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  • 6 Sep '17

@cappuccinoamaro said:
mordhau tomorrow pls


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Watching Mordhau forums for the drop





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  • 6 Sep '17


Still waiting.. :^(

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Only a few more days my friends

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  • 6 Sep '17
 Vesanus — Level Design

It actually is, at least for now. :)

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  • 6 Sep '17
 Sir Zombie

Yeah so official pic of NDA


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  • 6 Sep '17

@SirLancelot said:

@Void said:
I don't know if it's going to be more mature, but it will surely be less salty. With a balanced combat system and no exploits, it's all about skill.
Git gud will be the only answer.

There will be exploits in this game I can guarantee you.

I'm sure about that.
The difference is that we have a dev team that actually cares.

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  • 5 Sep '17

@Wiebusje said:
Whoever is still playing chiv I take my hat off for you, the amount of toxicity is appalling and I quit playing after 3 months. I hope we can keep Mordhau somewhat more mature.

On topic: not long left before the release! Hype!

Keeping Mordhau mature=Keeping Mordhau boring

Also, that's simply not going to happen. Mordhau will have the same extreme skill curve, brutally personal deaths, and egos as chivalry. It's gonna be troll city and I look forward to it being spicy

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  • 6 Sep '17

mordhau tomorrow pls

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  • 6 Sep '17

@TheDankestMeme said:

Chiv is still easy to find a server on 5 years in. ndb

A braindead person isnt dead but it doesnt mean that you should still fuck it, chivalry isnt dead but it doesnt mean you should still play it.

Whats fun is fun ;)

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  • 2 Sep '17

If you can't read, just ctrl + scroll (or right click, open the image and zoom).
One meme a day keeps the delays away !

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I swear to god i'm gonna get suspended for ther 4th time before the alpha is even out

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Emperor 400 927
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  • 1 Sep '17

Phillip Strenger. The Bloody Baron.

I spared your life in my Save.

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  • 1 Sep '17

why complain about the delay?
i do not care about server issues, i would play this game alone against bots. or walk around in an empty map.
or even simpler things. we bought an alpha not a sequel afterall

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  • 1 Sep '17
 crushed — Art

@LemonTroutsky said:
I think the most likely scenario is that there's some major flaws with the core mechanics of the game and all they've got is something the devs can make pretty demos with... but once it gets into the hands of actual players, they know it's going to be literally nothing but exploits and cheese spam.

You couldn't be more wrong. We are excited to give the game to the players, it just needs a little bit more time before its ready.

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  • 1 Sep '17

I think the best way to sum it up is that small delays to fix critical issues are fine, but not telling people ahead of time gets their hopes up and makes them disappointed.

You can appreciate and understand the developers, while still remaining critical of their mistakes. Criticism does not mean hate. In fact, it's a way of showing care. Blind anger or insults are not criticism, I should point out. In other words, we shouldn't be overly critical of the devs, nor should we turn a blind eye to their mistakes and give them a blank check to just screw up over and over.

It's not like they were unaware that 3,000 people are going to log in to play Mordhau at once. I think the developers made the rookie mistake of spending too much time on content or polish, or perhaps some other unspoken issue, and only realized too late that steamworks and server integration were going to take way longer than thought.

This is totally understandable, and probably won't be the last time things are delayed during this development cycle. I just hope they are more transparent going forward.