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  • 20 Mar '19

Please come back to me


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  • 29 Apr '18
 Anal Error

Ok ,double KO please in the next update.

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  • 7 Feb '18

Just gotta pre-chamber and then FTP-upon-reaction it like with every other mechanic in the game Kappa

No opinion on it yet, I haven't played Mordhau in a bit and didn't see this much or, if I have, it hasn't fooled me any more than other stuff.

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  • 7 Feb '18

from what I'm told you end up taking both morph and feint stam loss to do something that's easier to read than an ordinary feint, or even an early feint. It's novel but not really useful, I think it would be best for getting people to miss parries but missing parries through aim is uncommon

also like I said earlier, I get hit there because I parried at something within the morph window like a doofus. It'd be way off to the side but any later and I'd still probably catch the stab with a parry (again, parry accuracy isn't hard)

it is interesting though

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  • 13 Jan '18

please add tameable catgirls. i tyhink tameable catgirls will make the game a better place because u can just get a catgirl and instead of zerging and killingnoobs. catgirls brings peace to everyone so you dont have to kill people cause you hcatgirl because catgirl protects and attacks mean peopole when you tell it to do it because a catgirl is very cool and also ood. if u doubt catigrl i doubt ur sexuality because a catgirl is cool and catgirls are pretty nice to have i do like catgirls i think that everyone in the game hsoould have a catgirl if you loot one thehn their your pets and you can feed it the catgirl loves fish becuase cats love fish and it is 1 half of a cat and 1 half of a girl (tht is why its called catgirl btw) but i digest my point is cant girl make make this game better cool awesome and good. Who did this who disagree i will fnd u and i will probabl not do anything because i am a weak personplease just accept my idea it is good acatigrl right??

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  • 9 Dec '17

@s522662 said:
and stab drags have no problem, they are actually bad in terms of dragging. I recommend a monitor of 144hz to be able to recognize that amount of speed and reaction.

The problem is trying to chamber a stab that could be instant, or very delayed, due to the stab tracers beginning before the weapon is even thrust in some cases. With some mouse movement it becomes very difficult to chamber and you end up parrying out or get hit. If the tracers started slightly after the weapon was thrust, reading the movement of the stab would be much more viable than it is currently.

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  • 29 Oct '17

Archers in chiv were goddamn retarded and antifun as fuck, what the hell are u guys on about tbh everyone knows this

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  • 1 Nov '17

@TNCWfagsterstaff said:
motion blur can't be disabled, even if the options menu says it is

edit: setting post-process quality to low removes motion blur (no other quality level removes it)

Mine is on low and i still see motion blur 150 fps 144hz
i also have motion blur off*

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  • 12 Sep '17

when using the flourish emote while moving, character will stop moving - you'll have to press the move key again

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  • 11 Sep '17

Anybody can tell me if magic skills like those in Mirage: Arcane Warfare will be available in Alpha or Beta release? I think it's essential for balanced gameplay.

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  • 7 Aug '17

@Ulkenstride said:
Tbh what Marox and Mordhau are doing to Chivalry :)

Marox kills Chivalry while riding Mordhau.png

Animated per Ulkenstride's request: