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  • 2 May '19
 crushed — Art

First and foremost an apology to all players from our entire team.

The current state of the game is not the one we wanted you to experience at launch. It might sound cliché, but we were not able to keep up with the rapidly growing playerbase in this short amount of time.

On the bright side we were able to locate the problems that caused Gold and XP rewards to not be distributed properly, as well as unlocks not working in the Armory. - They should work properly now. We are also currently looking into ways to compensate players for their troubles.

Make sure to restart your game so the update gets applied! We are also currently restarting the servers on our end.

Additionally we've added some improvements to the Server Browser. You can now filter for a server name or set a ping limit.

Our top priority right now is to iron out the stability problems with our Official Servers, as well as bugs with the Matchmaker.

Thank you for all your patience despite these issues!

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  • 3 May '19
 crushed — Art

We've identified an issue causing the huge lag spikes on our official servers and are restarting them one-by-one to apply the fix. We're going to leave some servers as 48p, while others will be upgraded to 64p. Our next steps will be to increase the pool of official servers, and start doing improvements to the matchmaker. Thank you for your patience during our rocky launch!

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  • 29 Apr '19
 Vesanus — Level Design

Crazy, craazy ride!

Thank you everyone.
You are all trully magnificent!

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  • 29 Apr '19
 Maxilatorn — Art

It's sure been a fun ride, big thanks to everyone who made it possible!

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  • 29 Apr '19
 marox — Project Lead

What a ride! The day of Mordhau's release is finally here. Our target is to go live today April 29th @ 10 AM PDT. We will be launching with a base price of $29.99 (Steam currency/regional pricing applies!) and a 10% launch discount. Besides the base game, for those who really want to go the extra mile to support us, you'll also be able to purchase the Supporter Pack containing the soundtrack, Medallion (necklace) wearable cosmetic and Mercenary banner. Those who wish to purchase the Steam key to the game on our webshop, will be able to do so here when the game is released, and a lot more money from those sales will go to the developers, as Steam won't take their cut.

Anyone who backed the game at $40 or more (Beta level, which contained the Soundtrack) will receive the Supporter Pack as part of their pledge via Steam key on the account you've registered on our website. So please keep this in mind to avoid purchasing the Supporter Pack twice! Please give us an extra couple of days to supply these Supporter Pack keys to you, as we ran into some delays there.

All backers should have received their rewards by now (except the soundtrack). For some of you, we're still waiting/adding the things that require your input (custom emblems, etc.) so make sure to fill out all forms on our website. If you have not yet received a key please do the following before contacting us. Check your emails, most of you that contact us have already activated your purchase back in 2017, but have not checked your forum account for the Steam keys. The keys have been waiting for you there for some time :) If you are sure you haven't received any activation link, and have never activated your purchase on our forum/website, then get in touch with us via a Kickstarter private message, or send an email to [email protected] from the email you used to purchase, and we will sort you out.

If you would like to purchase just the soundtrack (and it's a good one!) directly from the composers, you can do that here.

Thank you so much for supporting us and making this project possible. It's been an absolute blast to work on, and we hope you'll enjoy playing it!

See you on the battlefield!

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  • 18 Apr '19
 marox — Project Lead

Mordhau is coming to Steam on April 29th 2019. Wishlist it now
Enjoy the trailer!

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  • 12 Apr '19
 marox — Project Lead

@wierHL said:

@男の娘 said:
i hope the reintroducing of AP wont block attacks from behind

Logically the AP "zone" should be similar to the parrybox right?

Yes, identical zone.

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  • 9 Apr '19

why the fuck did you kill him like that you brainless retard

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  • 22 Mar '19

When you rank up, please add a list of stuff showing what you unlocked getting that rank. Now you wouldn't have to go to the armory to see if you unlocked something.

Duchess 806 3550
  • 19 Mar '19

It's good you found a casual mode to enjoy but that title alone discredits any complaints you had over BR

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  • 17 Mar '19

BR is the mode ive enjoyed the most so far

Duchess 806 3550
  • 14 Mar '19

Refusing shield duels is perfectly acceptable, shields offer very little practice besides hopefully surviving long enough to outstam and last much longer than a normal fight. Once you've won a shield duel you know everything about fighting shields

Also the shied user gains nothing because there is very little skill involved on their part

Drake aka eu resident shieldtrash actually refuses to duel me now which is hilarious

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  • 12 Mar '19

the patch releases exactly when i go to bed because i work fuggin NIGHTSHIFT

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  • 12 Mar '19
 marox — Project Lead

Attention all backers!

NOTE: This is a closed test for Kickstarter backers only. Access to the game is otherwise not possible at the moment, but release is coming soon!

As we approach towards having everything ready for release, we need your help to do some stress testing and identifying any show-stopping issues. Starting on March 15th (Friday) at 5 PM CET (Central European Time), until (including) March 17th (Sunday), we will be running organized tests on the pre-release build, where you'll get a taste of what we've been working on.

This time around, we really need to hit high player counts, so we are going to be limiting the servers to guide the testing phase. We will be doing themed tests each day to focus the population, starting with Friday - Frontline on Camp, Saturday - Battle Royale on Grad, and ending with Sunday - Horde on Taiga. Outside of these dates, the new modes will not be available to play. We are doing this to ensure that all those who wish to try them out show up on the days mentioned, ensuring a high peak. During the testing we will have servers in EU, US, AUS and SA.

After the weekend testing period, we will be rolling back the game to the current test build which will remain up until closer to release. Assuming there are no major issues, we will then proceed with our preparations for release and will announce an exact date shortly after. Good times are coming.

(Sneak peak below of the new armory poses :))


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  • 22 Feb '19

I remember that long ago, there was talk of some skill tree type system, kinda like perks so that you'd need to have some thing equipped before getting into heavy armor. That thing would also forbid you from taking certain gear like bows. That has obviously been scrapped for a more simple point system but Mittsies could be right. Perhaps this is something to be entirely revamped eventually.

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  • 10 Feb '19
 crushed — Art

@ArmedSpartan said:
That's just sad. Once you removed Naked legs, it broke all my Roman Legionaries, and now they look disgusting. It has Great RP potential. Many like the ability to do this to their character regardless of whether you may not like it personally.

"They look silly" as an argument can be used to dislike many current cosmetics already.

Naked legs are making a comeback with some new shorts pants option, they're similar to the old ones but now an actual model and look much better/more medieval

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  • 7 Feb '19
 marox — Project Lead

@elwebbaro said:

@marox said:
We're on 4.19.

Maybe you are, but the rest of us is on 4.20.3.

Well, shit

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  • 6 Feb '19
 marox — Project Lead

@Milosh_Obilic said:
Thank you for the all that information Marox!
I was more curious if there are any planned major changes to the bot behaviour by SDK launch as it has changed so much already from last patch, as a future modder I want to know if we can expect more drastic changes. Also will there be any plans to make it compatible with Speed tree Beta or substance plugins ? Aka will it be compatible with any content/plugins that require 4.19 on-wards? On that note I want to personally say I am very grateful for the work you have put into the group combat. It reminds me of the node system that fat shark developed for Vermintide, where there is a limit to how many attack you at once when you are surrounded. Brilliant work on whoever did that! I thank you from the bottom of my heart Most impressive has been how much more player like the bots seem to attack now. Following them on spectator I notice they are more fluid and smooth with the attack control and seem to also use more accelerations now than before! They are convincingly player like and I feel who ever set that up used input from players themselves... I could be wrong here, but it is by far the most entertaining experience than it has ever been so far. Much love from me for the work triternion have put it in as a team. Sorry for asking so many questions, but changes to behaviour trees make me have to re-do parts of my GDD that I'm working on to get some community members here interested in joining the future project I'm preparing to pitch.

Thanks! Generally the changes to bot behavior we have done were on a lower level than behavior tree, although the tree itself has had changes. Most of it is 'basic actions', etc. Regarding plugins, we have no plans to support them right now, but I've no idea what the implications of having these in a SDK would be. We're on 4.20.3

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  • 2 Feb '19
 marox — Project Lead

@Milosh_Obilic said:
Will there be any plan to get Bots sprinting enabled/integrated as a variant behaviour tree for each Bot character. Possibly a setting you can enable/disable when creating a LOCAL game? If not, will there be changes/additions to bot behaviour trees prior to SDK launch? Very happy with the current ones, however kiting them with back-peddle + repeated stab or long ranged slash is OP 1v1. Pretty well optimised for horde mode though. A sub-variant behaviour for offline games only, to accomodate players that want to practise 1v1 would be much appreciated by myself. Based on the fact sprint enabled combat for bots would be real useful in SDK modding applications, I feel this is a reasonable request/question.

Bots have had significant changes, especially basic movement. Among the changes are also things like being able to open doors, clear destroyables, climb (sometimes), use ranged weapons where appropriate including throwables, use emotes and voice commands, look for weapons when disarmed (or simply without a weapon), duck attacks and footwork, they also avoid having too many bots on single enemies (usually at most 2) and will position themselves opposite to other allies to maximize their ganking potential.

Their parrying behavior has been reduced a bit to make them more enjoyable to fight instead of being these impenetrable walls, although Seymour remains unaffected.