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Post em goddamnit stop derailing the thread

(idk if i posted this one before, but here’s my main dude)


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  • 17 Feb

Hello, I think it might be helpful for newbies, if there was a command for the bots to stop attacking, but keep on defending. That way people would get a nice practice for drags and feints and morphs.

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  • 24 Feb

How is it racist exactly? Its a portmanteau of a now very much harmless variation of a word said in a non negative connotation. If you honestly believe you’re helping by being a contrarian I politely and respectfully invite you to step up to the stage and insert your tongue into my rear end.

That being said, let’s please get this thread back on the rails.


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  • 24 Feb

Benchod shut up mother bitches post kniggas be silence


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  • 22 Feb

@lazy said:



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  • 22 Feb



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Punzy what the hell man where my kniggas at

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  • 21 Feb

What is this utter garbage? For what purpose is our legendary thread unnecessarily renamed like so?

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@Runagate said:
What is this utter garbage? For what purpose is our legendary thread unnecessarily renamed like so?

Thanks Obama

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getting censored by big government and lazy is no where to be seen

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  • 22 Feb

this is truly a knigga moment

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@ohshitsorry said:
punzy you stupid idiot debil kurwa

Translation: "Oh SHIT!"

@ohshitsorry said:
sorry punzy you're not stupid

Translation: "Sorry"

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  • 21 Feb


I actually didn't do anything to the title and I'm peeved about it too. It must have been a moderator or dev or something...

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Everything is fine and then suddenly someone "Hi Jax" the thread.

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  • 19 Feb

I've been thinking that it could be better for teammate swing-throughs to become glancing blows on the next enemy target. This makes it unlikely that you're gonna be killed by a swing-through, ensures that you don't get fucked up in a 1vX if you parry a swing that ends up hitting their teammate and it discourages people from swinging-through even if they technically can.

This should keep the 1vX benefits of swing-through, while severely reducing the Xv1 benefits. It might also be worth making glancing blow free to parry (assuming they aren't already)

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  • 20 Feb


Full transcript from Crush now:

"shortsword will be cheaper than cleaver and dagger next patch"

"theres been a point system rework"

"48 points instead of 16"

"everything else is bumped up in relation so most things are the same but some things have been made cheaper so more combinatons are possible"

"yes estoc is the same cost as longsword now"

"same with battleaxe"

"eveningstar and bardiche is 7 now, halberd spear and zweihander 8"

User question: Are perks being made cheaper or more expensive in general?


"halberd is a bit faster, zweihander has better drags"

"no armor has same cost"

"zwei halberd and spear now have a movement slowdown if you use them combined with plate armor, so you can go full plate but youll be slower with them, hence why they are cheaper now"

"no changes to t1"

"t2 chest is slightly slower now, but still faster than it used to be before the buff"

"plate helmet is more tanky now and a bunch of weapons had their two shot against it removed"

"and plate chest in general takes a bit less damage (same hit to kills though)"

"team hitstop change is reverted next patch"

"understab will be removed"

"its a temporary solution until stab animation improvements come which take more time"

"fixing missing on purpose and 1vX buffs via easy parry"

"but thats not for next patch"

User question: will there be more than 3 weapon slots


User question: Will there be an xbow skin?

"theres one in the works yeah"

"zwei is 24"

"8 in the current values"

"on the live build"

"4htk would be bad"

"maul is unchanged in damage"

"no changes to GS, messer had its two shot removed against plate head"

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@jimmylemke said:
I just found this thread myself, having recently purchased the game. I wanted to get my wife playing it on her computer so we can play together, but now I'm finding I'm not able to do family sharing on Steam.

We have no idea how to cheat. I'm trying to expand the player base, because if she gets into it all her friends are going to purchase copies for themselves.

I'm not angry or anything, just disappointed. I'm more bothered by the kids in their parents' basements shouting "bUy AnOtHeR CoPy" at people who clearly aren't trying to share it for nefarious cheating reasons.

FYI, family sharing doesn't allow you to play a game together, doesn't matter which game.
As soon as the account owner launches a game, the other person gets a warning that in 5 minutes they'll be booted out of whichever shared game they're currently playing (unless they buy it).

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  • 15 Jun '19

@alonesilverwolf said:

@ToLazy4Name said:

@alonesilverwolf said:

@marox said:

@alonesilverwolf said:
I think it's complete bullshit that more and more games are removing family sharing. I family share games with my wife and her to me so we don't generally have to buy more than one copy of a game unless it's something we want to play coop or whatever (like Borderlands). This game specifically, we both got, but the practice of removing the feature is getting alarming.

I love how all these fucks are defending this too saying shit like "JUsT buY ThE GaEM BrUH!!!"

Apparently ya'll forgot that back in the day when you bought a game, it didn't matter how many computers you installed it on, or with console, how many consoles you played the game on. You bought the game, you could take that bitch over to your friends house and install it on HIS computer if you wanted to!

Now, you buy a game, even if you're in a family, you have to buy a separate game for EACH person who wants to play it, and this is doubly true if you want to play coop--because even with Family Share, you two can't be on the game at the same time.

Ya'll need to wake up. Gaming industry has been pinching us like Mafia overlords for YEARS now, and you lie down and let it happen! Why defend this crap? It's like games no longer having local multiplayer on consoles now. It's just a bid to force families to buy multiple consoles if they want to actually enjoy a game together!

Ya'll defending these practices make me sick.

I get something needs to be done about cheaters, just going to reiterate that. I get it, especially in a MP game like this one, which is why I try to cut Mordhau some slack. That said, removing family share is just a crappy bandaid to the hacker problem and the devs need to get their shit together and stop doing banwaves then unbanning the people banned in the first place!

The problem is that we ban a person's account, but Steam lets them share it to another account and get around our ban (or vice versa), making it completely impossible for us to deny them access if they've been found cheating. We are powerless here as it's only Valve that can change how this system works.

So why can't Valve just put an agreement in Family Share that if one person gets caught cheating, the game is banned on not only the main account, but any accounts family shared as well? Doesn't seem that hard of a thing to implement.

why the fuck are you asking him why valve isn't doing something lmao

It was an idea, damn, lol. Why you getting so triggered over the way that was worded? THAT is the funny part.

why are you asking me why i'm asking him why he's asking marox why valve isn't doing something

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  • 2 Feb

Played a bit yesterday and met a quite bad lvl122 player swinging a Zwei. Faced him a few times and also killed him a few times, even with bad ping and bad equip.
He didn't do much more than just swinging left and right, so I was able to evade lots of his attacks by just ducking.
After the second kill, he called me a "crouching bitch" and started raging about everyone who killed him. He still got a positive KD at the end, but he still raged like an idiot, e.g. about the "crouching meta" that breaks the entire game and how crouching should get removed.
I wanted to ask him if the account is bought or if he is really that bad at lvl120, but he then got votekicked. As a goodbye, he told us to keep sucking the devs' assholes and that we're the reason why the game is one of the worst ones ever. No idea why, though. Probably because of crouching.

This is the most toxic and dumb playerbase I ever met, which is sad, but those encounters are just hilarious to the max.