleman)

« I asked marox and the parameter must be added in this section of defaultgame.ini :


I just tested it and it works fine »

Thanks 2cool2care for that.

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  • 18 Jun '17

Can we get medieval style headbands? I want to create the ultimate Viking

Sorta like this



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  • 13 Sep '17

Any godmode?

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  • 15 Sep '17

When playing I can't even count the number of times I've been in "range" for the weapon to hit but they feel about 1-2 feet shorter than they actually are. Would be great if the ranges of the hit arcs on the weapons were refined more to represent the true lengths of the weapons better. I shouldn't be standing 3 feet from someone with a pollaxe and swing short from that distance, it just makes no sense. A few times ive actually had the model of the weapon go through their body and still miss because the hit arc wasn't in line with the model of the weapon.

Also as a side note, when you are getting swung at the weapon your opponent is swinging looks like its a foot short of hitting you yet still hits you, go figure. So theirs issues on both ends. When you swing you fall short of your weapons reach and when they swing at you they gain an extra foot from their physical weapon.

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  • 11 Aug '16

it also actually exists, or it has at least a little historical basis


E: would be neat as an improvised weapon in a dungeon or some shit

E: E: guess what motherfuckers, gorefast sword confirmed for real

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  • 11 Aug '16

@SturmReaper said:
Can we get the Executioner's Greatsword from you know what, pls thanks.


its just a normal sword whit a flat tip

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  • 8 Jun '16

Badass, add pls

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@Matthew said:
Still waiting on confirmation of the outfits (especially the hat) of Doppelsöldners .


This question has already been discussed in previous posts. They are a very controversial figure (as happens with the Polish Hussars) due to their flamboyant appearance and their time location (early, but also mid and late-renaissance era participating in completely different warfare methods of the modern era such as the pike and arquebus formations of the Habsburg wars).

The devs left a window open for the incorporation of early renaissance stuff such as the Landsknecht (the first companies dating from the 1480s), but I think the extravagant clothing can break the harmony with other less eye-catchy pieces of armour which are reminiscent of the medieval era. Imagine archers or guys with flails wearing these feathered hats against vikings wearing facial or nose guarded helmets... we are all doing an exercise to let realism on a dampered level in favour of freedom and gameplay, but this would be too much as happened with Chivalry taking the fantasy road.

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My bank is Eurobank. It is a Greek bank.
You need to have e-banking for a bank of your country. By "e-banking" I mean an online bank account management service.

I don't know how easy it is to set up e-banking. It may require that you go to a bank in person. I have e-banking for many years now.

It may be better to ask from a relative or friend to pay it for you and you just give them the cash.